Forgotten Greens of Scotland
Forgotten Greens of Scotland

Tobermory's Courses

Tobermory Golf Club

Now on their 4th course

1st course was at Erray Farm 1896

2nd course was on the outskirts and to the East above Erray farm on the moor in 1897

3rd course was at Sgriob Ruadh to the West of the town. 1907 ( Club Resuciatated )

4th course is at their existing location.

Minute Extract 28th April 1896


At Tobermory and within the Reading Room there convened a meeting of gentlemen favourable to the founding of a golf course." A letter was read from Col. Caldwell of Mishnish to the effect that ground could be made available immediately behind Erray as a temporary measure and that more suitable ground be found at a later date.

Scotsman April 30th, 1896

Proposed golf course at Tobermory


The formation of a club and course


On Tuesday evening a meeting of gentlemen favourable to the formation of a golf course at Tobermory was held in the public reading room. The provisional committee appointed at a previous meeting to prospect, make terms,and if need be employ an expert, reported their diligence in the matter. Bailie Fletcher presided, and both Colonel Caldwell of Mishnish. The proprietor, and Mr Graham, who holds the extensive farm of Erray, the tenant, within whose bounds the proposed golf course is to be formed, expressed, the former by letter, the latter personally, their willingness to grant every facility. The ground decided upon is situated on the outskirts of the sheep farm of Erray, starting from the wood skirting the farmhouse, and extending for about three quarters of a mile in a Northerly direction. At a point overlooking Runagal lighthouse, it turns South along the high ground ( chiefly moorland ) commanding at various points a magnificent view of the Sound Of Mull, Loch Sunart, and the surrounding heights. The distance around the course is about a mile and three quarters, and there are several natural hazards and bunkers. It gives promise of being an excellent sporting course of nine holes, and those well qualified to judge compare some of the hazards with those of Braid Hills, Edinburgh. Twenty eight members were enrolled and the following office bearers appointed :- Colonel Caldwell of Mishnish, President ; Bailie Fletcher, Captain ; Mr Berry, Vice Captain ; Mr Robert Brown, Treasurer ; and messrs D.S. MacColl and R. Simpson, joint secretaries ; with a managing committee of ten members. The subscriptions were fixed at 10s 6d for gentlemen and 5s for ladies. It is expected that the course will be opened on Saturday the 9th prox.

May 2nd 1896  Oban Times


New Golf Course At Tobermory


A public meeting of those interested in the formation of a golf club at Tobermory was, on Thursday 16th ult, convened within the reading room, by the secretary of the regatta club, at the request of a number of those desirous that Tobermory, with all it’s natural advantages should in no way be behind other watering places on the west coast.Mr Graham who held the lease of the extensive farm of Erray, was present and expressed his willingness to give the necessary privileges during the remainder of his lease. A provisional committee was thereupon appointed with Bailie Fletcher as chairman and messrs D.S.MacColl and Robert Simpson as joint secretaries. It was unanimously resolved that negotiations with respect to suitable ground should be entered into without delay with Colonel Caldwell, the proprietor of the Mishnish estate. At a subsequent meeting, held on Tuesday last at which the report of the committee appointed to look over the ground was given in by Bailie Fletcher, Colonel Caldwell’s reply to the secretary’s letter was read. The colonel said he was very pleased indeed that a golf course was in contemplation and he would not offer any objection, seeing Mr Graham of Erray was agreeable to grant every facility. He asked the club to do him the honour to enrol him as one of the original members. He was soon to be on a visit to Tobermory and he would then settle the detail regarding the necessary ground. It having been formally moved and carried unanimously that a club be formed and a course be opened. 28 members were enrolled and the following office bearers were appointed ; - President – Col.Caldwell of Mishnish ; Bailie Fletcher, Captain ; Mr Berry I.R. Vice Captain ; Messrs D.S.MacColl and R Simpson joint secretaries ; and Mr Robert Brown, Treasurer.

The following gentlemen were appointed the committee of management ; - Messrs P.S.Aunand, Banker ; A Graham, Erray ; H.J.C.Kinghorn, Teacher ; Dr Maxwell and Dr Love ; Messrs MacLauchlan, Badaroch ; A McLean, Mishnish Hotel ; Jas MacColl, Postmaster ; N Macdonal, Mull Hotel ; and H.B.Sproat, Strongarbh House. It was remitted to the joint secretaries to arrange with Mr G.L.Macbain, road surveyor and Mr McKinnon forester to Colonel Caldwell of Mishnish to assist in laying out of the course. The annual subscription for gentlemen was fixed at 10s 6d for and ladies 5s.   The distance round the course, which is one of nine holes, is about one and three quarter miles.  There are several natural hazards and bunkers on the course and those who are well qualified to give an opinion on the matter way that it gives promise of affording excellent sport.  From the greater part of the course a magnificent view of the Sound of Mull,Loch Sunart, and the surrounding heights can be obtained.  The course is expected to be open on the 9th inst.  Now that Tobermory is about to add to its many other attractions that of golf and that too on such a splendid course, it can easily be seen that it is no wild stretch of the imagination in which we find a correspondent in Rod and Gun indulging.  He “is strong in the belief that at no far distant date Mull will become the Isle of Wight of Scotland.  The late Sir William Gull was greatly interested in the possibilities of the place which was prominently brought u under his notice by the case of a remarkable cure a sojourn there affected on one of his patients and the correspondent says he is sure that had Sir William lived he would have worked the island up so to speak as a health resort. The Gulf stream passes near it”.

Minute Extract May 8th 1896


The Tobermory Golf Club met and the following Officers appointed - President, Colonel Caldwell of Mishnish, Captain, Ballie Fletcher, Vice-Captain Mr John Berry, Messrs D.S.MacColl and M.Simpson, Joint Secretaries and Mr Robert Brown Treasurer. "It was decided that the committee would walk over the ground the following day and a resolution come to that unless something presented the golf course should be opened on the 9th proximo." Sub­scriptions were set at l0s 6d for gents and 5s for ladies.


May 9th 1896 Oban Times


Golf:-  Already the golf course has proved quite an attraction and enthusiastic golfers in many cases accompanied with admiring friends are to be seen strolling along the grounds which are now laid out in a most satisfactory manner. Visitors are quite taken with the capabilities of the course and the magnificent view obtainable from every point within its bounds.  Visitors will find the course now in splendid condition and Mull air will do the rest.  We anticipate quite a crush of visitors at Tobermory this season.  There is every attraction, tennis, boating, sea-fishing, loch fishing, and now a golf course, declared by those well qualified to judge, second only to Macrahanish on the West Coast.

Minute Extract May   23rd 1896


 A letter and cheque for £10 (equal to £600 in 1995 ) was received from John Hopkins & Co Whisky Distillers. The letter expressed support for the new venture as a way of attracting visitors.

May 23rd 1896 Oban Times


Opening of The New Golf Course at Tobermory.


On Saturday evening under fine weather condition, the new golf course at Tobermory was opened by Colonel Caldwell of Mishnish in presence of a good turnout of the members of the golf club some of the local gentry and a party of officers of H.M.S. Northamton, Baillie Fletcher, captain of the club who introduced Colonel Caldwell referred to the beauty of Tobermory the beneficial influences of the Mull air and to the latest attraction added in the form of a golf course about to be opened.  The course which is one of nine holes occupies generally speaking the pasture land in the neighbourhood of Erray farm is about 10 minutes walk from the steamboat pier and is conveniently situated for all the hotels in town.  On the course being declared open the following gentlemen played over it:  Colonel Caldwell and Mr. Graham Erray v Rev. D. Cameron and Captain Fletcher.

The hazards throughout the course are natural, varied and sufficient in number to test the skill of a crack golfer.  Even at the drive off there is a burn to be carried in which the ball often finds a temporary home.  In gaining the second hole a 6 foot dyke right in front has to be negotiated, while to the right the ground drops suddenly to the same burn further up, and the ground contiguous is somewhat rough.  A faultless drive from the second teeing ground will land the ball on clean turf, whence a neat pitch will find the green some thirty feet below.  The next tee shot from the height above must carry the burn again and 30 yards of marshy ground as well.  The third hole is within easy approach.  No.4 is comparatively without episode.  A well calculated drive will land the ball not far from the green and the hole can be gained in three if no mistake is made.  No.5 hole, 890yards, and the longest drive in the whole course, includes a turf dyke and ditch combined,  nor is there any safety beyond, for the trend of the ground is such that at all points, except the very crown of the hill the ball tends to return to the said ditch;  but supposing that happily this crown be gained by a strong, if wild drive an easy shot with the brassier will find good turf on the low ground and an approach which is easy, reached a visible green.;  N.6 means a lofting drive over an opposing brow of hill in the face of which there is an out-crop of rock and on the left the boundary wall of the course.  The approach is easy.  The golfer has now reached the head of the glen, and naturally pauses to enjoy the view obtainable from this vantage ground.  There is spread out before him a landscaped not easily matched in variety of feature.  At his feet lies the whole course, and he is sufficiently high to see over the surrounding woods which bounds the course east and west, with Erray house and farm to the south.  Beyond this striking foreground of the picture, the bay of Tobermory with Aros House, with Calve island and the dividing narrows between leads to the Sound of Mull with the hill of Morvern and Ben Talla in the distance.  We are only prevented by a narrow belt of larch from a sea view, behind which embraces Ardnamurchan, Canna, Coll and Tiree.

A drive to the low ground which ought to clear the turf  dyke previously mentioned a brassie shot and an easy approach reaches No.7 a long hole.  The eighth hole is a short one and should be easily covered, if a wall giving an unplayable stroke can be avoided.  No.9 is a reasonable four on nice ground whose one trying feature is that it runs away with an over driven ball.  We finish in full view of the whole course.

May 23rd 1896 Oban Times


Golf Club:-  At a meeting on Friday the 9th inst. A committee was appointed to draw up the rules of the club in connection with the new golf course which when approved will be issued in book form.  Another committee was nominated to make final arrangements with Colonel Caldwell of Mishnish the proprietor on his arrival and they met the Colonel on Tuesday evening at the Western Isles Hotel where after the arrangements were explained and various details discussed and settled to the satisfaction of all the deputation was treated to refreshments by Colonel Caldwell.  After thanking him for his kindness and courtesy in meeting the wishes of the golf club so cordially the deputation withdraw.  The agreement between Mr Graham the tenant of the Erray Farm within whose bounds the golf course is situated and the golf club was signed on behalf of the latter by Baillie Fletcher the captain.  The golf course with its well laid greens and red flags situated along the two sides of the gently undulating valley clad with green sward and commanding a most attracting landscape of hill and dale and sea is now a most attractive part of the town.  The course is skirted by the Erray woods which give it a particularly cosy and bright appearance.

May 30th 1896 Oban News


Golf Club:-  At a meeting of the Tobermory Golf Club committee held within the reading room on Monday the rules of the Club were adopted and instructions given for their being printed.  Handicap and green committees were appointed and a match fixed for Wednesday the 10th of June in which ladies and gentlemen will compete for prizes offered by the Club. Final arrangements were made as to advertisement boards and boxes, keeping the green in order, removing loose stones and chips off the course etc.


Minute Extract June 10th 1896


The first competition was held. Some scores:-





Alex Brown












Handicaps went up to 30 for men!

June 20th 1896 Oban Times


Golf:-  At the first monthly competition held by the club last week Mr Berry, I.R.,vice-captain of the club, and captain MacKechnie,s.s. Carabinier  with scores of 116 and117, proved the winners of the prizes offered by the club. In the ladies’ match the prizes were awarded to Misses Maxwell and Penman.  The golf course continues to be the centre of attraction, not only for golfers but also for numbers of friends who are merely spectators.  Left-handed golfers, too, lend variety to the performance, and friendly foursomes are beginning to be a source of great enjoyment.  We have no doubt that the members, after a few months practice, will be in a position to play a match, and that with credit, with any golf club in the vicinity.


June 27th 1896 Oban Times


Golf-  A keen interest continues to be taken in this latest addition to the attractions of


Minute Extract June 16th 1896


First match with Oban arranged with lunch at the Mishnish Hotel for the teams.



this sea-side resort and the golf course of an evening presents quite an animated appearance, where all ages are represented.  The church, the law, the medical, and teaching professions are well to the front, and among the best exponents of the ancient game are the officers of the Excise and Customs.  Of all those who began practice since the opening of the course at Tobermory, captain MacKechnie, s.s. Carabinier, maintains the best record, his lowest score being 50-a record which, considering the unavoidable roughness of the greens on a new course and the number of hazards within its bound, is highly creditable indeed.

