Forgotten Greens of Scotland
Forgotten Greens of Scotland

Shandon Hydro.

Shandon Hydropathic Golf Course.


Helensburgh and Gareloch Times April 23rd 1890.


Hydropathic Golf Course


Another new departure has been made by the Hydropathic Company, which will add considerably to the attractions of this favourite health resort. A golf course has been formed on the moor to the back of the house, and the ground, which is undulating and irregular in character, is admirably adapted for this popular pastime. The air is bracing and the scenery very fine. Last week the course was formally opened, and a number of well known golf men took part in the game. If the course is made open for a moderate subscription, to residents in Helensburgh and the Gareloch, it is certain to be largely taken advantage of.

Scotsman April 9th 1890



A new golf course was opened yesterday by the Shandon Hydropathic Company on the heights immediately above the establishment. The course was laid out by Mr Robert Simpson, of the Dalhousie golf club, Carnoustie. It is about two miles in extent, with nine holes ranging from 300 to 500 yards apart ; or by a double round, about four miles, with eighteen holes with several hazards. A ladies course of lesser extent has also been opened. 

This is a view of what was the 4th green ( large square in the middle ) and looking all the way down the course which stretched down to the far away tree line at the water where the Hydro once stood. 

Helensburgh and Gareloch Times October 31st 1894.


New Golf Links At Shandon Hydropathic.


( Fernie Lays It Out )


Willie Fernie, the Troon Profesional, along with two of the directors, laid out a nine hole course in connection Shandon Hydropathic, on the Gareloch, on Friday.

The ground over which the new course lies is the tract of hill pasture behind the Hydropathic, which is exceedingly well adapted for the requirements of the golfer, and renders possible from the outset a very good game of golf. The course resembles that of Bridge of Weir or of Kilmacolm, and will bear favourable comparison with either. The ground lies altogether on the East Side of the new Railway, and is therefore a few minutes from the Hydropathic. The first three holes are straight up the hill. The first is about 220 yards and presents no difficulty. The second is rather longer, about 250 yards, and a wire fence has to be negotiated with the shot from the tee, and a burn in a deep ravine runs along the line of play. The third is 180 yards, and the green is therefore within reach of the tee, but it is a very sporting hole, the burn almost surrounding it. The fourth is a rather short hole, and may be negotiated with the cleek, but, as it is over the brow of a hill, the shot is a blind one. The fifth is also camparatively short, but a very good shot from the tee is necessary to carry the corner of a rank growth of heather. If this hazard is Skirked the ball will roll down the hill.

The sixth is the long hole of the course, over 400 yards, but it all downhill in the direction of the Railway again, and the putting green is in the form of a cup, which will in time form one of the prettiest putting- greens to be anywhere seen. The seventh is the short hole of the course, and can be negotiated with the iron from the tee. The direction is across the hill, and it is a blind hole. The eighth hole is about 200 yards, and resembles the first hole over Muirfield in that it has a wood enclosed with a stone dyke to the left close along the whole way. The ninth, a comparatively short hole, is along the edge of the Railway, into which a pulled ball will get, with penalties.

It is needless to say that the scenery is magnificent, probably unsurpassed from the neighbourhood of the third and fourth holes. On a clear day a very extensive panorama of Mountain, Moor, and Loch is obtained.


The exact same article was in the Glasgow Herald on October 29th 1894.


Scotsman October 29th 1894



New Golf Course


A new golf course was on Friday laid out at Shandon Hydropathic on the Gareloch by Willie Fernie, assisted by two of the directors. The course, which is a nine hole one, has been laid out on the hills overlooking the Gareloch, and a few minutes from the Hydropathic. There is plenty of ground, and a fairly long and varied course has been laid out with holes from about 430 yards to 140 yards, with a variety of natural hazards in the shape of heather, stone dykes, ravines and burns, woods, and the railway. Play going out is generally up hill, and from the fourth hole, which is the highest, an immense extent of mountain and vale can be seen on a clear day. Play coming home, is of course down hill. Fernie pronounces the course to be a highly sporting one, and the holes have been placed as to require very good golf to get round in an average of 4s. The ground lies to the East of the new railway.


Glasgow Evening Times September 30th 1896

Tournament At Shandon Hydropathic.


