Forgotten Greens of Scotland
Forgotten Greens of Scotland


Levern Golf Club.  Instituted 1895. A nine-hole course on the estate of Sir John Stirling-Maxwell, Bart, of Pollok, MP. The field extends to eighteen acres, and is within a few minutes walk of Nitshill Station.” (S 9.11.1895)

   "A new club to be called the Levern, has just been formed at Hurlet and Nitshill, near Glasgow, and at a meeting of the members on Friday evening it was agreed to lease a field on the estate of Sir John Stirling Maxwell, Bart. Of Pollock, M.P. for a course of nine holes."   (S 9.9.1895)


  "The course of this new club was opened on Saturday afternoon by the Vice-President, Mr John Wood, who drove the first ball. There was a good number of ladies and gentlemen present. The course, which is a nine hole one, is situated at Nitshill Station."

  (GH 26.9.1897)

   "The surface is varied, and a dyke, sheet of water and an old quarry make up the hazards.  The holes vary from 150 to 440 yards and are named:

  1. Darnley,
  2. Thornliebank,
  3. Hedgehog,
  4. Machrihanish,
  5. Victoria,
  6. Meadow,
  7. Quarryknowe, 
  8. Himalayas,
  9. Ballygeich.”



Last recorded 1907

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