Forgotten Greens of Scotland
Forgotten Greens of Scotland

Tweedside Golf Society, Kelso

Tweedside Golf Society.  First mentioned 1820.

   “On Saturday last, the Tweedside Golf Society held their annual competition on Wooden Ana, when the gold medal was gained, after a very keen contest, by Captain Drysdale. The meeting was honoured by the presence of a number of ladies, who were regaled with a cold collation, in the marquee pitched upon the ground for the occasion; after which they partook of an excellent dinner, and spent the evening with much harmony. George Dickson, Esq. Of Belchester, in the chair; Captain Drysdale, croupier.”

 (CM 20.4.1820)


   “On Saturday last, the gold medal given by the Tweedside Golf Society was played for on Wooden Ana, and won, after a very keen contest, by Mr Thomas Walker. The members of the club gave, as usual, a cold collation to the ladies who honoured them with their presence, and afterwards dined at Curry’s Inn, where they spent a very convivial evening.”    (CM 19.4.1821)


   “On Saturday last, the silver medal, given by the Tweedside Golf Society, was played for, according to annual custom, upon Wooden Ana, and, after a keen contest, was won by James Tait, Esq. Of Edenside.”    (CM 22.4.1824)

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