Forgotten Greens of Scotland
Forgotten Greens of Scotland

Portree, Isle Of Skye.

Portree. Golf in Portree had a very spasmodic beginning. The first attempt to form a club was made in 1891, unsuccessfully. In 1893 ground for a course was secured and the The Portree Golf Club was formed. The club flourished for a number of years but the ground proved to be unsuitable and the club was dissolved. Another club and course was opened in 1899. In 1905, the third Portree Golf Club was formed. 


Portree Golf Club - First ClubFounded 1893.    "Two years ago a club was formed in Portree, and a number of gentlemen enrolled themselves a members, but, owing to a hitch in the arrangements for a course, the matter fell through.  Now, however, Captain Ross, Glenvargill, has kindly granted a course on the farm of Glenvargill, a meeting was held in the Royal Hotel, Portree, last week, with a view to forming a golf club in Portree,  Dr Dewar presided, and the project seemed to be taken up very heartily.  It was resolved to form a club, to be called the “Portree Golf Club”, and Messrs L.J.Skene and A.D. Mackinnon were appointed interim joint secretaries.  Mr Mackinnon and Mr Maclaren, Royal Hotel, were appointed a committee to go over the proposed course, and to report to next meeting." (NC 12.4.1893)

 Second Club.  "The energy and perseverance of those interested in golf in Portree have at last been rewarded with success, a highly satisfactory arrangement as to rent and compensation for damage having been come to with those who possess the right of grazing sheep and cattle on the land coveted by golfing enthusiasts. Since the golf club was started the “ Fever” has spread rapidly. The course was opened for the first time last week, by Lady Macdonald. The weather was gloriously fine, and all Portee turned out to witness the opening ceremony. Mr Dugald Maclachlan, in a spirited address, spoke of the pleasures which are to found in the game of golf, and said that although it was Scotland’s national game, it was now becoming very popular in all parts of the world. In his opinion, it ranked far before cricket or football, for it could be played by persons of all ages and sexes, and yielded enjoyment without undue exertion.

   He thanked Lady Macdonald, on behalf of the club, for the great assistance she had given them in procuring a course, and invited her Ladyship to open the ground. Lady Macdonald, after performing the opening ceremony by driving the first ball, was heartily cheered. Mr John Macdonald thanked her Ladyship in appropriate terms on behalf of those present. The ceremony over, the players took a turn round the course, and made fair scoring." (NC 19.7.1899)


(A similar article appeared in the Oban Times on 22.7.1899.)

Remarkable feat with a golf ball.


   "A good example of the force and speed with which a golf ball may be sent was seen on Saturday. While several golfers were taking a round of the course, one of them, Mr H. Teggart, drove the ball off the tee for a long distance, and killed a thrush which was resting on a large boulder. The ill-fated bird apparently had not seen nor heard the ball coming, for it made no effort to move, and was killed outright." (NC 23.8.1899)


   "The Portree Golf Course, which was opened last year, and which created such temporary enthusiasm is not being much utilised. The greens are in a rather neglected condition, and the marshy places, which should have been drained, have suffered and become much worse. It is hoped, however, that, if the weather during the autumn keeps dry, there will again be a return to the National Scottish Pastime." (NC 5.9.1900)

It is clear from the reports above and below that  the club folded, although no reports showing exactly when, and why, this happened have been found.

   "At Portree- on Friday 23rd March 1905, within the reading room, held a public meeting of those interested in the formation of a golf club.

   Mr J.G. Mackay, who called the meeting by public invitation explained that they had met to discuss the best means of adding to the attractions of Portree and provide means of recreation and amusement for visitors. Mr A.H. Douglas thereupon appointed chairman of the meeting. It was unanimously agreed to form a golf club and it was left in the hands of the following committee to arrange for suitable ground in the vicinity of Portree and to report to a future meeting on an early date. The committee consisting of Messrs A.H. Douglas, J.J. Maclean, J.G. Mackay, and Rev R. Davidson.

(Minute of Meeting. From original Minute Book held at Portree)

  "On Monday a public meeting, over which Mr Douglas factor, presided was held at Portree to consider as to the formation of a golf club and the suitability of the proposed course.  Some years ago a club was formed and a course prepared and continued in use for a considerable time, but the ground proved unsuitable, and the club had to be dissolved. A committee was appointed to confer with the occupiers of the proposed new ground, and report to an early meeting." (NC 29.3.1905)


(A similar report appeared in the Oban Times of 1 4 1905)

Thurd Club


   "At Portree, within the reading room on Monday 3rd April 1905- A public meeting of those interested in the Formation of a golf club was held.


