Forgotten Greens of Scotland
Forgotten Greens of Scotland


Straiton Golf Club. “Straiton was a 9-hole course located on Glebe ground behind the old manse in the village of Straiton, Ayrshire. 

Ayr Advertiser May 9th, 1929


Course Laid Out.


Straiton Golf Club, Instituted 1929. “Straiton has been showing commendable foresight, which well may be copied by some of its neighbours. To add to the attraction of the village as an inland holiday resort, a nine-hole golf course has been laid out, and will be formally opened on Saturday, 18th May. The course is laid out at the foot of Craigengower on part of the Manse Glebe, plus the field known as McColl’s Park, kindly granted by Mr Mitchell, Bennane, with the consent of the owner, Sir James Hunter Blair, 7th Bart of Dunskey. Work has been proceeding on the course for some time, and the turf is expected to be in good order for the opening.” (AA 9.5.1929)

Ayr Advertiser May 23rd, 1929


The Opening Of The Course.


“The opening ceremony of the golf course at Straiton took place in brilliant weather on Saturday. There was a full turnout of villagers and friends and the opening of the course marked another milestone in the life of the village. While not of great length, the course is yet very tricky, and has to be played with care. The greens are in splendid condition, considering the state of the ground on which they are laid. What is lost in length is easily made up by the hilly nature of the course, and a duffed shot is heavily punished. The total length is 1430 yards, and the individual lengths are: 1, 180 yds; 2, 120 yds; 3, 235 yds; 4, 140 yds; 5, 200 yds; 6, 220 yds; 7, 150 yds; 8, 100 yds; 9, 135 yds. The course was declared open by Captain Edward Hunter Blair, Milton. Before the ball was driven, Mr Calderwood said that when the ball was hit everyone was to try and get it, and whoever got the ball would get it to keep. The coveted ball was retrieved by John Dewar, a young Boy Scout, who with other members of the troop were assisting at the opening.” (AA 23.5.1929)

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