Forgotten Greens of Scotland
Forgotten Greens of Scotland

 Clynder Pier with golf course on the hill


Clynder Golf Course.


Evening Times May 9th, 1896



A public meeting was held in Clynder last night with a view to forming a golf club.Mr Logan, factor, occupied the chair, and said that Mr Thom was willing to give the ground at a nominal rent. A committee was appointed to take action at once.


Golf Course. Helensburgh and Gairloch Times May 13th 1896.


A meeting was held on Friday night with a view to forming a golf course. Mr Logan, factor to Mr Shaw, presided, and intimated that Mr Thom had agreed to give the ground for a nominal rent for the sake of making the place attractive. Mr Turner read some correspondence from other districts. A committee was formed of the following : Misses Minnie and Mabel Thom, Messrs Logan, Colquhoun, and Turner, to make all the necessary arrangements, and it is expected the course will be opened in a very short time. Votes of thanks to Mr Thom and Mr Logan brought the meeting to a close. The committee went over the course on Saturday, and found that the ground will be very suitable.

New Golf Course.  Helensburgh and Gairloch Times June 3rd 1896.


Mr Thom, with his usual generosity, is forming a golf course on the hill above Clynder, and when finished, it will be handed over to a club which is being formed. Fernie, of Troon, is the Professional adviser on the matter, and Mr Andrew Lindsay, of Helensburgh has secured the contract. It is expected that the course will be ready before the end of June, and is likely to be opened by a match between two well known professionals. As Mr Thom is giving the ground free of charge, and being at the whole preliminary expense, the members subscriptions will be very moderate. Mr Logan, Altmhore, is acting as secretary and treasurer.


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