Forgotten Greens of Scotland
Forgotten Greens of Scotland

The opening the club's nine hole course in 1923

Royal Tarlair Other Course ( Macduff )

The Royal Tarlair club and course was instituted in November 1923, however, they had a small introductory course on much the same location in 1907 as the text below states. For some reason it took them 16 years to finally acheive a main golf course at their present location, perhaps WW1 had a serious effect on all their plans. ( Still being researched )

Macduff Golf Course


Banff Reporter November 13th 1907

Macduff – golf


A winter golf course has been laid out on two fields off the Buchan Road, and is now open for play. The course is short, but will no doubt prove sufficient to initiate the people of Macduff into the game of golf, and it is hoped that it is only the beginning of a movement for a proper course for the town. The subscription is small – 3s for gentlemen and 1s for ladies. There are over forty members.

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