Forgotten Golfing Greens Of Scotland
 Forgotten Golfing Greens Of Scotland

Overlooking the old Easdale course today


Easdale Golf Club. First mentioned 1909.  “Sir, I noticed in a late issue of your paper a short paragraph  respecting the opening of the golf course at Easdale, and giving me credit for the same. It is quite true that the idea of having a small golf course at Easdale occurred to me, and I spoke to the esteemed teacher there, Mr Macdonald, on the subject, suggesting to him that we might start a small rough course along the Sea Shore near Easdale. Mr Macdonald pointed out to me that the course would be a very poor one, and suggested a very much better one on the farm of Carnbaan ; but I replied that I would not like to ask Dr Gillies for so important a concession. The following day Mr Macdonald told me he had spoken to Dr Gillies, and the doctor was only too willing that the course should be at Carnbaan. I, along with Mr Macdonald, visited the course, and there can be no two opinions regarding it – it is an ideal one. I took an early opportunity of conveying my thanks to Dr Gillies, and should like it to be publicly known that this important concession was really given by Dr Gillies, not by me. I feel that the thanks of all golfers are due to the Doctor for the generous way in which he received the suggestion, and at once placed an excellent course at the disposal of those who may be frequenters of the district of Easdale.

      Thanks are also due to Mr Macdonald for having volunteered to lay out the course and to act as secretary. – I am, etc., Bredalbane.” (OT 31.7.1909)

      “The site of the new course at Carnbaan, Easdale, was recently granted by the Marquis of Breadalbane (who was residing in the district for some time) with the concurrence of Mr Gillies, the tenant.  The golf course is beautifully situated, and is central for all parts of the district. To approach it from Easdale and the South, the road is by Dunmore House ; and from Ardincaple and Clachan, and from the North the course can be reached by Caolbhein. Mr Macdonald, Headmaster of Easdale School, is secretary, and he has already formed a committee, who are deeply interested in the movement, to assist him in bringing the necessary arrangements to a successful issue. The course will be a nine hole one, and play has already begun The Marquis and Marchioness of Breadalbane have granted many a favour to this district. Some years ago they gave a site for a curling pond at Auchnasaul and a football park at Balvicar, together with many other opportunities for the development of mind and body, in which they could not otherwise have participated. The desire having been expressed for a golf course, this has now been realised.” (OT 11.9.1909)

Not recorded in any of the Annuals.

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