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The origins of Carrbridge Golf Club are shrouded in the mists of time. At one end of the scale lies an unsubstantial theory that the Club was actually formed in 1880 and at the other a definite record of the re-forming of the Club in 1980. As The National Golf Museum holds records of the Club dating from 1905 we can be reasonably sure that 2005 gives rise to a Centenary Celebration and a 25th Anniversary – the latter definitely being celebrated! Could the 1880 – 1980 be proven then a third Celebration would be ‘on the cards’! The reason for the inexactitude is that, apparently, club secretaries were somewhat lax in those days and did not keep copious records – especially in small Highland courses like Carrbridge!

Having been formed and enjoyed as a course, the game of golf did not flourish. Hence, at some stage the Club fell into the wilderness and the course with it! During the 1970’s a couple of local enthusiasts from the Carrbridge Hotel did their best to resurrect the course and visitors were charged the princely sum of 50p a round! The fact that the Club survived in some measure has led to its’ re-forming in 1980 – already mentioned. Since this date the Club has made steady progress, particularly in recent years, with improvements to both Clubhouse and course. The Carrbridge Golf Club now provides non-discriminatory facilities and clubhouse at this small Highland course, for members and visitors alike to enjoy.

Elgin Courant July 6th, 1894


Carr-bridge Opening Of Golf Course


Up to the present time a golf course has been a great desideratum in this village, especially during the visitor season. This want has now been supplied through the liberality of Mr Grant of the Carr-bridge Hotel, whose public spirit, as evinced in this and many other ways, has done much for the welfare of the district.

The new golf course occupies what was once known as the old market stance, together with a stretch of ground on each side, and it has been laid out in accordance with suggestions from Mr MacHardy, chief constable, Inverness, a recognised authority on all that pertains to golf. The course consists of six holes.

The opening ceremony took place on Wednesday at 3 pm, in presence of a large number of ladies and gentlemen, including the following among many others : - Professor and Mrs Calderwood and Mrs Woodside, Ardnacloille ; Dr Mair, do ; Colonel and Mrs Grant, Benanach ; Mr Mac Hardy, Chief Constable ; Mr and Mrs Lawrie, Ellan ; Miss Bain ; Miss Douglas and party, Duthill ; Mr Lobban, Carr-bridge ; Miss Cumming, do ; Miss Bruce,do ; Mr and Misses Grant, Hotel ; Mr Logan, W.S. Commissioner on Seafield Estates ; Mrs Logan ; Mrs Wright and party ; Mr Robertson, Woodside ; Misses Fraser ( 2 ), Wales ; Miss Cruikshank, Carr-bridge ; Mr John Shaw,do ; Miss Hillman, London ; Mr Weir, C.E. : &c, &c.

Professor Calderwood proposed that Mrs Grant, Bennanach, open the course by playing the first ball, which was agreed to amidst applause. Mrs Grant, having put the ball with the first blow, Dr Calderwood thanked the lady and declared the course open. Colonel Grant in a few words returned thanks for the honour done to Mrs Grant in asking her to perform the opening ceremony, and hoped the course now opened would be a means of health and recreation to visitors and natives alike.

Mr Lobban proposed a vote of thanks to Mr MacHardy for his many kind suggestions in connection with the laying out of the ground, and Mr MacHardy replied in a sentence.

Mr Sim proposed a hearty vote of thanks to Professor Calderwood for his assistance at the ceremony, which was passed with acclamation.

A foursome game was then engaged in by Mrs Woodside and Mr P. Grant and  Miss Grant and Mr MacHardy. Refreshments were liberally supplied by the Misses Grant. The weather was beautiful throughout the day and the very successful beginning augers well for the future of the Carr-bridge golf course.

Elgin Courant September 4th, 1894


The golf course has been very well patronised during the season, and has proved an additional attraction in the district. A number of summer visitors left the district at the end of August, but there has been fresh arrivals, and nearly all the houses are let for September.

Northern Chronicle August 23rd 1899.

