Forgotten Greens of Scotland
Forgotten Greens of Scotland


Scotstounhill Golf ClubInstituted 1894.  A 9-hole course on the Bankhead Farm in the Elderslie estate.  "It is beautifully situated in rising west end suburb of Glasgow, a short distance to the north west of the railway station.   The farm is tenanted by Mr John Gardner, through whose enterprise it was mainly started.  Like all inland courses, it is merely a "substitute for golf" but a very good substitute.  The turf is old and well suited to the game. The holes are fairly long and in several cases two long drives and an iron shot are necessary to reach the green.  The hazards consist mainly of hedges but they are formidable enough, and to negotiate them properly  a well directed high ball requires to be played. The rough nature of the ground out of bounds metes out suitable punishment to golfers with a penchant for "slicing" or "heeling."  Altogether a very enjoyable and interesting game can be played over Scotstounhill course.  The first competition for the monthly medal takes place today." 

The distances of the holes are :

1st  278yds;

2nd 175yds;

3rd 335yds;

4th 224yds;

5th 118yds;

6th 360yds;

7th 252yds;

8th 304yds;

9th 179yds.


(GET 20.10.1894)

Name changed to Bankhead Golf Club  in April 1907 

   "The work of laying out the new 18 hole course at Scotstounhill is being rapidly proceeded with.  It is expected that the greens will be fit for play next week.  Taken all over, the turf is exceedingly good, and admirably adapted for the game.  The holes range from 120 to 400 yards and there is a fair variety of hazards." (GET 10.7.1910)


Membership 750, including 250 ladies and  50 Youths (1912). 

In 1928 the club was dispossessed of its ground by the Greater Glasgow Housing Association for housing development and the members joined with those of North Western GC to form Hilton Park GC.

Scotstounhill Post Office

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