Forgotten Greens of Scotland
Forgotten Greens of Scotland


Fintry Golf Club.  First mentioned 1909.A 9-hole course to the west of the village, alongside the Balfron Road on the south side.

Stirling Observer January 3rd 1914


   "The various local organisations maintain their position in the community. The choral work done by the young folks is much appreciated. The football club is going strong, while the rifle club, the library and recreation club, the sons of temperence, and the stewart's friendly society, continue to show their vigour and prove their claim to worthiness.

   The golf club still struggles along under the tolerant eye of indifference. It is not patronised locally and the few summer visitors of the golfing fraternity are not sufficient to maintain it. Money is required, and no one seems prepared to find it, so the golf club, as presently constituted, must go."   (SO 3.1.1914)


It is almost certain that the club succumbed to the strictures of WW1.

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