Forgotten Golfing Greens Of Scotland
 Forgotten Golfing Greens Of Scotland

Garnock House

Kilbirnie, Garnock.

Garnock Golf Club.  Instituted 1908.  A 9-hole course  between Glengarnock & Kilbirnie. 

      “A meeting of those favourble to the formation of a golf club for Glengarnock and Kilbirnie was held in the Orange Hall, Glengarnock, on Friday last. Mr Robert Hamilton, Parish Council, presided. After consideration, a committee of seven was appointed - four from Kilbirnie and three from Glengarnock – to make the necessary arrangements. It was remitted to Mr R C Robertson and Mr G Riddett to look for a suitable ground and report to the committee.” (DKH 9.10.1908)

      “The committee has succeeded in obtaining ground suitable for a course on East Mains Farm on the Dalry Road, and a lease was granted on good terms. The course is within easy reach of both railway stations, and it covers an area of 61 acres which have uncultivated for a number of years. The turf is fine and old, and admirably suited for the game. To enable players to have good brassie shots, the committee is having the course cut all over. Some of the holes are excellent from a sporting point of view, as a stream, which flows through the middle of the course, has been utilised to considerable advantage as a natural hazard. Hugh MacMillan of the Western Golf Club, Gailes, is well pleased with the ground, and work on forming the putting greens and teeing grounds is being pushed forward, and the committee hope to be able to declare the course open for play within the next week or two. Mr John Drysdale, Garnock View, Glengarnock has taken up the duties of Secretary and will be pleased to receive the names of any prospective members.” (DKH 20.11.1908)

      “The golf course of the Garnock Club was opened on Saturday last under very unfavourable conditions. Rain had fallen heavily through the night, and continued until midday so that the ground was very sodden, consequently there was a rather small attendance when Councillor Robert, captain, drove off. During the afternoon between twenty and thirty golfers played over the course, including a number of ladies. There is still a good bit of work to be done, but under Mr Drysdale’s supervision it will soon be got over. Mr Hugh Logan has been appointed greenkeeper..The distance of the several holes are: 1, 233 yds; 2, 260 yds; 3, 456 yds; 4, 133 yds; 5, 200 yds; 6, 333 yds; 7, 116 yds; 8, 300 yds; 9, 260 yds – a total of 2291 yards. Stilkes have been placed in all the hedges in the line of play, and small wooden bridges span an umber of the ditches, while over the small burn which is crossed and re-crossed at the 4th and5th holes, two handsome wooden bridges have been erected. Several of the holes will provide excellent sport especially the fourth, fifth and seventh, the latter being situated on the top of the old “warrior” blaze bing.” (DKH 4.12.1908).  A comfortable Clubhouse has been erected.

Membership 120. 

Called Glengarnock GC in Nisbet's 1913. 

Closed 1913.

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