Forgotten Greens of Scotland
Forgotten Greens of Scotland

Wemyss Castle, Oldest inhabited castle in Scotland

Wemyss Castle.

Wemyss Castle Golf Club ( Overview )

From Wemyss heritage web site.


Wemyss Golf Club.  Instituted 1857.  Until 1903, a 9-hole course 200 yards
west of Wemyss Castle following the shoreline to St George's Church, East
Wemyss.  When the Michael Coal Pit was sunk, a large area of the golf course
was used for pithead buildings and railway sidings. Old Tom Morris was made
an honorary member of the club in 1863. The course was reported to be laid out by Alan Robertson.


Play ceased on this course in 1903.

 From 1905-1914, 9 holes surrounding Wemyss Castle Home Farm; Good
sporting course, all hazards being natural.  To secure a good score, the
player must be certain from the tee.  Length of course 2500 yards, Bogey 40.
This course was closed because of the Great War.


 1922-1939, 9 holes near to West Wemyss; this was closed due to WW2.

 1949-1956, 9 holes to the south of Coaltown of Wemyss.

Major trophies: Wemyss Patroness Medal, Burns Medal,Kilgour Medal, St
Andrews Cross.

Membership peaked at 250.  In 1863 Old Tom Morris accepted Honorary
Membership of the club.



A golf course was opened in 1850 along the foreshore which stretched from the Glass Cave to the Lady Rock.  The first competition took place in April 1857.  Subsequently many competitions were played here and the course seemed very popular until 1890 when it had been allowed to become overgrown as much of the ground had been lost to the expanding new Michael Colliery.  By the summer of 1905 attempts were made to resuscitate the club and Michael Wemyss was made the President.  However because of the loss of ground the course did not re-open there but was redeveloped on land between Coaltown and West Wemyss.  It did not last however and the ground has reverted back to farmland.


Golf in the Parish

Puffing pits, large red Bings, and railway sidings operated sadly against the amenities of the historic golf links by the “Glass Cove” and “Lady Rock,” at Wemyss,and for some years after the opening of the Michael pits golf ceased to be one of the popular games of either East or West Wemyss.  The first competition held under the auspices of the Wemyss Golf Club took place in March 1858, when the secretary records that “splendid shots were made from the tee over the Glass Cove”.  It would be a mistake for people to run away with the idea that golf only began to be played at Wemyss when the club was formed in the fifties.  Queen Mary could wield a golf club as well as fly a hawk, and it is quite within the bounds of possibility that she and Darnley, who, as Melville tells us, was “even and brent up, weill instructed in his youth in all honest and comely exercises, “ may have tried their skill in driving over the red rocks which made the Wemyss course one of the most sporting of courses.

Whether Mary and Darnley played golf by the Glass Cove and Wemyss Castle or not, certain it is that golf was played at Wemyss at an early period.  John Grub, the author of “Orations on Various Select Subjects,” was appointed schoolmaster of the parish of Wemyss in 1748. On the year of his appointment he was struck on the knee by a golf ball.  The injury brought on a white swelling.  The schoolmaster was confined to the house for two years, and he ultimately lost the injured limb.

The first captain of the club of the fifties was Mr Wemyss of Wemyss Castle, and his lady was the first patroness.  Mr Wemyss was succeeded by , among others, Mr R.G.E. Wemyss, Mr Oswald of Dunnikier, Mr Cathcart of Pitcairlie, Rev. A.B.Campbell of Markinch,Colonel Maitland Dougall, Allan Stewart of Balgonie, Colonel Johnston, and old Tom Morris.  The following extract from the minutes is particularly interesting:-

“11 Nov. 1863.- After the day’s play, Mr Wemyss, captain of the club, entertained the members to dinner, after which Mr Wemyss proposed that Mr Thomas Morris, champion, be made an honorary member of the club, which was carried by acclamation.”

The club played a great many matches in the sixties, seventies and eighties and pulled off such a number of successes that it held a place of honour among the clubs of the “Kingdom.”

In the summer of 1905 a meeting was held and it was agreed to resuscitate the club and to re-open the old course.

The following office-bearers were appointed;- President, Mr Michael Wemyss; vice-president, Mr G.F. Underwood; secretary, Mr J.C.Davis; treasurer, Mr J.A. Black.

The Fifeshire Advertiser April 25th 1857


Wemyss East – Golfing


This new club met on Saturday last, the 18th current, to play for a splendid medal, presented by Mrs Erskine Wemyss, the patroness of the club, and to be played for annually. After a pretty keen and spirited competition, Mr Walter Black was declared the successful competitor, having come in at 124 strokes. Mr Nicol Malcolm reached the winning hole with 125 strokes, being next to Mr Black, and therefore gained six beautiful golf balls, given as a prize by Mr Allan Robertson, the Scottish Champion. The third prize, being also a number of balls presented by the “ Famous Allan” was gained by Mr Joseph Gilbert, butler, Wemyss Castle.

The club was invited to a sumptuous dinner by Mr Wemyss of Wemyss Castle, the Captain of the club. Mr George Johnstone of East Wemyss, Vice Captain, acting as croupier. The evening was spent in the most agreeable manner with song and sentiment, and the club parted at a late hour, highly delighted with all the proceedings of the day. It is but justice to state that this club has been got up by Mr Wemyss for the benefit and amusement of those on his estate here, and that he has taken the greatest interest in bringing it into full operation. Neither must we forget Mr Gilbert, his active and efficient butler, under whose personal superintendence the suggestions of Mr Wemyss have been ably carried out.


Leven Advertiser March 13th 1858



This green is carried on at present with great spirited perseverance, as the handsome silver medal, presented to the club last year by Mrs Erskine Wemyss, is to played for on Friday next, when every player will be anxious to have the honour of holding the medal for the next year. – Messer Black & Robertson, both medal holders, played a very interesting match on Saturday last, against Mr Gilbert, over two rounds of the links, when they came in equal.  It was then agreed that they should decide the match by playing out two holes and back, when three of the holes were halved, and the fourth was gained by Messer Black and Robertson by one stroke.


Fife Herald March 18th 1858



We understand that Mr Wemys’s medal is to be played for by the members of the Wemyss golfing club over their links at the castle on Friday ( tomorrow ).If the weather be propitious, we can safely promise that the condition of the course will admit of good scientific play, and hope therefore, that the meet will be well attended. The members dine together afterwards.

Fife Herald March 25th 1858


Golfing At Wemyss – Last Friday Mrs Wemyss Medal was played for, over the course East of the castle. The day was beautiful, and the start was made by eight couples. The following were the prizewinners, viz, 1. Mr Cathcart of Pitcairlie ( 130 strokes ) Mrs Wemyss Medal.

2. Mr H.L. Wemyss, ( 133 strokes ) six golf balls presented by Allan Robertson.

Allan, the champion golfer, was present, and gave the members of that links the opportunity of seeing what golf really is. The members dined together in the evening, and passed a very happy time. Mr Wemyss was elected Captain for the ensuing year, and the other office bearers were re-elected.

Fife Herald June 3rd 1858


Our Kirkaldy Letter June 2nd 1858

As we predicted last week, the benedicts gained their match against the single last Friday, at Wemyss Castle. The day was fine, and the turf rather thickly grown for certain play. Eight couples started and after the two rounds were played, it was found that the married had 27 holes against 12, a clear majority of 15. The members dined together in the evening at East Wemyss, and were very social for a few hours.

Allan, the champion player, was down for the occasion, and played in a foursome after the club match. The East of Fife is particularly lucky in the possession of good golfing greens easily accessible, whilst West of Wemyss with the solitary exception of a washing-green at Burntisland, no such ground is known. Leven for instance, boasts of two exceedingly good links, and a resident club maker of great merit, namely, Patrick.

This club-maker has an exceedingly good idea of how to fit a player, and finishes his clubs in a style that reminds us of poor old Hugh Philip. Supported in this manner, the game is likely to prosper in the East of Fife, and we recommend all those in this neighbourhood who intend commencing the pastime to give Mr Patrick a benefit, as he can equip the player to the full as well as any club-maker in the more important golfing communities. 

Leven Advertiser July 31st  1858

Wemyss West – Golfing


This game is carried on here at present with great spirit.  On Wednesday last several of the Leven golf club ran over the links, and made a very gay appearance.  It was then agreed that a friendly match be played on Wednesday, at four o’clock afternoon, between the Leven and Wemyss golf club, for the honour of the game. A very interesting match came of on Thursday last between Mr J Gilbert and Mr Robertson of East Wemyss.  The game consisted of the round of twenty four holes, which resulted in the defeat of |Mr Gilbert of seven holes.


Leven Advertiser August 7th 1858

Wemyss West – Golfing


The Leven golf club met our club on the links here for a friendly match on Wednesday last.  They started in pares for a trial, but, unfortunately, in about half an hour the rain began to fall in torrents, and put an end to the play. A round of the links was, however, afterwards made, and it was found to be in favour of the Leven club by a number of holes.  A club was presented by Mr J Patrick, Club Maker,Leven, to the most successful player of the Wemyss club, which was gained by Mr Burns of West Wemyss. The round having been accomplished amid a soaking rain, Mr Memyss, captain of the club, treated the players to some good home brewed ale and some fine old aquavita to keep out the wet, after which the party’s retired to Cairns Inn, and spent an hour very pleasantly together.

Leven Advertiser October 25th 1858

Wemyss – Golfing


The Autumn meeting of the Wemyss golf club took place yesterday (Friday). The day was uncommonly fine, and there was a very good muster of the club on the links to the East of Wemyss Castle shortly after 12 o’clock noon.  After arranging the business of the day, 17 players started to compete for the honour of medal holder for the year.  The Competition, which was really well contested brought out individually the powers of the different players.  The coveted honour was gained by Mr J S Robertson, parochial teacher, East Wemyss, in a 139 strokes, being the second time he has carried of this prize to show the closeness of the play we give the score :-  1st, Mr J S Robertson,  139 strokes;  2nd, J H E Wemyss, Esq., 140;  3rd , Mr Proudfoot, 143 :  4th  J T Oswald, Esq., Dunniker, 144 :  5th , Mr Gilbert, 145 :  6th , Mr N Malcom, 146.  A considerable number of spectators were on the links and took great interest in the match as it proceeded.  After the finishing up of the match the club adjourned to the infant school, East Wemyss, where a most substantial repast supper was prepared for them.  Mr Wemyss, the captain of the club occupied the chair, and, by his amiable and kindly bearing contributed much to the evening’s enjoyment.  With toast, speech, and song the night wore away, enlivened now and then by some golfing anecdote from the famous Allan, the hero of many a match. The fare, which was excellent was supplied by “mine host” of the new Inn.


