Forgotten Greens of Scotland
Forgotten Greens of Scotland

Stepps 1,and 2.

Stepps and Christon Golf Club was founded in 1896. Its first course was on the estate of Garnkirk,  In 1900 a new course was opened at Whitehill Farm.  The club moved again in 1913 to Cardowan, using the name Stepps Golf Club.


   "A golf club has just been formed for the inhabitants of Stepps and Chryston, and at a meeting held on Wednesday night the usual preliminaries were settled and office bearers appointed.

   The course, which is about midway between Stepps and Chryston, is within ten minutes walk of Stepps railway station, on the estate of Major Sprot of Garnkirk."  

(GH 8.10.1896)

      “The new course of "Stepps & Chryston Golf Club" was formally opened by Mrs Ross of Garfield on Saturday 17th November 1900, in the presence of a good number of people, seen left in 1908.  The course of nine holes was situated on ground belonging to Major Sprott of Garnkirk adjacent to Whitehill Farm, adjoining the Stepps-Lenzie road. In May 1908 it was reported that the club was being "conducted with commendable energy and enterprise". A new pavilion, containing a kitchen, ladies' room and spacious club room, had just been erected. It stood on the "brae-face" in close proximity to the farmhouse. The course had recently been improved and re-arranged, with two of the holes extended to 320 and 365 yards, respectively. The undulating ground, with a burn intersecting the course, offered an interesting variety of play. To mark the opening of the new premises and the re-arranged course a special exhibition match was played on 9th May, between Messrs D.Adams, Hugh Macneal, W.C.Ross and A.F.Duncan.” (SoS)

Postcard registered 1908

   "The course is on finely undulating ground, intersected by a burn and with numerous hazard and splendid greens.  There is a new clubhouse with ladies and gentlemen's rooms.  Owing to the present small membership, congestion is unknown. 

      Length of Course, 2271 yards - Bogey 33

Hole No.                     1     2      3    4     5     6    7      8      9

Length in yards        331 220 396 147 224 176 237  210   330

Bogey                          4     3.5   5    3     4     3    3     3.5     4      (WWG 1909)

Stepps New Course


   "Stepps golf club are at present laying down a new course at Cardowan, alongside the Caledonian Railway, and adjoining the mansion house of Cardowan. The length of the course is 5000 yards and the play varies to every green. There are admirable natural hazards, while the work is being facilitated by the existence of natural greens. Preperations point to an early opening."   (ET 7.4.1913)

Last recorded 1921.


There are no records to indicate when the club ceased to exist, but it can perhaps be assumed that when the Crow Wood Club opened in 1925 members would have taken advantage of its longer course.”

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