Forgotten Greens of Scotland
Forgotten Greens of Scotland

Crieff Dornock.

Dornock Golf Club.  Instituted 1891.  A 9-hole course two miles from Crieff by road or rail.  Highlandman Station, on the Caledonian Railway, is about three minutes walk from the ground.   Tom Morris redesigned the course at the end of 1895 and it was re-opened on 4th April 1896 with an exhibition game between Willie Auchterlonie and Andrew Kirkaldy.  Auchterlonie completed 18 holes in 77 to Kirkaldy's 80.

   "The course, situated in most beautiful scenery, is of nine-holes, and the average length is almost three hundred yards.  It is kept in excellent condition, and the greens, which are all natural, will compare favourably with those of most inland links.  There are a good number of bunkers, which, owing to the sandy nature of the soil, form excellent hazards.  Belts and patches of rushes have also been utilised as hazards, and most effectual hazards they make.   Accurate play is required, as severe punishment is meted out to those who go off the line. There is a small but good club-house, and also a shelter.  As trains are so suitable, it is unnecessary for conveyances to ply to the green, but at Crieff Station there are always conveyances ready.  The surroundings are very fine, and a splendid view of the country for miles around may be had from the links.  There are several splendid hotels in Crieff, a hydropathic, and a large number of boarding  houses.   There is a short ladies' course of six holes, which is also kept in excellent condition.."

(Golfers Guide Annual 1898).

"The course is situated in most beautiful scenery.  The ground is mossy with fine natural putting greens.  The course is kept in fine order and accurate play is required, as severe punishment is meted out to those who go off line. There is a good clubhouse." 

(Nisbets Golfing Year Book 1907)                        

Length of Course,  2300 yards - Bogey  37

             Hole No.       1          2         3         4         5          6         7         8         9

Length in yards    280    330    210    240    360    240    230    130      280

                Bogey        4         5          4         4         5          4         4         3         4

The course has lately been enlarged, drained and greatly improved. 

(Who's Who in Golf 1909))

Course record 70 (18 holes), 33 (9 holes).  Membership peaked around 100 .

   "The club was dissolved in 1919 partly due to the closure of Highlandman Station to traffic.  Two gold medals and two silver cups were given to Crieff GC and the funds  to local charities.

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