Forgotten Greens of Scotland
Forgotten Greens of Scotland


Banff Golf Club.  Instituted 1871.  A 9-hole course on The Links, half a mile from Banff Harbour station.

      “The links, which are rather short and narrow, have the sea on one side and the railway on the other, and consist of eighteen holes.” (Golfing Annual, 1892-93 )

The Banffshire Journal, May 9th, 1871


The Formation of the Club


Banff – Golf Club


A meeting of a few gentlemen favourable to the formation of a golf club in Banff was held on Friday last. There were present – Sheriff Gordon, Provost Wood, Rev. Mr Davidson, Mr Watt, Banker ; Mr Allan, Solicitor ; Mr Auld, Banker ; Mr Murray, Engineer ; Mr Hunter, Rector of the Academy ; Mr Longmuir, Artist ; Mr Frank Wood, Manager of the brewery ; and Mr Robert Gordon, Castle Street. Provost Wood was called to the chair. It was explained that the matter had been talked off for some time, but the notice of the meeting had only been sent to a few of those who seemed to take the liveliest interest in it ; they would, however, be quite open to the admission of members after the initiative had been taken. It was thereupon resolved to establish such a club, to be called “ The Banff Golf Club “, the gentlemen present with Mr Hossack, Solicitor, and Mr Garrard, Engineer, agreeing to become members.

Application was directed to be made for leave to play on the links to the Town Council and to Mr Longmore, Rettie, the tenant of the grazing. Provost Wood was elected President ; Sheriff Gordon, Captain ; Mr Watt, Secretary, Mr Auld, Treasurer, and Rev. Mr Davidson, Mr Hunter, and Mr Murray, Councillors, to form the council or committee of management till the second Tuesday of November, which was fixed for the annual meeting of the club. To cover preliminary expenses, the entry money was fixed at a pound, and the annual subscription at 5 shillings.

The admission of members was to be decided by the council, by whom they were to be balloted for. It was remitted to the council to make further rules and all necessary arrangements. The Town Council have since agreed to give the use of the links, and we understand, Mr Longmore, Rettie, has also consented.

“There is now at the side of the town, on the burgh links, and within ten minutes of the Banff Harbour Railway Station, a nicely laid-out and well-kept seaside course of nine holes, having a circuit of about one mile and a half. There are excellent hazards, sand bunkers, brae and burn. A commodious club, for both ladies and gentlemen, was erected by the members in 1895, and the privilege of playing on the course and use of the golf-house is had on very moderate terms.  (GGA 1898)

      "A really good seaside course with natural hazards, burns etc.  The length of the course is a mile and a half, the length of the holes varying from 124 to 469 yards.  It has been recently improved, and further improvements are under consideration.  There are good ladies' and gentlemen's clubhouses." (NGYB1907)


Length of Course,  2506 yards - Bogey  42

             Hole No.           1          2          3              4           5            6            7            8          9

Length in yards         376       285       319       132       439       307       198       204       246

                Bogey            6           5          5              3           6            5            4           4           4


A good natural seaside course with natural hazards, burns etc.  (WWG)

Major trophy: Chisolm Gold Medal, Cheves Adam’s Gold Compass, Dawes Challenge Cup.  Membership 110. 


In 1925 amalgamated with Duff House GC to become Duff House Royal GC. 

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