Forgotten Greens of Scotland
Forgotten Greens of Scotland

Cumbrae's Other Course

Golfing Annual 1889

                                                        Cumbrae Golf Club


Instituted April 1888


Entrance Fee, None ; Annual Subscription, Ten Shillings and Sixpence ; Number of Members, 70. Patrons Marquis of Bute, Earl of Glasgow, Lord Advocate (J. P. B.

Robertson, Esq., Q.C., M.P.), Matthew Arthur, Esq., and John Clark, Esq. Captain J. Windsor Stuart. Vice- Captain Rev. F. H. Shearer. Committee Provost Brown, W. Barclay, A. G. Muir, J. W. Purves, A. Sharp, W. F. B. Buchannau, J. Hutton, J. R. Motion, G. Newton, A. Raeside, R. Scott, and J. Stevenson. Hon. Secretary James Morgan, 15, Oswall-street, Glasgow. Local Secretary

Win  Martin, Freeland, Millport. Home Green Millport, Cumbrae. Greenkeeper David Cuthbert.

Club Prizes. Captain's Gold Medal (monthly) ; Local Secretary's Gold Medal (opening competition) ; Vice-Captain's Prize (May competition) ; Arthur Cup (spring and autumn competitions).

Prize Winners in 1888. Captain's Medal : William McFarlane, 89 net. Local Secretary's Prize : J. L. W. Watt, 93, scratch. Vice- Captain's : D. Eobertson, 94 less 9 85. Arthur Cup : A. Mure Steele, 103 less 1291.

The Lowest Scratch Score in a club competition is 92, made by James E. Motion, in two rounds of 45 and 47, at the autumn competition, 1888.

The new links are only ten minutes' walk from the old pier, and in the experience of golfers, the ground is admirably suited, as there are hazards sufficient in themselves to bring the best player to grief. The situation is one of the finest in Scotland, commanding a most extensive view of the Firth of Clyde, and the hills of Arran.

Accommodation for visitors is ample.

Using the dyke as a hazard at Millport

Belfast Weekly News March 31st, 1888


The formation of a Cumbrae golf club with the Marquis Of Bute as President, is a distinct gain to that beautiful island. On the newly-formed course the opening game will be played early next month.

Greenock Telegraph April 4th, 1888


Opening of New Course


The new golf links at Millport was opened on Monday by the Millport golf club.


Glasgow Herald April 1888


Opening Of The New Links At Millport


Yesterday, under very auspicious circumstances, the new golf links of the Cumbrae golf club were declared open by Mr J. Windsor Stuart, Captain, who delivered the first ball.

He expressed the hope that the club would be successful, and, judging from the large number of members and the interest taken by the spectators, he had no doubt as to the result. The new links are situated on the lands of Damhead, immediately behind the range of hills known as the “ Sheachans” and within easy access of the pier. In the opinion of experienced golfers, the ground is admirably suited for the purpose, and commands an extensive view of the Firth Of Clyde. Provost Brown presented a set of golfing clubs, and Mr Martin, hon. local secretary, a gold medal for competition. The following is a list of the principal scores :-

Gold medal competition – 16 couples entered.

                                                           Strokes                  odds                         total

J. L. W. Watt                                    scratch                     --                               90

W. F. B. Buchanan                             104                         13                             91

J. R. Motion                                      scratch                      ---                            93

S. White                                               113                        18                            95

Rev. T. H. Shearer                               104                         8                             96

A. Neilie                                               103                        5                             98

Winner of gold medal  = J. L. W. Watt

Handicap = W. F. B. Buchanan

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