Leven Advertiser October 30th 1858

Wemyss – Golfing


A number of matches having been taken up at the club dinner on Friday week last, some of the matches were played on the links on the following day (Saturday).  The match was as follows: - George J Johnston, Esq, and renowned “Allan” against Mr Gilbert, of Ways Castle, and Mr Nicola Malcolm, of Interleave, when the two latter gentlemen were beaten by four holes - the playing being splendid.  Mr W Black and Mr Gilbert likewise played a match of one round, in which Mr Gilbert was beaten.  Mr Black made the round in 56 strokes, being the lowest in which the round has ever been done by any of the club.  A match has also been arranged to be played on the Wemyss Links on an early day between the celebrated “Allan” and two of the young members of the Ways Club, via Messrs Thom. And Kinnonmonth : “Allan” is to play against these two gentlemen, allowing them a stroke each for every one he takes, thus playing two to one. The match is looked forward to with considerable interest by the whole of the golfers in the district.

Leven Advertiser March 5th  1859



A handicap match was played by the Wemyss Golf Club, on their playground, the Links on Thursday last, when a number of prizes were competed for.  Seventeen players started, and at the conclusion the following gentlemen were found to be the successful winners of the prizes :-  1st., Mr J Gilbert, 61 strokes “the fewest number of strokes of which a round has yet bean played”  :  2nd  Mr W Black, 64 :  3rd , Mr G Brown, 65 :  4th  Mr S Johnstone, 68 :  5th  Messrs G Johnstone and Jaz Pringle equal in 70 strokes.   The links were in beautiful condition for playing, and the science displayed by the different competitors was first rate.  The day was all that could be desired.  The match was for only one round.  At the close several private matches came off.


Leven Advertiser May 21st 1859

Wemyss East – Golf Match


A match was played on the links here on Saturday last, between the Elie and Wemyss Club.  The number of competitors from Elie was considerably less than was anticipated, but, after arranging the match, the playing commenced, and was kept up with unflagging energy till the close, when the victory was found to be gained by the Wemyss Club ( and not by their best players either), every player of the Wemyss Club having beaten his opponent.  After the match, the members of both clubs present sat down to a substantial dinner, which the kindness and liberality of J H E Wemyss Esq,M.P. had provided for the occasion – George Johnstone esq, vice captain of the club, in the chair.  The evening was most agreeably and pleasantly spent by the happy party.


Note : Alan Robertson, the champion golfer, dies in September 1859. Alan was very much involved with this club as earlier reports confirmed.

Leven Advertiser October 15th  1859

Wemyss East – Golfing


A meeting of the Wemyss Golfing Club took place on the links on Saturday last, for the purpose of playing a handicap match for a number of prizes.  Seventeen players started to compete, and, after a very keen contest, the prizes were gained by the following gentlemen :-  1st. prize, a set of clubs, presented by R Cathcart,Esq, Pitkarly – gained by Mr W P Burns, West Wemyss, in 126 strokes ( 12 strokes of for handicap) :  2nd prize a number of balls, presented by R Cathcart, Esq., - gained by Mr John Williamson, West Wemyss, in 127 strokes (handicap) : 3rd prize a number of balls presented by the club – gained by Mr J G Robertson, East Wemyss, in 120 strokes :  4th prize a number of balls, presented by the club – particularly one of a very description between Mr Nicol Malcolm, Inerleven, and Mr W Black, West Wemyss, both crack players. It was decidedly a keen contest, however, Mr Black came off victor by two holes.  The annual match for the honour of medal holder comes off on the 21st inst, and is looked forward to with considerable interest, a full muster is expected.


Leven Advertiser October 22nd 1859



The annual match for the honour of medal holder in the Wemyss Golfing Club came off on the Links yesterday (Friday).  The day was clear but cold, and the ground in fine condition to show off the science of the players.  Nineteen started to compete for the coveted honour, when after some beautiful playing the honour of medal holder was gained by Mr J G Robertson, East Wemyss, in125 strokes – this being the third time in succession he has been the winner of the club medal.  Mr Robertson was also the winner of a handicap prize of a number of balls.  This club is fast progressing in the art of golfing, many of its members being decidedly crack players already.


Leven Advertiser October 29th 1859

Wemyss East – Golfing Match


As briefly announced in our last, the annually competition for the honour of medal holder in the Wemyss Club came off on the links here on Friday last week. We now give a fuller notice of the proceedings than we were then able to do, and we do so the more willingly from finding that the members did credit to themselves on the occasion, by acknowledging the valuable services of their accomplished and indefatigable secretary, Mr Gilbert.  The following is the score, which, for the third time, placed the medal in the possession of Mr Robertson :-

1st, Mr J G Robertson  …………………………….  125 strokes

2nd  Mr Gilbert……………………………………..  133  ..  ..  ..

3rd Mr Proudfoot…………………………………...   136  ..  .. ..

4th Mr James Pringle gained the prize balls given by Mr Danskie of Leven in 139 strokes (nine given) …130.

After the finishing up of the days play the club adjourned to the infant school, when twenty one gentlemen sat down to dinner – Hay Erskine Wemyss Esq, captain of the club, in the chair :  George Johnstone,Esq, vice captain, croupier.

After the usual loyal toasts were drunk the chairman drank to the prosperity of the Wemyss Golf Club.  And expressed his satisfaction that the club had improved so much, both in number and proficiency.  On the health of Mr J G Robertson being drunk as a successful competitor for the medal for the third time, that gentleman, after alluding to the great kindness of Mr Wemyss in instituting a golf club, in which himself and so many of his brother teachers had so much healthy recreation, added– but, gentlemen, it is not only in encouraging the golf club that Mr Wemyss has shown his liberality, but I can tell you, and I intend also make it known far and wide, that, when so many of my  brethren the parochial teachers, are looking forward with fear and trembling to their salaries being reduced.  Mr Wemyss has kindly kept up any salary at the old maximum, and even offered to give more, if necessary, to allow me to hold my government grant.  (Cheers.) nay, more, gentleman, go but a few yards down the street and you will see a house he has fitted up for me that few teachers can boast of. (great cheering.) 


Leven Advertiser November 12th 1859



On Saturday 5th inst.,a match was played on the links here between the Wemyss Club and the Earlsferry Club. The playing was splendid, and at the close the Wemyss Club was victorious by 14 holes.

Leven Advertiser April 26th 1860



The spring meeting of the Wemyss Golf Club was held on the links on Friday 13th  inst., to play for Mrs Wemyss, their patroness medal. At twelve o’clock noon twenty parties started, all eager to obtain coveted honour of principle medal holder.  On the completion of the first round, six or eight were found to be very close – Mr Gilbert scoring lowest, and Mr J G Robertson second. During the second round a good many   J G Robertson, East Wemyss, was found to be successful competitor, having completed the two rounds of twenty four holes in125 strokes.  Mr Robertson now holds both medals. The club afterwards dined in the infant school, East Wemyss, when the evening was spent in the greatest harmony. H E Wemyss Esq., M.P. occupied the chair. Many club matches were taken up for the purpose of keeping up this manly and scientific game.  

Leven Advertiser October 13th 1860

Wemyss East – Golfing


The Wemyss golf club met Thursday last to play for the silver cross medal, or club medal.  The day was favourable.  And a considerable number of ladies and gentlemen countenanced the players with their presence.  The match was very keenly contested.

After two rounds of twenty four holes, it was found that Mr Walter Black was the successful competitor, having completed the two rounds 121 strokes, being the lowest that either of the medals has been gained at.  It is gratifying to the members to see that every half year, when one of their medals is played for, on each occasion there is an improvement among the players.  Three years ago, when the same medal was first played for, it was gained in 142 strokes.  The members afterwards dined in the infant school East Wemyss.  In the absence Mr Wemyss, Capt. Of the club, Mr George Thomson vice captain, occupied the chair.  The evening was spent in the most harmonious manner : and, with the view of keeping up the game, a number of club matches were made to play during the year.  We are glad to learn that a handicap match is to play in the course of a fortnight, when a number of prizes will be given.  This is just as it should be, as it gives the inferior players a chance, and encourages perseverance.

Leven Advertiser December 22nd 1860

Wemyss – Golfing Extraordinary


A very interesting match of three days playing came off last week between Messrs. And Black, both members of the Wemyss Golf Club.  Bets at starting were six to four on Mr Black, as he is considered the champion golfer, and is known to be principle medal holder of the club.  This was a really well contested match.  On the first day’s play Mr Gilbert scored two holes in advance of his opponent : Seconds day play Mr Gilbert led off in grand style, and, after the round of twelve holes, the players came in equal. It was then agreed that they should decide the match by playing out three holes and back, when the halfing each hole by three and four holes each, and they again came in equal.  On the fifteenth inst. these two crack players met again to finish the three days play, and, after the round, they both came in equal : and at this day’s play the excitement caused by it was increased.  Bets were freely offered and taken.  The links were very gay which accompanied the combatants.  The result was that Mr Gilbert gained by two holes.  He won the match by very good play.- these two players, Messrs Gilbert and Black, challenged any two players to play around of 24 holes, on the above links, from L1 to L10.  Stakes can be deposited in the hands of the secretary of Wemyss Golf Club, Kirkcaldy, Fife, N .B.


Leven Advertiser April 13th 1861



The annual spring meeting of the Wemyss Castle Golf Club took place on the Links on Friday the 5th current, to play for their patroness, Mrs Wemyss medal, which has been held during the last year by Mr J.G.Robertson, East Wemyss. The day was good: but from the recent rains the links were somewhat soft, and the putting was consequently rather difficult, and scarcely up to previous years.  After a very keen contest on the part of the competitors, the victory was again declared in favour of Mr Robertson, who thus holds another year.  The members afterwards met in the infant school here, where they partook of a sumptuous dinner – H. E .Wemyss Esq., the captain of the club, presiding.  The evening was spent as usual in the most harmonious manner in song and sentiment.

Leven Advertiser November 2nd 1861

Wemyss Golfing


Red Jackets


On Friday the 25th ult., the members of the Wemyss Golf Club on the links here to compete for the club medal.  The links were very soft, in consequence of a heavy rain early in the morning, but as the day cleared up well, a very large attendance mustered at about 12 o’clock noon, when after two rounds of twenty holes, Mr Joseph Gilbert, Wemyss Castle, was declared victor, having hold the two rounds in 106 strokes, which, considering the state of the links, was most excellent play.  The members afterwards dined together in the infant school East Wemyss – J.E.Wemyss Esq., M.P. the captain of the club in the chair.  A great many club matches both single and foursome, were taken up at the dinner : and we are glad to see that when the gloss is a little rubbed off the blue coats, the red jackets are again making their appearance.


