Forgotten Greens of Scotland
Forgotten Greens of Scotland

South Inch, Perth

South Inch Golf Course. The Perth Golfing Society, founded in 1824 played over the six-hole course on the South Inch and also on the 10-hole course on the North Inch. The North Inch was much more popular and in 1833, when the Society was granted the Title of ‘Royal’ the Society confined itself to the North Inch and ceased playing on the South Inch..

   “The Silver Medal was played for by the members of the Perth Golfing Society, on the South Inch on Wednesday, and was gained by Mr David Halker, surgeon, who played the four rounds in 92 strokes.” (CM 29.4.1833)

   This was the last competition played by the Society on the South Inch, and it’s general use deteriorated over the years, golf eventually ceasing around 1850. The North Inch became a Municipal course and still exists today

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