   Mr A.H. Douglas occupied the chair. The chairman reported on behalf of the committee appointed at last meeting that suitable ground for a golf course of nine holes had been secured on part of the Home Farm pasture at Hillishadder-more on the terms stated in letter from Mr Macdonald, tenant of the Home Farm, Portree, dated 1st April which was read to the meeting.

   It was resolved to accept the ground on the terms offered by Mr Macdonald.

   The following office bearers were elected for the ensuing year:-

President, Mr A.H. Douglas; Vice President, Sheriff A. Campbell; Captain, Mr G. Hoole; Vice Captain, Mr A. Gillanders; Secretary and Treasurer, Mr A. Campbel ; Committee of Management, Messrs J.G. Mackay, A.M. Murchison, Dr Dewar, Kenneth Macrae, Angus Ross, & G.M. Fraser.

   The annual subscriptions for members was fixed at ; Gentlemen 7/6d Ladies 5/- Juniors under age 18 years 2/6d. The following charges for visitors were fixed ;- per Day 1/- Per Week 2/6d Per Month 5/-.

(Minute of Meeting, from minute book.)

   "Meeting of the Portree golf club committee of management held within the Reading Room on Thursday 6th Day of April 1905.


Present :-  Mr A. Hugh Douglas

                 Mr George Mackay Fraser

                 Mr Andrew Gillanders

                 Mr G. Hoole

                 Mr J.G. Mackay

                 Mr A.M. Murchison

                 The Secretary


The President occupied the chair. The chairman intimated that the probable cost of laying out the course would amount to a sum of £12. 3s. 6d Stlg. And for the purpose of raising funds to meet this expenditure, it was agreed that the following committee be appointed to collect subscriptions locally, viz, Dr Dewar, Mr Kenneth Macrae and Mr A.M. Murchison, while Messrs J.G. Mackay, G.M. Fraser and the secretary were appointed to draw up a circular soliciting subscriptions and forward copies thereof to those resident outside Portree interested in the objects of the club."

(Minutes of Meeting) 

   "A suitable course has been formed at Portree. Suitable ground was kindly given by Mr Macdonald, Home Farm, about a mile to the west of the village, and a nine hole golf course was opened on Saturday. The course is laid out, says a correspondent, in such a way as to test the skill and prowess of the most expert, while the difficulties of the natural hazards , when successfully negotiated, are compensated for, by the excellence of the turf generally, and the daily improving condition of the greens. The competition was for a challenge medal  presented by the club, and will be played for on the first Saturday of each month.and a very interesting afternoon was spent. There was no ceremony whatever at the opening.  The President, Mr A.H.Douglas, and the Captain, Mr G.Hoole, were the first to drive off.  The strong wind which prevailed at the start marred the scoring somewhat, and latterly heavy showers of rain fell.  The lowest score was 102 for the 18 holes and this holds the medal for one month."

(R-SJ 9.6.1905)

   "On Monday a team of Gairloch golfers visited Portree and engaged in a friendly game with the local club.  After an interesting and enjoyable game in which good golf was shown by both teams, the Gairloch men were declared victorious by a majority of 19 holes, the details being as follows :- Portree-Mr Norris, 0; A.Campbell, 0; J.J.MacLean, 0; Mr Murchison, 0; Mr Macdonald  1 N.Robertson, 5; Father Hole, 0; G.Hole 3- Total, 9.     Gairloch- J.M.Bain, 8; Lieut. Urquhart, 4; F.Murchison, 6; R.Holdway, 7; J.J.Fraser 0; D.Ross, 0; Captain Minz, 3; W.M.Banbury, 0-Total, 28." (HN 15.7.1905)

   "An interesting golf tournament took place on the Portree course on Saturday, when despite the somewhat unfavourable state of the weather, there was a large number of members to compete for the Club’s monthly medal.  Mr Archibald Campbell, Macdonald Estate office was the successful competitor last month but he was defeated on this occasion by Mr A.M. Murcheson, Caledonian Hotel, with a score of 98 for the two rounds." (NC 9.8.1905)

   "On Saturday a golf match took place on the Portree course between teams representing the Portree and Dunvegan clubs.  The day was an ideal one for the game, and a number of people turned out to witness the play.  The conditions were twice round the course of nine holes the home club proved the victors by seven holes." 