The annual autumn tournament took place on Monday 28th September. The medal in the gentlemens competiton was won by Mr W.D. Strachan, Glasgow, with a score for the eighteen holes of 85 ( 6 ) 79 ; Mr G.F. Inglis, Belfast, took second place, his score being 98 ( 18 ) 80. A mixed foursome was also played, the first place in which was won by Mr Aitken, Edinburgh, and Miss Livingston, Berwick, with a score of 50 ( 6 ) 44 ; Mr Strachan and Mrs McLellan, Glasgow, being second with a score of 49 ( 3 ) 46.


 The magnificent Shandon Hydropathic ( Now the Faslane submarine base )

Helensburgh and Gareloch Times June 1923


James Braid On Site


Hydro Golf Course – A week ago James Braid accepted an invitation to visit Shandon Hydro Hotel, with a view to extending the course to eighteen holes, and he now reports that he has marked out a course of about 5200 yards which will provide very interesting and sporting golf. The turf is of a hard waring variety, and the lies through the green good, while the countours of the putting greens allows for some very subtle play. Braid considers that the situation is ideal and that the view from the course is magnificent.


Helensburgh and Gareloch Times May 15th 1929

Shandon Club.


Monthly Medal Competition. – R. Mitchell Jnr ( 14 ), 66 Winner ; T. Haliburton ( 14 ), 67 ; A.B. Winton, ( 20 ) 72.


Note the second placed golfer at 15 years of age ( Tom Haliburton ) who would later become a well known profesional. ( see further down for details ) 


Ladies Section, ( 9 Holes Played ) - Miss Mitchell ( 15 ) 41, Winner ; Miss C. Mitchell, ( 12 ½ ), 50 ½ .


Helensburgh and Gareloch Times April 8th 1931


Shandon Club


Monthly Competition – J. Stewart ( 6 ), 72 ; J. M. Brown ( 18 ), 79.


Ladies ( 9 Holes ) – Mr J.M Brown ( 15 ), 46 ; previous winner ; Miss Brown ( 18 ), 50, Winner.

Helensburgh and Gareloch Times January 20th 1932


Shandon Golf Club



Successful Whist Drive and Dance



A whist drive and dance, arranged by the Shandon Golf Club, was held in the Holyrood Ballroom on Friday evening and proved a distinct social success.

As in the club, the number of players present was not excessive, but the fine camaraderie which brings members and friends together to share the pleasures of “ Mixed Foursomes” prevailed at the whist tables and continued during the dance, thus ensuring a lively and pleasant evening for everyone. Mr G.C. Forbes, National Bank of Scotland, the Hon. Treasurer of the club, acted as master of ceremonies during the whist drive, and as a result of his excellent supervision the play progressed rapidly and smoothly. Sixty Eight players took part.

At the close of play, a number of lady members served an appetising supper to the company.

Before the dance began, Mr Nisbet, President of the club, on the call of Mr Forbes, made a few remarks in which he expressed the pleasure of the committee to see such a good attendance at the first social venture of the Shandon Golf Club. The club was not a wealthy one, the entire receipts from members subscriptions being required for the upkeep of the course alone, and it might be necessary in future to increase the subscription charge by 1s, in order to provide a credit balance to work on during the year. By the efforts of the members during the summer season, there was always a little money left, and the club was fortunate in receiving prizes for competitions kindly given by some members. It is hoped, Mr Nisbet remarked in conclusion, that here would be a balance in hand when the expenses of this function were met. On behalf of the committee he thanked the company for their presence and expressed wishes for a most enjoyable evening. ( Applause ).

Mrs Nisbet then graciously presented the prizes to the winners of the whist drive.

Mr James Dunbar, Hon. Secretary of the club, returned thanks to the President for his kind remarks, and to Mrs Nisbet for presenting the whist prizes. Mr Dunbar then called upon Mrs Nisbet to present the prizes for competitions held on Shandon Golf Course during last season, which were won by the following :-

Club Championship – Gents section – Mr W.W. Dickie ; Runner Up, Mr R. Nisbet Junr.

Ladies Section – Miss E. Grant ; Runner Up, Mrs McGettens.

Summer Medal – Gent’s section, Mr J. Stewart ; Ladies section, Miss A. Brown.

Winter Medal – Gent’s section – Mr J.M. Brown ; Ladies section, Miss J. Ramsay.