Tournament at Carr-Bridge

Last week a golf tournament was held on the Hotel course at Carr-Bridge. The greens were in splendid condition, and lovely weather prevailed during the three days of the tournament. Almost all the visitors in the district took part in the play. The winners of the various competitions were as follows ;- Gentlemens Singles-1, Mr Milne, Beananach ; 2, Mr Macdonald, Iosal ; Ladies Singles- 1, Miss Lyon, Auchterblair ; 2, Miss Bruce, The Hotel ; Semi Finals – Gentlemen – Mr Hastings ; Ladies – Miss Cowan, Dalrachney.

Inverness Courier August 31st 1900


Golf and Cycling at Carr-bridge


Carr-bridge during last week has been the scene of one of those social functions that tend to make this spot even more attractive than nature has already done. The social function referred to was the annual Carr-bridge golf tournament, the anniversary of which for the last three years has afforded amusement, and has been of great interest to the visitors. It was this year as keenly contested as ever, and although the handicapping is most difficult under circumstances where “ Swagger,” scratch golfers condescend for the fun of the thing, to play with beginners, the results proved that Mr Vaux and Captain Lapage had pretty well taken the measure of the competitors. Some of the best golfers were knocked out early in the tournament after well – contested games.

The game in the ladies singles between Mrs David Crawford and Miss Manford was watched with great interest, Mrs Crawford giving Miss Manford three strokes on nine holes. Both ladies played grand games, but the inequality of the greens were against them in a display of putting, and so equal was the play that the excitement was kept up to the last hole.

In the gentlemen’s singles the consistent play of Messrs Vaux, Gordon, Douglas, MacMillan, and Ian Macdonald was much admired. Mr MacMillan beating Mr Ian Macdonald, fought out the final after a hard struggle, and won the prize.

In the mixed doubles nearly all the games were well contested. Miss Manford and Mr Maxfiled played right through four games, and won all, until the last struggle with Mr Vaux and Miss Crawford.  Had they postponed the final until the next day they would have been fresher for the fight.

After the singles were over, Mrs C. Vaux entertained the players and their friends on the golf links to an alfresco tea, provided by the hotel, which was very much appreciated by the visitors. The opportunity was taken of presenting the singles prizes, which was done by Mr Gurney, of Tynemouth, who made a felicitous speech on the occasion : and a vote of thanks for her kindness in asking all to tea, was acknowledged gracefully by Mrs C.Vaux.

The presentation of the prizes for the mixed doubles took place in the dining room of the hotel, which was tastefully decorated for the function. The invitations to tea on this occasion were issued by Mrs Maxfield and Mrs G.R. Alston, the room being well filled. Mrs G.R. Alston presented the prizes supported in a humorous speech by Mr Maxfield. A vote of thanks was accorded to Captain Lapage and Mr C. Vaux for their exertions in promoting the tournament and it’s signal success. Mr Gordon Douglas was the proposer and in a clever and laudatory speech expressed the hope that there might, in future years, be many more such happy reunions which was heartily endorsed by those present.

Captain Lapage and Mr Vaux having suitably replied, a vote of thanks to Mrs Maxfield and Mrs Alston for their kindness in giving tea to the golfers and their friends, terminated a most enjoyable gathering.


 Another feature of the week was a bicycle gymkhana arranged on the golf links by Messrs Hunter, Alston, and Gordon Douglas for the young people and the pleasure  of seeing the young ones enjoy their sports and the keenness of which they contested the items of the programmes were sufficient reward for the promoters .

   Aber Journ Aug 29th 1901


General Baden Powell at Carr-bridge


General Baden-Powell arrived Carrbridge on Tuesday. Nothing was known of his coming, and there were consequently no demonstrations at the station. Yesterday the hero engaged in a game of golf with a number of visitors. He intends stay about Carrbridge the most of this week, and his intention is devote his time to golfing and shooting .

Inverness Courier August 30th, 1901


Golf Tournament at Carr-bridge


The fourth annual golf tournament was held on the Carr-bridge course the other day, and many players who took part previously were again present.  The arrangements for the course and the handicapping were in the efficient hands of Captain Lapage and Mr Charles Vaux ( who successfully carried the arrangements for last year ).