Leven Advertiser April 26th 1862


Mr Proudfoot, schoolmaster of Kilconquhar, a member of the club, in following up the remarks made by Mr Robertson, said – I heartily concur with the remarks made by my friend,Mr Robertson.  I am proud to bear testimony that Mr Wemyss is not a gentlemen of mere theory, but of real practice, in the cause of education, which is fully proved by his liberality and exertions both for the outdoor and indoor comfort of the teachers in Wemyss Parish, had we such men as heritors throughout the length and breadth of Scotland, and had we such M.P.’s , the schoolmasters would me much more comfortable and the schools much more efficiently taught. (cheers) Mr Johnstone, the croupier, next rose, and said – gentlemen, I have a the health of a gentleman to propose, and one that has only to be named to be received with a cordial welcome- the health of our secretary, Mr Gilbert – and, along with that, I have much pleasure in presenting Mr Gilbert with a set of clubs, as a small token of our esteem for him, both as a brother golfer, and efficient secretary not only in accounts but also in exerting himself for the comfort and convenience of every member of the club. (cheers.).  Mr Gilbert rose, and said – captain, vice captain and gentleman, I rise to return you my most sincere thanks for the many favours I have received from the members of this club and for the handsome present I have now received from you.  Gentleman, I must say you now show some of the British pluck by preparing these canes for your own backs: and to show you I am speaking the truth I will do all in my power to thrash the first member that will meet me on the links, let him be a medal holder or not. Gentlemen, I hope that these clubs will always play fare and never strike rationally I trust that my conduct with them, or without them, shall gain your esteem and approbation, and that I shall ever retain a gratefull sense of your kindness and I beg to thank you most kindly (cheers.)


Fifeshire Advertiser August 2nd 1862

Wemyss – Golferina


The ancient and Royal game has again taken a start, in right good earnest, on our links. Our golf course is in excellent order, thanks to our worthy secretary, Mr J. Gilbert. – His unwearied attention to keep everything connected with the club in first rate working order can not be too highly appreciated – Among his other acts of kindness, he has just presented the club with a set of new flags for the holes in the links, and a splendid royal union jack for the starting point on our gala days. To complete the whole, Sergeant Major W.J. Johnstone, A.V., presented the club with a very superior flag pole for the union jack, so that our links and all connected with them are in excellent order for play. Of late several very interesting matches have been played by Mr J.G. Robertson, the holder of Mrs Wemyss medal, Versus Mr J. Gilbert, holder of the silver cross, and their play has been so near a par that one could hardly say which was which, so that the September meeting is looked forward to with a great deal of interest. We hope that now since the links and putting greens are in excellent order, the members will take advantage, and practise in right good earnest for the coming contest.

Fifeshire Advertiser October 25th 1862

Wemyss – Golfing


On Friday the 17th curt, the members of the Wemyss Golf Club met on the links here to compete for their club medal. There was a very large muster of the members, but the day turned out most unfavourable, with the wind and rain beating in their faces, so that at times they could scarcely see the balls. This, together with the softness of the ground, rendered the play difficult. After two rounds of 24 holes, it was found that Mr Robertson and Mr Malcolm were equal in 195 strokes. It was agreed that they should play two holes to decide, when Mr Robertson was victor, and he now holds both medals. On Saturday the 18th a club match was played – Messrs Gilbert and Proudfoot, against Messrs Malcolm and Robertson, when the latter party gained by one hole.  On the terminating of this match, a challenge was given by ______ , Anstruthers,esq, and John Smith,esq, against any two in the club for a large sum, which was at once accepted by Mr Gilbert, who selected for his neighbour, Mr Robertson, the medal holder.  This match excited great interested, as Mr Smith is a splendid driver, and Mr Anstruther, is one of the best players of Blackheath  : and it was thought that the two crack players on the Wemyss Links had at last met with their match.  A considerable number of ladies and gentlemen at present residing in Wemyss Castle were present at the match, as well as most of the members of the club, who should great anxiety for the honour of their club.  There was splendid play on both sides, but the fine straight driving of the medal holder, together with the admirable cleek play of Mr Gilbert told, with serious effect, on the tremendous, though somewhat wild driving of their opponents, and the result of the match was that Messrs Gilbert and Robertson came in victors by four holes, amid the delighted countenances of the members of the club, who’s very heart and soul appeared centred in the match.  Large bets were offered and accepted on both sides. 


Fifeshire Advertiser May 14th  1864

Wemyss -  Golfing


The annual spring match for the patrons medal of the Wemyss Golf Club came off on the links on Saturday.  The attendance of members of the club was good.   Twenty entered to compete for the medal, and, after a very keen play of two rounds, or 24 holes, Mr William G Robertson and Mr William P Burns were equal, at 119 strokes each.  To decide the tie, the two gentlemen played three holes, when the former scored 14 and the latter 16 strokes.  Mr W G Robertson therefore gained the medal.  The play upon the whole was good.

Fifeshire Advertiser October 7th  1865

Wemyss – Golfing


The autumn meeting of this club was held on Saturday last.  After electing several new members twenty players started to compete for the club medal.  The day was delightful, and the green in excellent condition.  On completing the two rounds of 24 holes it was found that Mr John Kilgour was the successful competitor, having completed the two rounds in 122 strokes : and the second prize was gained by Mr Browning from Earlsferry Club in 127 strokes, he having been allowed 6 strokes odds : the third prize was gained by Mr J G Robertson in 126 strokes :  The fourth by Mr Proudfoot in 125 strokes.


Fifeshire Advertiser July 14th 1866



This game is being carried on with great spirit amongst the Wemyss golfers. A fine game was played on Thursday afternoon between Messrs Gilbert and Robertson against Messrs Burns and Pringle.  This match was one off the most interesting matches that has been played over our links.  The betting was very heavy on Messrs Gilbert and Robertson, they being two crack players, against Messrs Burns and Pringle :  but after the round of 24 holes, Messrs Gilbert and Robertson were declared the winners by 2 holes only.  The links being in fine condition and the weather beautiful, drew many spectators, amongst whom were a number of the fair sex.


Fifeshire Advertiser October 20th 1866

East Wemyss



The annual meeting of the Wemyss took place on Saturday last, to play for the silver cross and other prizes given by the club.  The play was very fine, and the following gentlemen were successful :-  Mr W M Kilgour, the medal,  1st prize, who went the round of 24 holes in 113 strokes :  2nd prize, iron, John Kilgour : 3rd  Mr Proudfoot, prize balls : 4th  Mr Robertson, prize club : 5th , Mr Gilbert, number of balls :  6th , Mr Browning, balls :  7th , John Robertson, balls.  Messrs Gilbert and Robertson played the challenge match with Messrs Browning and Proudfoot, and after the round of 12 holes came in equal, and to decide the match played out two holes.  Bets were freely offered and taken, and Messrs Gilbert and Robertson won by 1 hole.


Fifeshire Advertiser November 3rd 1866



Last week, Messrs Robert Clark and Cameron of Edinburgh, members of the Royal Golf Club, St Andrews, played a foursome against Messrs John and William Kilgour of this club, and after the round of 24 holes had been played, it was found that Messrs Clark and Cameron had beat their opponents by three holes. Another foursome was then played between these gentlemen and Messrs Gilbert and William Kilgour.  During this match a great deal of interest was evinced by a large number of spectators who were present to witness the game, and bets were freely offered and taken on both sides, the St Andrews players being the favourites. Messrs Gilbert and Kilgour won the match by three holes and two to play.  As we understand that this match is to be played again, we look forward to it with much interest, as in all probability it will be a keenly contested one.

Fifeshire Advertiser April 27th 1867



Our annual competition for the patroness medal came off on Saturday last.  Not withstanding the inclemency of the weather, the playing was good.  The medal was gained by Mr W M Kilgour in 113 strokes, 2 rounds :  2nd , Mr John Kilgour, 115 strokes : and  3rd  Mr Proudfoot, Kilconquhar, 124 strokes.  A foursome was afterwards played by J and W Kilgour against Messrs Proudfoot and Robertson, the latter gaining by three holes and two to play.

Fifeshire Advertiser October 17th 1868


Dinner, Ball and Competition


The members of the Wemyss club, along with other friends, entertained themselves to dinner in the Parish School here on the evening of Friday last week. About thirty gentlemen were present.

The dinner was provided and served by Mrs Robertson in first class style. Mr Robertson, Teacher, occupied the chair : and Mr Scott, farmer, Newton, acted as croupier. The usual loyal toasts were proposed and heartily responded to by the different gentlemen present ; after which, the ball came off with great éclat. The scholl was tastefully decorated with evergreens. About seventy ladies and gentlemen were present ; among whom were : Captain A.C. Johnston, 4th Forfar V.A. ; Mr Proudfoot, Leuchars ; Lieutenants Scott and Johnston, 10th F.V.A. ; Mr and Mrs Fernie, East Weymss ; Mr and Mrs Williamson, West Wemyss ; Mr and Mrs Robertson, East Wemyss ; Mr R. Kilgour, West Wemyss ; Mr and Mrs Allan, Misses Harrow, Kilgour, Burns, and Williamson, West Wemyss ; Mrs Smith, Miss Ford, and Messrs Johnston and Coupar from Wemyss Castle ; Misses Robertson and Cairns, East Wemyss ; A. Cameron, A. Williamson, Miss Leitch, Wemyss Castle ; Mr Burns, West Wemyss ; Messrs G. Williamson, R. Kilgour Jnr., R. Burns, J. Kilgour, J. Robertson, A. Christie, W. Morgan, T. Harrow, Mr and Mrs Ness, Mr and Mrs Pringle, and Messrs Millar and Lister, Pathhead, &c, &c. The music was supplied by Messrs Stark, Finlayson, and McPherson. The ball altogether was a success, owing in great measure to the exertions of the committee. The annual competition for the medal and a number of prizes came off on the links next day. The weather was fine, and a large number of spectators were present ; among whom were – Mr and Misses Wemyss, Wemyss Castle ; Mr and Mrs G. Johnston, Miss Sibbald, George Johnston Esq and Captain Johnston. The prizes were presented by the young laird of Wemyss, the Captain of the club, after which three cheers were given which brought the day’s proceedings to a close.

Fifeshire Advertiser April 3rd 1869

East Wemyss

Golf Match


The first competition for the gold charm presented by Mr Miller, Jeweller, Edinburgh, came off on Saturday. The weather was favourable, and the links in good order. Five couples started. The following are a few of the scores made :- Mr A.C. Johnston, Dundee, 114 ; Mr J.G. Robertson, East Wemyss, 115 ; Mr J. Kilgour, West Wemyss, 116 ; Mr R. Burns, West Wemyss, 117 ; Mr H.J. Johnston, East Wemyss, 121 ; Mr G. Swanson, East Wemyss, 121. The next competition comes off on the 17th April.