July 25th 1896 Oban Times


Golf Club:-  A meeting of the Tobermory Golf Club was held in the Reading Room on Monday evening, 20th inst.- Captain Fletcher, presiding.  There were also present – Messrs MacLachlan, Badarroch; J.S.Levack, headmaster; H.B.Sproat, Strongarbh House; D.S. MacColl, secretary; R.J.Brown, treasurer; and Dr Love.  Captain Fletcher signified his intention of giving two prizes to the gentlemen and one to the ladies for the best scores handed in to the secretary as the result of a competition to be held on Friday and Saturday of this week, and offered a club medal to be competed for when suitable arrangements are made for handicapping. Meetings of the Green and Handicap Committees were fixed for Thursday evening 23rd inst.  The secretary was requested to put up notices of the arrangements for the July competition in the shop windows and on the club notice-board.

August 8th 1896 Oban Times


Golf Competition.- The monthly competition of the Tobermory Golf Club took place on Wednesday, 20th ult. For the prizes offered by Baillie Fletcher, captain of the club.  Fourteen members took part in the competition.  The weather conditions after six o’clock were not favourable to low scoring, both cleek shots and putting being very uncertain owing to the rain, which continued falling in intermittent showers, The scores on the occasion were as follows;- Mr. Alex.Brown. H.M.Customs,107; Mr John Berry, Inland Revenue, 111; Mr John H.B.Sproat, Strongarbh House, 115; Mr George L. MacBain, road surveyor, 119; Mr MacIver, Eyrie Villa, 120; Mr Cumstie, s.s. Carabinier. 122; Mr MacLachlan, Badarroch, 124; Mr Lavack, teacher, 124; Mr MacTavish, s.s. Carabinier, 124’ Captain MacKechnie s.s.Carabinier, 135; Mr R. Simpson, Iona Cottage 138; Mr D.S.MacColl, Clydesdale Bank, 157; Mr Robert J. Brown, Stronsaule villa 164; 

The ladies competition came off on Thursday, 30th ult.  The record score for Tobermory course-46-is at present held by Mr A. Brown, Customs officer.


July 18th 1896 Oban Times


Golf.-  The course continues the centre of attraction, and golfers are keenly trying to break the record of captain MacKechnie.  The only member of the club who has succeeded as yet is Mr Allan of Aros.


October 3rd 1896 Oban Times


Golf Medal Competition.-  the Tobermory Golf Club on Wednesday of last week played off their monthly competition for the club gold medal. The weather was boisterous, particularly in the forenoon, and the heavy rain of the previous day had rendered the ground in some places rather sloppy, and several of the hazards more difficult to negotiate. The scores were as follows;- Mr A.Brown, H.M.Customs, 103 less 7=96; Mr.J.S.Levack,schoolhouse,117 less 20-97; Mr John Berry,I.R.Wilton Villa, 115 less 11-104; Dr.A.MacDonald (scratch), 105,Mr.Hugh J.C.Kinghorn, Dunard,135 less 25=110; Mr. R.J.Brown. Stronsaule, 135less25=110; Dr.MacBride, Erray House, 117 less 5=112;Mr. A.W.Graham, Erray House,132 less25= 107; Mr.H.B.Sproat, Strongartbh,132 less 15=117; and Mr W.A.Sproat, 147 less 30= 117. Captain MacKechnie, s.s. Carabinier, who was unable to complete the double round of the course on Wednesday, did the single in 48.

October 31st 1896 Oban Times


Golf:-  On Saturday the monthly competition for the club gold medal took place on the Tobermory golf Course.  Members who competed during the forenoon, when heavy snow  showers fell, were under a considerable disadvantage compared with those who played off in the afternoon under favourable weather conditions.  Keen interest was manifested in the results.  The medal was won by Mr John Berry, I.P. Wilton Villa, with a score of 107-11=96. Mr Berry at present holds the record for the double round of the course of 9 holes at 93. The following were the other scores on the occasion; Mr Levack, schoolhouse, 115-18=97; Mr Hugh J. C.Kinghorn. Dunard Villa, 125-25=100; Mr. Alex.Brown, H.M.Customs, 108-5=103; Mr. George L. MacBain, road surveyor 119-15=104; Mr Alex. Mitchell, bank buildings, 135-30=105; Mr W. Sproat, Strongarbh House,139-30=109; Mr R.J.Brown, Stronsable Villa  149-30=119; Mr.P.S.Annand,Ulva Cottage, 155-30=125; Mr.D.S.MacColl,Clydesdale Bank,161-30=131.


Oban Times, November 7th 1896.

Golf Match.


The first of a series of golf matches arranged for was played off on Saturday last by the Tobermory golf club under the most favourable weather conditions. The greens were In perfect order, and the course, which had been kept well cropped by sheep, is now also free from brackens which in the early part of the season used to ruin many a splendid drive. The Captains on the opposing sides were the two gold medallists ( Messrs Brown and Berry ). The match resulted in a victory for Mr Browns side by 3 holes ; the record being 19 holes won by Mr Browns side, and 16 holes by Mr Berry’s.


Oban Times, November 28th 1896

Golf Match.


The monthly competition for the club gold medal, which was arranged for last Saturday, has had to be again postponed on account of the inclemency of the weather. Only two couples put in an appearance on the course, and after going over it once they desisted, the heavy drizzle which set in shortly after noon having considerably damped their ardour. The scores were as follows :- Mr A. Brown 57 ; Mr Levack 59 ; Mr Macbain 62 ; Mr Mitchell snr 80. It is intended to hold the competition to-day ( Saturday ) when it is to be hoped more favourable weather conditions may prevail.

January 16th 1897 Oban Times


Tobermory.-  the Tobermory Golf Club on Saturday last played off the first competition this year for the monthly gold medal.  The medal on this occasion fell to Mr. A. W.Graham, Erray House, with a score of 113-less25=88.-  The first competition for sweepstakes was played off on New Year’s Day, old style.  The first prize, a silver medal, was won by Mr a.Brown, H.M’s Customs, with a score of 97-less 5=92; Mr J.’S.Levack, being second with 116-17=99.  there was a tie for third place.-  A shinty match was played on Tuesday by teams selected by Bailie Fletcher, and Mr R.J.Brown, Stronsaule, victory going for the latter’s side.


January 16th 1897 Oban Times


Golf competition- The Tobermory club last week played off their competition for a medal presented by Mr Berry, J.P. vice-captain of the club.  The course, which was  somewhat slippery and the surface watery, in some cases interfered with play. The day was exceptionally fine, and there was a good turn out of members. MR W Mitchell, with a score of 126-30=96, won the medal.  The other cards handed in were:- Mr J.S.Levack,121-17=104; Mr A.Brown, 111-5=106; MrR.J. Brown,139-30=109; MrP.S. Annand, 150-30=120; Mr.H.B.Sproat, 128-15=113. Mr Geo.L.MacBain;135-15=120.  The Rev.Duncan Cameron went over the course of nine holes once in 53.


March 6th 1897 Oban Times


Golf Competition.- At the last monthly medal competition, played by the ~Tobermory golf Club on Saturday, owing to the inclemency of the weather, only four competitors went over the course.  The gold medal on this occasion was won by Mr A. Mitchell, Bank Buildings, with a score of 123 less 30=93. The other scores were as follows:- Mr W.Mitchell.., Bank Buildings, 116 less15=101; Mr Hugh J.C.Kinghorn, 135 less25=110; Mr W.A.Sproat, Strongabh House, 143 less 30=113.

Minute Extract April 1897


The Committee to meet at Upper Battery on May 1st re ground beyond Bad­Daraich. (An agreement was made on 6th May with the tenant Mr A.W.Graham for the use of this land.)


April 24th 1897 Oban Times

The Tobermory Club


Golf;-   The Tobermory Club played off their monthly competition for the gold medal on Saturday, 10th inst.  the weather was lovely, and the turn out of members was large.  The medal was won by Captain MacKechnie, s.s. Carabinier, with a score of 110 less 15 =95.  the second place was tied for by Mr Alex. Brown, H.M.Customs; and Mr John Berry, Wilton Villa, with scores of 106 less 7=99, and 104 less 5=99 respectively. The other cards handed in on the occasion were as follows;-  Mr J.S.Levack, 117 less 17=100; Mr Archibald W.Graham, Erray House, 114 less 13-=101; Mr Raby, Dunard, 137 less 30 = 107; Mr H.B. Sproat, Strongarbh House, 128less 15 =113.  the record for the course is at present held by Mr A.Brown, who went over the course of 9holes in 41.

May 15th 1897 Oban Times


Proposed New Golf Course


Owing to the farm of Earry coming under new management at the next term, it is understood that the parks occupied as a golf course will be required as part of the farm.  A new course is, however, offered by the proprietor, Colonel Caldwell of Mishnish, and a lease will soon be entered upon.  The old course is to be had till the end of the present season.

May 15th  1897 Oban Times


Tobermory Golf Club


Golf;- The Tobermory Golf Club on Saturday played off their monthly medal competition under fairly favourable weather conditions.  The greens and course were in good order.  The medal was won by Mr.J.S.Levack, Schoolhouse, with a score of  106 less 17=89.  The other cards handed in on the occasion were as follows;- Mr Alexander Brown, H.M. Customs, 100 less5=95;  Mr J. Berry, Wilton villa, 107 less 5=102;  Captain MacKechnie, Bank Buildings 110 less 8 =102;  Mr R. Simpson, Iona Cottage, 123 less 15= 108. The club are expecting that the Oban Golf Club may soon play them a friendly match.


Minute Extract May 21st 1897


Mr Stuart, tenant of the Western Isles Hotel enquired how much he should pay to entitle his guests to play the course free of charge? The sum of 3 Guineas per annum was agreed on.

Oban Times, May 29th 1897.

Golf Match.


On Saturday a friendly match was played off by the Tobermory Golf Club. The final awards in the matter of the sweepstakes, which have been competed for during the past three weeks, have now been made :- Mr John Berry, Wilton Villa, obtaining first place and Mr Hector Morrison, Rockburn House, second place. The scores on the occasion were 94 and 97 for the double round.

Oban Times, June 5th 1897.

Golf Club


The annual general meeting of the Tobermory Golf Club was hels in the Mishnish Hotel, on Monday evening, when there was a large and representative gathering of the members, Balie Fletcher presided. Colonel Caldwell of Mishnish, and Mr Bryce Allan of Aros, were unanimously appointed President and Vice President of the club ; Balie Fletcher, Captain, and Mr Berry, Vice Captain ; Mr D.S. MacColl, Secretary and Mr R. Brown, Treasurer. The following gentlemen were appointed managing committee :- Capatain Fletcher, Messrs Berry, Kinghorn, Mason, Graham, MacLachlan, H.B. Sproat, Wm Maclean, J.S. Levack, Annand, Simpson, The secretary and Treasurer. The green committeee :- Messrs Berry, Simpson, Graham A. Brown, MacBain – Mr Berry being convenor. Handicap Committee – Captain Mackechnie, Mr Morrison, Mr Berry, Mr Maclean, Mr Levack, and the Secretary.

A good deal of time was spent over proposed improvements on the putting greens and teeing grounds, the payement of accounts, the appointment of a greenkeeper, and the proposal of new members. The proposal to erect a club-house found much favour. At the conclusion of the proceedings, Mr Masson, Springbank, offered a jubilee medal to be competed for by the members on a date as early as possible after the 22nd, and Captain Fletcher offered to present the club with another. Both gentlemen were cordially thanked for their generosity.



Oban Times, June 19th 1897.

Golf Competition.


On Saturday the Tobermory golf club played off their monthly medal competition. The wet forenoon rendered the greens somewhat uncertain. The golf medal was won by Mr Geo. L. Macbain, Beaton Villa, with a score od 101 less 12 = 89. The other cards handed were as follows :- Mr Hector Morrison, Rockburn House, 96 less 5 = 91; Captain Mackechnie, S.S. Carabinier, 97 less 5 = 92 ; Mr MacLachlan, Badarroch House, 109 less 15 = 94 ; Mr Raby Dunard, 114 less 20 = 94 ; Mr A. Broen 93 ( Scratch ) ; Mr Berry, Wilton Villa, ( Scratch ) 101 ; Mr W.A. Sproat, Strongarbh House, 124 less 20 = 104.


Oban Times, July 17th 1897.



