Forgotten Golfing Greens Of Scotland
 Forgotten Golfing Greens Of Scotland


Auchtergavin Golf Club, New Inn Golf Course.


Golf Course Inaugurated

Formation Of Club


Auchtergavin Golf Club. Instituted 1937. Played over the New Inn Course at Bankfoot.      

    “The ideal weather experienced lately has drawn good crowds to the new nine-hole golf course at New Inn, Bankfoot, which is now open for play. Players express their appreciation of the excellent lay-out, designed by Mr Joe Anderson, Perth, and Mr McRae, the proprietor, welcomes visitors, while the course is open for play on Sundays. At a meeting convened by Mr J.C. Nicoll, Westview, secretary and Treasurer, it was unanimously agreed to form a club to be designated The Auchtergavin Golf Club.      

   The following appointments were made : President, Mr Charles Heron-Watson, Airleywight House: Chairman, Mr J.C. Nicoll, Westview: Secretary and Treasurer, Mr Harry Nancorrow, Kilbatne :Committee – Miss Jessie Brown, Main Street, and Messrs Jas. Fairweather, The Schoolhouse; J. Carle, Tullybelton; Alex Aitken, Homeleigh; and Wm. Kerr, Nairne Villa.

   Mr Nicoll was also appointed Captain with Mr Fairweather as Vice Captain.”    (Perthshire Advertiser 30.6.1937)


   "New Inn Golf Course was the venue of Auchterarder golf clubs first monthly medal competition, The results were : - 1 ( Equal ) J.C Nicholl and A.R. Cook ; 2, Wm Irvine ; 3, James Rennie."   (Perthshire Advertiser 30.4.1938)


   "Perth & Kinross teachers won handsomely against Auchtergavin in a friendly game on the New Inn course at Bankfoot, Detail : -


                             Auchtergavin                                         Teachers


J Scott & D. Duguid                              0             Dr Sellar & A.P. McIntosh              1

Wm Irvine & J McRae                          0             T B Dickson & C A Lunan              1

Jas Fairweather & John Fairweather   0             J McLaren & D McKay                   1

J C Nicholl & Jas Stewart                     ½            R T Aitken & Dr Chambers            ½

J Rennie & J R Douglas                        0             A K Lunan & A Dewar                    1

A R Cook & J Stewart                            0             J A Mackenzie & W B Buchanan   1

F Bennet & Ian Docherty                      0              P Scott & A V Gordon                     1


                                                               ½                                                                      6

(Perthshire Advertiser 25.5.1938)

   "In a friendly match, the Auchtergavin club met Perth Co-operative club on the New Inn golf course, A drawn game was the result. Details ;-


                               Auchtergavin                                    Co-operative


J Scott & D Duguid                   0                       R Elder & A Millar                       1

W Irvine & J McRae                  1                       T Wallace & J Fenton                  0

J A Stewart & J Rennie             0                       D Mrrison & D Simpson              1

J C Nicholl & J Fairweather      1                       J Hood & J McLaren                   0

A Cook & Jas Law                      0                      P Brown & D McDougall              1

Ian Douglas & Ian Docherty      1                      G Ford & A Duff                            0

R Bennet & Jas Scott                 ½                     T Tosh & J Duncan                      ½


                                                    3 ½                                                                       3 ½

(Perthshire Advertiser 4.6.1938) 

   "On the New Inn course, Strathtay defeated Auchtergavin by 3 ½ matches to 2 ½ matches. Details ;-


                          Auchtergavin                                              Strathtay


Wm Irvine & D McRae                    0         J McLaren & G A Watson                          1

J Scott & J Rennie                           ½        J Wittet & D Gallatley                               ½

J C Nicholl & J Fairweather            ½       A R McNaughton & W C Cameron          ½

A Cook & J Stewart                          ½       R Hunter & A McKenzie                           ½

Ian Docherty & Ian Douglas            0        H Robertson & D A Archibald                    1

F Bennet & D Bell                             1         E Anderson & A McFarlane                       0


                                                         2 ½                                                                       2 ½

(Perthshire Advertiser 18.6.1938)

Young Bankfoot Golfer’s Record.


   "A new record was created by Mr John Fairweather, a youthful Bankfoot golfer, when taking part in the Auchtergavin clubs competiton for the Nicoll trophy over the New Inn course. He completed the second nine holes in 33.

   A member of the staff of Messrs Dewars Ltd, Perth. John is a son of Mr James Fairweather, the Schoolhouse, Bankfoot, a popular personality in all sporting circles throughout Perthshire and Headmaster of Auchtergavin Public School."  

(Perthshire dertiserA 25.6.1938)


   “On the New Inn course, Strathtay defeated Auchtergavin by 3 matches to 2 matches.”    (Perthshire Advertiser 18.6.1939)


      The course was ploughed up for agriculture in 1940.

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