Forgotten Greens of Scotland
Forgotten Greens of Scotland

Kilnaughton, Isle Of Islay.

Kilnaughton Golf course


Kilnaughton Golf Course. First mentioned 1896.    "Kilnaughton and Golf.-  Kilnaughton to Port Ellen is a “grave” subject but close to it there lies as fine a piece of country for a nine hole golf course as one would wish.  The present tenant of the Oa shootings, Mr Lloyd, is having the ground laid out by Mr Ronald McArthur. Already greens are out and rolled, and a run round the course is sufficient to show that, being within a mile of Port Ellen, it would form a grand training ground for the greater Machrie.  The turf is excellent and the hazards, sand and water, quite enough to encourage the novitiate to aspire to the attacking and annihilating of those which are more difficult." (OT 18.7.1896)


Oban Times October 23rd 1897

Port Ellen. Golf course convenient to Port Ellen.


From a recent issue of Golf we cull the following, which is worthy of serious consideration by the powers that be in matters pertaining to golf :- “ Islay is fortunate in having, almost in permanent residence on its golf course, a gentleman, who by his courtesy and kindness to visitors, has done a very great deal to make the visit of stranger golfers pleasant and even memorable. 

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