The tobermory golf club played off their monthly medal on Saturday. The gold medal was on the occasion won by Mr Alex Brown, H.M. Customs, ( Scratch ) with a score of 90. He was closely followed by Mr John Berry, Wilton Villa, ( Scratch ) with 91. The other cards handed in were as follows :- R. Simpson, Burnbank 103 – 10 = 93 ; A.W. Graham, Erray Villa, 110 –10 =100 ; Capt. MacKechnie, S.S. Carabinier, 101 ( Scratch ) ; Geo. L. Bain, Beaton Villa, 111 – 8 = 103. Next Saturday play will begin for the handsome jubilee medal, presented to the club by Mr Masson, Springbank.

Other trophies which fall to be competed for this season are a silver cup presented by Major Sproat, Strongarbh House, and a gold medal presented by the Captain of the club, Bailie Fletcher. It has definitely arranged with Colonel Caldwell, of Mishnish Estate, that the club enter upon the new course marked off on that part of the extensive farm of Erray, which abuts upon the Run-A-Gal Lighthouse Walk, at the conclusion of the present year. The new course is decidedly more sporting in character, and abounds in hazards.


Oban Times, October 2nd 1897.

New Golf Medal.


The Tobermory golf club desire to thank Mr John Masson, Springbank House, for the handsome jubilee medal which he has presented to the club for competition. The design is very chaste. Conditions of the competition have not yet been arranged, but we have no doubt that at the meeting of the club next month these will be fixed. The cost of the medal is Three Guineas.


Glasgow Herald October 16th 1897



The Tobermory golf club on Saturday played off their monthly competition for the club gold medal. Mr Hector Morrison was easily first with a scratch score of 87 ( 47 and 40 ) Mr Morrison, who thus holds the record for the course, is comparatively a beginner in golf. The other cards handed in were as follows :- Mr Robert Simpson, 98 ( 10 ) 88 : Mr Harry B. Sproat,106 ( 15 ) 91 ; Captain James MacKechnie, 100 ( 5 ) 95 ; Mr Lovack, 106 ( 5 ) 101.

Oban Times, October 30th 1897.

Meeting of the club.


Lease of golf course 2


The Tobermory golf club had, at their last meeting, under consideration the arrangements for a lease of the New golf course. It was finally decided to enter into a five years lease with Colonel Caldwell of Mishnish, on whose estate the course has been marked out, through his representative Mr MacGilp ; the rent being at the rate of £15 per annum. The green committee received instructions to proceed with the laying out of the course and the making of the greens, so that play may begin about the end of November. A cordial vote of thanks was tendered to Mr John Masson, Springbank, for the very handsome medal with which he has presented the club. The medal cost Three Guineas, and the conditions on which it may become the property of any member of the golf club are that it be won twice in succession or Three times out of Five by the player.


Scotsman October 30th,1897



The Tobermory club have now leased from Colonel Caldwell of Mishnish, a new golf course on the outskirts of the extensive farm of Erray, at present in the hands of the proprietor. The course occupies that portion of the elevated plateau abutting on the Run-A-Gal lighthouse walk, which marches with the grounds at Badarroch House ; and the view from it of the Sound Of Mull, Ardnamurchan, Sunart, Morvern, and Mull is magnificent. The average distance between the holes as at present marked out is 212 yards, the longest hole being 264 yards. The club have entered into a five years lease, and the annual rental is fixed at £15. The course has to be laid out and the greens completed before the 26th November, when play on the former course has to be discontinued.

Oban Times, November 13th 1897.


New Golf Course.

The Club’s Second Course.


A new golf course has now been leased by the Tobermory golf club from Colonel Caldwell of Mishnish. The course occupies that portion of the extensive farm of Erray which, abutting on the Run-a-Gal Lighthouse Walk, marches with the grounds round Badarroch. A lease has been entered into for five years at an annual rent of £15. The green committee at the last meeting of the club were empowered to proceed with the formation of the greens and the laying out of the course under the superintendence of Mr Macbain, who kindly consented to undertake the duties.It has been roughly estimated that the average distance between the holes will be about 212 yards, the longest hole being 264 yards. It is expected that the new course will be opened in the end of the present month.

Oban Times, November 20th 1897.

Golf Match.


The Tobermory golf club on the 6th inst. Played off their first match of the season. The teams were drawn by Mr MacLean and Mr Levack, and the following were the results :-


                              Mr Levacks Team                                Mr MacLeans Team

Mr Alex Brown   ………………………. 0     Mr Hector Morrison …………… 0

Mr J.S. Levack  ……………………….   7     Mr Geo. L. Macbain  ………….   0

Mr Wm. Mitchell ……………………..   0     Mr J. Berry  ……………………  6

Mr H.J.C. Kinghorn  ………………….   0     Mr D.M. MacKinnon  …………  4

Mr D.S. MacColl  …………………….   0     Mr R.J. Brown  ………………… 2


                     Mr MacLeans team thus won by 9 holes.


Medal Competition – On Saturday the club played off their monthly competition for the gold medal on the old course. Owing to a dounpour of rain on the previous night the greens were very heavy. William Mitchell, Bank Buildings, for the second time in succession won the medal with a score of 94 less 8 = 86 ; the other cards handed in were as follows :- John Berry, Wilton Villa, 92 ( Scratch ) ; Alexander Brown, Seaview, 95 ( Scratch ) ; John MacLachlan, Badervoch, 111 ( Less 15 ), 96 ; J.S.

Oban Times, December 4th 1897.



The matches arranged for last Saturday and the previous one had to be put off owing to the wetness of the weather. Arrangements had been made to play off the final match on the old course on the 27th ult. As it was the last Saturday on which, except by the clemency of Colonel Caldwell’s manager, Mr MacGilp, a match could be played there. We hope, however, that as the green committee has not been able to get the new course quite ready for play, Mr MacGilp will see his way to allow the club to have the use of the old course for a few weeks more. Those who have tried a few holes on the new course, especially where crops were recently, declare that the operation is more one of agriculture than golf. These fields need to be well rolled before players can enjoy their game.

Oban Times, April 30th 1898.



The second stage in the tournament promoted by Tobermory Golf Club was completed on Saturday. Owing to the rain of the previous night, the greens were somewhat heavy. First place on this occasion was secured by Mr H.B. Sproat, Strongarbh House, with a score of 100 less 8 = 92. His score on the previous Saturday was 98. Mr A. Brown, who in the first stage took first place with a score of 92 ( Scratch ) added 3, thus coming in with 95. Mr Brown holds the record for the course with a score of 42 for a single round. The other cards handed in were as follows :- Capt. MacKechnie, 101 less 8 = 93 ; D.M. MacKinnon, 101 less 8 = 93 ; W. Mitchell, 101 ( Scratch ) ; and John MacLachlan 113 less 10 = 103.

The club having entered into a lease for five years, the greens of the new course are now being laid out in a manner which promises well, and when the new grass comes up on a portion of the course recently arable, and which was added to it’s extent as originally intended, the club will be in possession of a course not surpassed by many in the county. Much credit is due to Messrs Brown and Mitchell who have laid out the new course and made many improvements thereon, which experienced showed would be beneficial.

Glasgow Herald March 12th 1898



The third stage of the golf tournament promoted by this club has now been completed. First place on this occasion was secured by J. MacKechnie, with a score of 95 ( 8 ) 87, who in the first competition of the series trial with A. Brown, when the scores were 100 ( 8 ) 92, and 92 ( scratch ). The other scores handed in were as follows :- A. Brown, 91 ( scratch ) ; William Mitchell, 98 ( scratch ) ;H.B. Sproat, 108 ( 8 ) 100.



Oban Times, May 28th 1898.

Golf Committee.


The annual meeting of the Tobermory Golf Club took place in the committee room of Aros Hall on Saturday last, Mr Fletcher, Captain of the club, presiding. The following office bearers were appointed :- President, Colonel Caldwell of Mishnish ; Vice President, Mr Bryce Allan yr, of Aros ; Captain, Mr MacLachlan, Badarroch ; Vice Captain, Mr Masson, Springbank ; Secretary, Mr D.M. MacKinnon, Solicitor ; Treasurer, Mr Robert j. brown, Merchant. The following gentlemen were appointed the management committee of the club :- Messrs John Fletcher, H.J.C. Kinghorn, A. Brown, D.S. MacColl, W. Maclean, J.S. Levack, P.S. Annand, W. Mitchell, R. Simpson, R.J. Brown. The members of the green committee are :- Messrs R., A. Brown, George L. Macbain, D.M. MacKinnon, and W. Mitchell,( Convenor ) ; and of the handicap committee, Messrs H. Morrison, J. McKechnie, J.S. Levack, H.J.C. Kinghorn, and D.M.MacKinnon.

The treasurer stated the expenditure for the past year to be £27-9s-8d and the income £20-9s-11d. These sums do not include the expenditure on the new greens which are at present in course of construction, and for which separate funds are available. The cordial thanks of the meeting were conveyed to Messrs Brown and Mitchell by the chairman, for their praiseworthy labours in connection with the new putting greens of the course. An arrangement was come to with Mr Stewart, the new lessee of the Western Isles Hotel, whereby in lieu of payment of three guineas to the club the visitors to the hotel are allowed to play over the course free of charge. A letter was read from the secretary of Oban Golf Club intimating a wish on the part of some of the members to play a friendly match with an equal number of the Tobermory Golf Club at Tobermory on Friday, the 27th inst, the occasion, of the Queens Birthday Holiday in Oban. The secretary was instructed to write declining the courtesy, as the greens on the Tobermory course are at present under repair. Ballie Fletcher then presented a gold brooch, crescent-shaped, set with pearls, to the club to be competed for by the lady members, the conditions to fixed by the handicap committee.


Oban Times, June 25th 1898.

Golf Course.

The green committee, who have spared no pains in making the golf course an attraction to the townspeople, have been very much annoyed by finding some of the greens damaged by evil-disposed persons. We would advise the committee to bring the matter under the notice of the police, and we rest assured that the injury done will not be repeated. It is very much to the credit of the present members of the force that so little of what is termed malicious mischief is committed in the community.

Oban Times, August 6th 1898.



At a special meeting of the Tobermory golf club committee held in Aros Hall, it was agreed that Mr Jas. MacKechnie should be declared the winner of the Masson Trophy for the first time in the second series of competitions. The course, which, owing to its not being grazed by a sufficient number of sheep and cattle, had become almost unfit for play for some weeks, is now much improved and competitions will be resumed shortly. The Ladies course, which has been laid out with great care by the green committee, has now been played over and is, we understand, thoroughly satisfactory. One or two of the ladies, however, declare that their ability in the way of driving has been under-estimated and made no attempt to conceal a slight hankering, after a game on the other course.

Oban Times, May 27th 1899.

Golf Club.


The annual meeting of the Tobermory golf club was held in the committee-room of the Aros Hall on Friday evening of last week – Mr John MacLachlan, Captain, presiding. On the conclusion of the reading of the minutes, which detailed the various steps taken during the year in the interests of the club, and the different prizes and medals which have been won by several competitors, the Treasurer ( Mr R.J. Brown ) gave in a statement of the club’s finances. The total income during the year amounted to £43, 2s and the expenditure £33, 1s leaving a balance of £10, 1s to the credit of the club. Out of that sum £7, 15s falls to be paid as the half-years rent. The statement was pronounced eminently satisfactory, as included in the expenditure for the year there was a debit balance of £6 for the previous year. A discussion arose as to the state in which the golf course was during last Autumn next followed, and the secretary ( Mr D.M. MacKinnon ) was asked to insist upon the course being grazed this season to the satisfaction of the committee. The next business was the appointment of the officials of the club. Colonel Caldwell of Mishnish was re-elected President ; Mr Bryce Allan yr of Aros, Vice President ; Mr John MacLachlan, Badarroch, Captain ; Mr John Masson, Springbank, Vice Captain ; Mr Robert J. Brown, Stronsaule, Treasurer ; and Mr D.M. MacKinnon, Rose Cottage, Secretary. Messrs Macdonald and Rea, I.R., were appointed members of the managing committee, in room of Messrs Kinghorn and Brown who have left the district. Mr Macdonald’s name was also added to the list of members serving on the green and handicap committees ; and Mr Mitchell was elected a member of the handicap committee. It was decided that the medal presented to the club by the vice-president should be competed for this year on different conditions, and should fall to the competitor who should obtain the biggest aggregate in three matches out of five.

Oban Times, August 12th 1899.



Glengorm Castle Match


A few of the members of the Tobermory golf club played a match with a like number of the newly formed Glengorm club, on Saturday the 29th ult, when victory rested with the latter by 5 holes. The course was heavy on account of the continuous rains.


