Forgotten Greens of Scotland
Forgotten Greens of Scotland

Luib Hotel.

Luib Golf Club.  A 9-hole course owned by the Luib Hotel. It was planned by Old Tom Morris in 1895, and laid out by the hotel proprietor, Mr D McNaughton, in time for the 1896 season."   (DET Aug 1896) 

    "Golf has become one of the most popular pastimes among all classes is shown in many ways. The latest purveyors for the lovers of the ancient game are Highland hotelkeepers, many of whom have been requisitioning the services of the evergreen St Andrews golfer, Tom Morris, for the purpose of marking off a golf course in connection with their establishments.

   On Friday the well-known figure of the veteran Tom Morris was seen in Glen Dochart pacing out a nine-hole course on the east side of the Luib Hotel. Tom expressed himself as highly pleased  with the ground selected, it being of a fine undulating nature and not to hilly; while about a mile and a half further west he pointed out ground where a splendid course could easily be made should the increase in the number of golfers demand a second one.

   Work was to be commenced to-day on the course marked out, and it is intended to push-forward the turfing of the greens with all haste, so that we may hear shortly that Tom has again gone north to open and play the first match on the Luib golf course. He left the district on Saturday, accompanied by his host, Mr D Macnaughton, Luib Hotel, for the purpose of inspecting the golf greens at Dunblane.”   (ET 8.7.1895)  

Open until at least 1910. 

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