Forgotten Greens of Scotland
Forgotten Greens of Scotland

Forres Other Course

1. Forres club are formed in 1889 and lay out a course at Kinloss, Findhorn.

2. Forres club's financies are low and they have to play a reduced course of nine holes. 1901

3. Forres club share the links with the newly formed Kinloss & Findhorn club 1901

4. Forres club finally leave Kinloss to play at the Cluny Hill Hydro golf course in 1904

This layout sketch of the course ( Above ) was sent, along with an article to the 1893/94 Golfing Annual. The sketch was created by the Secretary of the club at the time ( Mr John Leask ) who must have spent a considerable amount of time in the preperation of the sketch. 

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