(NC 30.8.1905)

 The Northern Chronicle has reports on the meetings for the monthly medal competitions on 6.9.1905, 8.11.1905, 10.1.1906. and 7.3.1906.

   "An interesting golf competition took place on the course at Portree on Satuday. Sheriff Campbell’s gold medal, which is competed for monthly, was won by Master Kenneth Gillanders with a score of 94, handicap 10, making actual score 84. The winner is a young lad of fifteen, and deserves much praise for carrying away the medal from old experienced players. The club silver medal was won by Mr A. Gillanders with a score of 92.


   The first round handicap competition for the Dewar Challenge Cup was also played for, the rule being, the best eight scores to play hole competition, and the results wer :- 1. Kenneth Gillanders 94 less 10, 84; 2. John Orm, 98 less 8, 90; 3. Roderick .10, 93; 6. Angus Ross, 101 less 6, 95; 7. William Orm, 114 less 18, 96; 8. J.J. Maclean, 103 less 6, 97" (NC 8.5.1907)

   "The gold and silver medals were played for on the Portree golf course on Saturday. The gold medal, presented by Sheriff Campbell, was played for under handicap conditions, and the silver or club medal under scratch conditions. The winner of both medals was Mr Kenneth Gillanders. The following are the scores:- K. Gillanders 87 less 10, 77; Roderick Macdonald, 93 less 4, 89; Archibald Campbell, 91 (Scratch); K. Macrae 102 less 2, 100." (NC 10.7.1907)

   "The Portree golf club were able to announce, on Saturday last, that their club-house was completed and ready for occupation, and accordingly it was arranged that the house would be formally opened by the President, Sheriff Campbell.

   A meeting was therefore called for 2.30pm on Saturday, when Sheriff Campbell, in a most interesting speech, declared the golf-house open, and in course of his remarks went into the History of golf, which he declared to be a game of great antiquity.

The Scots parliament passed an act in the fifteenth century to prevent the young men of the country and others from playing golf and football, it being alledged that they were neglecting to perform the military duties then incumbent upon them, which then consisted of Archery. Sheriff Campbell also referred to the town of St Andrews having been the headquarters of golf, and having a monopoly of the manufacture of golf balls, the balls being at that time stuffed with feathers, which led up to the existing practice of having rubber core in golf balls.

   The Sheriff announced that he intended presenting a gold medal for competition by Ladies on the golf course.

   Mr Gillanders, Vice President, proposed a vote of thanks to Sheriff Campbell for his kindness in connection with his efforts to assist the golf club, and also a vote of thanks to the members of the club, viz, Mr Maclean, Procurator Fiscal and Mr Campbell, Estate Office, who had so much trouble in arranging for the erection of the club-house, all of which were cordially supported by the members present. Thereafter a friendly game was played on the course." (NC 30.10.1907)

Northern Chronicle January 8th 1908



Competition for Sherriff Campbell’s Gold Medal.

The monthly meeting took place on the Portree Golf Course on Saturday 4th inst. The frost was keen, and the ground, principally the greens, were hard, and putting was difficult, but, notwithstanding, fairly good scores were made. The winner of the medal was Mr A. Gillanders, Headmaster, Higher grade school, Portree, with a net score of 86 less 8 = 78.

Portree Golf 

Oban Times 11th January 1908


The monthly competition for Sheriff Campbell’s medal took place on the Portree golf course on Saturday.  The frost was keen, and the ground, principally the greens were hard, and putting was difficult, but, notwithstanding, fairly good scores were made.  The winner of the medal was Mr A. Gillanders, headmaster, Higher Grade School, Portree, with a score of 86, less 8-net, 78.



March 14th  1908 Oban Times


The monthly competition took place on Saturday, when there was a fair turnout of players.  The course, as a result of the wet weather, was in a very sodden condition, and the scores were consequently above the average. The winner of the medal was MrA.Gillanders with a net score of 85.