Last year the game for the ladies singles between Mrs Baird Crawford and Miss Manford and was won by Miss Manford. This year the game was as keenly contested as at the previous tournament, but the positions were reversed and Mrs Crawford won on the last green.

Mrs Crawford carried all before her in her subsequent games and won the ladies singles.

Misses Mabel and Lucy Low played very well in their respective games with Mrs Rutherford and Miss Knox Crawford, and when drawn to play together Miss Mabel Low vanquished her sister after a hard struggle ; she, in turn, was beaten by Miss Mabel Douglas, who has improved very much on her last year’s play. In the gentlemen’s singles Mr James Will carried everything before him, and finished up winner of the first prize. Although Mr Parke had beaten last year’s winner ( Mr W.M. MacMillan ) he retired from the semi final, being obliged to leave Carr-bridge before the conclusion of the tournament. The single between Mr James Will and Mr Gordon Douglas was well contested, a remarkably strong game eliciting great applause. Their round was a record for the course.

Captain Encas Macbean distinguished himself in beating Mr R. Will, but, getting into the semi final, was beaten by Mr James Will in the final. It was a matter of regret to his many friends that Mr C. Vaux could not play in the final, being quite off his game owing to a recent illness. Mr Ian Macdonald was beaten by Mr R. Will after a close match.

Mr Macdonald has contested some close games during the last few years, playing with great skill, but he has been unfortunate, as his golf ought to have carried him through to the final.


The mixed foursomes were the most exciting – 36 visitors taking part. The game between Mr Gordon Douglas and Miss Reeth against Mrs Baird Crawford and Mr Stevenson was halved and played over again, when the first named won, only to succumb in the next round to Miss E.D. Alston and Mr J. Will. Miss Manford and Mr Ian Macdonald were a strong combination to meet any players, but the all- conquering couple, Miss E.D. Alston and Mr J. Will finished one up.

Mrs Maxfield and Captain Macbean, who had played good games throughout ( one of which was played over again, being halved ), met the, so far, successful young players – who, in turn, were beaten by that well known golfer, Mr David Crawford, and his partner, Miss Frederies Low, who had played a consistent game throughout the tournament.

On Saturday invitations were issued by Mesdames Alston, Gordon Douglas, Maxfield and Vaux to an alfresco tea, provided by the hotel and served on the course, when Mrs Maxfield gracefully handed over the prizes, and with this pretty entertainment a very enjoyable week’s sport came to an end.


Note : This was the fourth annual tournament so it must have started in 1897.

Northern Scot May 24th, 1902


Carrbridge Golf Course


The splendid golf course attached to the hotel, the property of Capt. Grant, and which has proved such a boon to the summer visitors to the district, has now been considerably extended and the older part of the course greatly improved. An extensive park to the east of the rivulet which bounded the former course has been added, and the whole course, after being freed of all superfluous stones and other impediments has been subjected to a thorough rolling.

Carrbridge first of all came to the front as a health resort, but of late years its fame as a golfing resort has almost surpassed the acknowledgments of its undoubted salubrity. The popularity which it has attained in this respect can be judged from the fact that enthusiastic golfers from all parts of the kingdom and from abroad flock to it every year.

Not the least notable of these patrons is the gallant defender of Mafeking, General Baden-Powell, who profitably spent a well earned holiday in the village last summer. The gallant General, who is a confirmed devotee of the Royal & Ancient game, spent a considerable part of his time on the golf course, and just before leaving, presented the prizes at a cycle gymkhana which took place there. The result was that he left Carr-bridge refreshed in mind and body and with the avowed intention of paying another visit when ever duty would permit him. By the courtesy of Captain Grant, the course is thrown open to all in the district and forming as it does one of the finest of the smaller courses in Scotland, this is a great privilege, and one which we have no doubt will be taken full advantage of during the coming season.

