Forgotten Golfing Greens Of Scotland
 Forgotten Golfing Greens Of Scotland


HOUGHTON HOUSE HOTEL GOLF CLUB. First mentioned 1933. A nine-hole course in the grounds of the Houghton house Hotel


      “The first golf match in the history of the Vale of Alford was played at the nine-hole course in the grounds of he Haughton House Hotel. It is hoped that the match will have the effect of stirring up interest in the Royal and Ancient game in the vale. Scores:-


         TULLYNESSLE                                                                                         ALFORD

         Chas F Spence (capt)                                              0                         Gordon Will (capt)                                               1

         P F Wilson                                                              1                          Jas Milne                                                            0

         D F Proctor                                                            0                          L G A Ruxton                                                      1

         W Strachan                                                             1                          W Neil Wright                                                     0

         `A Logan                                                                 1                         J G McCombie                                                    0

         W P Masson                                                            1                         Dr J A Simpson                                                   0

                                                                                        _                                                                                                      _ 

                                                  Total                             4                                                                      Total                         2


(AJ 27.9.1933)


“The monthly medal competition of the Alford Golf Club, played on the Haughton Hotel course resulted:- Women – 1. Miss Fraser, 2. Mrs Benzie: men:- 1. Charles Middleton, 2. A E Urquhart. Mr John Mitchell, Fernlea, gifted the prizes, which were presented by Mrs Mitchell.” (AJ 10.6.1937)

      “The golf course at Haughton House Hotel was opened on Wednesday evening when a match between captain (W P Cormack) and vice-captain (D Benzie) was played, resulting in a win for the vice-captain by four matches to three.” (AJ 21.5.1937)

      “Haughton House Golf Club, Alford – WHIST DRIVE and DANCE in FORBES ARMS HOTEL, HALL, Friday 28th January. Buffet Subscription 3/6

                                    W A P Cormack, Secretary.”                                                                                     (AJ 26 1.1938)

      “At the annual meeting of the Haughton House golf Club, the following office-bearers were appointed:- Hon. President, D Bennie, Larchwood; captain, A F Cormack, Norwood; vice-captain. John Mitchell, Fernlea; secretary, John Herd, North of Scotland Bank. It was arranged to open the season by having a match, captain v vice-captain, on Wednesday Ma1 1.” (AJ 23.4.1938)

      “Alford and Cluny draw on the Haughton House course, 5 matches each.” (AJ 13.8.1938)

      “Alford had a substantial win over Lumphanan by eight matches to one in a match played over the Haughton course” (AJ 29.7.1939)


It is presumed the club closed with the onset of WW2.                       The present club was formed in 1987          


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