Scotsman September 15th 1899

H.M.S Northampton at Tobermory


Yesterday, H.M. Training ship, Northampton, which has been on a cruise on the West coast as far North as Stornoway, arrived in Tobermory from Portree. The Northampton is to remain in Tobermory for five days. The golf course, as on previous occasions, will be opened to the officers, and the lochs of the district, it is expected, will again be patronised by those among them who are anglers.


Minute Extract May 21st 1900


The A.G.M. was held in the Aros Hall. The treasurer reported that the club had a debit balance of 2s 1d. An election of officers took place.

Club must have folded between 1900 and 1907 ( Find Out )

There were no records of meetings until 1907 when on :-



Oban Times, May 26th 1907

Golf Club.


The annual meeting of the Tobermory golf club was held in the committee room of the Aros Hall on the evening of Monday last, when the Capatain, Mr John MacLachlan, presided over a good attendance of members. The treasurer’s statement for the past year showed that while the income from members subscriptions had fallen off considerably, the receipts had been all but sufficient to meet the expenditure. There stood at the debit of the club a balance of £2, 1s. It was decided that arrangements be made for the holding of a concert in aid of the funds of the club in the course of the month of August. The green committee were instructed to arrange for the employment of a green-keeper. The following office bearers were appointed for the ensuing year :- President, Colonel Caldwell of Mishnish ; Vice President, Mr Bryce Allan yr of Aros ; Captain, Mr John MacLachlan ; Vice Captain, Mr Wm. Mitchell ; Treasurer, Mr J. Brown ; Secretary, Mr D.M.MacKinnon. The managing and other committee’s were then appointed.

Oban Times, June 1st 1907.



Yielding to a strong desire to have golf resumed again at Tobermory, a party of experts looked over suitable ground for a golf course on Saturday, and the necessary steps are expected to be taken soon to have the ancient game revived.

Minute Extract June 3rd 1907


"Met the following ladies and gentlemen interested in the resuscitation of Tobermory Golf Club" it had been ascertained that suitable land was available on the farms of Sgriob ruadh and Erray on favourable terms. Subscriptions were set at gentlemen 10s, Ladies 5s, Juniors 2s 6d.

Oban Times, June 8th 1907.



A preliminary meeting of those interested in golf was held in the Aros Hall on the evening of Monday. Mr P.S. Annand, North of Scotland Bank, was called to the chair. Mr A.H. Macdonald, solicitor, was unanimously appointed secretary and the following were appointed a committee to make arrangements anent forming a club :- Messrs P.S. Annand, G.A. Hunter, Geo. L. McBain, Neil Macdonald, Wm. Maclean, H. Morrison, Robt. Simpson, and Miss Mactavish, four to be a quorum.The secretary was asked to find out the number who were likely to join and the likely expenses to be incurred in laying greens etc. It was agreed in the meantime, if a golf club is formed, not to alter the rate of subscription prevailing in connection with the former club :- Genlemen, 10s ; Ladies, 5s ; Boys and Girls, 2s 6d ; Visitors 2s 6d  A week ; 5s a month.


Minute Extract June 11th 1907


 It was decided to form a club and build a course between Achafraoich and Sgriobruadh. Various garden implements were put at the disposal of the club and a Greens Committee formed.

Oban Times, June 15th 1907.

Golf Club.


On Tuesday evening at a meeting of the committee appointed to enquire into ways and means before they decided to resuscitate golf in the district, it was formally resolved to form a new club. The motion was carried unanimously, and Mr Macdonald, Solicitor, who had carried out the preliminary steps in connection with the inauguration so efficiently was appointed permanent Secretary and Treasurer. Mr Bryce Allan, yr. Of Aros, was appointed President, and Mr John Fletcher, Oakfield, Vice President. The following were appointed the managing committee :- Messrs Mitchell, Annand, Simpson, Levack, Williams, Wilson, Maclean and Hunter, with Miss Mactavish representing the Ladies – three to form a quorum. The following gentlemen were appointed as green committee – Messrs Mitchell, Macdonald, Simpson, and Wilson ; Mr Mitchell convenor.

The course, which has already been selected, is to be pegged off immediately, and greens at once formed where the state of the turf requires. Sand boxes, Flags, etc are to be purchased without delay, so that play will be commenced before many days elapse.

Indeed, a stock of clubs and balls are on hand at Mr Macdougall’s since the palmy days of the former club. The heather which skirts two or three of the holes at the western margin of the course will form a playing receptacle for golf balls and no doubt increase the sales considerably. A sufficiency of bunkers of various types are readily furnished by the new course – prominent among which are a lofty stone dyke


The club’s third course to the West of the town


backed by a stream, along the banks of which stalwart bramble bushes grow profusely. The golfer whose ball gets entangled in this most natural of bunkers will have some stern work to attack with his lofter or cleek and perhaps both.

In the first Tobermory golf course there was much sport round some trees close to a wooden gate, where club shafts were frequently broken, but about this stream, we are convinced, will be found the most ticklish spot of a really sporting course. Mr Annand, North of Scotland Bank, presided on the occasion, and the meeting, after it warmed to it’s work, went through the business most enthusiastically, the leaders being frequently applauded by the ladies present. Mr Maclean, Mishnish Hotel, very kindly agreed to forego for the first year for the rent of the greater part of the course which lies within the boundaries of his farm of Sgriob ruadh, and received a deserved ovation for his generosity. Mr Lothian of Treshnish also agreed to let the club have on similar terms the use of a piece of pasture to the west of the farm where once stood the croft of Achafhraoch.

Oban Times, July 20th 1907.

Golf Course.


The Tobermory golf course, which has been lately laid out, is now open for play. Tickets are to be had at the shop of Balie Fletcher.

Oban Times, July 27th 1907.


Opening of New Golf Course.


The Tobermory golf course was formally opened on Monday of this week. A large crowd of interested spectators gathered round the teeing ground, where Mr Bryce Allan, in a neat speech, pronounced the course open, and called upon Miss Sheila Allan, of Aros House, to drive off the first ball. After much applause, Mr Fletcher addressed the ladies and gentlemen present, asking them to add their names to the list of forty members already enrolled. He also proposed votes of thanks to the greens committee, and especially to Mr H.A. Macdonald, the energetic secretary of the club. Afterwards an exhibition game was played between Mr John Wilson and Mr R. Crabbe, North of Scotland Bank. After an interesting game on both sides, Mr Wilson proved the winner by ten shots. The course is a nine hole one, and Mr Wilson’s score was 39 , as opposed to Mr Crabbs’s score of 49.

Minute Extract January 1st 1908

The first recorded competition of the reformed club took place for the "John Masson" Medal and l5s in prizes. The winners were

Gents. D.Cattenach 84 + 12 - 96   2nd J.Levack scratch 100

Ladies Miss M. Masson 68   2nd Miss H. Gillies 70


June 13th  1908 Oban Times


Golf.-  The annual meeting of Tobermory Golf Club was held in Aros Hall on the evening of Friday.  Mr Mitchell, Mansfield, presided.  All the officials of the Club were re-appointed. Some complaints were made as to the state of the greens.  Several improvements were suggested, and Mr Carfrae,s name was added to those already forming the green committee.  Mr Bryce Allan, Linudhu, president, offered a cup for competition, among the members on the first public holiday, the competition to take place at Craignure.  Mr A.H. Macdonald solicitor,hon. Secretary and treasurer, was complimented on his balance sheet.  A rent of £5 is to be charged for the current year, the second since the revival of the Club, which is now in a flourishing state, Gentlemen’s subscriptions were reduced from 10s to 7s 6d.

Oban Times, October 10th 1908.



At the monthly competition of the Tobermory golf club, Mr John Wilson, who won the Simpson gold medal for the third time, reduced the record for the course to 31 for the single round and 66 for the 18 holes.The siver medal fell to Mr Carfrac with a score of 80 less 5 = 75.


Minute Extract 1908

Other items for 1908

Subscriptions reduced to 7s 6d as 10s was considered to be excessive!

Rent of the course was fixed at £5 per annum.  Cattle to be grazed on Sunday and Monday only.

Membership stood at 33 Men and 18 Ladies.


Oban Times, March 20th 1909.

Golf Club Concert.


A concert in aid of the funds of the Tobermory golf club was held on Saturday, 6th inst. Mr Bryce Allan, Linndhu, President of the club, occupied the chair, and was supported on the platform by Balie Fletcher, Vice President ; Mr Levack, Headmaster ; and Mr R.J. Brown, Stronsaul.

The chairman, in the course of his opening speech, stated the two fold object for which funds were being collected at present – to improve the golf course and to build a small club-house. Mr Maclean, of the Mishnish Hotel, had, up to the last May term, given the use of the fields included in the course free of rent ; but it was now only reasonable that he should ask a moderate rent. It would be found beneficial to the town, the chairman said, to make the course attractive to the strangers, and he thought that it would be a good thing to give an extra half holiday, as they did in several places he knew to enable the townspeople to take advantage of the golf.

One thing he was sure of was that Mr Macdonald, the secretary, would be willing to receive subscriptions for the carrying out of the objects to which he had referred.

The programme was sustained by – Miss Macdougall, Mr Cooper, Mr R. Simpson, Miss Leed, Miss Gray, Mr Cattanach, Mr MacGilp, Mr S. Macdonald, Miss Fletcher, Mr A.H. Macdonald, Miss Lawson, Mr Windows, Miss Allan, Mr D. Macmillan, and the Misses Levack. The accompanist was Miss Kathleen Macdonald.

Among strangers present were a party from Salen ( Mull ) which included Miss Leed, Salen Hotel ; Miss MacGilp, Miss Fletcher, and Miss Cattanach, Gruline. Miss Leed sang twice, and was enthusiastically encored, Miss MacGilp acting as accompanist ; and Miss Fletcher gave two recitations, which were highly appreciated by the audience. Another performer new to a Tobermory platform, Mr Windows, Marconi Wireless Station, deservedly received a grand reception on his two appearances. A similar tribute was paid to Mr Simpson, Burnbank, a familiar figure on the platform in former years. The concert throughout was excellent, and those who were absent missed a great treat. Votes of thanks to the performers, moved by Balie Fletcher, and to the chairman, by Mr A.H. Macdonald, Solicitor, were cordially responded to. The total drawn by the concert was £7, 10s, 6d, so that the object in view has been attained and there is a balance over.

Oban Times, July 3rd 1909.

Golf Club.


At the annual meeting of this club, the following office bearers were elected :- President, Mr Bryce Alaan, Linndhu ; Vice President, Ballie Fletcher ; Secretary and Treasurer, Mr A.H. Macdonald, Solicitor. The clerk stated that the gold medal presented by Mr Simpson, Burnbank, had been won by Mr J. Wilson, and that the gold medal presented by Mr Cameron, Erray, had been awarded to Mr MacCarfrae. The medal offered for competition to the ladies by the club had been won by Miss Macmillan. The President then announced his intention of giving a medal for competition among the gentlemen ; and Mr Cameron, Erray, a similar medal for competition among the ladies. The valuable Masson Trophy is still open for competition on holidays, such as Empire Day and New Years Day. The best score at the last monthly medal were as follows :- John Wilson ( Plus 3 ) 76 ; A.H. Macdonald ( 10 ) 77 ; H. Cameron ( 18 ) 77 ; T. Cooper ( 7 ) 83.

The members of the managing committee are :- Messrs R. Simpson, J. Wilson, J.S. Levack, A.H. Macdonald, T. Cooper, A. MacCarfrae, P. Macnab, D. Cattanach, W. Maclean, M. Macmillan, Mr D. Gray ; and the green committee – Messrs T. Cooper, J. Wilson, R. Simpson, P. McNab, D. Cattanach, A. MacCarfrae, A.H. Macdonald. The following are the names of the new handicap committee – Messrs A.H. Macdonald, T. Cooper, J. Wilson, J.S. Levack, Miss Gray,and Mr MacCarfrae.

There are 51 members, and the expenditure and income of the club respectively are as follows :- £26, 10s, 5d and £26, 2s, 11d. A concert held in the interests of the club brought in £6, 3s, 7d.


Minute Extract 1909


Handicaps for Men ranged from +3 to -20 and Ladies from scratch to 5.


Oban Times, May 14th 1910.



At the monthly competition of the Tobermory golf club for Mr Cameron’s medal, the following were the best scores :- Mr Cattanach ( Scratch ) 72 ; Mr Levack, 82 – 7 = 75 ; Mr Wilson, 76, ( Plus3 ) = 79 ; Mr Cooper, 90 – 7 = 83 ; Mr Simpson, 104 – 15 = 89. At present Mr Hugh Cameron holds the John Masson gold medal, and Mr Hunter, the cup presented by Mr Bryce Allan, yr. Of Aros. Mr Wilson has won the cup twice, Mr H. Cameron once.