Strathspey Herald October 24th 1907


Golf Club Formed


Several of the young men of the village met at Stewart’s store the other night with the object of forming a golf club. Rev. D. McCalman occupied the chair, and Mr D.C. Stewart acted as secretary. The chairman suggested that the club be called the “ Carrbridge Golf Club” which was agreed to. The following office bearers were elected :- President, Mr Peter Grant ; Vice President, Mr J. Macrae ; Captain, Mr D,C. Stewart ; Secretary and Treasurer, Mr J. Macdonald ; Acting Committee – Rev. D. McCalman, Messrs D.C. Stewart, J. McLaren, J. Macdonald, A.W. Calder, J. Fraser, A. Laing, G. Sim, T. Ross. On the motion of Mr Calder, it was agreed that the annual subscription should be 2s 6d. The meeting was entertained to a few stories regarding “ Long Drives,” &c., before dispersing.

Strathspey Herald December 5th 1907

Golf Club


A largely attended meeting in connection with this club was held in the public hall on Tuesday of last week. Mr P. Grant, President, who occupied the chair, stated that the club was in a flourishing condition with the membership increasing.Mr Stewart read letters from Mr Low and Mrs Crawford, Edinburgh, offering two prizes to be competed for, the former being a silver cup. It was agreed to play for Mrs Crawford’s prize on New Years Day and 12th January. Arrangements were also made for the extension of the course, and a committee was appointed to to deal with the same. On the motion of Mr McCalman a hearty vote of thanks was accorded the chairman for presiding.

Strathspey Herald February 20th 1908

Golf Club


A handsome prize has been presented to this club by Mrs Crawford, Edinburgh, an annual visitor to Carrbridge. The prize will be competed for at an early date. The course is at present being enlarged by three holes.

Strathspey Herald June 18th 1908

Golf Tournament


Following up the success of their spring meeting competition, members of the golf club played another very interesting match over the local course this week for handsome prizes presented by Mr James Grant. Great rivalry and enthusiasm prevailed amongst the contestants, and keen interest was taken in the various ties. After several good games had been played the final in the gentlemens competition of 18 holes match resulted as follows :- 1. W. Calder, 14 ; 2. G. Sim 9.

In the nine hole stroke amongst the ladies the best scores were :- 1. Miss Lizzie Grant 70 less 3 – 67 ; 2. Miss Lucy Grant 74 less 6 – 68 ; Mrs D.C. Stewart ( Scratch ) and Miss Mary Grant ( 3 ) tied for third place with a 69. On Friday evening Mr W. Calder and Miss Lizzie Grant were presented with gold medal and gold necklet gifted by Mr Grant. The second prizes presented by Mr D.C. Stewart went to Mr G. Sim and Miss Lucy Grant, while the consolation prize for the highest score in the match was won by Miss Meg Cameron. These competitions are arousing much interest in the game in this district, and the club are to be congratulated on having such generous patrons to support it. Good progress is being made with the new course, and the members are eagerly looking forward to some keen tussles over it.

Strathspey Herald September 15th 1910




That the golf course at Carrbridge is not all that could be desired is admitted by the management. Visiting players have the assurance, however, that considerable improvements will be affected next year, and they are giving every help and encouragement to the club. Carrbridge rely on the co-operation of its public spirited visitors, whose zeal for its welfare is worthy of hearty recognition. The concert in the Public Hall on Friday evening in aid of the clubs funds was promoted and carried through by visitors, there being only one local performer. At eight o’clock – there was the customary stamping of feet by occupants of the back benches, the residents signal that the curtain should rise – the hall was filled. Sir John N. Grahm, Bart., who presided, expressed his pleasure in occupying the chair.

Every health resort like Carrbridge had a golf course, or it required one if it had not got it. The Carrbridge course must be improved, and to provide the funds that concert had been organised. The visitors were very glad to help, because they appreciated the course, such as it was, and hoped that it would be considerably improved next year. ( Applause ).