President’s Prize – Best handicap score, Mr R. Nisbet Jnr ; Best scratch score, Mr J. Stewart.

President’s prize – Ladies section,Best handicap score, Mrs McGettens ; Best scratch score, Mrs J.M. Brown.

Eclectic competition – Prize donated by J and J. McGibbon – Gent’s section, Mr J. Stewart. Mr Stewart won the replay after a tie with Mr R. Nisbet Junr. Ladies section, Mrs McGettens.

The winners were applauded heartily as they advanced to receive their prizes.

The hall was then cleared and the dance began. Mr J. Stewart performed the duties of M.C. Very capably and tactfully. The programme included many new and old dances, and was entered into with much enthusiasm by the company which by this time had greatly increased in numbers. The dance music was provided by Jack N. Barrs popular band. With fine forethought, and a considerable degree of skill, the little office above the entrance to the hall was transformed into a very cosy and restful lounge by the lady members of the committee, and this little touch was greatly appreciated.

Looking over the course towards the small clubhouse

Helensburgh and Gareloch Times June 7th 1933

Shandon Club.


Match with Garelochhead, played at Shandon on Friday – Mens singles – Shandon 7, Garelochhead 5.

Bogey Competition ( For prizes presented by Mr John McGibbon ) – Men – 1, D. McGettens ( 18 ) 5 up ; 2, J. Dunbar ( 20 ) 2 up. Ladies – 1, Mrs Brown ( 18 ) 3 up ; 2, Miss A. Brown ( 12 ) 1 up. Hidden Hole, Miss Etta Grant. Hidden Hole, Robert Wilson.


Helensburgh and Gareloch Times September 20th 1933.

Shandon Club.


Ladies V Gents match – ladies, 5, Gents 4.

Final medal competition – Ladies – Winner, Miss G.U. Laird ; Gents, J. Dunbar ( After a tie with W. McIntyre ).

President’s competitions – Ladies, Handicap prize, Miss M. Henderson ; Scratch Prize, Miss G.U. Laird. Gents handicap prize, A. Smith ; Scratch prize, R. Nisbet. 



Helensburgh and Gareloch Times December 20th 1933.



Shandon Club Admitted To S.G.U.


Shandon Golf Club is now recognised in official golfing circles. In accordance with a decision made at the Annual General Meeting on 27th October last, the committee applied for admission to membership of the Scottish Golf Unoin on behalf of the club. Official intimation has been received that the club’s application has been accepted to membership of the S.G.U., which ids represented on the British Golf Unions Joint Advisory Council. A competition has been arranged for New Years Day, starting at 2.30 pm, and a good entry is expected.


Helensburgh and Gareloch Times January 24th 1934

Shandon Golf Club


Presentations And Whist Drive

And Dance



A Gay Event


Good fellowship, the spirit which characterises the activities of Shandon Golf Club, pervaded the club’s annual presentation of prizes and whist drive and dance, held at the Pillar Hall on Friday evening. The members and their friends attended in large numbers, the ladies gracing the function with chic evening wear of delicate shades and textures, adding colour and life to the scene.

The whist drive progressed smoothly under the direction of the Captain of the club, Mr W.W. Dickie, Master of Ceremonies for the evening. An appetising supper was served by a committee of lady members, and was much enjoyed.



A Remarkable Season.


The President, Mr Robert McAllister, in his short address to the company, wished the members and friends a happy new year. The year 1933, he remarked, was a remarkable one for the club in many respects. The long summer had attracted more players than ever to the course. An important step was taken by the club at the end of the season, when it became registered with the Scottish Golf Union, and that, he was confident, would prove an excellent inducement to golf enthusiasts to join the club and enjoy the good fellowship. Visitors to the club were cordially welcomed, especially on Saturday evenings during the summer months when mixed foursomes competitions, open to all, were held, and when the lady members provided very attractive afternoon teas.


Gift to Former Secretary.


Referring to the resignation of Mr James Dunbar from the secretaryship of the club, the President said that Mr Dunbar had been secretary for five years, since the formation of the club and the members thought that such good service deserved recognition. He took pleasure in presenting a gift on behalf of the club members to Mr Dunbar.

Mr Dunbar, in reply, thanked the members for their kindness, and paid a tribute to the help he had received during his term of office from the former Captain, Mr J.M. Brown, and Mrs Brown.


