Forgotten Greens of Scotland
Forgotten Greens of Scotland

Queens Park Golf Course

Queen’s Park Golf Course. “Following an inability to persuade Glasgow Corporation to better regulate play on Glasgow Green, Glasgow Golf Club set up a Provisional Committee to resolve the Club’s dilemma, and it duly fixed upon Queen’s Park for play, and spent a modest half-sovereign or so in laying out holes. Clubs were left in the gardener’s house. The formal opening for play took place early in March, just after the disappearance of a heavy fall of snow. At the very outset, ~Baillie ~Salmon had opined that permission from the Corporation for play on the Park was not required, thus settling a fine point. A Prestwick professional at 10s a week, and a gratuity of £2 to the keeper of the Queen’s Park Bowling Club for looking after clubs, served for the upkeep of the green.  A match against Leith Thistle in June prompted the requirement for club premises, and although the parks Committee granted permission for a clubhouse, the club continued to use the Bowling house, at an annual rent of £10, which was paid for four years. It was the fear of debt that prevented the erection of a clubhouse, which was well grounded. For the first six years there was an annual deficit amounting in 1874 to £66 odds. At the end of 1874 the club quitted Queen’s Park for good.”

(Glasgow Herald, 7. 1874)

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