Forgotten Greens of Scotland
Forgotten Greens of Scotland

Barrhill Station, two minutes from the course


Barrhill Golf Course, Laid out 1935. “It is rumoured that the bowling club may run a fancy dress dance towards the end of the month – That children have been bathing in the local reservoir – That the golf course, when re-constructed, will be a fine nine holes one, and that no offer of voluntary labour towards its construction will be refused.” (Ayr Advertiser, 1.8.1935)


Note : The comment above states the re-construction of the course, but i have been unable to find an earlier course as yet.


Ayr Advertiser June 25th, 1936


The golf course, which during the past year has been considerably improved by voluntary labour provided by enthusiasts of the game, is a popular attraction and players are availing themselves of every opportunity to indulge in a game. The improvements carried out and the recent ideal weather conditions have assisted in stimulating local interest.” (AA 25.6.1936)

Location of the course is shown on the map
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