Forgotten Greens of Scotland
Forgotten Greens of Scotland

New Cumnock 1.

New Cumnock Golf Club - 1.  Instituted 1896.  A 9 hole course half a mile from the station (G & SW) (GA 1897-98).


Evening Times July 10th, 1896


 “New Cumnock has just added a golf links to its other attractions. It is now in line with the other up-to-date country holiday resorts. The course consists of nine holes, and it is laid out in a large field about ten minutes walk from the station. The turf is very old, and admirably adapted for the game. Although there is nothing formidable in the way of hazards, the ground is knolly, and will require iron play. The club has already a good membership. The distances to the holes are:- 1st, 201 yards; 2nd, 170 yards; 3rd, 137 yards; 4th, 208 yards; 5th, 234 yards; 6th, 205 yards; 7th, 154 yards; 8th, 296 yards; 9th, 219 yards. The formal opening of the course takes place on Monday afternoon.” (ET 10.7.1896)


 Present club formed 1901.

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