Forgotten Greens of Scotland
Forgotten Greens of Scotland

Glen O'Dee

Glen O’ Dee Hospital/ Royal Deeside Hotel, Banchory. Glen O’ Dee Hospital opened in 1900 as a tuberculosis sanatorium, and in 1928 it was converted into the Royal Deeside Hotel. A contemporary report stated “The Royal Deeside Hotel is in every way a perfect holiday centre. For sportsmen too, who are attracted by moor or river, it is an ideal centre. Within the grounds are secluded walks, a mashie golf course, putting greens and facilities for lawn games, tennis and bowls, and all facilities for shooting and fishing. The winter climate is unusually mild.”

During WW2 it was requisitioned by the War Department to billet troops. Returning to a medical facility afterwards. It is not known for how long the golf course was in existence

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