Prize- List


The whist prizes, and the golf prizes won during last season, were graciously presented by Mrs Dickie, the Captains mother, to the following :-

Ladies – 1st, Mrs John Muir ; 2nd, Mrs Anderson, after a tie with Miss I Parlane ; Consolation, Miss Ramsay ; Lady playing as gentleman, Miss I.M. Young.

Gentlemen – 1st, Mr J. Goodlet ; 2nd, Mr Ainsworth Fraser ; Consolation, Mr James Begley Jnr.

Golf Prizes. – Club Championship, R. McAllister ; Ladies Championship, Miss A. Brown ; Winter Medal – Gentlemen, D. McGettens ; Ladies, Mrs J.M. Brown ; Summer Medal – Gentlemen, James Dunbar ; Ladies, Miss G.U. Laird ; President’s Prizes, Scratch, R. Nisbet ; Miss G.U. Laird ; Handicap, A. Smith ; Miss M. Henderson.

The Captain, in proposing the usual votes of thanks, referred to the generosity of those who had given prizes and other donations ; to the valuable assistance given by the secretary, Mr Alex Ross ; to the indefatigable efforts of the convenor, Miss G.U. Laird, to whom the success of this social evening was due ; to the kindness of his mother in accepting the duty of presenting the prizes ; and to the President for presiding.


A Gay Dance.


The dance which followed was a gay and sociable affair, and the company was considerably augmented by a number of young people. A varied programme of “ Hot” dance music and lifting melodies for the better known old dances, was provided by that clever combination, the enthusiasts. A buffet of light refreshments was provided in the Ante-Room, and was much appreciated when the dance was at it’s height. At a novelty number during the evening, the fortunate couple wereMr George Begley and Miss Betty Fair. On the whole the evening was one of the most agreeable events in connection with the club, and an index of it’s popularity.


Helensburgh and Gareloch Times June 27th 1934

Shandon Club – Gala Day.


Despite other attractions in the district on Saturday, a gala day at Shandon Golf Club attracted a good number of members and friends, and a most enjoyable time was spent. The competitions were very amusing and were entered into with zest.

The prize winners in the open competitions were as follows :-

Mixed Foursomes ( With One Club ) – Miss G.U. Laird and Mr S. Pollock.

Mixed Foursomes ( Playing the course backwards ) – Miss G.U. Laird and Mr W.W. Dickie.

Balloon Race – Ladies, Miss D. Carson ; Gentlemen, Mr F. Macaulay.

The prizes were presented in the evening by Mrs G. Burgess.

Misses J.L. Mackay and I.M. Young provided an excellent tea which was much appreciated.


Helensburgh and Gareloch Times July 18th 1934



Gents match at Garelochhead. Garelochhead 6 ½  Shandon 1 ½


Helensburgh and Gareloch Times November 21st 1934


Shandon Golf Club’s




Reports At Annual Meeting.



Th report of the committee of management submitted by the President, Mr Robert McAllister, at the annual business meeting of Shandon Golf Club, held in the Cleveland Hall on Thursday evening, showed that the club had a very successful year. The two outstanding events of the year were, first, the election of the club to membership of the Scottish Golf Union, involving an alteration to the standard scratch score and a revision of all handicaps : and, second, an agreement entered into between the club and the proprietors, Messrs James and John McGibbon, whereby the financial position of the club might be consolidated. Both of these items had been found of considerable benefit to the club, and incidentally to Messrs McGibbon.

An appeal was made for bigger entries for the “ Spoon” competitions inaugurated during the past season.




The following were the winners of the more important events during the year :-

Club Championship – Ladies – Mrs D. McGettens : Runner Up, Miss E.G. Condie.

Gentlemen – J.M. Milne : Runner Up, W. McIntyre.

Winter Medal – Ladies – Miss J.L. Mackay.

Gentlmen – A.F. Ross.

Summer Medal – miss M.L. Kerr. Gentlemen – J.M. Milne.

Of the matches played during the season, Shandon won four, lost two, and halved one.


Social Activities.


The whist drive and dance held last winter was a great success, and the dance committee were congratulated on their efforts, through which the club funds were considerably augmented. The outing to Inverary, and the gala day held on the course, were also very successful.