Oban Times, December 10th 1910.



At the monthly competition of the Tobermory golf club held on Saturday, the following were the scores handed in to the secretary :- A.H. Macdonald, 86 less 10 = 76 ; R. Simpson, 93 less 15 = 78 ; J.Wilson, 78 plus 3 = 81 ; D. Cattanach, 85 ( Scratch ) ; J.S. Levacl, 93 less 7 = 88. Mr H. Cameron has been appointed secretary, and Mr Fraser, Bank House, Treasurer, in room of Mr A.H. Macdonald, Solicitor, resigned. Mr Wilson has been successful in carrying off the silver cup presented by Mr Bryce Allan, yr. Of Aros.


Minute Extract 1911


February. It was decided to build a clubhouse at a cost of £15, and this was ready by June. In September the club was registered and at the same meeting Dr Reginald MacDonald was made Captain with Mr Donald Cattenach Vice Captain.

Oban Times, April 8th 1911.


The New Golf House.


This new erection on the Tobermory golf course is already quite conspicuous and the work is being carried out most expeditiously. The wood is supplied by Mr Allan of Aros, on whose estate the building is being erected. A fine view of the whole course is obtainable from the golf house, where arrangements are to be made for supplying refreshments. A nice Verandah runs along the front.

Oban Times, June 3rd 1911.



The monthly competition for the gold medal presented by Mrs Bryce Allan, Linndhu, took place on Saturday, 20th ult, when Mrs Davidson won the medal with a score of 51, Miss J. Macmillan being second with a score of 55.

In the monthly competition for gentlemen, the prize presented by Ballie Simpson was tied for by Mr H. Cameron whose score was 87, less 10 = 77 and Mr J. Wilson with a score of 77 plus 3 = 80. Both gentlemen had won the Ballies prize three times, and the tie was played off on Tuesday 23rd ult, when Mr Wilson was declared the winner with a score of 71, plus 3 = 74, Mr Cameron’s score being 85 less 10 = 75. On the latter occasion Mr Wilson took the last hole in two, thus winning the prize, contrary to expectation. A marvellous feat falls to be recorded in connection with recent play on the Tobermory course. The Rev. N. Ross, one of the most enthusiastic players belonging to the club, was unable one day to find his ball after driving from the third . golfer suggested looking into the hole, where the ball was found safely lodged.


Oban Times, June 17th 1911.

Golf Club.


The annual meeting of the Tobermory golf clubwas held in Aros Hall on Thursday 8th inst. Mr R. Simpson, Burnbank, presided. The following officials were appointed : - Mr Bryce Allan, Linndhu, President ; Mr Fraser, Clydesdale Bank, Treasurer, and Mr Cameron, Stationer, Secretary. It was decided to hold a cake and candy sale early in Autumn in order to pay off the cost of the new club-house. Mrs Allan, Linndhu, was appointed convenor of the ladies committee already nominated for the carrying out of the proposed sale. A prize to be competed for by the gentlemen of the club was offered by Mr Simpson and Mr A.H. Macdonald offered a prize similarly for the ladies. Mrs Allan, Linndhu, then presented the prize for last year won by Mr J. Wilson with a score of 71 plus 3 = 74. Mr H. Cameron, who tied for this prize, on playing off the tie, came in with a score of 85 less 10 =75. The formal opening of the club-house was postponed until the President came back from camp. Cordial votes of thanks were given to Mrs Allan and Mr Simpson for the prizes offered for competition last year, and to Mr Cattenach who supplied the plans for the new golf house gratuitously.


Oban Times, June 24th 1911.

The Golf Course.


The course during the past week has been markedly improved by a large herd of cattle grazing thereon. During the long hours of sunshine white balls were difficult to find owing to the prevalence of daisies, and some golfers had to equip themselves with yellow coloured balls to meet the exigencies of the case. Even these were sometimes insufficient to render them distinct in presence of king cups, etc.

Oban Times, August 5th 1911.



The return match of the golf tournament between the Tobermory golf club and the visitors in town was played off on the Tobermory course during the past week when only four a side were available, owing to other engagements clashing, and some of the visitors having to leave. Victory on this occasion went to the local club, who won by two matches to one. On the occasion of the previous encounter the visitors won by five matches to three.


Oban Times, September 30th 1911.

Golf Club Meeting.


A meeting of Tobermory golf club took place on Friday of last week. Mr Bryce Allan, Linndhu, presided over a large gathering of the members, and Mr Fraser, Hon. Treasurer of the club, submitted a detailed statement of the club’s finances, which were now, he was glad to say, in a most satisfactory state, owing to the substantial aid received by means of the recent cake and candy sale .

It was decided that the green committee should go over the teeing-greens carefully, and give in a report on the cost of re-turfing them where necessary. After some discussion, it was resolved to remove the wires and stobs which for some time enclosed the various putting greens. Permission was given to Mr Cameron, secretary, to register the club, and a committee was appointed to make arrangements for a club dance in November. Dr Macdonald was appointed Captain of the club, and Mr Cattanach, Vice Captain. Special matches are to be held this season in addition to the competitions for the monthly medals . Towards the conclusion of the meeting, Mr Fraser, in answer to a question, said that he expected when the liabilities of the club were met up to next May, there would still be a surplus of £7 or £8 to their credit.


Oban Times, October 7th 1911.



The competition for the monthly medal of the Tobermory club  came off on Saturday. Blustering wind and heavy showers interfered a good deal with the game, especially after 3 o’clock. The lowest scores were made by Messrs A.H. Macdonald and D. Mackenzie who tied with net scores of 73.

The scores fir the day were as follows :- A.H. Macdonald, 78 less 5 = 73 ; D. MacKenizie, 80 less 7 = 73 ‘D. Cattenach, 78 ( Scratch ) ; H. Cameron 92 less 10 = 82 ; R,J. Brown, 103 less 15 = 88 . The tie was played off on Monday, and resulted in Mr MacKenzie winning the match. The scores were :- D. MacKenzie 86 less 7 = 79 ; A. H. Macdonald, 86 less 5 = 81. The following ladies took part in a similar match, and the figures were as follows :- Mrs Davidson, 53 ; Miss M.J. Macdonald, 54 ; Miss J. Macmillan, 60. In a match, which is to take place this week the members of the club have been arranged in two teams under the Captain, Dr Macdonald, and the Vice Captain, Mr Cattanach. The Captains team includes :- J.Wilson, Dr Macdonald, Rev. N. Ross, A.J. Fraser, H. Cameron, R.J. Brown, and A.Allan of Aros. These are to be opposed respectively by the following members of the Vice Capatains team :- D. Cattenach, A.H. Macdonald, D. MacKenzie, J.S. Levack, R. Simoson, A. McGilp, and L.S. Laugton.


Oban Times, October 21st 1911.



The Captain and Vice Captains match, which was stoutly contested on the 7th inst. Resulted in a draw. The weather was most favourable and the turnout gratifying to those concerned in the arrangements. On Saturday last another match was played in foursomes to still further raise the enthusiasm of the members of the club, and to draw out those who had taken little or no interest in this healthy form of recreation.


Oban Times, October 28th 1911.



At a special meeting of the Tobermory golf club held on Saturday evening of last week, Mr Bryce Allan, Linndhu, President, occupied the chair.

The first matter taken up was the offer of Provost Allan to present a trophy to the golf club, leaving the conditions of competition to be settled by the club. The shield to be presented is to become the property of the competitor who wins it oftenest in three years. This arrangement was come to after prolonged discussion. It was agreed also that the winner should be decided by stroke competitions held four times a year. When the matter of the challenge shield was disposed of, and Provost Allan thanked for his generous gift, the subject of the mixed foursomes to be played on Wednesday 25th inst. Was fully discussed, and preliminary arrangements made for thos who were to play on the forenoon and afternoon respectively. That date is the occasion of the first Wednesday half-holiday, and the match was to be played in a way fitted to celebrate this event, so interesting locally.

Quite a number of new members have joined recentlyso as to be able to take part in the matches to be played on these Wednesday Half-Holidays, and the enthusiasm is remarkable at present. The last subject which came under consideration at the meeting was the new conditions under which the John Masson gold medal was to be competed for. This medal had been presented many years ago to a former golf club, but no golfer had won it outright. Several had won it once, but the conditions were that it had to be won twice in succession, or three times in all before it became the property of a member of the club. Ultimately it was resolved that this medal should again be competed for, starting afresh, under the old conditions. Play for Mr Allans challenge shield is to begin on Wednesday next week, and to be continued on the first Wednesday of every quarter.

Oban Times, November 4th 1911.



The competition for the monthly medals presented by Ballie Simpson and Mr A.H. Macdonald, solicitor, was held on Saturday. Frosty weather gave a favourable crispness to the course, and good play was enjoyed. The scores handed in were as follows :- J. Wilson, 68 plus 3 = 71 ; J.S. Levack, 83 less 10 =73 ; D. MacKenzie, 81 less 7 = 74 ; D. Cattenach ( Scratch ) 77.

Great improvements are being effected at present upon the course. Where heather intervened, near the fifth hole, it has been thoroughly cleared away, and the bog which formed the permanent resting-place of many an unwary players ball, after it had negotiated a hillock with an outcrop of rock and more than one dyke, is now being drained, so that there is some chance of the balls being recovered. A rocky spot just in front of the last hole is also being re-turfed and rendered playable even for tyros in the game.


Oban Times, December 30th 1911.



The cards of the members of the Tobermory golf club who took part in the first competition for the challenge shield presented by Mr Allan of Aros, President of the club, have now all been handed in. Continued wet weather rendered the greens soft and uncertain on Wednesday, and scores were higher than usual. The first winner of the shield was D. Cattanach with a score of 73 less 5 = 68. The runner up was D. MacKenzie 80 less 7 = 73.


Oban Times, April 6th 1912.



The competition of the Tobermory golf club for the challenge shield presented to club by Provost Allan, took place on Wednesday last week. The shiled is to become the property of the member of the club who wins it the greatest number of times within three years. On the 27th it fell to Mr John Ritchie with a score of 84 less 12 = 72.

The monthly medal competition came off on Saturday last. The medal was won by Mr J.S. Levack with a score of 79 less 6 = 73.


Oban Times, April 27th 1912.

Golf Club.


The greens of the Tobermory golf club have been very much improved and several altered to better positions.


Oban Times, May 4th 1912.

Golf Club.


The enthusiasm of the golf club this year has been quite abnormal, and matches occur sometime twice a week. A match between the Captains team and Vice Captains team took place on the 10th ult. And the return match on the 24th.



Oban Times, May 11th 1912.



The Oban club on Thursday of last week played the Tobermory club on the course of the latter. Tem members were expected from Oban, but only eight could come, the occasion being the Fast Day at Oban. The steamer, Lochinvar, with passengers returning from the cattle sale at Salen, Loch Sunart, took the Oban Team back in the evening. In the singles played in the forenoon, the Oban team had the advantage, but in the afternoon Tobermory won in the foursomes by 3 to 1.


Oban Times, June 22nd 1912.

Golf Club.


The annual meeting of The Tobermory golf club was held on Wednesday last week. Mr Bryce Allan, Linndhu. Presided, and the annual statement of the funds of the club was submitted by Mr A. Fraser, Clydesdale Bank House, in a very interesting speech, for which, on the motion of the chairman, he was accorded a cordial vote of thanks. Mr Bryce Allan was again appointed President ; Mr John Fletcher, Vice President ; Mr Fraser, Treasurer ; and Mr Hugh Cameron, Secretary. Dr Macdonald was re-appointed Captain and Mr Cattanach, Vice Captain. The following gentlemen were appointed as members of the green committee :- Mr Cattanach, Mr A.H. Macdonald, Mr McNab ; Handicap committee, Mr Cattanach, Mr Wilson, Mr Simpson ; Match committee, Mr MacKenzie, Mr Cattanach, Dr Macdonald. The Treasurer and Secretary are members Ex-Officio, of all the committee’s. The President offered to present two monthly medals for the gentlemen golfers for the ensuing year, and the Vice President offered two prizes to the ladies for competition, the matches to be played on the last Wednesday’s or Saturday’s of the month. It was agreed that the green committee should draw up rules for the Allan Shield competition.


Oban Times, January 11th 1913.

Golf Club.


In the competition on the Tobermory course for the Monthly medal, which took place on Saturday, the winner was Mr P. McNab with a score of 80 less 12 = 68. The runner up was D. MacKenzie, 75 less 6 = 69.