May 30th  1908 Oban Times


Portree- Golf Club-  The tournament which has been in progress for the past fortnight for Sir John Dewar’s challenge cup was concluded on Saturday last, when Mr Wm. Kemp and the Hon. Clifford Kitson met in the final tie.  In qualifying for this stage of the competition, for which a field of 24 entered, both competitors showed good form. Mr Kemp disposed in turn of Messrs. Murchison, A. Gillanders. J.A.Cameron, and Archd. Campbell; while Mr Kitson, by consistent play, gained the verdict at the expense of Messrs Miller, K. Macrae, Angus Ross, and, in the semi-final, Mr G. Hoole, on the 19th green.  In the final Mr Kitson held his opponent by a narrow margin, until the 16th  hole, where Mr Kemp squared the game, and winning the last two holes, secured the trophy.  The winner, who is also captain of the Skye Camanach Club only joined the Golf Club a month ago, and his success in the sister game on this occasion is in a large measure due to his skill with the caman.  Several of the ties produced keen and exciting finishes, the 19th , 20th , and 21st greens being the venue of the settlement in many cases.

On Saturday afternoon a golf match was played between shinty player v golfers, when the latter won by 6 to 4.  The following are the teams and scores;

Golfers                                     Shinty players

                           Wins                                             Wins

A.D.Modie             1               Arch. Campbell            0

A. Gillanders          1               A. Ross                         0

J.A.Cameron           1              K. MacRae                    0

J.G. Maclean           0              K. Gillanders                 1

G. Hoole                  0              D. Fraser                       1

J.A.H. MacKenzie   1              R. Kemp                       0

Hon. C. Kitson         1              A.M. Murchison          0

Rev. R. Davidson     1             Wm. Kemp                   0

Thomson Miller       0              Wm. Ross                     1

Dr Dewar                 0               D. Munro                     1

                               ____                                               ____

  Totals                      6                                                    4

June 13th  1908 Oban Times


Portree.-  Golf Match-  On Saturday afternoon the monthly medal competition took place under very favourable weather conditions.  There was a very good turnout of players, and some good scores were recorded.  The winner of the medal was Mr Kenneth Gillanders, with a score of 89, less 10 – 79 net.


  "A very successful concert in aid of the funds of the Portree Golf Club was held in the Assembly Hall on Friday 31st ult. The hall was comfortably filled by alarge and appreciative audience, and the amount drawn was very gratifying to the promoters, Mr J.G. Mackay presided.

   The musical talent displayed was of a high order, and it may be remarked that nearly all the performers appeared for the first time before a Portree audience. The humourous selections given by Mr Hedley, an artist temporarily resident in the district, were greatly appreciated, and he was recalled time after time. Mrs Hoole’s talent is well known in Portree, and her recitations were given to life, and created much amusement.?

(NC 5.8.1908)

   "The annual general meeting was held in the reading room on Thursday – Mr Andrew Gillanders, Vice President, occupied the chair. The secretary submitted his report of the club, together with the treasurers accounts, which showed that the club was stronger in membership and funds than last year. In moving the adoption of the report and accounts, the chairman expressed his satisfaction at the continued prosperity which marked their efforts in connection with the club. The good results were mainly due to the efforts of the secretary, Mr J.J. Maclean who was accorded a very hearty vote of thanks for his services during the past year.

   The chairman thereafter made a fitting and sympathetic reference to the recent death of Dr John Dewar, who was a member of the club since it’s formation. It was unanimously agreed to record in the minutes of the club their deep regret and sympathy and to forward a copy of the said minutes to the deceassed’s relatives.

   The following office bearers were elected for the ensuing year :- President, Sheriff Campbell ; Vice Presidents, Mr Andrew Gillanders and Hon. Clifford Ketson; Secretary and Treasurer, Mr J.J. Maclean; Captain, Mr Archibald Campbell; Vice-Captain, Mr A.N. Murchison; Committee of management, Messrs John A. Cameron, G. Mackay Fraser, Kenneth Macrae, Donald Robertson, Angus Ross, James A.H. Mackenzie, A.D. Mackie, Alex Macmillan, and Rev. R. Davidson; Green Committee, Messrs Gillanders, Maclean, Campbell and Murchison." (NC 27.1.1909)

   "The tie for the President’s gold medal between Mr Murchison and Mr Mudie last Saturday was played off to-day, and resulted in a win for the former. The weather was cold and blustering, making accurate golf very difficult." (NC 17.2.1909)


   "The monthly medal was played for on Satuday, and was won by Rev. Robert Davidson with a score of 79. In July the medal was won by the same player with a net score of 8." (NC 11.8.1909)


   "A golf match between the Officers from H.M.S. Essex and the Portree club was played on Monday, resulting in a win for the Essex.