Strathspey Herald August 24th 1911



A match between teams representing Carrbridge and Boat Of Garten, played on Friday over the course of the former, resulted as follows :-


                           Carrbridge                                      Boat Of Garten


A. McNeill  …………………….   1         John Hall  ……………………….   0

T. McNeill  ……………………..   1        A. Stewart  ………………………   0

Geo. Moncreiff  ………………… 0         W.J. Darling  ……………………   0

Taylor  ………………………….   0         John Fraser  ……………………..  1

Salmon  …………………………  1          W.A. Muir  ……………………..   0

Walter Ainslie  ………………….  1          D. Macintosh  …………………..  0

J.S. Ferrier  ……………………..   1          J.H. Hall  ………………………..  0

McBean  ………………………… 1          John Stewart  …………………….0

Gordon Douglas ………………… 0          George Stewart  ………………… 0

J.S. Mackenzie  …………………  1           W.H. Stevenson  ……………….  0

Dr G.D. Mathewson  ……………  1           R.B. Duncan  …………………..  0

                                                        8                                                                   1

Strathspey Herald August 22nd 1912

Golf Club’s Concert


Patrons of summer concerts here are always impressed by the inadequacy of the accommodation in the Public Hall. The hall is a very comfortable and inviting place, but it was not commodious enough for the audience at the concert given on Wednesday evening. With all its drawbacks, the golf course is one of the most popular resorts in the village, and visitors are not slow to help the club to maintain and improve the course. A substantial sum was raised at the concert last week.

Strathspey Herald September 5th 1912



There was a large entry for the August golf competitions, which concluded last week, with the following results :-

Gentlemens singles 1. Mr Moncreiff. 2. Rev. Mr McLuskie.

Ladies singles 1. Miss Margaret Couper. 2. Miss K. Couper. 3. Miss Taylor and Mrs Ainslie, equal.

Mixed Doubles – 1. Miss Iris Wood and Mr Ainslie. 2. Miss May Crawford and Mr Dudley De’ath.

Flag Competition – 1. Miss Satchel and Mr Taylor. 2. Miss Eleanor Couper and Mr De’ath.

Approaching and Putting – Ladies 1. Miss Gordon Douglas. 2. Miss May Crawford ; Gentlemen 1. Mr Moncreiff. 2. Mr Harold Hoskier. Children – 1. Master Harold Robinson. 2. Miss Margo Crawford.

Through the kindness of Mrs Gurney, Delrachney House, tea was served to the company on Thursday, when the winners were presented with their prizes. Mr Gordon Douglas, who occupied the chair, thanked Mrs Gurney for annually providing the “ Golf Tea” Her numerous guests had greatly enjoyed themselves. Mr Eneas Macbean also eulogised Mrs Gurney, and a vote of thanks was heartily accorded.

Strathspey Herald September 18th 1913

The Golf Course


A public meeting was held in the hall on Saturday 6th inst., to consider means and methods of improving and extending the golf course. On the motion of Mr Taylor, Erskine, Mr Hugonin, who is at present residing at Dalbuiack, took the chair. Mr Macrae, Headmaster, acted as secretary. Mr Hugonin explained how the course at present unsatisfactory, could be made the finest course on Speyside. This would involve some expenditure, but it would be comparatively small when consideration was given to the vast improvement that would be effected. Mr Taylor remarked that it would be to the interest of residents to give financial support, as it would soon become a most valuable asset to the district. Mr Peter Grant, the hotel, said that at present there was really no club. He made himself responsible for the expenditure of the funds raised at concerts.

He welcomed the formation of a club to take full responsibility and stated that for the first year beginning in October he would charge no rent for the ground, as it would take this time to bring the extended course into order, but in subsequent years a reant would be charged which they would consider to be very moderate. He further stated that he was agreeable to re-make tees and have the grass cut before handing over the course to the club. The following committee was appointed :- Messrs Grant, Dalbuiack ; Mackenzie, Merchant ; Macrae, Schoolhouse ; Hugonin, Dalbuiack ; J. Mackenzie, Kischyle ; Taylor, Erskine ; Robertson, Tullochgribban ; Allan, Duthil ; Macgillivray, Auchterblair ; Calder, Macdonald, A. Cameron and D. Cameron, Carrbridge. Mr Grant, Dalbuiack was appointed convenor ; Mr G. Sim, Secretary. A vote of thanks to the chairman concluded a most harmonious meeting.

