Forgotten Greens of Scotland
Forgotten Greens of Scotland

Skaithmuir Ladies Golf Course

Skaithmuir Ladies Golf Course ( Coldstream )


Berwick News December 16th, 1902


Proposed club for Coldstream


An effort is being made, which is likely to prove successful, to form a golf club here. We understand that a course has been promised at a moderate rental.


Berwick News December 23rd, 1902



New Club For Coldstream


A meeting of those interested in golfing was held on Monday, in the large room of the Unionist Club to make arrangements for the formation of a golf club for Coldstream and district. It was stated that a golf course could be got at Skaithmuir, which, with a little outlay, would be very suitable for the game. The meeting was adjourned to get further information.


Berwick News, December 30th, 1902



New Club For Coldstream


At an adjourned meeting on Monday night last, held in the Unionist club room, Dr Henderson presiding, a golf club for Coldstream and district was formed, and over twenty members, exclusive of ladies, gave in their names as members. A golf course has been secured at Skaithmuir Farm, and play is expected to begin forthwith. Dr Henderson was appointed Captain. Committee, Rev. H. Marks, D. Wallace, Mr R.H. Shaw, and Mr W.E. Deas ; Secretary and Treasurer, Mr D.C. Hardie.


Berwick News, May 26th, 1903

Coldstream Club


The monthly competition for Dr Henderson’s medal took place on the course at Skaithmuir, on Saturday afternoon, in fine weather. The following are the best scores :-


Dr Wallace  ……………………………………………..   92 less 5 = 87

Mr D.C. Hardie  ………………………………………    99 less 9 = 90


Berwick News, June 14th, 1904



The semi-final and final of the ladies golf competition took place over the Skaithmuir course. Result :- Semi Finals ; Mrs G. Henderson beat Miss C. Calder by 4 up and 2 to play ; Miss E. Fulton beat Mrs G. Henderson by 4 up and 3 to play.

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