Oban Times, April 5th 1913.

Golf Club.

The monthly competition on Saturday resulted in a tie between Messrs Peter McNab and John Wilson.

The tie for the challenge shield presented to the club by Provost Allan in 1911 was played off on Tuesday this week by Messrs McNab and McGilp, the former being winner. The scores were as follows := P. McNab 83 – 12 = 71. Arch. McGilp 92 – 11 =81. The previous winners of the shield since the tropht was offered for competition are :- 1, Mr Cattanach, 2, Mr Ritchie, Mr Wilson, Mr Fraser, Mr A.H. Macdonald. Before any member of the club obtains possession of the challenge shield he must win it three times in succession.


Oban Times, May 10th 1913.

Oban V Tobermory.


On Thursday last week the members of the Oban Golf Club journeyed to Tobermory to play their return match with Tobermory. Twelve pairs played in the single match contest, the results of which showed a safe margin of four wins for Tobermory.

An excellent tea, served by Mrs R. Brown and Miss Cameron, Achnacroibh, awaited the players in the club-house after the single matches were over.

There followed a foursome competition, which resulted in a win again by one match for the Tobermory club. The diligent work of Mr Wilson, Greenkeeper, which was seen in the improved tees and good state of the course, was a matter of general satisfaction. The Tobermory players played on Thursday a phenomenal game, of which no better testimony can be given than the fact that in many cases the issue was only decided upon the last green, but the enthusiasm, sportsmanship, and good golf of the Oban club produced the desirable effect of calling forth the best endevours of the Tobermory players. After the foursome competition, the players adjourned to the Mishnish Hotel, where Mr Maclean added to the day’s enjoymentan excellent dinner, at which Ballie Fletcher presided. The following toasts were given :- “ The King” proposed by Ballie Fletcher ; “ The Oban Club” replied to by Mr A.D. Robertson ( Captain Oban Club ) ; “ Tobermory Club” proposed by Mr M. Black, replied to by Dr Macdonald ( Captain Tobermory Club ) ; “ The Ladies” proposed by T.D. Wallace, replied to by Mr L.G. Laugton ; “ The Chairman” proposed by Mr Cattenach. Various members of both clubs spoke and sang.

The single matches resulted as follows :-


                          Tobermory                                              Oban


J. Wilson  ……………………..   1            A.D. Robertson  …………………..  0

D. Cattenach …………………    1            M. Black   …………………………  0

A.H. Macdonald   ……………..  0            N. Carmichael  …………………..    0

D. MacKenzie  ………………..  1            D. Paterson   ………………………. 0

D. Anderson  ………………….  1            A. Robertson  ……………………..  0

Dr Macdonald  ………………..  1            A. McArthur  ……………………… 0

T. Bennet  …………………….  0             T.D. Wallace  ……………………..  1

A.A. McGilp  …………………  0             W. Burgess  ………………………  1

L.G. Laugton  ………………..   0              W. Murdoch  …………………….  0

P. McNab  ……………………  1               A. Macdougall …………………..  0

G. Jack  ……………………….  1              D. MacNaughton  ……………….  0

R.J. Brown …………………… 0               A. Brown  ……………………….  1


  1. 3


In the foursomes which followed, Messrs Wilson and Cattenach, Tobermory, beat Messrs A.D. Robertson an, Tobermoryd M. Black, Oban .

Messrs A.H. Macdonald and D. MacKenzie, made it a drawn match with Messrs N. Carmichael and D. Paterson, Oban ;

Messrs A. Robertson and A.MacArthur, Oban, beat Mr D. Anderson and Dr Macdonald , Tobermory ;

Messrs T. Bennet and A.A. McGilp, Tobermory beat Messrs T.D.Wallace and W. Burgess, Oban

Messrs L.G. Langton and P.McNab, Tobermory, beat Messrs W. Murdoch and A. Brown, Oban

The results for the foursomes were :-


Tobermory  3 matches                      Oban 2 matches


Tobermory  7 matches                      Oban 3 matches


  Totals        10                                            5

Oban Times, June 14th 1913

Tobermory golf club.

Annual Meeting


The annual general meeting of the Tobermory golf club was held in the Aros Hall on Friday last week. Mr Bryce Allan, President, occupied the chair, and there was a large and representative attendance of the members. The secretary and Treasurer submitted the annual reports, which were considered satisfactory.

During the year the club engaged in the following matches :- Glencruitten and Ganavan, Oban, and Visitors, Ganavan, and the officers of the fourth cruiser Squadron, at Tobermory, winning at Tobermory against the visitors and Ganavan, and losing at Oban and Tobermory against Glencruitten and the team from the fleet. The match on Ganavan course was abandoned on account of the snow.

The shield presented by Mr Allan of Aros has been won by the following members on one occasion :- Mr Cattanach, Mr Ritchie, Mr Fraser, Mr Wilson, Mr Macdonald and Mr McNab. The Captains prize was won by Mr Cattanach, and the Vice Captains by Mr Anderson. The monthly medal was won by Mr Wilson, and the second prize by Mr Cattanach.

During the visit of the fleet, the course was thrown open to the officers, and a letter was submitted from the Flag Captain of the Suffolk, on behalf of the rear Admiral and officers of the fourth Cruiser Squadron, thanking the club for their hospitality and the facilities extended, and expressing th ehope that their visit, of which they would retain most pleasant recollections, may be repeated in the near future. A letter in similar terms was also read from the officers of the Superb, of the First Battle Squadron.


Office Bearers.


The following office bearers were appointed :- President, Mr Bryce Allan ; Vice President, Baillie Fletcher ; Secretary, Mr H. Cameron ; Treasurer, Mr A.J. Fraser ; Captain, Mr D. Cattanach ; Vice Captain, Mr A.H. Macdonald.

Committee’s ; Greens – Mr MacKenzie, Mr Macdonald, and Mr McNab. Handicap – Mr Langton, Mr Wilson, and Mr Cattanach. Match- Dr Macdonald, the Captain and Vice Captain.

Complaint was made regarding the delay in playing off the ties, and it was intimated that when ties were not played within the specified period the names of the members at fault would be scored off the sheet, and that members that failed to be on the course within half an hour of the time fixed for their ties would be disqualified.


Competition at Tobermory.


The challenge shield presented to the club for competition by Provost Allan was again competed for on Wednesday last, and the winner was Mr D. MacKenzie with a score of 73 – 6 = 67.


Oban Times, September 13th 1913.

Tiree and Tobermory Clubs.


On Tuesday, in excellent weather, a friendly match between the above clubs took place on the Tobermory golf course. The Tiree golfers came in by the McBrayne Steamer Dirk, about 10.30am, and went up along with the Tobermory members to the club-house in motors and other carriages.

Nine couples started out at 11o’clock, and when they came in after two rounds of the course they were served with a substantial tea provided by Mrs Bryce Allan, Linndhu, who personally superintended the repast laid out in the club-house. Among other interested spectators on the occasion were Mr Bryce Allan, Linndhu ; Miss Allan and Miss Hunter, Aros House ; Mr and Mrs Fraser, Clydesdale Bank House.

The result of the matches was that the Tobermory players were three up in the singles and one down in the foursomes.

When the match was concluded, the Tiree club was entertained by the home club to dinner in the Mishnish Hotel, Tobermory, and the former left for Tiree later in the evening by the West Highland Steamer, Hebrides.

Oban Times, October 25th 1913.

Tobermory golf club.


A special meeting of the Tobermory golf club was held in the Aros Hall on the evening of Thursday last.Mr Bryce Allan, Linndhu, President, occupied the chair, and among others present were Mrs Alaan, of Aros and Mrs Bryce Allan. The special buiness for which the meeting was calld was the appointment of a secretary and to discuss the proposed alteration to the course.

Before proceeding with the business of the evening the chairman moved that an expression of of the unanimous sympathy of the members of the club with the relatives of the late Mr Hugh Cameron, Merchant, who had for a long period of years acted most satisfactorily as secretary of the club, should be recorded in their minutes, and a copy sent to Mrs Cameron. Thereafter the chairman moved the appointment of Mr D. MacKenzie, Chemist, as secretary. This was seconded by Mr Cattenach and unanimously approved. Then Mr Cattenach fully explained the proposed alterations to the present course of which he had drawn a plan. The changes suggested involved in the main the making of two new teeing grounds and one putting green.

Mr Ritchie was appointed a member of the green committee in room of Mr MacKenzie, the new secretary, and Mr A.H. Macdonald was appointed convenor of the green committee. Mr Allan of Aros suggested the clearing of some rough spots on the course where balls were constantly being lost, and this was agreed to.

After a discussion as to the expenses of the alterations on the course were to be met, it ws agreed that the secretary call upon the members for subscriptions. Reference was also made to the neglect of the rule as to the replacing of turf.

Mr Simpson submitted a letter, in which Mr Mitchell, Prestwick, a former enthusiastic member of Tobermory golf club, presented a mashie to be competed for by the members, the date to be fixed by the match committee. It was decided that the monthly medal be played for on the first Wednesday or first Saturday of each month.

Ballie Fletcher also offered to present a gold medal to be competed for by the lady members of the club, the terms of competition to be left to the match committee.

It was agreed to give the medal to the lady having the best score during the period ending 31st May next, play for the medal to begin on the first Wednesday or Saturday in November.

Members were reminded of the competition for the cleek and balls presented as prizes for the gentlemen by Mr Simpson, and for which play closed on 31st May.

It was agreed that extra boxes be provided in the golf-house, 2s 6d being charged for the first year, and 1s afterwards ; and the secretary was instructed to see this carried out. A vote of thanks to the chairman concluded the meeting.

Minute Extract June 1914

22nd June. Mr Langton moved and Mr MacDonald seconded a motion that "The Navy Cup be played for annually by match play" which was agreed. It was raised by Mr Bennet that members must put in two competitive score­cards before being eligible to compete for any Shield or Cup competition. It was also proposed that prizes for the monthly competitions be "Razor and Mashie", both items were agreed.

During the war years 1914 to 1919 the club was in abeyance.

Oban Times, June 27th 1914.

Tobermory golf club.

The Annual Meeting.


A very full meeting of this club met in the Aros Hall on Monday evening. Mr Bryce Allan presided over a lively gathering, in which there was no lack of speaking, and motion and amendment frequently followed one another in quick succession. The Hon. Secretary’s report was taken up first. Mr Mackenzie complained of a seeming lack of interest in matches during the past year and expressed the hope that prizes presented, such as the challenge shield given by Provost Allan, the cup offered for competition to the club by the officers of the Warship, Hibernia, and medals given by Ballie Fletcher, Mr A.H. Macdonald, Mr Simpson, and others, should be more highly appreciated. As an example of luke-warmness, Mr Mackenzie pointed out that only 16 members entered for the competition for the Captains Prize, and 8 only were to compete on Wednesday for the shield.

In thanking the secretary for his report, Mr A.J. Fraser, Hon. Treasurer, suggested that it was not altogether lack of interest which caused this seeming want of appreciation of the matches. There were at this time of the year many causes operating against keenness in golf.

Mr Fraser, the Treasurer, expressed his regret at the unsatisfactory state of the finances. At present the total liability of the club was £13, 10s. Two of the main items of this liability were £7, 8s 3d, the cost of the new lockers in the club-house, and the half years rent of £5 now due. There was a drop, too, in the income from visitors subscriptions last year of £3, 11s, 11d. The question of raising the subscriptions must, he said, be faced. The wage bill now reached £20, 6d, and in demitting office he made the suggestion that a general club committee should be appointed, to whom all expenditure should be submitted.

It was agreed that subscriptions for both ladies and gentlemen should be increased by 2s 6d, making them 10s and 5s respectively. Mr Langton, referring to the secretary’s report, expressed the view that the smallness of the numbers entering for the various matches was not due to lack of appreciation on the part of the members . For example, the cup was only got in June from the Warship. How could it be the fault of the members ?, It seemed to him, to be the fault of the match committee, or the members present when it was received.

Mr Bennet agreed with the secretary that the cause was lack of appreciation and enterprise. A discussion also took place on the Treasurer’s report. Baillie Fletcher emphasised the advisability of of wiping out the debt without delay, and offered to take the lead in that laudable movement.

The following office bearers were appointed for the ensuing year :- President, Mr Bryce Allan, Linndhu, ( Re-Appointed ) ; Secretary, Mr D. MacKenzie, Springbank ( Re – Appointed ) ; Treasurer, Mr A.J. Fraser, Clydesdale Bank House ( Re – Appointed ) ; Captain, Mr A.H. Macdonald, Baliscate ; Vice Captain, Mr Bennet, Higher Grade School ; Handicap Committee – Messrs Langton, Cattenach, and Wilson. Green Committee – Messrs Ritchie, McNab, and A.H. Macdonald.