   On Saturday forenoon H.M.S. Cruiser Essex arrived in Portree Bay, and anchored in full view of the town. In the afternoon a few of the officers engaged in an informal game of golf with some of the members of the Portree Golf Club, showing by their play that the Essex golfers were no mean players. A number of liberty blue jackets were ashore for some hours. A contigent of Presbyterians from the ship attended divine service in the Portree United Free Church on Sunday forenoon, Rev. Mr Macleod conducting service." (NC 6.10.1909)

   "The annual business meeting of the Portree Golf Club was held in the Reading Room.  Portree, last week, when the secretary and treasurer, Mr J.J. Maclean, procurator-fiscal, submitted the annual accounts, which showed a satisfactory balance after meeting all expenses.  

   Details of the competitions engaged in during the year were given.  The gold medal presented to the Club by Sheriff Campbell was won by Rev. Robert Davidson.  Another gold medal was presented by the Sheriff for competition monthly, and Mr Archibald Campbell, estate manager, Raasay, has given twelve golf balls to be played for by stroke competition.

   Sir John A. Dewar M.P; and Sheriff Campbell were elected hon. Presidents; Mr Andrew Gillanders was elected president; and the Rev. Robert Davidson and the hon. Clifford Kitson vice-presidents; Mr A. Murchison was appointed captain, Mr John A. Cameron vice-captain, and Mr J.J. Maclean secretary and treasurer.  Members of committee Messres Angus Ross, James H. Mackenzie, D. Robertson, A. Mudie, D.C. Logan, Roderick Kemp, and Dr Fletcher." (NC 16.3.1910)

The Northern Chronicle

April 20th  1910


Golf Competition At Portree:-  The first round of the competition for the Archibald Campbell special prize took place on Saturday.  The day was fine, and there was a large turnout of competitors with the following result:  Andrew Gillanders, 86 less 4-82; Donald Fraser 88 less 6-82; Kenneth Gillanders 83 less 4-79; John A. Cameron 94 less 6-88; D.C. Logan 97 less 12-85; D. Robertson, 101 less 18-83; T.Millar 96 less10-86; Angus Ross 96 less 6-90; Rodk. Davidson 92 less 6-86; A.M. Murchison 82; John Macinnes 94 less12-82; R. Kemp 90 less 82; Lees, 114.


The Northern Chronicle

June 8th 1910


Portree Monthly Medal Competition:- This competition took place on Saturday, 4th June, under ideal weather conditions, though a strong wind was troublesome on some of the more exposed greens.  The winning score was that of Mr Kenneth J.A. Gillanders, who returned a card showing a nett score of 81.  This is the second month in succession in which this promising young player, who is but a school-boy has won the medal.  If he perseveres he may be heard of in more exciting golf.


The Northern Chronicle

June 29th  1910


Portree Golf Club:-  the final tie in the annual competition for the cup presented by Sir John A.Dewar,Bart, M.P. took place on Saturday last, the finalists being Mr Andrew Gillanders and Mr A.M.Murchison.  After a close and keen game, the cup was won on the nineteenth green by Mr A. Gillanders, he thus defeating the holder of the cup during the previous year.  Both sun and wind offered no little trouble to the contestants, who, however, played well up to form.

The Northern Chronicle

July 6th  1910


Portree v.Gairloch. ;-  On Monday last a friendly match was arranged between teams of the Portree and Gairloch clubs.  Through the kindness of the Messrs Powrie, leases of the Gairloch and Skye salmon fishing’s, the Portree team was enabled to leave Portree in the morning by the salmon steamer and return the same evening.  Ideal weather prevailed during the whole day.  The teams were very evenly matched, and the match ended in a narrow win for Portree by one match.  The following are the details:-

Gairloch                                            Portree

Mr Colin Roberson        1             Mr A.M. Murchison    0

Mr J.J. Fraser                 0             Mr K. Gillanders         1

Mr A.W. Burgess          1              Mr A. Mudie               0

Mr F. Murchison           1              Rev. r. Davidson         0

Mr Macleod                  0              Mr Angus Ross            1

Mr Hughes                    1              Mr W.J. Robertson      0

Sir K. Mackenzie, Bart 0              Mr R. Kemp                1

Mr Roy Mackenzie       0              Mr T. Miller                1

Mr H. Macintyre           0              Mr J.J.Maclean            1

                                    ----                                              ------

                                      4                                                   5

After the game both teams sat down to a sumptuous lunch, provided by Sir Kenneth Mackenzie with his usual hospitality. Mr and Mrs Burgess, of the Bank of Scotland, afterwards kindly entertained the visitors to tea at their house.  Among the interested spectators were Lady Marjory Mackenzie of Gairloch, and Lady Macdonald of the Isles and her daughter, Hon. Iona Macdonald.


