Forgotten Greens of Scotland
Forgotten Greens of Scotland


Oxton’s Future as A Holiday Resort


   "There is no need to discourse to readers of “ The Berwickshire News” of the pleasures of a holiday in Berwickshire. They know all about the beautiful hills and dales and burns ; they know the benefit to health and temper experienced by all who come from our cities for change of air. Borderers know all about it, and many more besides borderers, yet many have these pleasures of a holiday to the borders still to taste, and it is more especially on their behalf that we would urge upon the good folks of Oxton to look to their laurels. The rulers of Oxton must wake up. Lauder has a reading room, Billiard-room, golf course, bowling green.

   What has Oxton to commend itself to visitors ?, Roads to cycle on, and streams to fish in. But while these may be of the best, the visitor gets tired of cycle, cycle, continually, or fish, fish, fishing, and never a nibble ; hence if  Oxton is to attract visitors, a golf course of some sort must be got. Natives may feel that they have no time or desire for golf, but they must keep the general good of the village before them and remember the visitors who have come, expect a little recreation as well as  a rest. Everyone enjoys the fine bracing air, “ Wi gladsome nature a’ aroun,” the walks by the loan, the path, and the trim cottages ; but these are only the quiet restful pleasures. The visitor wants something to do ; he begets a healthy discontent if he is compelled to laze too much. That something is Golf – ye ancient and royal game, and nothing but a small golf course can fill the void."   (BN 14.10.1902)

Oxton Golf Club


   "Oxton golf course, which is nicely situated in the Haugh in front of Carfraemill Hotel, is now in good order, and players are taking full advantage of it. To obviate the difficulty complained of in past seasons of recovering balls played into the water, the club committee have had placed at intervals along the stream ball catchers in the form of a long pole with wire net attatched. These have gagger ends, so as to stand upright to catch the eye."   (BN 26.6.1906)

   "A correspondent of  “ The Border Standard” has sent a suggestion for an extended golf course at Oxton. He proposes to add the Haughs to the present course, and make the first tee at the level crossing of the railway, the third green near the main road, and the fourth tee where the present first tee is. This with a little re-arrangemnt would make a very good nine-hole course, and he is sure the farmers interested will not throw any unnecessary obstacles in the way of still further helping the district by attracting visitors.

   Oxton is a most desirable centre for fishers, but all cannot fish, and golf is a game in which old and young can participate. The greenkeeper might be employed say thre day’s a week during the season, and one day per week during the off-season, keeping the course in good playable condition. Those in the district only require to set the ball a-rolling to get up the necessary funds and interest to make Oxton golf course a success."

  (BN 18.9.1906)

The course was located in the field to the left of the motor car.
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