Forgotten Golfing Greens Of Scotland
 Forgotten Golfing Greens Of Scotland

A trip doon the water and a game of golf


Dunoon Golf Club.  Founded 1904. “At a meeting in the Burgh Hall, Dunoon last night, ex Provost Tannock presiding, it was agreed to form a new golf club.  A very favourable report was submitted from Mr W.Fernie the Troon professional, regarding the ground at Auchamore Farm, acquired for the course. Mr Fernie stated that he had laid out the course as desired and reported that the ground available would make an excellent nine-hole.  The course could be made one of the finest of its class in the West of Scotland, and should be in first-class playing order by the beginning of May.  Office-bearers were afterwards elected, with Mr Aimsworth M.P. as honorary president, Firtree Cottage, opposite the starting point has been secured as a clubhouse, and the course is within easy walking distance of the pier.” (EED 11.3.1904)

Closed around 1908. 

Map showing all the Dunoon courses
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