The committee thanked Mrs J.M. Brown and the ladies who worked with her in providing teas on Saturdays at the club house, assuring Mrs Brown that the tea’s were an Important feature of the club’s activities and were much appreciated by members and visitors alike. The financial statement, copies of which had been circulated to members, showed that the position of the club was more sound than ever, and that there was now a good credit balance to work upon if necessary. The reports were adopted unanimously and the committee and office bearers were cordially thanked for their painstaking work and for their fine enthusiasm which helped in great degree to the success of the club during the past year. During a general discussion, various suggestions were made in regards to improvements to the course and the continuation of the social activities of the club, and these matters were remitted to the committee of management, with powers to act on behalf of the members.


Office Bearers.


The Hon. Secretary, Mr A.F. Ross, and the Hon. Treasurer, Mr I.F. Balfour, were re-elected for another year, and Mr J.M. Milne, Club Champion, was elected Captain in place of Mr W.W. Dickie. Mr James Dunbar was re-elected to the committee, and the following new members were elected :- Miss Laidlaw, Miss Ramsay, and Mr W.W. Dickie. The Hon. Auditor, Mr Robert Shedden, was thanked for his services in examining the club’s books, and it was unanimously agreed that he be re-appointed for another year. The meeting closed with the customary vote of thanks to the chairman.


Helensburgh and Gareloch Times May 22nd 1935.

Shandon Club.


Shandon 5 Matches V Arrochar 1 Match. 2 Matches Halved. Foursomes at Shandon on Saturday.


Helensburgh and Gareloch Times May 29th 1935

Shandon Club.


Spoon Competition ( Bogey ) – Ladies, Miss J.L. Mackay, 1 up ; Gentlemen, George Fraser, 3 down.

Club Championship Qualifiers – Ladies, Miss A.D. Brown, Miss E.G. Condie, Miss M.L. Kerr, Miss H. McAlpine, Mrs D. McGettens, Miss J.L. Mackay, Miss I. Parlane, Miss J.M. Young. Gentlemen – Mr G.A. Burgess, Mr G. Fraser, Mr J. Goodlet, Mr D. McGettens, Mr W. Mcintyre, Mr J.M. Milne, Mr A.F. Ross, Mr W.M. Simpson.

The prizes for the lowest scores in the qualifying round were won by Miss J.L. Mackay ( 30 ) 64, and Mr J. Goodlet ( 24 ) 59.

The members are looking forward to a happy outing to Aberfoyle on Saturday afternoon. They will have the use of the local course for a friendly competition.


Helensburgh and Gareloch Times June 12th 1935



At Shandon on Friday, Shandon 5  Garelochhead 6


Helensburgh and Gareloch Times August 14th 1935

Shandon Club


Bogey competition – Ladies, Miss I.B.M. Parlane, 1 up : Gentlemen, J.G. Grierson, 2 up.

Shandon V Garelochhead – Foursomes at Shandon. Shandon 2 matches Garelochhead 5 matches.

Shandon Ladies 1 ½ Helensburgh Ladies 5 ½ Played at Shandon on Monday.


Helensburgh and Gareloch Times August 28th 1935.

Shandon Club.


Match, Shandon Ladies 4 Matches V Garelochhead Ladies 2 Matches. Singles at Shandon.


Helensburgh and Gareloch Times July 15th 1936

Shandon Club


Monthly Medal – D. McGettens ( 20 ) 58 ; Ladies – Miss G.U. Laird ( 18 ) 71.


Helensburgh and Gareloch Times October 7th 1936

Shandon Club


J & J McGibbon prizes :- Ladies – Miss L.M. Kerr ( 20 ) 63 ; Miss J.L. MacKay ( 24 ) 65 ; Miss J.M. Morrison ( 36 ) 70 .

Gentlemen – W. McIntyre ( 18 ) 61 ; A.F. Ross ( 10 ) 67 ; J. Dunbar ( 18 ) 72.