At this stage Mr A.H. Macdonald made a short statement as to the additional greens now on the course, in course of which he referred to the handsome turnstiles presented by Mr Allan of Aros, which were a great improvement. Mr Cattenach complained of the state the course was in at present, and the chairman suggested that the secretary ask Mr Maclean, Mishnish Hotel, to put on sheep.

Among the suggestions carried into effect were two by Mr Langton that the work of the match committee should be done by the secretary, the Captain and Vice Captain assisting ; and that the cup presented by the officers of H.M.S. Hibernia, should be regarded as a perpetual trophy and competed for once a year in a hole-and-hole competiton.

Oban Times, July 11th 1914.

Golf Club.


The quarterly competition for the Allan shield was played on the golf course on Wednesday, 24th ult. Resulting in a tie between Messrs P. McNab and L. McLean ; the tie was played off on Friday last, the former returning the winning card. The shield is a handsome trophy, and was presented to the club By Mr Allan of Aros in 1911. The conditions were that the shield should be played quarterly for three years, under stroke rules, the member with the greatest number of wins to his credit at the end of that period to become the holder. Eleven competitions have already been played, and only two members succeeded in winning the trophy twice, namely Messrs A.J. Fraserand P. McNab. The final competition will be played in September next.


Club ceased to play for the war but we don’t know when it stopped etc.

Minute Extract April 1919


Resucitation of club


A special meeting was held and it was decided to resuscitate the Tobermory Golf Club. The Treasurer Mr Simpson was to ask for Subscriptions and do­nations before the next meeting so that the committee would know what was at their disposal. A quotation was to be obtained for the restoration of the clubhouse. Two weeks later the club met and the assets of the club were reported as £29 9s 5d which was considered satisfactory, the estimate of repairs to clubhouse and equipment being £8 10s. A motion that a family ticket be introduced was agreed and the rate set at £1 10s. It was decided to pay £10 for two years rent. The President Mr Alexander Allan kindly lent the services of Mr John Cameron to help get the course in order. Visitors could use the clubhouse if they rented a key at the rate of 1s per day.

Minute Extract June   1919


Mr Simpson appointed Greenkeeper at a rate of £12 per annum plus 5 per cent commission of the visitors fees.


Minute Extract June 1920


Col.Bryce Allan donates The President's Cup.


Oban Times, June 19th 1920.

Golf Club.


The annual meeting of the Tobermory golf club was held in Aros Hall on Friday. Colonel Allan was re-appointed President, and Baillie Fletcher, Vice President. A new committee was appointed :- Mr Campbell, Wilton Villa, Captain ; Mr Langton, Ulva Cottage, Vice Captain ; Mr MacKenzie, Penalbanach, Secretary ; Mr Simpson, Treasurer, and Mr Wilson. The President offered to present to the club a permanent cup for the monthly competitions. Arrangements were made for the annual competition for the cup presented by the late Admiral Craddock, of the 4th Cruiser Squadron. The one condition laid down by the donor was that the cup be competed for on the anniversary of the match between the men of the Squadron and the Tobermory club. A lively discussion arose over inclusive character of a family ticket, Mr Allan of Aros concluding the matter with the humorous remark that it included the immediate members of a mans family, but not his mother in law.


Minute Extract May 1921


The following motions were passed "That the use of the course be granted to school boys for days play for prizes donated by the members" and also "That there be an official opening day with mixed foursomes". First winner of the President's Cup competitions was N. Campbell.


Oban Times, June 18th 1921.


Tobermory golf club.


On Wednesday 8th June a team match was played. Save for a rather strong wind from the North the conditions for play were ideal. The result of the match was as follows :-


                            Captains Team                                Vice Captains Team


N. Campbell  …………………….    1             J. Wilson  ………………………..  0

D. Cameron  ……………………..    0             P. McNab  ………………………. 1

T. Graham  ………………………    0             D. Wilson  ……………………….  1

D. Cattanach  ……………………..  1              D. Low  …………………………. 0

L.G. Langton ……………………..  ½             D. MacKenzie  ………………….. ½

G. Murnin  ……………………….. ½              A.N. Other  ……………………..  ½

M. McLean ……………………….  1              J. Urquhart ………………………  0

Mrs MacKenzie …………………... 1              Mrs Bruce  ………………………  0

Mrs Brown ……………………….   0              Mrs Langton  ……………………  1

Miss M.J. Macdonald ……………   ½             Miss Meg. Maclean ……………    ½

Mrs Fleming  ……………………..  1              Mrs Cattenach  …………………   0

Nurse Wilson  ………………….      0              Mrs Cameron  …………………..  1

Miss Nicolson  ……………………  0              Miss Beth Cattanach  …………..   1

Miss McLachlan  …………………  0              Mrs Wilson  …………………….   1

Miss J. McLean …………………..  0              Miss Mary McLean  …………….  1


                                                          6 ½                                                                  8 ½


The lady members of the club kindly gave teas to all players during the afternoon and evening. Such a pleasant ceremony considerably enhanced the enjoyment of the match and it is hoped the ladies will not allow much time to elapse before the experience is repeated.

During the evening two presentations were made. The winner of the Navy Cup competition – Mr David Wilson received the cup from Mrs Cameron. This young player is to be congratulated upon his success and such a victory should prove an incentive to all young members. Owing to the generosity of Mr Campbell, a former Captain of the club the finalists received handsome and useful prizes of clubs and golf balls.  It is a great pity that the ladies have not a permanent trophy for which to compete similar to the cups presented to the gentlemen by the officers of the 4th Cruiser Squadron.


A match was played on the course of the above club on Friday afternoon, between teams representing the visitors and the local members of the club. Tea was served by the lady members. As the weather was fine a most interesting and enjoyable afternoon was spent. The match consited of single followed by Mixed foursomes, and were so much enjoyed that a repetition has been arraged for Thursday 27th inst. The results of the matches were as follows :-


                                    Visitors                                     Local Players


D. Bell                                            0                 N. Campbell                              1

A. Brown                                        0                 J. Wilson                                   1

W. Bennet                                       0                 L.J. Langton                              1

B. Taggart                                       0                 H.R. Claxton                             1

T. Wilson                                        ½                G. Murnin                                  ½

R. Bennet                                        ½                 A. Simpson                               ½

G. McKinnon                                  0                 G. Grant                                     1

L. Bryson                                        0                 D. Cameron                                1

Dr Macdonald                                 1                 Dr Morrison                               0

J. Gray                                             1                 J. Urquhart                                 0


  1. 7


Mixed Foursomes



Miss Willis and T. Wilson                                                                    0

Miss Fulton and R. Bennet                                                                    0

Miss P. Rodrigues and A. Brown                                                          0

Miss Fraser and W. Bennet                                                                    1

Miss Rodrigues and B. Taggart                                                              1

Mrs McKinnon and L. Bryson                                                                1

Miss Paterson and D. Bell                                                                      0

Miss Brown and C. McKinon                                                                 0

Miss Fleming and Mr Levack                                                                 1

Miss Willis and L. Murnin                                                                      1




Local Players


Miss Cattanach and G. Murnin                                                               1

Mrs Campbell and A. Simpson                                                               1

Mrs Langton and J. Wilson                                                                     1

Miss M. Fleming and L.L. Langton                                                        0

Mrs Cattanach and D. Cameron                                                             0

Mrs Brown and N. Campbell                                                                 1

Miss T. Fleming and J. Gray                                                                  1

Miss Fulton and Mr Fleming                                                                  0

Mrs Burgin and J. Urquhart                                                                    0




"A Ladies Section to be formed under the new constitution of the club". At the same meeting a new greenkeeper to be appointed full time for five months of the year at a rate of £2 2s per week. An addition to the clubhouse was deemed very necessary and this was authorised at a cost of £21 18s 6d. Gilain MacLean


Oban Times,June 2nd 1923.


The golf course is undergoing a thorough repair preparatory to the golfing season, under the superintendence of Mr Claxton, th energetic Captain of the club, assisted by Mr McLean, the greenkeeper. The tees are being re-turfed and temporary tees are being made ; the greens are generally improved, and new sand boxes provided. The various competitions in connection with the Navy Cup, which has been played over the course during the month of May have now been concluded. Keen interest has been evinced by the players as the competitions drew to a close. Finally Mr P.A. McNab after an exciting tie with another member proving the winner.


Oban Times, October 6th 1923.

Tobermory golfers in Oban


A golf match between members of the Oban and Tobermory golf clubs took place on the Ganavan course on Friday of last week. The match resulted in a win for Oban, the scores being as follows :-


                      Oban                                                   Tobermory


H. Skinner  ……………………….  0        N. Campbell   ………………………..  1

R.A. Macvicar   ………………….. 1        J.M Menzies  ………………………..   0

D. Paterson  ……………………..   1         G. Murnin  …………………………..  0

D. Smith  ………………………… 1         H.R. Claxton ……………………….    0

D. MacLeod  …………………….. 1         A.D.M. Brown  ……………………..   0

T.D. Wallace ……………………   0         A. Simpson  ……………………….     1

F. Ellard  ………………………..   0          N. McKillop ……………………….    1

W.R. Bone ………………………  1          G. Grant  …………………………..    0


  1. 3


Minute Extract 1924


Membership stood at Gentlemen 53 Ladies 24 These figures include those covered by a family ticket. The Ladies Section was abolished and the ladies co-opted onto the general committee. At some point during 1924 the course was changed round to avoid problems with cattle and sheep. Opening of the new course April 16th. Par 72 in this year the rules for the Presidents cup were changed to those existing today. A Mull V Oban match was played at Torosay.


Oban Times, April 18th 1925.

Golf Club.


The annual general meeting of the golf club was held in the Aros Hall, on 3rd April, Colonel Bryce Allan, President, in the chair. The secretary’s report indicated that the membership of the club is 81. The treasurer submitted a financial statement showing a credit balance of £14, 17s, 2d as on 31st March, the end of the financial year. Office bearers and a general committee were elected for the ensuing year. Colonel Bryce Allan was re-elected President, and Mr P.A. McNab, Clydesdale Bank, Hon. Treasurer.


Oban Times, May 16th 1925.



The annual spring meeting of the golf club was held on 6th May. In the mixed foursome competition for prizes presented by Messrs D.N. Lowe and George Grant, the successful players were Mrs Spink and Mr P.A. McNab. The best net score in the medal round for the Presidents cup was returned by Mr W.M. Burgon.


Oban Times, May 23rd 1925.


Tobermory V Salen, Mull.


A match between Tobermory and Salen ( Mull ) plyed at Tobermory, resulted as follows :-


                                   Tobermory                                  Salen


N. Campbell  ……………………….  1     R.H. Docker  ……………………….  0

Rev. J.M. Menzies  ………………… 0     D.P. Ferguson  …………………….   0

J.H. Rose  ………………………….   0     Rev. Mr Morrison  …………………  1

D.N. Lowe  ………………………… 1      A.C. Whyte  ………………………..  0

M. Morrison  ………………………  1      Dr D. Macdonald  ………………….  0

J.M. Spink  …………………………  1     J. Macdonald  ………………………  0

L.G. Langton  ……………………… 1      J. MacKenzie  ……………………..   0

G. Grant  ……………………………  1     D. Campbell ……………………….  0

A. Simpson  ………………………..  1      A. MacLachlan  ……………………  0


  1. 1



Oban Times, July 4th 1925.