Fifeshire Advertiser April 24th 1869

East Wemyss

Golf Match


The second competition for the gold chain presented to the club by Mr Miller, Jewleller, Edinburgh, came off on the links here on Saturday last. A number of other prizes were played for at the same time. Owing to the heavy rains on Friday and Saturday the greens were not in good order, but some good play was made. Twenty couples started. Mr John Kilgour, West Wemyss, gained the chain, his score being – First competition, 116 Second competition, 113 – Total 229.


Fifeshire Advertiser May 8th 1869

East Wemyss

Golf- Wemyss V Burntisland


The conclusion of a home and home match between these clubs – the former half of which was played on Burntisland Links some months ago – took place on Saturday at Wemyss. As recorded at the time, the Burntisland team were victorious on their home green, beating the Wemyss players by 14 out of 135 holes. The match on Saturday, accordingly excited much interest, and the weather proving extremely favourable, the proceedings were attractive alike to players and admirers of the good old game. There were twelve players a side, coupled according to merit, and the prescribed course was two rounds of twelve holes each. The Burntisland players on beholding the course were almost demoralised. It occupies a narrow strip of ground bristling, as it were, with bunkers, and running close to, and parallel with the sea shore – so unlike their own pleasant green, where a real bunker is quite a curiosity. The result of the first round fully justified their apprehensions. They were now here, having scored only 2 to their opponents 30. The second round however, was more creditable to them, a growing aquaintance with the ground and increased effort enabling them to show a score of 15 against 20 for wemyss. The majority for both matches for the Wemyss club is 19, but it is right to mention that the loss to Burntisland at Wemyss is proportionately less than the result at Burntisland, from the fact that three additional players were engaged at Wemyss, and 153 more holes were played. On the conclusion of the match, the Burntisland players were handsomely entertained to dinner by the Wemyss Club in the Parish School when the usual good wishes were accorded.


Fifeshire Advertiser September 18th 1869

East Wemyss

Golf Match


On Saturday last, a friendly match came off on the links here, between some members of the Earlsferry Golf Club and a few of the Wemyss Club. The bunkers with which our links abound told no doubt, unfavourably against the strangers. However, some good play was made on both sides ; and in the various matches that were played through the day, though keenly contested, the utmost good feeling and friendliness prevailed.


Fifeshire Advertiser October 9th 1869

East Wemyss



The cup presented the golf club by Messrs Sheffield and Couper was gained on Saturday  by Mr Andrew Christie, Wset Wemyss. The conditions are that the member who made the lowest score in three successive competitions was to keep the cup.


Fifeshire Advertiser October 30th 1869

Golfers Ball


A grand ball, under the auspices of the Wemyss Golf Club, came off on the evening of Friday last week, in the School Room here, which was beautifully decorated for the ocassion by the castle gardeners. The various prizes competed for during the season were shown – among which were the club medal, gained by Master Randolph G.E. Wemyss ; and the splendid silver cup and cross, presented by Messrs Couper and Sheffield, Wemyss Castle, and both gained by Mr Andrew Christie here. A number of excellent songs were sung during the evening by ladies and gentlemen present. Dancing was carried on with great animation up to an early hour on Saturday Morning. The music was supllied by a quadrille band, under the leadership of Mr Stark, Kirkaldy.

Fifeshire Advertiser August 5th 1887

Burntisland V Wemyss


The first half of a home and home match between teams representing the above clubs took place on the links at Burntisland on Saturday. The green was in capital condition, and everything was favourable for a good game. The result was in favour of Burntisland, who were in a majority of 41 holes.


Fifeshire Advertiser September 2nd 1887

Wemyss Club


The members of this club have inaugurated a series of contests for prizes competing by holes ( Handicapped ) . The first of the series has been played off, the final rounds being played on Friday last. Sixteen couples entered and started in the first round. The following are the winners of the second round :- Messrs R. Salmond, D. Reid, Dr Watson, J. Coventry, J. Anderson, R. Wilson, and W. Ness. The finals then played off, the following were the winners :- 1. W. Ness ( With 7 holes of odds in 18 ), 2. J. Wyles ( Scratch ), 3. J. Coventry ( Scratch ), 4. R. Wilson ( 1 hole odd in 18 ). The above competition has excited considerable interest in the district, players being watched from day to day as the game went on by a large concourse of people. Couples were drawn by ballot at each round, and thereafter played during the week as time and convenience dictated, thus securing the co-operation of the whole club. It is intended to hold a final competition for the season on the foregoing lines, when prizes for considerable value will be played for by the members of the club. The monthly competition for the handicap cup was played off on Saturday last, and was won by Mr C. Pilcher, with a score of 88 ( with 7 ½ odds off ) on a round of 18 holes ; R. Coventry came next with 86 ( 2 off ), J. Wyles ( Scratch ), 85 ; J. Coventry ( Scratch ) 88.

Scotsman September 26th 1887

Wemyss Golf Club


A competition for prizes ( The last of the season ) by the members of this club was finished on Saturday. Nineteen couples entered and the match was played by holes ( Handicapped. ) The match has extended over three weeks. The following are the prize winners. :- 1, John Coventry 2, Robert Wilson 3, Alexander Tod4, David Michie 5, James Cassells 6, Robert Salmond 7, James Brown 8, James Coventry 9,Archibald Adamson10, Charles Pilcher. Extra prizes were given and played for by those that were thrown in the first rounds. 1, James Adamson 2, John Anderson 3, David Bennet 4, A.E. Watson 5, Robert Coventry 6, David Herd 7, Alexander Dryburgh. The handicap challenge cup was also played for on Saturday, the winner being John Coventry, with a score of 79 for 18 holes.

Fifeshire Advertiser May 4th 1888

Wemyss Club


The monthly competition for the handicap cup took place over the links on Saturday afternoon last. Thirteen players started, the cup being won by David Bennet, with a score of 132, less 24 – 108, the next being ( Scratch ) James Coventry 112 ; John Coventry 112 ; J.B. Wyles 115. A stiff westerly gale and rough putting greens prevented good scoring.


Fifeshire Advertiser May 18th 1888

Wemyss Club


This club held their first competition of the season for prizes over Wemyss Castle Links. A change has been made in the laying out of these links, and the number of holes have been reduced from 12, in the round, to 9 ; a decided improvement, giving ampler scope for testing good play, and better adapting the natural features of the course to the driving game, also placing the putting greens in more favourable spots for level grass turf. Mr J.B. Wyles very creditably mapped out the course and laid off the greens, which give great satisfaction. Twenty three players started, and the following are the scores :-

R. Coventry ……….  47 less 1  - 40

A.E. Watson ………  48 less 1 – 47

J.B. Wyles   ……….. 47 less 0  - 47

J. Brown   …………. 51 less 4  - 47

Fifeshire Advertiser June 1st 1888



A competition for the handicap cup and several prizes took place on Saturday last. The greens were in good order, and fair scoring was made. Twelve couples started and the winner for 18 holes was D. Bennet with a score of 106 less 15 – 91.


Fifeshire Advertiser July 6th 1888

Wemyss Club


The monthly competition for prizes and the handicap cup took place on Saturday last. Ten couples entered. 1st A. Dryburgh, 94 less 10 – 84 ; 2nd R. Coventry, ( Scratch ) 95 ; 3rd James Coventry 96. A. Dryburgh thus wins the cup and also a first prize. Having made the lowest actual score. The prizes consisted of golf balls given by members of the club.


Fifeshire Advertiser August 3rd 1888

Golf Club


The monthly competition for the handicap cup took place on Saturday last. The weather being unfavourable, only one round of 9 holes was played. The winner was James Adamson, 50 less 4 – 46.

Fifeshire Advertiser June 27th 1890

Wemyss Club


The monthly competition for the cup took place on Saturday last. Nine couples entered, the cup being won by A.E. Watson ( Scratch ), with a score of 88. In the same match sides were arranged, and scoring marked by holes. The competition was very interesting, one side being victors by 25 holes.


Fifeshire Advertiser July 4th 1890

Golf Match


The return home and home match against Kinghorn Thistle took place on Saturday at Kinghorn. At Wemyss the home club were over 60 holes to the good, but on Saturday the Thistle managed to hold their own on their own ground. The match ended in favour of Thistle by 27 holes to 24.


Leven Advertiser May 5th 1898

Golf Club


What may be regarded as the Spring meeting of this club was held on Saturday. Miserable weather spoilt the prospects of a good game. Four couples only faced the elements. Mr D. Morgan, 93 less 8 – 85, handed in the best card, the next being D. Morris, 96 less 10 – 86, and J. Venters, 102 less 12 – 90. Mr Morgan accordingly holds the club cup.


Leven Advertiser May 26th 1898

Wemyss Club


The members on Saturday were invited to rally round their secretary, Mr Morris, and Treasurer, Mr Welsh. Twenty players responded, and the following couples started :-


 Forbes Welsh and David Morris

Arch Adamson and William Salmond

John Adamson and James Brown

Gavin Waddell and James Adamson

Robert McRae and Robert Rumgay

David Semple and James Venters

William Salmond and John Russell

_ Pearson and _ Heather

_ Coventry and _ Reid

Alex. Dryburgh and David Murray


Play was very close, most of the games were halved, the totals being 6 holes to 5 in favour of the Treasurer.

Leven Advertiser June 23rd 1898

Kinghorn V Wemyss


At Kinghorn on Saturday, the first stage of the home and home club match between the Thistle and Wemyss clubs was decided. Victory has been impartially divided before, but on Saturday it Pronouncedly in favour of the Thistle. We are obliged to Mr Morris for the note of the match, which is as follows :-


                               Wemyss                                           Kinghorn


R. Salmond  ………………………..  0      S. Mackin  …………………….. 5

F. Welsh  …………………………..  0      A. Kellock  ……………………. 10

W. Salmond  ……………………….  3      J. Hepburn  ……………………. 0

D. Morris  ………………………….  0      W. Cation  …………………….  2

A.H. Adamson  ……………………  0       J. Burgess  …………………….  5

J. Adamson ………………………     0      D. Young  ……………………..  6

A. Salmond  ………………………   0       W. Robertson  ………………… 2

R.G. Leitch  ……………………..     0       P. Storrar  ………………………2

D. Morgan  ………………………..   0       J. Alexander  ………………….  2

J. Brown …………………………..  0        H. Flynn  ……………………… 4

R. McRae  ………………………..    3       J. Armitage  …………………    0

G. Waddell  ……………………..     0        J. Malone  ……………………   3

A. Rumgay  ……………………….. 0        J. Storrar  …………………….   4

R. Anderson  …………………….    0        H. Mercer  ……………………. 0

J. Venters  ………………………… 0        J. Dowie  ……………………..   9

J. Russell  …………………………   0       T. Taylor  ……………………..  1

D. Semple  ………………………..  0        T. Dunsire  ……………………  4

A. Dryburgh  ……………………..   0        J. Laing  ………………………. 6


                                                           6                                                             65


Kinghorn greens were in first class order and very keen. Wemyss has a club competition this week, the challenge cup being at stake.


