Forgotten Greens of Scotland
Forgotten Greens of Scotland

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Abernethy Golf  Club,  Founded 1892.  The first course of 9-holes, was near Broomhall station The second, again  a 9-hole course was laid out on Croftcroy, adjacent to the station.  The third was a 6-hole course was laid out one mile from the station. Membership 60. Unfortunately none of the references, while good in other respects, detailed precisely where the courses were located, nor do any of them appear on OS maps. However, the position of the second course, shown on the map, has been verified from a sketch map in the Abernethy Museum.

      “The first round for Captains medal was played on Wednesday. The ground being in a very sloppy condition, good scoring was difficult. The best scores were:- W.G. Stuart and John Cameron, 45; John Shirren, 50; James Cruikshanks, 50; John Shand and A. Steele, 55; A. Carr, 56; James McIntosh, 58; John Stephen, and A. Steele Jnr, 63; Joseph Steele, 65; P. McLean, 68; John Kennedy, 71.”  

 (Perthshire Advertiser 8.6.1898)


      This course was found too difficult to maintain, and the club closed

Golf Club To Be Formed

In Abernethy.


 "A well attended and representative meeting of the residents of Abernethy was held in the Williamson Hall on Thursday evening to consider the advisability of forming a golf course for Abernethy and district. Provost Garrick presided, and it was unanimously and enthusiastically agreed that a golf club be formed.

   A large influential and representative interim committee was appointed to make all necessary arrangements.

   Land of a suitable and desirable nature for golf, adjacent to the burgh, has been secured, and financially the success of the club is assured. The popularity of Abernethy as a summer resort will undoubtedly be greatly enhanced by this addition to its already well known attractions."    (Dundee Courier 21.11/1908)


Note  : The same article appeared in the Perthshire Advertiser November 25th, 1908.

   "The Abernethy golf course was formally opened on Saturday afternoon by Mr N.J. Nasmyth of Glenfarg, the President of the club, in the presence of a large and representative gathering. Mr H.G. Shields of Pitcurran, the Vice-President, introduced Mr Nasmyth, who congratulated the inhabitants of Abernethy and district on having acquired so convenient and delightful a piece of ground for their course. He said he had great pleasure in presenting a silver cup to the club for competition.

   The Captain, Mr D. Wishart, received the cup on behalf of the club, and then Mr Nasmyth, amid loud applause, drove off the first ball and declared the course open.

   A match between teams representing the Captain and Vice Captain was afterwards played, the Captain winning by two matches. The course was laid out by Willie Auchterlonie, St Andrews. It is conveniently situated for the village on suitable ground, and for an inland course presents some long and sporting holes. The membership is already over 80."   (Perthshire Advertiser 19.5.1909)


The same article appeared in the People's Journal May 22nd 1909

Last recorded 1914 (GH).          

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