Forgotten Greens of Scotland
Forgotten Greens of Scotland

Physgill House, Kidsdale.

Physgill House.  A 9-hole course, on the Physgill estate of Mr Nicholson, at Kidsdale. 


   “The course is of nine holes, situated on rising ground between Portcastle Bay and the Smirle Wood, where the elevation rises to over 200 feet above sea level, thus affording most extensive views of Luce Bay, Rhins of Galloway, Isle of Man, and the Irish coast in clear weather.”    (WFP 14.9.1893) 

   The Whithorn Golf Club had a standing invitation to hold its annual Stewart Gold Medal Meeting at Kidsdale 


   “The annual competition of the Whithorn Golf Club for the championship (Stewart) gold medal took place on the Kidsdale course last Saturday. The course has been much improved this year, and is just now in very good order. Members present at the competition were united in their admiration of it and in expressing their appreciation of Mr Nicholson’s kindness in allowing them to have their competition there.”    (GG 26.9.1895)

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