Leven Advertiser July 14th 1898

Wemyss Club


Mr Morris, Secretary, has just organised a competition which has commended itself to the members, a foursome tournament being arranged. The draws in the first round are :-


J. Adamson and R.G. Leitch  V  W. Heather and W. Salmond.

G. Young and G. Brown  V   R. McRae and W. Morris.

J. Venters and P. Coventry  V  D. Cairns and A. Salmond.

R. Dall and W. Morris  V  D. Semple and A. Adamson.

D. Morris and R. Rumgay  V  A. Reid and J. Warrender.

F. Welsh and R. Salmond bye.

Ties have to be played off by Saturday.


Leven Advertiser July 21st 1898.

Wemyss Foursome Competition.


The tournament is providing all the amusement and sport the promoters anticipated. Last Saturday was a head day with the couples ; most of the ties were held over till then, and the greens were fully occupied. The following are the winners and the draw in the next round.


G. Waddell and R. Anderson  V  W. Heather and W. Salmond.

R. McRae and W. Morris  V  A. Reid and J. Warrender.

J. Venters and J. Coventry  V  W. Welsh and R. Salmond.

R. Rumgay and D. Morris  V  J. Dall and W. Morris.

Owing to the holidays intervening, the players have been given till the end of the month to play off in this round.


Leven Advertiser August 18th 1898

Notes From Wemyss.


The foursome competition runs its course, but play is now narrowed down to three couples. In the semi final, Messrs A. Reid and G. Warrender beat Messrs G. Waddell and R. Adamson. Messrs R. Salmond and F. Welsh have yet to play Messrs D. Morris and R. Rumgay. On Saturday the first stage of a home and home match was played with Dysart, on the latters course. Ten men a side took part, when Wemyss won by 13 holes.


Leven Advertiser August 25th 1898

Wemyss Club


A decision has been come to in the foursome competition which for nearly two months has provided the players with so much diversion. The final lay between Messrs F. Welsh and R. Salmond and A. Reid and J. Warrender and was chiefly conspicuous for the collapse of the latter couple in the second round. Messrs Reid and Warrender had 5 holes handicap, and they played the first nine holes so cautiously that the Give-and-take play left them with their handicap intact. On the second journey, Messrs Welsh and Salmond pocketed every hole save the last, where a half was secured, thus winning the match by three holes.

Leven Advertiser September 1st 1898

A Busy Week On Wemyss Links.


Messrs Salmond and Welsh, by beating Messrs Waddell and Anderson in the foursomes tournament, secured first prize in this competition. Messrs Reid and Warrender qualified for second place, and the other prizes fell to Messrs Waddell and Anderson and Morris and Rumgay. On Saturday afternoon the cup was competed for by a large company. Messrs A. Adamson, 85 less 5 and F. Welsh 81 less 2, tied with the net score of 79 for custody of the trophy. What promises to provide no end of sport for some time to come is the hole handicap tournament, which is now entering on it’s second stage.


Leven Advertiser September 15th 1898

Wemyss V Kinghorn


The return match between teams from these clubs was played at Wemyss on Saturday, when victory again inclined in favour of Kinghorn by 34 holes to 24.

Leven Advertiser June 15th  1899

Wemyss V Methil


Inter – Club matches are greatly in vogue today, and the fixture by the above clubs was very popular with the members. Wemyss players are old hands at these meetings with strangers, but this was the first time Methil club engaged in such a match. The latter journey to Wemyss, twenty players aside taking part in foursome play.  Wemyss course is a bit tricky for stranger, and this tolled heavily against Methil. Still, one was hardly prepared to find Wemyss first men come in with a barrowful of holes, and when the next couple returned almost as much to the good, a heavy beating for Methil was all that could be expected.  The tail did not so badly, and Wemyss was left with a lead of 28 holes.  After the match the visitors were entertained by the home club.  One and all enjoyed the visit, and hope to wipe out the leeway on the return match, which is fixed for Saturday 8th July. The match ended in favour of the Wemyss club by 36 holes to 8.

Leven Advertiser May 3rd 1900

Wemyss Golf Club


The members of this club held their second monthly competition for the challenge cup on Saturday. The cup was won by J G Wallace, with a score of 90 less 14 – 76.


Leven Advertiser May 10th 1900

Wemyss v Dysart


Teams of these clubs met at Wemyss on Saturday with the following result :-


                        Wemyss                    Holes        Dysart                          Holes


F Welsh   ………………………….   0          W Anderson  …………   3

W Salmond  ……………………….  4          D  Pye  ………………..   0

R Salmond  ………………………..  4          G  Henderson  …………  0

A H Adamson  …………………….  3          D Nicholson  …………..  0

RG Leitch  …………………………  6          A Forrester  …………...   0

R Rumgay  ………………………...   3          H Hammond ………….   0

D Morgan  ………………………....   9          D Maclaren  ………….    0

A Salmond  …………………………  1          J Kilgour  ……………..   0

G Waddell  ………………………….  8          A Robertson  ………….   0

G Young  ……………………………  1          T Harrow  ……………..  0

D Semple  …………………………..   4          P Clark  ………………..  0

J Venters ……………………………   6          J McNaughton …………0


                                                             ___                                                ___

                      Total                                49                           Total                3


Leven Advertiser June 28th 1900

Wemyss Jottings


On Saturday, the challenge cup was decided, a card of 93, less 12 – 81, by D Semple beating all others : the next being W Salmond, 89, less 4 – 85.  This week the club sends sixteen members to Cupar to meet the club of that ilk in the first of a home and home series.


Leven Advertiser July 5th  1900

Cuper v Wemyss


The first stage of a match, twelve men a side, between these clubs took place at Hill Tarvert, Cuper, on Saturday afternoon.  The course and greens were in first class order.  The couples were fairly well matched, and when all had returned it was found the home club had won by four holes.  The visitors well entertained to tea in the Station Hotel.  Mr J Honeyman, who presided, proposed the toast of “ The Wemyss Club,” and Mr R S Leitch replied. When all cards were checked it was found that the home club were the victors by 22 holes to the visitors 18.


Leven Advertiser August 30th 1900

Wemyss Tournament


An interesting competition, promoted by the officers, is nearing its close this is a hole tournament. The second round resulted in D Semple beating J Venters, W Couventry accounting for A H Adamson, W Salmond avenging the defeat of R Salmond on R Dall, and G Waddell defeating G Young.  A couple of close games were served up in the semi final.  Only at the last green could W Couventry claim victory over D Semple, and in the other tie, W Salmond v G Waddell, the decision was also deferred until the last hole was decided.

Leven Advertiser April 4th 1901



The first competition of the season took place on Saturday. There was, despite the weather, a good turnout. The trophies include the monthly cup, played for under handicap rules and the club’s medal, a merit award. The following was found to be the result :- 1. Wm Coventry, 84 less 4 – 80, winner of scratch medal and monthly cup and first prize ; 2, Robert Salmond, 91 less 4 – 87, winner of second prize ; 3 and 4 ( tie )Wm Salmond, 90 less 2 – 88, and George Young, 98 less 10 – 88 ; 5 and 6 ( tie ) Forbes Welch, 91 less 2 – 89, and D.M. Morgan, 97 less 8 – 89. The spring tournament for the Burns ( Handicap ) medal, entries for which close on Friday first, begins in a week or so, and promises to be interesting.


Leven Advertiser April 25th 1901

Wemyss Club


The results of the second round for the Burns (handicap) medal and club prizes are :-

W Salmond beat J M K Coventry

R Anderson beat G Waddell

W Coventry beat R Rumgay

D Morris and Geo. Young still to play

F Welch beat J Brown

J Russell beat AH Anderson

R Boucher beat J D Budge

R Salmond beat Geo. Brown jnr.

R McCrae beat Wm. Galloway

J Millis beat D Semple

A Adamson and W Morris still to play

P Coventry beat Jas. Coventry

Geo. Burt beat John Venters

R G Leitch beat D M Morgan

Jas. High beat Jas. Hardie

A Salmond beat Jas. Venters

Leven Advertiser May 2nd. 1901

Wemyss Club


The third round of the spring tournament for the Burns (handicap) medal and club prizes concluded on Saturday. Some very close and interesting results occurred .


The April competition for the monthly handicap cup and club prizes was held on Saturday afternoon in cold, boisterous weather, which interfered a good deal with accurate play.  The trophy and first prize was won by Wm. Coventry with the following splendid score :- First Round – 4,4,6,5,5,4,4,4,5,-41:  Second Round – 4,3,4,4,6,6,4,4,4, - total, 80, less 2 – 78. Next best scores were :-  Robert Rumgay, 90 less 6 – 84 :-  D Semple, 95, less 8 – 87 :-  Robert Salmond, 92, less 4 – 88.


Leven Advertiser May 9th  1901

Wemyss Club


The forth round of the spring tournament for the Burns handicap medal and club prizes was reached on Saturday.  Results :-

WM. Coventry beat Robert Anderson

Robt. Boucher beat John Russell

Peter Coventry beat I Millie

Alex. Salmond beat R G Leach

The Semi Final ties are :-  William Coventry v Robert Boucher and Peter Coventry v Alex Salmond


Wemyss v Dysart


The first half of the annual encounter was played on Saturday afternoon over Dysart course.  For the home club William Anderson completed the double round in 84, while R Boucher for the visitors had 80.  The overall result of the match was 61 holes to 10 holes in favour of Wemyss.


Leven Advertiser May 23rd 1901

Wemyss Club


The June competition for the monthly cup (handicap) and prizes took place on Saturday afternoon in delightful weather.  There was a good entry, the largest for a very long time.  The greens were greatly improved, and scoring generally good. Subjoined are the results :-  1, monthly cup and first prize, Thomas Wilson, 91, less 14 – 77 :  2, D Morris, 86, less 6 – 80 :  3,  W Morris, 94, less 12 – 82 :  4, John Russell 93, less 10 – 83 :  5,  W Coventry, 86, less 2 – 84.

