Forgotten Greens of Scotland
Forgotten Greens of Scotland

Bridge Of Weir.

Bridge of Weir

Bridge of Weir Golf Club.  Founded 1896.  A 9-hole course, away from the village, on a rough area between Lochend Farm and Barnbeth, ten minutes from station at Lochend. The area lies to the right of the fourteenth hole of what is now Ranfurly Castle Golf Club. 

   "The first contest in connection with this new club started this summer on Lochend Farm has taken place. The weather was most unfavourable for good play. The prizes presented by Mr R.B. Mitchell (Four Clubs) were awarded to the players returning the best scores, as under:- 1st, Wm Lang (Scratch) 104; 2nd, John Borland  6  107; 3rd, 

S. McLure (3) 110; 4th, J. Moore (3) 111."   (GET 6 10.1896)

   “The greens are in good condition, and the hazards consist of burns, walls, whins and dry ditches. It is richly wooded on one side, with moor and open country extending to the west. Part of the farmhouse of Lochend has been rented for use by the club.”   (GGA 1898)

   The twelve founders, entitled Proprietary Members’ had assumed privileges which did not apply to ‘Ordinary Members. and this caused such discontent that by 1899 many of the members left to join the Thistle Club. The remaining, smaller membership stayed on at Lochendl.


“The holes range from 180 to 400 yards.  Hazards are burns, walls, whins and ditches.”   (GA1909-10). 



Membership dwindled and by 1912 the course had closed.  However the club remained in being, playing regularly at other courses in the district.


Last recorded 1921.

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