Forgotten Golfing Greens Of Scotland
 Forgotten Golfing Greens Of Scotland


Lochgilphead Golf Club.  Instituted 1891.  A 9-hole course on what is now the Caravan Site on the lochside.

This course scarcely calls for special note.  Some of the holes are very sporting, and a very pleasant round may be had. (GGGGS 1894)

 Despite the arduous journeys, matches were held regularly with Oban and Rothesay. “A golf match in which considerable interest was taken was played over the local course on Tuesday by teams of eight a-side representing Lochgilphead and Oban, the latter being driven from Crinan and back in order to give them time to play the usual eighteen holes and make the return journey to Oban by the Chevalier.  Unless the players considered the heat rather great, the weather was excellent, and as the sky was overcast with clouds while the match was in progress the balls were easily followed, although a number were lost in the long grass.  It was originally intended to play 10 men a-side, but only eight of the visitors put in an appearance.  From the start it was clear that the local players would win over all, but one or two of the pairs were well matched, and with them the excitement was maintained till the end  At the close of the match Dr Hunter intimated the result-a victory for Lochgilphead by 23 holes-and Captain Campbell made a few remarks thanking the Oban players for coming there to meet them.  Mr A. Campbell, captain of the Oban team, replied, and said that while they had been beaten on this occasion there was no saying what might happen if they met on the Oban course.” (OT 28.4.1894)


A Clubhouse was erected in 1896, and Ladies’ competitions began. “At the annual meeting of the Lochgilphead golf Club in the Argyll Hotel on Monday night, Mr.E.D.Hargreaves, vice-president, occupied the chair. The treasurer (Bailie MacNicol) re-ported that during the year there were 58 ordinary members, and 7 family ticket holders, and that, considerably more visitors took advantage of the course than formerly.  The finances were also in a satisfactory state, the total income being £54 15 6d and the expenditure (including £25 11 9d paid towards the cost of the club-house) £51 16 11d leaving a credit balance of £2 17 7d  the following office-bearers were elected: President, Mr Alexander Campbell of Auchindarroch; vice-president, Mr E.D. Hargreaves.  Auchnasgiach; captain, Captain Campbell of Inverneill; vice-captain, Mr.C.R.Wilson, Inncryne; secretary, Mr T.Robertson; and treasurer, Bailie MacNicol.  A committee of five was also appointed.  The secretary intimated receipt of a handsome cup from an anonymous donor, for competition.  The club also decided to provide three medals for the male members, and a prize for the ladies, and the chairman also offered a prize for the latter, all to be played for during next year.” (OT 16.12.1896)


The course is 2250 yards round, the longest hole being 320 yards and the shortest 100 yards. The greens are fairly small, but fairly good for an inland course. Hazards consist of wire fences, hedges, ditches, sandpits, walls, a river, and an artificial wooden bunker. There is a small clubhouse.” (GGA 1898)


Length of Course,  1942 yards - Bogey  37


Hole No                       1         2       3         4         5         6       7         8        9

Length in yards     290    185    83     182    276    410    98     185    233

Bogey                           4        4       3         4         5         6       3         4        4


During both world wars the land was used for agricultural purposes and was not reinstated after WW2. Membership peaked at 110.

       Work on a new course in the grounds of the hospital started in 1960 at the instigation of Dr I MacCammond, R & A, and the current club opened in 1962.

Caravans now adorn the ground to the right of the burn where the course was loctated.

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