Forgotten Greens of Scotland
Forgotten Greens of Scotland

 The old links in the town

Burntisland Links

Burntisland Junior Golf Club Instituted 1887. Played over the old Links Course until it amalgamated with the main club in 1889.

Burntisland Ladies Golf Club. Instituted 1893. The club plays over the 5-hole old Links course. (GA 1899-1900)

Burntisland Links Golf Club. Instituted “early in the Century but re-established in 1871. “Burntisland Links are of very limited dimensions, having only five holes to the round. There are no hazards to speak of. All matches consist of three circuits of the green.” (GA 1888-89)

“A very small course, only 13 acres in dimension. There are no bunkers. The course is free to the public.” (NGYB1907)


Last recorded 1914

Map showing the new Dodhead course in bold type, and the old links, bottom left

A group of the (Burntisland) Dodhead members, who no doubt played on the old links in the village. As the game of golf progressed then so too, did the players expectations, hence the move to their new course at Dodhead overlooking the old links.

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