A match was played on the course of the Tobermory club between a team from H.M. Destroyers, 6th Flotilla and local players, on June 22nd, and resulted as follows :-


                                    Navy                                                  Tobermory


Lieut. Arbuthnot  …………………  0       N. Campbell  …………………………..   1

Lieut. Heathcote  …………………  1       J.H. Rose  ……………………………..    0

Lt-Com. Swanston  ………………. 1        P.A. MacNab  …………………………   0

Lieut. Magnay  …………………… 0        M. Morrison  …………………………...  1

Capt. Plowden  …………………..   0        D.N. Lowe  …………………………….  1

Surg. Campbell  ………………….. 0         J.M. Spink  …………………………….  1

Lt. Amery Parker  ………………..  0         G. Capaldi  …………………………….. 1

Lieut. Dowler  …………………… 1          G. Grant  ………………………………. 0

Lt. Com. Mainwaring …………….  0         A. Simpson  …………………………..   1

Lt. Com. Davidson ……………….  1         D.S. Riddoch  …………………………  0

Sub Lieut. Fair  ………………….   1          H. Cameron  …………………………   0

Lieut. Dunn ………………………  1          Allan Brown  ………………………..   0

  1.         6


Another Match was played on June 27th, with the following result :-


                              Navy                                           Tobermory


Lt Com. Harter   ………………  0     N. Campbell ……………………  1

Lt Com. Colvill  ………………. 0     J.H. Rose  ………………………. 1

Lt, Leggat  …………………….  0     P.A. MacNab  ………………….  1

Sub Lieut, Toppin  …………….  0     D.N. Lowe …………………….. 1

LT, Com Glennie  ……………..  1     M. Morrison  …………………..  0

Lieut Obbard  …………………  ½     J.M. Spink  …………………….. ½

Lieut Mott  ……………………  ½     L.G. Langton  ………………….  ½

Lt Com Shaw  …………………  0     G. Capaldi  …………………….   1

Lieut Chutterbuck  …………….  0      G. Grant  ………………………  1


  1. 7



Minute Extract 1926


Matches were played against Salen - match won, Oban - match halved and against the Navy - match won. Neil MacKechnie Greenkeeper was commended for his work. It was decided to hold an Open Competition for prizes offered by the Tobermory W.G.R.* with an entry fee of not less than 1s. The proceeds were to go to the Tobermory Memorial Bed in the West Highland Cottage Hospital, in Oban.

*       Women's Guild of Remembrance.


Oban Times, September 11th 1926.



The local golf team had a friendly match last Friday against the Salen golf team on the Tobermory course. Play was keen and interesting. Some of the results were very close, but the Tobermory team emerged the victors. Tea was served by the ladies committee.


Oban Times, April 23rd 1927.



 The annual general meeting of the golf club was held on the 11th inst. – Lieut Colonel Bryce Allan, President, in the chair. A report was read by the secretary, and the treasurer introduced the budget. Preliminary arrangements were made for the competition, which will commence with stroke play, for the president’s cup on Wednesday 27th April.


Minute Extract 1927

First winners of the "Memorial Bed Open" 1st G.Capaldi 2nd D.MacNeil.

Both the Presidents Cup and the Navy Cup were won by N.Campbell.


Minute Extract 1928


Alexander MacMillan appointed full-time Greenkeeper from Easter. Mr P.A.MacNab resigned the Captaincy as he was leaving the district, he had been a very active and successful member of the club, having won the Presi­dents Cup in 1922 and the Navy Cup in 1923 and 1924.


Minute Extract 1930


Mr Neil Cameron donated a cup to the ladies section. It was remitted to Greens Committee to appoint a greenkeeper for the season. They were to employ two men for two weeks thereafter one man for three days per week.


Minute Extract 1931


The services of Mr L.Watt Greenkeeper were considered very satisfactory. Mr A.M.Mackenzie set a course record of 62 SSS 64. The Secretary was to advertise for a greenkeeper full time from 20th April to September at £2 per week.


Minute Extract 1932


Mr Wm Christie appointed Greenkeeper. A "No Dogs" notice to be placed at the main gate . Letter of thanks to Mr D Fraser, Erray for the continued free use of that part of the course situated on his farm.


Minute Extract 1933


The Captain Rev J.M.Menzies intimated his intention to resign at the end of the season. He together with the secretary D.N.Lowe and Vice Captain N.Campbell had been consistent workers on the committee for several years previously. Mr Christie, Greenkeeper to continue full-time with holidays al­lowed on Games Day and July Fast Day.

Minute Extract 1934

At the A.G.M. in April Mr Spink, Town Clerk read a letter from Mr Fraser Erray and Estate Agents regarding a proposed new golf course at Erray. It was also intimate that the Western Isles Hotel Co. were prepared to pay £21 per annum towards the upkeep. Mr. Campbell and Mr MacLean were appointed to meet the town council the same evening. The Ladies Section temporarily dissolved and the trophies lodged in the bank.

The Town Council dropped the project because of the cost and did not con­sult the club before doing so, however the club were informed in July that the Western Isles Co. were negotiating for the same land at Erray to build an 18 hole course.

Oban Times, May 26th 1934.


Proposed Golf Course, Erray.


Town Council Meeting.


The clerk read a letter from Messrs Hosack & Sutherland of May 8th, in which they enumerated the terms upon which it was proposed to grant a lease of land on the Home farm for the purposes of the golf course. These were ( 1) Lease for twenty years with mutual break at fourteen years ; ( 2 ) rent payable to estate £14 per annum and compensation to tenant £21 per annum, the tenant or occupier of the farm being allowed to graze sheep for an annual payement of £1 ; ( 3 ) all fencing etc to be done by council at their expense ; ( 4 ) any club-house to be erected to be removed at the termination of the lease at council’s expense ( 5 ) the ploughed field not to be included in the in the area to be let, but to form the subject of separate agreement later ( 6 ) Erray House party whether proprietors or their guests or tenants, to have free access to and use of the course, and ( 7 ) whole expenses to be born by the council.

The clerk intimated that he had replied to this letter in the terms read to the meeting, which were approved. These emphasised a lease for the full period of 20 years at least ; the right of the lesees to make their own arrangement with any future tenant for renting the grazing, and reiteration of the council’s regret as to the estates views regarding the ploughed field.

Oban Times, August 4th 1934.

Tobermory golf club.


Monthly Medal Competitions :- Lowest Scores were returned by the following :- June – A.H. Cattanach, 62 ( 16 ) ; I.A. MacLachlan, 66 ( 12 ). July – John H. Cattanach, 60 ( 13 ) ; John Grey, 67 ( 19 ).


Minute Extract 1935

In February of this year several letters were exchanged regarding the new course, Mr David Adams had been engaged to design it and it was expected that the first 9 holes would be ready for play from the beginning of June. The members of Tobermory Golf Club indicated their willingness to use the course, it was however decided to keep the lease on the Sgriobruadh course until November. 


Annual subscriptions were set at £1 10s for Men, £1 for ladies and 10s for Juveniles. At the A.G.M. the Tobermory Golf Club decided to retain its iden­tity. So it seems that at this point there was two golf clubs coexisting on the course, the other one being the Western Isles Golf Club. The May Medal was the last competition on the old course and the Navy Cup was played on the new course.

The club bad one representative on the management committee.

Sir Alfred Read presented the MacBrayne Cup with Replica and prizes to the value of £10 for Open Competition. A testimonial was given to the green-keeper Mr Christie and he was recommended to the management of the new club. Mr R.J.Brown's resignation was accepted with regret after 40 years service to the club.

Minute Extract 1936


"At a representative gathering of members in the waiting room of the pier Sir Alfred Read of Coast Lines Ltd was presented with a silver quaich stud­ded with cairngorms". Thanks were expressed for his contribution to golf in Tobermory. The Standard Scratch Score was set at 67 for both men and la­dies, ladies handicaps to go up to 50.     


Minute Extract 1937


The two clubs merged to form the Western Isles Golf Club.

Golf continued to be played with few problems until the war started. An A.G.M. was held in 1940 but thereafter meetings and records are suspended for the duration of the war. In 1946 work was started on putting the course in order. Donations were requested and a nominal subscription of 5s intro­duced.     


Minute Extract 1947


Because of the cost of maintenance only 9 holes were brought into use. In June a crisis meeting was held over the grazing of the course by cattle. It was proposed that if the cattle continued to be grazed with the permission of MacBrayne's that the club should be wound up. The matter was settled in favour of the club.

Minute Extract 1951 – 52


Low income and heavy cost were a problem. Balance in hand Dec' 51 £23 19s 9d. The Hotel suffered a loss on the course of £250 and the new owner Mr Mackay was not prepared to sustain this. Because of poor wages offered by the Hotel the greenkeeper resigned and nobody could be found to take the post. The committee decided that they would take responsibility for one green each until the matter could be remedied.


Minute Extract 1953


The Club took over the financial responsibility for the upkeep of the course from the hotel. A new constitution was drawn up. Mr Tom Macphail was appointed greenkeeper from mid- March to December.


Minute Extract 1954


Again there were problems getting a greenkeeper. Duncan Mackinnon Bad­daraich was working part time and volunteers were again called for to cut the greens. Mr Alex MacDougall was asked to act in an advisory capacity on the green keeping and the maintenance of equipment. He had worked on the course before the war and from time to time thereafter. Mr William MacLean started work part time. The following year he took over the greenkeeping and remained in post for a further 12 years with a succession of assistants including James Tandy and John Docherty.


Minute Extract 1969

A Trophy was donated for competition between The Western Isles Golf Club and Vaul Golf Club on the Isle of Tiree. The donors John and Gilbert Cadden had for many years given a peripatetic dental service to the two islands by means of a boat equipped with a dental surgery. The annual competition played alternate years at Vaul and Tobermory has become synonymous with fierce competition, good fellowship and hospitality of the highest order.

The club ran smoothly until 1973 when the owner of the Western Isles Hotel indicated his intention of developing the part of the Course including the Games-field and the fairway adjacent to Erray Road. The Committee put up a spirited defence and, although the uncertainty ran into 1974, the threat was finally lifted and efforts were started to try and buy the course.



Minute Extract 1976


The efforts to purchase the course fell through but the owner Mr Derek McAdam had re-fenced the whole course rendering it stock proof. The club were unable to get a lease of any length and therefore a degree of uncertainty existed. It was at the beginning of this season John Wilshire our present green-keeper was appointed. It became obvious that we had a very talented junior in our midst when the Presidents Cup was won by a 13 year old. Willie MacAllister had been spotted by Jake Backus while he was coaching the juniors. He got encouragement and further coaching from the Captain David Howitt.


Minute Extract 1977


At the A.G.M. the Secretary reported a good working relationship with the proprietor and it was proposed to increase the length of the 2nd hole by 110yds and realign the 3rd by building a new tee. The Greenkeeper was congratu­lated on his good work. The Ladies Captain was to be an Ex Officio member of the council. Willie MacAllister won both the Presidents Cup and the MacBrayne Cup.


Minute Extract 1978


The club joined the Sports Turf Research Council which lead to a long term improvement plan. Young Willie MacAllister won the MacBrayne Cup for a second time and then left us to become an Assistant Professional.


Minute Extract 1982


The Ladies Section joined the SLGU and got an official SSS of 66.


Minute Extract 1986


It was agreed at the A.G.M. that the club should revert to its original name "The Tobermory Golf Club" with effect from Jan. 1 st 1988 as the running of the club and management of the course had been in the hands of the club and not the hotel for many years.


Minute Extract 1988


It was at the A.G.M. that the meeting gave the council approval to proceed with the purchase of the course. This was achieved with grants from the District Council and the Highland Development Board. The purchase was concluded in September. In June the Club celebrated Tobermory 200 with a 24 hour golf match between the Captain's and Vice Captain's Team. The match was closely fought and in the darkest hours mist and rain added to the difficulties of the players and finally the result was lost in a passing cloud of whisky vapour. As soon as the contracts were signed it became an urgent matter to rearrange the course. The 6th hole became the 1st and a new road was hastily made to the course from Erray Road.

On the 21st of December we heard that Willie MacAllister and his fiance had been killed in the Lockerbie air disaster.


Minute Extract 1989


The road was completed and a Tractor shed erected by the members and this major undertaking was completed within one week. The plans for the new clubhouse were put out to tender by October. The Grant Aid for this second stage development was again supplied by the District Council and the High­lands and Islands Development Board. Members and friends donated the "William MacAllister Trophy" for the best handicap score in the MacBrayne Competition.


Minute Extract 1991


The new clubhouse was completed but not furnished. The death of Alasdair Brown who had been the driving force behind the final purchase of the course and the securing of grant aid was a severe blow to the club.


Minute Extract 1992


The clubhouse was opened by Mrs Olive Brown on the 27th June. A programme of improvements to the course started with the building of two new tees.


Minute Extract 1993


A grant of £5,000 from the R & A enabled us to purchase a Tractor with turf wheels, a flail rough cutter and a verticutter greens mower. With the extra mechanical aid our greenkeeper made great improvements, particularly in reducing areas of penal rough. This has had the effect of increasing the number of members and visiting golfers. Because of the increase in active playing members the new clubhouse was becoming too small.


Minute Extract 1994


Further improvements were made to the course and plans were laid for a Centenary Extension to the clubhouse.


Minute Extract 1995


Plans were drawn for a simple extension. Applications for grants were supported by the District Council. Numbers of members playing in competitions continues to increase and a general fall in handicaps is noted. The local Rules were appraised by Mr Graham Ewart of the S.G.U. and changes made.

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