Forgotten Greens of Scotland
Forgotten Greens of Scotland

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Forgotten Greens Of Existing Clubs

Forgotten Greens Of Existing Clubs


The following details refer to existing golf clubs which have occupied a previous site, or sites, prior to their present location. Not all golf clubs have recorded their history in a publication or centenary book, therefore, this information will be a useful reference resource to present or future researchers. As this information was originally going into a book, and to keep the number of pages and cost to a minimum, it was decided to publish the information as a list, however, as we are now on a web site then this information can be expanded upon and edited as we go along.

This section of the site is very much an ongoing project and the information shown should not be regarded as being final. It is also my hope that new information will be contributed as the site becomes known. I have also arranged the club's / Courses in alphabetical order rather than districts etc to allow quick reference for research purposes. Use the Tabs on the left to find your course and remember, these club's are all ( At the moment ) very much still alive and hopefully flourishing, however, several Scottish club's have collapsed over the past few years and the covid 19 situation has not helped one little bit. 

Hi All, This section of the site is going through a major overhaul, so you might find some of the courses a bit bare of information until i catch up again, but i'm going as best i can. Please be patient, however, if you require information on your club etc, then i may have it in the data base, so please get in touch. ( Harry ).


Elgin just completed

Carrbridge Completed

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