The Northern Chronicle

July 6th  1910


Portree Golf Club:-  On Saturday last the monthly competitions for Sheriff Campbell’s gold medal took place under somewhat unfavourable’ weather conditions but, notwithstanding, there was a fair turn-out of competitors, and the result of the competition was a win for Mr Donald Robertson with a score of 70 net.


The Oban Times July 9th  1910

Portree Golf Club


Golf Club:-  On Saturday last the monthly competition for Sheriff Campbell’s gold medal took place under somewhat unfavourable weather conditions, but notwithstanding there was a fair turnout of competitors, and the result of the competition was a win for Mr Donald Robertson with a score of 70 net.


The Oban Times July 9th 1910

Portree Golf Club


Golf Match:-  On Monday last a friendly match was arranged between teams of the Portree and Gairloch Clubs. Through the kindness of Messrs Powrie,lessees of the Gairloch and Skye salmon fishings, the Portree team was enabled to leave Portree in the morning by the salmon steamer, and return the same evening.  Idal weather prevailed during the whole day.  The teams were very evenly matched, and the match ended in a narrow win for Portree by one match.  The following are details:-


Gairloch:- Mr Colin Robertson  1, Mr J.G.Fraser  0, Mr A.W.Burgess  1, Mr F. Murcheson  1, Mr McLeod  0, Mr Hughes  1, Sir K. McKenzie,Bart  0, Mr Roy McKenzie  0, Mr H. McIntyre  0,   Total 4


Portree:- Mr A.M.Murchison  0, Mr K.Gillanders  1,Mr A.Mudie  0,Rev.R.Davidson  0,  Mr Angus Ross  1, Mr W.G.Robertson  0,  Mr R.Kemp  1, Mr T. Miller  1, Mr G.G. McLean  1,  Total 5


After the game both teams sat down to a sumptuous lunch provided by Sir Kenneth Mackenzie, with his usual hospitality.  Mr and Mrs Burgess of the Bank of Scotland, afterwards kindly entertained the visitors to tea at their house.  Among interested spectators were Lady Marjory Mackenzie of Gairloch and Lady MacDonald of the Isles, and her daughter, Hon. Iona MacDonald


   "The annual meeting of the Portree Golf Club was held in the reading room on Wednesday last, at which the Treasurer and Secretary submitted his annual report. From the report the club seems to be in a sound way financially. 

   Office Bearers for the current year were appointed as follows:- Hon. Presidents, Sir John Dewar, Bart and Sheriff Campbell, Portree; President, Mr A. Gillanders; Vice President, Hon. Clifford Kitson; Captain, Mr A.M. Murchison; Vice Captain, Mr J.A. Cameron; Secretary and Treasurer, Mr J.J. Maclean; Committee of Management – Rev. Robert Davidson, Messrs A.D. Mudie, W.J. Robertson, R. Kemp, A. Ross, and J. Lees." (NC 8.2.1911)

   "At the annual meeting of the golf clubthe following office bearers were appointed;- Hon. Presidents – Sir John A. Dewar Bart, M.P.; Sheriff Campbell, and Mr Alexander Norris; President – Mr A. Gillanders; Vice Presidents – Hon. C. Kitson abd Rev. H. Gibson; Captain – Mr A.M. Murchison; Vice Captain – Mr A.D. Mundie; Green Committee – Messrs Cameron, Lees, Ross, and Secretary; Managing committee – Messrs A.Ross, J.A. Cameron, W.J. Robertson. 