Strathspey Herald April 2nd 1914

Golf Course


The extension of the course is being carried out with all possible dispatch, and the greens should be in good playing order before the season opens. The committee of the club are taking a keen interest in the work, which is being done under the capable supervision of Mr Donald Fraser.

Strathspey Herald September 30th 1920



A concert in aid of the golf course funds was held in the public hall on Friday, Mr John McKenzie presiding over a fairly large audience of visitors and residents. A lengthy and varied programme was submitted, concluding with an attractive sketch by Mrs Grant, Beananach ; Miss Grant, Dalbuiack and Miss Macgregor, Duthil.

Strathspey Herald January 31st 1930

Golf Club


On Wednesday evening last week, Mr McIntyre entertained the members of this club in the hotel, the occasion being the presentation of prizes. Ladies Cup – Mrs Rattray ; Glencharnoch Cup – Mr J. Rattray ; Cunningham Medal – Mr J. Rattray ; Captains Prize – Mr A. Ross. Thanks were expressed to Mr Mackay, Balnastraid ; Mr Allan, Duthil, and Mr icolson, Anstruther, who provided prizes for competition later in the year. The course having been extended and improved, it is confidently expected that the coming season will be a prosperous one for the club. The members appreciate the hospitality of Mr McIntyre, who is keenly interested in the club’s welfare.

Strathspey Herald June 27th 1930



The Carr Bridge golfers are quite pleased with themselves having on Monday defeated a more experienced team from Grantown.




A. Lawrence and J.B. Burgess  …….     ……            0

H. Macpherson and M. McKenzie  ……………..       1

T.B. Blaney and J. Templeton  …………………..     1

W. Lawrence and T. Templeton  …………………… 0

M. Jeffrey and W. Hepburn  ………………………    0

A.T. Clark and W. Beange  ………………………..   0

J.S. Grant and A. McIntosh  ………………………   0

A. McKenzie and D. Mackay  …………………….   1


Total          3


Carr Bridge

Rattray and McGowan  ……………………………   1

McDonald and McIntyre ………………………….    0

Campbell and Mackay  ……………………………  0

A. McKenzie and W. Mann ………………………   0

D. McKenzie and A. Ross  ……………………….   1

Dr McKenzie and H. Mann ……………………..     1

Ian Grant and Fraser  ……………………………..   1

Inglis and Campbell  ………………………………. 0


Total      4


The return match takes place at Grantown on Tuesday.


A Competition


The first competition for Mr J.S. Grants prize was held last evening, with a good entry. Details :- J.M. Newton ( 79 – 12 ) 67 ; Wm Lawrence ( 76 – 6 ) 70 ; A. Mackenzie ( 82 – 12 ) 70 ; M. Mackenzie ( 74 – 3 ) 71 .

Strathspey Herald July 4th 1930



On their own territory last week, Carr bridge was an easy winner. A very different tale had to be told when the return match was played on Monday at Grantown, all the visitors losing their matches. Grantown won by 9 matches to nil.

Replying to the welcome extended by Mr J.S. Grant, Mr McIntyre thanked the Grantown team for their hospitality. The visitors, he said, envied Grantown its excellent course.

Aberdeen Journal November 13th,1979


Move to Revive Carrbridge Golf Club


Moves are under way to revive the Carrbridge golf club – and the first drive will be to re-instate the village course writes Ian McKerran. The nine hole course has not been maintained for several months and is now unplayable. It began to deteriorate when Norscot Hotels Ltd bought the Carrbridge Hotel last April and inherited the lease of the golf course with it.

Now Norscot’s parent company the Burnthills Group, have agreed to hand over responsibility for the course to Carrbridge community council.

A council spokesman said yesterday that a public meeting would be called shortly to gauge interest in reviving the golf club which fell into abeyance several years ago.

Hotels and businesses in and around the village are to be approached for help in the scheme.

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