Forgotten Greens of Scotland
Forgotten Greens of Scotland





Dalry Golf Club.  First mention 1907.  A 9-hole course at Brack Park, 8 miles from `New Galloway station.

   The club began to experience difficulties after WW1, and at each of the AGMs after 1927, the subject of continuing the club was an item on the Agenda, but it was always decided to struggle on.


   At an EGM on 15th Feb 1934 it was recorded:  “The financial statement showed that the club funds to be very much on the decline. This is due to the interest in the club having fallen off. The active membership has been much reduced in the past year, and the lack of enthusiasm resulted in only two of the six competitions being completed. The visitors fees are down by 50% on the previous year, the decrease being mainly due to the unsatisfactory condition of the course and the curtailed length of the holes. As a result if this report the members gave the “Future of the Club” their sincerest consideration. Since the lease of the ground was due to expire on 28 May 1934,  and as the prospects of increasing the playing members were very vague, and the support of the visitors and the general public insufficient, the Hon Sec moved that “ The Dalry Golf Club be now abandoned”. The motion was approved unanimously. (Club Minute Book)

      Photo of Dalry visitors book, which is held at Dumfries library along with the club's minute book from 1922 to 1934. Image taken by Bill Brown Photography.

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