The penultimate stage of the spring tournament for the Burns handicap medal and club prizes was also concluded on Saturday evening . Peter Coventry, playing on level terms with Alex. Salmond, won after an exciting match at the 24th hole, while R Bucher beat W.Coventry by 5 up and 4 to play. P Coventry and R Boucher now meet in the final, the former being in receipt of two holes, while W Coventry and A Salmond play for third and fourth places.


Leven Advertiser May 30th 1901

The Winner of the Wemyss Cup


“Golf illustrated” of the 24th inst, gives a capital likeness of Mr F.T Wallace, who won the Wemyss Cup the other day at the spring meeting of the Innerleven club.  The cup is a trophy of fair antiquity and its story has been not without interest. It was presented way back in 1856, by the then Wemyss of Wemyss Castle, on who’s property the old links of the Innerleven Society was situated.  Many famous names are inscribed on the original or the present cup.  David Wallace, Marshall, these two are commemorated by Mr Robert Chalmers in his lines on the 1857 tournament :-

Wallace and Marshall – just the same  -

When on the links o’ Leven

For golfing they have got such fame

No two will play them even.


As a matter of fact, they did knock out Musselburgh, but were in the second round beaten ignominiously by Blackheath by 12.  In the following year Wallace, in the famous 58 tournament, lasted till the final and was only beaten by Chambers after a keen fight :-  Charles Anderson of Fettyhill : Foggo of Elie : Rev.John Henderson : Norman Boase : McGibbon, and so on.  Of older names not unknown in this day were Major Boothby : O’Brian Peter ( who won the R&A Medal in a gale of wind, playing with nothing but a driving putter) :  The recently deceased George Todd Chiene : Alan Stuart, Balgownie : Robert Smith, hon.sec. for a quarter of a century : and others.  Mr Wallace’s score of 81 was equalled by Foggo in 1890, but has never been beaten in this competition.  Some years ago the original cup became so crowded with inscriptions that a new one was presented by a later laird of Wemyss.  Mr Wallace won against a strong field. 


Leven Advertiser June 6th  1901

Wemyss Club


The spring tournament for the Burns (handicap) medal and club prizes has now been concluded in the final, R Boucher ( 2,3) scratched to Peter Coventry ( 2,2,3 ).  The third and fourth prizes go to Alex Salmond ( 2,2,3 ) and W M Coventry ( 2,3, ).


Leven Advertiser June 20th  1901

Wemyss v Burntisland Wednesday Players


Old Acquaintances were renewed at Burntisland, when the mid weekly players in each revived the home and home matches which for some years had been allowed to lapse. Burntisland was victorious by 59 holes to 8.


Leven Advertiser July 4th  1901

Wemyss Golf Club


On Saturday, in the face of a strong wind and on rough greens, the members turned out in force for the monthly (handicap) cup and club prizes.  To spite these conditions some good scores were returned.  After two rounds of nine holes, Robert Rumgay was found to be the winner with a card of 86, less 6 – 80, the second prize being won by Thomas Wilson, last months winner with 96, less 14 – 82.


Leven Advertiser August 1st. 1901

East Wemyss Club


The July completion for the monthly (handicap) cup and club prized took place on Saturday afternoon, over Wemyss Links.  There was again a large turn out of competitors, and the weather being favourable, some good play was witnessed, though the greens were a trifle hard.  Two rounds were played when it was found the trophy had been gained for the second time this season by T Wilson, with the following excellent score :-

1st round – 4,4,5,6,6,5,6,4,4 – 44

2nd round – 5,4,5,4,6,3,4,5,4, - 40 -84,less 12 – 72.

Taken from an article entitled “ The Pretty Village Of Wemyss” in the

Evening Post, Thursday, August 8th, 1901.


What with its “sand strewn caverns, cool and deep.” Its self importance before the history of Scotland emerged from the twilight of obscurity, its thick – walled, and impregnable fortress, and its red sandstone towers, Wemyss is an interesting place.

Wemyss folks, too, are proud of their fine old golf links, which stretch – used to stretch – from the village westwards to the castle. Fine! Yes ; but, well-a-day ! not nearly so fine as they used to be, for the industry of man, ever eager-paced where gain may be got, has covered with the refuse of Natures black diamonds part of the rich grassy meadow whereon the Royal & Ancient game was played.

The course possesses difficulties all its own. “ Rocks and Storms” – we fear them here, ever. Tree crowned cliffs and ditches, shingly beach and rocks and dykes – all these have to be negotiated, and the ball kept well in line.

Time was when Wemyss men were famous manipulators, and their course the scene of many a hard fought battle, which ended most often in a victory for the home players. Indeed, so stalwarts knights were they that it seems in the course of time there could not anywhere be found “ foemen worthy of their steel.” Clubs this side Forth and you side Forth – Edinburgh Warrender, Leith Thistle, Burntisland, Innerleven and Edinburgh Thistle, all powerful combinations – went down like ninepins before the redoubtable champions of Wemyss.

In the heyday of the clubs prosperity Professional and Amatuer tournaments were held over the once velvety links, when we find among other names those of Old Tom Morris, Bob Martin, Willie Park, Andrew and Jack Kirkaldy, Tom Kidd, Davie Grant, Ben Sayers and Jamie Anderson in the Professional lists, and Messrs A.M. Ross, A.E. Watson, A.W. Smith, D. Rowland, and Wm. Marshall among the ranks of the amateurs, some of whom have served their generation with credit and renown, some of whom are still in the zenith of their fame.


Leven Advertiser August 29th 1901

Wemyss Club Tournament


In the fourth round of the hole and hole tournament for the Burns handicap medal and club prizes, the Captain, Dr A.E. Watson, had an easy victory to reach the penultimate stage of the competition, where he is opposed by Mr W. Coventry.


Wemyss Club, Bogey Competition


One of the most interesting competitions of the season took place on Saturday over Wemyss Castle course, when the members competed for three handsome badges presented by Dr A.E. Watson. Colonel Bogey’s register was as follows :- First Round – 4,4,5,5,5,4,4,4,3 – 38 ; Second Round – 4,3,4,5,5,3,4,4,4 – 36 – Total 74. None of the competitors, even with their handicaps, were able to cope with the “ Colonel’s” figures. The score of the afternoon was returned by D. Semple, the details being :- First Round – 4,5,5,5,6,4,5,4,3 – 41

Second Round – 7,4,5,5,5,6,4,5,3 – 44 – 85.


Leven Advertiser September 1st 1901

Wemyss Cup Competition


The August competition for the monthly handicap cup and club prizes took place over Wemyss Castle Course Saturday, when there was a good turnout of competitors.  Splendid weather and greens in first class condition allowed of splendid play, the young brigade, as usual, coming to the front.  The merit card was returned by F Welch, details being :- 

First round – 6,5,5,5,5,4,3,5,3 – 41.

Second round – 3,5,4,4,5,5,3,7,4 – 40 – 81.


The next best returns were :- 

                                                Thomas Wilson

       – 42 : – 44 – 86.


                                                David Semple

                4,4,6,8,6,4,4,7,4 – 47 : 5,5,7,4,4,4,4,5,3 – 41 -88.


                                                Robert Salmond

       – 43 : – 45 – 88.


Appended are the principle results :-  Robert Salmond jnr. 88,less 14 – 74 (winner of monthly handicap cup and first prize) :  William Foster, 93, less 18 – 75.


Wemyss Club Tournament


In the penultimate stage of the hole and hole match for the burns handicap medal and club prizes, D Morris (2) defeated W Coventry (2.3) after 4 holes down with only seven to play, while Wm. Salmond (2.3) has a walk over to the final.  They met on Monday evening, Morris having a start of 1.3 holes.  Both are good players, and with good weather and greens in first class order, a stiff match was looked for.  The first hole was won in three by the odds player.  Both were well over the burn going to the second, but Morris lost the hole.  Salmond secured the short hole in 3, and a similar score at the “Lady’s Rock” gave him the lead.  At the end hole a half resulted.  The next was also halved, but Morris fell still further behind at “The Cove.”  Erratic play by both led to a half at the eighth, while Salmond’s drive to the ninth landed in a hole,

And his lead was reduced to two.  At first hole in second round Salmond secured the half, and Morris playing the “Burn Hole” perfectly got down in 4 to his opponents 5.  Morris claimed the next two holes in 5 and 4 respectively, Salmond, failing in his approach shots.  Superior play gave him the “Lady’s Rock” in 4, but the end came at the next, which Morris won in 5 to 6, and the match by 2 1/3 holes and 2 to play.

  The bye was halved.  Scores : -


                                     3,6,4,5,5,5,6,6,4, - 44 : 4,4,3,5,5,5,5,4, - 37 – 83


                           – 41 : 4,5,3,6,5,4,6,6,4 – 43 – 84


Leven Advertiser March 20th 1902

Wemyss Golf Club


The annual meeting of Wemyss Castle Golf Club was held in the public hall on Wednesday – Mr D Semple in the chair. The secretary’s and treasurer’s reports were considered very satisfactory.  Office bearers were appointed for the ensuing season :-  President – Capt. Wemyss of Wemyss : vice president – Mr R G Leitch : secretary – Mr R Boucher : treasurer - : Mr G Waddell : council – Messers R Salmond,sen. : G Burt, G Ventors, R McRae, W Coventry, and Forbes Welsh : Green committee – Messrs R Salmond, F Welsh, and the secretary.


Leven Advertiser April 3rd 1902

Wemyss Club


Wemyss golfers on Saturday held their spring meeting over the Wemyss Castle Links.  The trophy’s competed for were the challenge handicap cup and the patroness medal, a merit award which was presented to the club in the year of the Indian Mutiny by Mrs Erskine Wemyss, wife of Mr Hay Erskine Wemyss of Wemyss Castle, Lord – Lieut. Of Fife forty years ago.  Two rounds of the course were played.  Both awards were gained by Mr Geo. Young, East Wemyss. The following are the principle returns :-  Patroness Medal (scratch) – Geo. Young, 96 : Wm. Morris, 97 : Forbes Welsh, 98 : Robert Salmond sen. 99 : and Wm. Salmond, 99.  Challenge (handicap) cup – Geo. Young , 96 less 8 – 88 : Wm. Morris, 97, less 8 – 89 : Alex Salmond, 100,less 8 – 92 : Robert Salmond sen., 99, less 6 – 93 :  A H Adamson, 100,less 6 – 94 :  D M Morgan, 103, less 8 – 95 : Forbes Welsh, 98, less 2 – 96 :  Robert Rumgay, 102, less 6 – 96 :  Wm. Salmond, 99, less 2 – 97.