Helensburgh and Gareloch Times November 4th 1936

Shandon Golf Club


At the annual business meeting of Shandon Golf Club, held last week, it was reported that there was a small debit balance on the year’s working, but that the club finances were in a sound position. The committee’s report indicated that there had been a gratifying improvement in the standard of play of the members, as shown by returns in club competitions. Thre resignations of Miss Ramsay and Miss Laidlaw from the committee were accepted with regret, and the President, Mr R. McAllister, made reference to the valuable services rendered by those ladies to the club, and also to the work done by Mrs J.M. Brown. Miss J.M. Mackay and Mrs R. McAllister were elected to the committee, and the gentlemen who were due to retire, but were eligible for re-election, were unanimously re-elected for another year. An important suggestion relating to the status of the club was discussed, and it was agreed that the committee should consider the matter carefully, and in the event of reaching a favourable decision, to call an extraordinary general meeting of members. The Hon. Secretary, Mr Alex F. Ross ; The Hon. Tresuer, Mr Ian F. Balfour ; and the Hon. Auditor, Mr R. Sheddon, were cordially thanked for their services, and the meeting closed with a vote of thanks to the committee.


Helensburgh and Gareloch Times November 9th 1938

Shandon Golf Club.


Subscription Change Proposed.


At the annual general meeting of members of the Shandon Golf Club last week, it was unanimously agreed that an extraordinary general meeting be called on 18th November, to consider the alteration of clause II of the constitution relating to club subscriptions. The effect of the proposal would be to separate the club subscriptions from the green fees to the proprietors of the course. Members would pay green fees direct to the proprietors for such periods as they intend to make use of the course. It is hoped, by this means, to increase the membership of the club very considerably, and to put it on a more secure financial basis.

The motion, which was moved by the Hon. Secretary, Mr William McIntyre, incorporated a suggestion that the presentation of club prizes should take place at the extra ordinary general meeting.

The President, Mr R. McAllister, presided, and in presenting the report of the committee of management of the club for the year, called attention to the large number of resignations received, 32 in all, as against 9 applications for membership.

The committee, he intimated, had interviewed one of the proprietors of the course, before the commencement of last season, with regard to certain details of work requiring to be carried out in accordance with the signed agreement between the proprietors and the club. Unfortunately, the committee had to report that the work was not carried out. In the circumstances, the committee had not felt justified in handing over the subscriptions until the end of the season.

The report expressed regret at the resignation of several old members who had given valuable service in the committee, especially the Captain, Mr A.F. Ross. The Hon. Treasurer, Mr W.G. Stuart, submitted his financial statement, which showed a slight loss on the years working. There was still, however, a working balance on hand.

The reports were adopted unanimously and the secretary and treasurer thanked for their services. Owing to resignations, new office bearers were elected as follows :- President, Mr Robert Shedden ; Captain, Mr J. Dunbar ; Secretary, Mr Wm. McIntyre ; Treasurer, Mr W.G. Stuart. Management Committee – Miss J. Morrison, and Miss M.L. Kerr, and Mr D. McGettens. It is remitted to the new management committeeto appoint an assistant Hon. Secretary if required.


Helensburgh and Gareloch Times November 23rd 1938

Shandon Golf Club.


At an extraordinary general meeting of members of Shandon Golf Club, held on Friday night, in the old Granary Restaurant, a motion by the Hon. Secretary, Mr William McIntyre, to alter clause II. Of the constitution relating to club subscriptions was discussed. It was explained by the mover and others that the reasons for desiring a change were the failure on the part of the proprietors to carry out the terms of a signed agreement with the club, and the dissatisfaction among members as a result of this. It was pointed out also, that members at present did not enjoy privileges that could be had by casual players, yet they were called upon to pay a full subsciption in advance. The pro’s and cons of the situation were discussed freely over a cup of tea, and ultimately an amendment was put forward that the committee of management should approach the proprietors with an offer to pay a rental for the course, on the terms slightly better than at present, and with a little alteration with regard to the club’s priority on the course.

Members expressed the need for impressing upon the proprietors the serious results that had already followed their failure to co-operate with the club, and which might lead to the disbanding of the club unless there was a radical improvement. It was intended to present the prizes won during last season at this meeting, but this was not found practicable.


Helensburgh and Gareloch Times June 10th 1942

Shandon Golf Club


A golf competition will be held over the Shandon course on Saturday June 27th in aid of red cross funds.


Helensburgh and Gareloch Times July 14th 1948

Hole in One


When playing over Shandon golf course on Wednesday of last week in a medal competition, Mr J.E.H. Johnson had the 5th Hole, 210 yards, in one.


Helensburgh and Gareloch Times May 18th 1949

Shandon Club


Monthly Medal – Gents – A. Turnbull ( 10 ) 62 :Ladies – Mrs McGibbon ( 26 ) 61.


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