   It was intimated that Mr Alex Norris, Stirling, who is shortly to resume residence in his native isle, had presented another trophy for competition among the members. A vote of thanks was accorded to the retiring office bearers." (NC 12.2.1912)

   "The monthly competition for the Sheriff Campbell gold medal took place last Saturday under unfavourable conditions, a gale of wind blowing on the course during the whole time. The winner was Mr A.M. Murcheson, Caledonian Hotel, and, having won the medal another two times during the year, he becomes the permanent owner." (NC 10.4.1912)


   "The second round of the tournament for the Campbell prizes was played on the Portree course on Satuday last, when Mr Lees, Manager, Portree Woolen Factory, made the best score, namely 85 less 10 = 75." (NC 16.7.1912) 


  "Captain Moir, Montrose, has presented to Portree golf club a silver cup for competition on the Portree golf course. Captain Moir is an old Portree boy, and has been for many years shipmaster in the foreign trade, and has now retired." (NC 18.9.1912)

   "The annual general meeting of the Portree Golf Club was held in the reading room on Tueday last, Mr Adam, the President of the club, presiding. The financial statement for the year, which showed a satisfactory balance at credit, was submitted by the Treasurer, and adopted. 

   The following office bearers were elected for the ensuing year:- Hon. Presidents, Hon. J.C. Kitson, Messrs A. Norris and A.M. Murchison; President, Major D.M. Fraser; Vice President, Mr Angus Nicholson; Captain, Mr K. Gillanders; Vice Captain, Mr J. Mackenzie; Hon. Seretary, Captain R. Chisholm; Hon. Treasurer, Mr J. Gillies. Committee of Management – Messrs R. Mackenzie, K. Gillanders, J.A. Mackenzie, A. Mackinnon, D. Macdougall, W. Nicholson, A. Robertson and the Secretary. Green and Handicap Committee – Messrs A.M. Murchison, D.M. Fraser, K. Gillanders, W. Nicholson, A. Nicholson, J.A. Mackenzie and Secretary.

   The secretary reported that several gentlemen had offered to present prizes to the club, and that the Hon. J.C. Kitson had kindly given another gold medal for monthly competition. Mr Murchison moved a vote of thanks to the chairman." (NC 6.4.1927)

   "In an inter club match between Dunvegan and Portree at Dunvegan on Saturday, 28th ult, the home team won by 6 matches to 3." (NC 8.6.1927)

   "In a handicap stroke competition on the course of the above club for prizes on the 23rd ult, the prize winners were : - 1st J.A. Mackenzie ( 10 ), 2nd R. Chisholm ( Scratch ), 3rd W. Nicholson ( 6 ). In a similar competition on Wednesday, K. Gillanders ( Scratch ) and D.M. Fraser ( 6 ) were first and second respectively. Gillanders returned the remarkably low score of 69, which breaks the record for course by 3 strokes"

(NC 15.6.1927).


   "The first match in the stroke competition for the silver cup presented by Major William Maclean, War Office, London, Late of South Africa, and a native of Portree, was played on Satuday. In the first eighteen holes Mr K. Gillanders returned a score of 69. The second eighteen will be played on Saturday next." (NC 15.5.1929)


   "The final match in the golf competition for the Major Maclean Cup was played between Mr K. Gillanders, National Bank, and Mr Ian Mackenzie, Sheriff Clerk Depute, who had tied in the previous match. The winner was Mr Gillanders, who now becomes the owner of the cup." (NV 29.5.1929)

(SGC Mar 1947) reported    “The course is  decidedly hilly, but very sporting though rough.  Length 1,938 yards, SSS 33.  Amateur record 69 (18holes). Activities suspended owing to war-time conditions.” 


No references have been found concerning the date the club closed. 


The course did not re-open after WW2, and part of the ground is now a shinty pitch and clubhouse.


Membership 50-70.   Major Trophies: Campbell Gold Medal , Sir John Dewar Challenge Cup, Moir Cup

Clarion of Skye, and Inter – Island Advertiser 28th March 1952



At the annual general meeting of the Portree Golf Club held in the Royal Hotel, on Friday 7th March, the following office bearers and members of committee were elected for the ensuing season :- Captain, Mr A. Macinnes ; Vice Captain, Mr D. Forsyth ; Secy, Mr J. Mackenzie ; Tresurer, Mr J. King. Committee, Messrs V. Ferguson, W. Nicholson, D.S. Macmillan, Mr I. Junor, W. Fraser, Mrs Mackintyre and Mrs Forsyth.

The treasurers report revealed that the club has a substantial balance on hand. Ways and means were discussed for improving the course, and arrangementsmade to carry out a full programme of competitions. It is proposed to open the season with the Captain versus Vice-Captain team match on Wednesday 2nd April.


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