Leven Advertiser May 1st 1902

East Wemyss Club


A postponed tie for the burns ( Handicap ) medal was decided on the course on Saturday, the contestants being Forbes Welsh in receipt of two strokes, and George Young and Alexander Salmond, each with an allowance of 8 strokes. Two rounds of the course were played. Forbes Welsh won by a single stroke. Scores :- Forbes Welsh – First Round – 5,5,6,7,8,4,4,4,5 – 48 Second Round – 3,4,5,7,6,4,3,4,5 – 41 – 89, less 2 – 87. Then Alex. Salmond, 96, less 8 – 88.


Leven Advertiser May 8th 1902

Ladybank V Wemyss


Representatives of these clubs met in a friendly match on Annsmuir course, Ladybank, on Saturday afternoon. The weather was showery, with wind at times. The greens were in capital condition, and some good play took place, but the home team proved rather too much for the visitors. Tea was served in the clubhouse to the players after the match. Ladybank ran out easy winners by 57 holes to Wemyss 3.

After the match a number of foursomes were played.


Leven Advertiser May 22nd 1902

Wemyss V Dysart


The first half of the annual home and home matches between the above clubs was played at Dysart on Saturday. Splendid weather prevailed, and the course was in excellent condition. Some very close matches took place, four of the couples coming in square. The result, however, was a win for the visitors ( Wemyss ) by 40 holes to Dysarts 5.


Leven Advertiser June 5th 1902

Wemyss Club


The monthly competition for the above club for the challenge handicap cup and club prizes was held on Friday night over Wemyss Castle course, under the most adverse weather conditions. The was, however, a good turnout of members. Two rounds were played, the leading returns being :-


T. Wilson,  4,4,6,3,4,4,4,7,5,4,4,5,6,4,5,8 – 85.

R. Rumgay, 6,4,3,4,5,4,3,4,8,5,5,4,5,5,6,4,5,6 – 86

R. Boucher 4,6,5,5,4,4,3,5,8,5,5,4,3,4,6,4,6,7 – 87

It was found that Thos. Wilson had gained the trophy and first prize with a score of 85, less 8 – 77


Leven Advertiser June 12th 1902

East Wemyss


On Friday the first monthly competition for the Lochhead (handicap) medal, which has just been presented to the club by vice president Richard G Leich, of Lochhead,

Was played over Wemyss Castle course.  The principle results were :-  Medalist, James Salmond, 57 : David Morris jnr. 66 : Wm. Foster jnr.,70 : Thos. Nicoll, 70 : only one round was played.


Leven Advertiser June 19th  1902

Wemyss Club


The driving and approaching competitions took place over Weymss Castle course on Friday night, when there was a fair turnout of players.  The results, however, were rather disappointing ,being as follows :-  Driving – 1, R Rumgay, 173yds,  2, J McKenzie, Coventry 161 yds 1foot.  Approaching – 1, T Wilson, 5 points :  2, Wm. Salmond,  R Rumgay, R Anderson, Wm. Foster, Wm. Morris, and R Bucher (equal), with 4 points.


Leven Advertiser July 24th  1902

Wemyss Club


The third round of the annual summer handicap tournament, conducted under match conditions, has proved disastrous to the scratch players. To of the ties were carried to the eighteenth green appended are the results : -

Third round

W Salmond beat T C Wilson

A Salmond beat D M Morgan

A H Adamson beat Dr A E Watson (scr)

J Morris beat G Young

J Dryburgh beat W Foster

A Baxter beat J Russell

J M K Coventry beat G Brown jnr.

R Boucher beat G C Campbell


Leven Advertiser September 4th 1902

Wemyss Club


Play in the second competition for the handicap medal and club prizes has resulted as follows :-  R Salmond jnr. (12) beat T Coventry (12) by eight and six to play, after a tie : T C Wilson (3) beat J A Black (16) by five and four to play :  James Coventry beat G C Campbell (18) by four and three :  J Brown (8) beat R B Leich (8) by three and two to play : J McKenzie Coventry (8) beat G Brown jnr. (12) by six and five to play : Gavin Waddell (8) beat A H Adamson (8) : T Laing (14) beat R Burt (14) by five and four to play : Wm. Morris (8) beat S Salmond (16) by five and four to play.


Leven Advertiser September 11th  1902

East Wemyss


The monthly competition for the challenge handicap cup and clubs prizes took place on Saturday.  The course was in a very heavy condition. Leading results :-  1,  Robert Salmond jnr., winner of cup and first prize, 91, less 12 – 79.  The monthly competition for the Lochhead handicap medal for junior players resulted as follows :-

1, James Salmond (winner), 58 :  2, Peter Baxter, 72, less 6 – 66 :  3, Wm. Foster jnr., 79 , less 6 – 73.


Leven Advertiser October 2nd 1902

Wemyss Club


The autumn meeting was held on Wemyss Castle links on Saturday. Results :-  Scratch competition  1, R Salmond jnr., East Wemyss, 91 (winner of St Andrew Cross competed for since 1857 ) :  2 and 3 (equal) Thom C Wilson, West Wemyss, 95 , and Alex Salmond, East Wemyss, 95.  Handicap competition  -  1,  R Salmond jnr., 91, less 12 – 79 (winner of the challenge monthly cup, first club prize, and thane of Fife handicap medal, presented in 1860 by J H R Wemyss, esq. of Wemyss Castle).


Leven Advertiser May 7th  1903

Wemyss Club


On Saturday afternoon, the Wemyss Club opened their season by holding the annual spring meeting over Wemyss Castle Links .  Chief interest centres in the contest for the challenge cup and patroness medal, the former being the award for the lowest handicap return, while the latter is the merit token. Besides these awards, the club gives a number of prizes for the principle net scores.  The cup and medal are at present respectively held by Messrs Thom. C. Wilson and George Young.


Leven Advertiser August 18th  1903

Wemyss Club


Notes -  The talk of resuscitating the golf club has not come to a head so far.  Golfers aught to show more appreciation of the trophies.


Leven Advertiser and Wemyss Gazette June 29th 1905

Wemyss Golf Club


A membership of forty to fifty was wont to find recreation in golf on the old links, now given up to industry. A few holes on the high ground are spared, and here a handful of golfers have an occasional game, though there is no recognised club. In the Wemyss club were several trophies, which afforded material for many matches, but these are lying in the hands of officials of the old club. Would it not be better to re-organise the old club and have the trophies again put up for competition ?. Under the present circumstances they run the danger of becoming scattered and lost to sight. If the medals &c were competed for annually, it would serve to keep them under a recognised management, even though they were fought for over a circumscribed course, they would be none the worse of that as the fee for membership could be made all the less if there was small expenditure on the course. The club might even for the more important trophies have a field day in spring or autumn on Leven or Kinghorn links. Methil golf club affords a good example of this way of keeping the trophies as living ties between the old course and the possibility of getting a new one. In addition, no better way of building up a club in Wemyss could be devised than by reviving the competitions. It would draw the golfers together, and united they would be a lever towards securing a proper course. Those who now content themselves with a quiet round on the present course should take the initiative, and doubtless they would find the officials of the old club ready to co-operate with them.


Scotsman 4th July 1905.    Wemyss Club


For a couple of years the Wemyss Club, which was instituted in the famous Indian Mutiny Year, has been defunct, but there is every prospect of an early resuscitation.

Three years ago the glass cave, one of the landmarks of the course, gave way, spoiling two of the greens, and the club fell on evil days. Lately, however, a number of the members have been showing considerable activity, and play, as yet unorganised, has commenced, the greens having been put into playing condition. A deputation has been appointed to approach Mr G.Hay Erskine Wemyss, of Wemyss Castle, whose father, Mr J.Hay Erskine Wemyss, Lord Lieutenant of Fifeshire, was one of the founders of the club, on the subject of new territory ; but there is a pretty general consensus of opinion that the old course, with a little revision, is all that is necessary. Every hole presents hazards of an excellent character, such as are not to be met elsewhere, and the turf, under careful management, is like that on the majority of seaside courses.

The ground is finely situated, and commands a splendid prospect of the Firth of Forth. In the heyday of its prosperity open tournaments were held by the club. Tom Morris was one of it’s members, and amongst the original associates of the club – feather cored players – were Mr J Townsend – Oswald of Dunnikeir, Mr Robert Cathcart of Pitcairlie ( Late lord Lieutenant of Fife ), Captain J.F. Bremner, Colonel Boothby, Colonel Maitland – Dougall, and Mr Nicol Malcolm. All along its career the Wemyss Club has boasted of players of some renown ; such clubs as Leven Thistle, Innerleven, Warrender and Allied ( Edinburgh ) and Burntisland were encountered, and often badly defeated.

Leven Advertiser and Wemyss Gazette July 6th 1905


Proposed Reconstruction Of The Golf Club


A meeting has been convened at East Weymss for the purpose of considering the reconstruction of the Wemyss Golf Club. Three years ago, the Glass Cave, one of the landmarks of the course, gave way, spoiling two of the greens. Lately, however, a number of the old members and others have been showing considerable activity, and play has commenced, the greens having been partially put into playing condition. At the meeting an interesting report will be submitted on the re-arrangement of the course and the old club’s trophies.

Scotsman 15th April 1907.

Wemyss Castle Club


The spring meeting of this club, instituted in the Indian, Mutiny period, but which was resuscitated last year after being defunct for a few seasons, brought out an excellent attendance of members. The principal trophies competed for were the Patroness Medal, the merit award, which was presented in 1857 by Lady Millicent Anne Hay, Erskine-Wemyss, of Wemyss Castle, and the Challenge Cup played for monthly under handicap conditions.  Some good scores were returned, the following being the leading results:- Patroness Scratch Medal – 1, Mr Thos. C.Wilson, 82.  Challenge Handicap Cup- 1, Mr J. Andrew Black, 96, less 12-84; and 2, Mr Thos.C Wilson, 82, plus 3-85. 


Scotsman May 13th 1907


Wemyss Castle Club played their opening inter-club match at East Wemyss, when Leven Young Men’s Club provided the opposition-twelve players a side.  The following was the result:- Wemyss Castle, ten matches; Leven; Y.M.C.A. two matches.  The following players represent Wemyss Castle Club in the Fifeshire championship at Kinghorn;- Dr. A.E.Watson, Mr Fred Low, Mr James S.Coventry, and Mr Tom C.Wilson. Reserves-Mr Robert K. Sharp and Rev. G.D.Low.

