Forgotten Greens of Scotland
Forgotten Greens of Scotland

Cornaigmore, Isle Of Tiree.



Allan MacDougall came to Cornaigmore School in 1933 and became head teacher in 1938. Despite childhood polio he was a fit man and swam daily. He was a keen golfer and created his own private golf course on the machair between the school and the sea.

When I came to Tiree [as a teacher in 1962] the only golfing activity was on the machair in Cornaig, and that was Mr MacDougall and myself. When he found out I played golf he told me he had a wee golf course out the back of the house. There were about four or five holes, and by approaching the holes from different angles you were able to manufacture a nine hole course. We went out a few times in the summer. Gordon Connell, AC299.

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