Scotsman July 15th, 1907


Jubilee Of Fifeshire Club


The members of Wemyss Castle club celebrated their Jubilee at East Wemyss.The club was inaugurated in 1857 by Mr James Hay Erskine Wemyss, of Wemyss Castle, M.P., and Lord Lieutenant of Fife, who was a most enthusiastic golfer, and the opening competition took place on 18th April, 1857. During the fifty years of its existence the club has experienced many ups and downs, and after a lapse of a few quiet seasons has again taken up a new lease of life. The membership is growing rapidly. An interesting competition was engaged in between the present members and the old stagers, the result being :- Wemyss Castle club eight ; “ The Veterans,” nothing.

Scotsman 21st September 1908.    Wemyss.


The Wemyss Castle Club held a special autumn competition over the Wemyss course to mark the fifty first anniversary of the club. There was a good turnout of members, play extending over thirty six holes. Scoring was low. Appended are the principal prize – winners : - 1st Mr Geo. Adamson, Coaltown of Wemyss, 92 less 15 = 77, and 90 less 15 = 75 – total = 152. 2nd Mr Robert K Sharp, West Wemyss, 86 less 3 = 83 and 83 less 3 = 80 total 163.

Scotsman 13th June 1910.   Wemyss Castle Club.


The finalists in the annual hole and handicap tournament for the Burns medal were Mr Stephen Salmond ( 5 0 ) AND Mr Purvis Todd ( 2 )


Scotsman 9th September 1912.   Wemyss Castle Autumn Meeting


The annual autumn meeting was held over Weymss Castle Links. The principal awards were the Patroness scratch medal and the club challenge cup ( Handicap )

Leading results were : - Patroness medal Mr Richard R Wilson scratch 84.

Challenge Handicap Cup, Mr G Campbell, 86 less 4 = 82. Mr Richard R Wilson , scratch 84. Mr A S Todd 87 less 2 = 85, Mr A Morgan, 91 less 5 = 86.


Scotsman 18th September 1911.  

Wemyss v. Leven Y.M.C.


At Wemyss  The local players won six, drew four, and lost two games.  The boy’s medal was won by D.Morgan after a tie.


Fife Advertsier May 10th, 1947

Golf Course


Closed at the start of the war, Wemyss Castle golf course is to be re-opened. A nine-hole course is being laid out as a temporary measure until the work on the 18 holes can be undertaken. Preliminary arrangements for resuming the clubs activities were discussed at a meeting in Coaltown of Wemyss Miners Institute.

Fife Free Press May 22nd 1948

Golf Course Opened.


Saturday last was of special importance to old and new members of Wemyss Golf Club, the activities of the club being resumed after a lapse of several years with the opening of a reconstructed nine hole course on the South Side of Coaltown of Wemyss in place of the original course which was ploughed up during the war. The new course was opened by Mr Stewart Todd, Chapel Gardens, West Wemyss, master of works at Wemyss Castle Estate.


Fife Advertiser July 31st, 1948



First Competition On New Course

Close finish at West Wemyss


Three months ago one of the oldest golf clubs in Fife was re-started. West Wemyss used to boast a very fine course but along came the war and the fairways and greens were taken over for war duty.

Three fileds were obtained this year, and by purley voluntary help the course was moulded in to shape. The course is still run by this means.

On Thursday, however, the first competition on the new course took place. It was a mixed foursome and was keenly fought out to the last hole. The winners, Miss Burnett and Mr Christie, only beat Miss Aitken and Mr Weir at the last hole. 

Fife Advertiser January 7th, 1950


“ Madmen Of Wemyss” Made

Golf Course

Descendants Battle Still

By “ F.A.” Reporter


The other day I heard a story of grit and determination which I think you would like to hear. It concerns ordinary people – Miners, Grocers, Shop Girls – people like yourselves.

They had an object in life and despite seemingly impossible handicaps, went ahead with their plans. They live in the three villages of Wemyss, sharing a common bond of fellowship – the love of golf.

In 1939 they had a first class course but it was ploughed up. At the end of the war they thought that it was about time they put themselves on the map again and so did a certain local gentlemen called Captain Wemyss. He gave Wemyss golf club £150 and allowed three fields to be used as a course.

Its not as easy as that though,for what would you say if someone came to you and said “ John, we are going to make a golf course,” ? If you were like me you would think that your friend had been celebrating Hogmanay a little too well.

But not the people in Wemyss.

When Mr Stewart Tod, West Wemyss, President of the club, told members of the committee that they were going to construct a course, they said, “ right !, when do we start,” ?

During the bleak winter of 1946 they worked on the three fields and by July they had made a nine-hole golf course, and here I can vouch for their determination and skill for I have had more than one enjoyable game on the course.

Day after day, in their spare moments, this little band of enthusiasts went out with spades and other implements to cut grass, dig, and work !

Eighteen merry men divided themselves into nine couples and each took on the responsibility of making a green – no easy task when one has to turn a bare and rocky patch of ground into a glorified billiard table.

“ the Madmen of Wemyss,” as some people called them were following the tradition of their forefathers because golf was played in the parish in the days of Mary Queen Of Scots. Along came certain unsporting monarchs, however, who prohibited the game, but the golfers of the day took their “ heads in their hands,” and continued to bash the “ wee ba,” around the sands of the shore.

The first course at Wemyss, was one of renown, and was a favourite of Tom Morris, Scotland’s greatest golfer.

It was opened over a hundred years ago although club records only go back 98 years. It lay on the links between East Wemyss and Wemyss Castle and one of the trickiest holes was at the glass cave. This well known spot was where glass was first made in Scotland, and the hole required all the skill in a golfer’s power to manoeuvre.

Time marched on and the club moved to a spot on the estate of Wemyss Castle where again many well known followers of the game congregated.

This brings us back to the present and to the gallant band of people who are once again fighting a big obstacle. It is difficult to believe, but the membership of Wemyss club is only 90 and with present day costs they are finding it difficult to make ends meet.

Many local people think that golf is a game for the elite. Mr Tod laughed at this and pointed out that at Wemyss, miners played with pit managers and cats with kings.

It is a great game this golf and the endeavours of the people concerned deserve a bit better support. They are doing their best to make the club betterand by holding whist drives and other functions are bringing in the money but it is not enough. Already £500 has been spent on the course but there are still many things which the energetic committee would like to do.

Dysart club was another to lose its course and a few people from the “ Saut Burgh,” have given their Wemyss friends a hand but perhaps more might come along and swell the happy band. A years subscription is 30/-. Those on the committee would be pleased to welcome new members.

They are :- President, Mr Stewart Tod ; Secretary – Mr James Venters, East Wemyss ; Vice President, Mr Hampson, Manager at Lochhead Colliery ; Captain – Mr James Venters, East Wemyss ; Vice Captain, Mr Moffat, Schoolmaster at Wemyss School.

Mr David Rodger, Coaltown of Wemyss, Match Secretary, is one of the most enthusiastic workers in the club and taken it upon himself to try and encourage the young people in the district to take up this healthy, clean, and social game.

Fife Advertiser June 16th, 1951

Golf Winner


James Wallace, with a score of 75, won the St Andrews Cross scratch medal over Wemyss golf course on Saturday.

Fife Advertiser July 15th, 1954


Wemyss Golf Club

May Disband


On Eve Of Centenary


Financial difficulties are likely to force Wemyss Golf Club, whose centenary would have been celebrated next year, to disband.

At a meeting on Sunday the position was discussed and as soon as the remaining funds are spent the course will gradually fall into a state which will present more than the usual quota of hazards to the golfer. The enthusiastic, as always, will do their bit to keep the course open, but even voluntary cutting here and there involves expense in fuel for the tractor and so the vicious circle of £sd is completed.

Committee members have over recent years done their utmost to raise funds by running whist drives and other functions, but this years membership of 73 is disappointing and has brought little income to the club.

At one time Wemyss could boast of one of the finest nine-hole golf clubs in the county, but in its present situation the course has never proved over popular. It was originally site at the shore, near the castle, and then moved to the fields near by the present football pitch for its most popular period.

Patron of the club is Captain Michael Wemyss, and Patroness, Lady Victoria Wemyss.

Fife Advertiser March 5th, 1956


Golf Again at Coaltown ?

Club Should Ask For Lease

                                  ------ District Council


Golfing enthusiasts at Wemyss may yet play on the local course at Coaltown – closed to them since Wemyss golf club decided last year not to renew the lease of the course from the Wemyss estate.

Since then the club has approached Wemyss district council for financial help, and at their meeting last week it was decided that if the club asked the estate for a renewal of the lease the council would see what could be done to help.

The golf club members, a body of people with £40 to their credit, decided not to renew the lease rather than do so and later on find they were unable to carry on due to financial commitments.

Their endeavours were favourably commented upon by county councillor, E. Eadie, Coaltown of Wemyss, who told the district council members that the decision had been taken by the club which still bore the name, but that was all.

Recalling earlier discussions, councillor Eadie said the council had expressed their willingness to give some financial assistance but they were tied, and could not do so without having some say in the administration of the club and course.

The district council had approached the estate themselves about leasing the course but the reply had been very unsatisfactory and did not assist in any way to resuscitate the game in Wemyss.

Referring to the letter sent by the golf club to the district council, councillor Eadie remarked that from its terms it would appear that the club and the estate were on most harmonious terms. He suggested, therefore, that the club be asked to approach the estate with a view to securing a renewal of the lease.

“I am not saying that we would be prepared to give away public money without guarantee”, he added, “ but it seems that somebody needs to break the ice and I would suggest that we do it in this way.”

Councillor T. Rolland, East Wemyss, wondered if the council would not be going just a little too fast in taking such a step. It was a club without a course, and the members would have to start afresh.

Councillor T. Sherrey, East Wemyss, said one of the three fields, used by the golf club was ploughed up at present. This seemed to point to the fact, councillor Rolland pointed out, that the estate did not want to retain it as a golf course. Presumably they would be planting something in the field. But that did not mean that nothing could be done about the remainder of the old course, added councillor Sherrey.

Councillor Rolland asked what the position would be if Councillors Eadie’s suggestion was adopted, and the club did obtain a new lease. What kind of help would the council be allowed to give.

Mr J. Thom, the clerk – financial “ to a very limited extent I imagine,” replied Councillor Rolland. Councillor Eadie thought that could be considered later. What was required was merely the first step towards having golfing facilities again at Wemyss. Mr Thom explained the club had sufficient funds to meet its day to day commitments. What really worried members was the capital about £400, which was required for new equipment and machines.

Councillor Rolland commented that he was indeed sorry to see the course go out of existence, and he would do all in his power to set it going again. He felt, however, that the golf club committee would consider whether or not they were going to be able to keep the course open before applying for a new lease.

What they apparently wanted, was some assurance of the district council’s help.

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