Forgotten Golfing Greens Of Scotland
 Forgotten Golfing Greens Of Scotland

Tugnet, Spey Bay.

Spey Bay Golf Course.


A proposal had been put forward to construct a new, 18 hole, golf course between Tugnet and Portgordon (Now called Spey Bay.) It was suggested that the railway authorities might be approached to making a railway halt near Auchenreath for golfers.


20th October 1905 Scotsman


Proposed Spey Bay Course



Last night a meeting of the Spey Bay Golf Committee was held at Fochabers Mr John smith presiding.  The plan of the ground and accompanying lease for twenty-five years at a nominal rent by the Duke of Richmond and Gordon were considered and approved, and steps were taken for the formation of a club.  The extent of ground included in the lease comprises 140 acres, abutting on Spey Bay on the right hand side of the river.

27th May 1907 The Scotsman


Opening Of Spey Bay Course


The newly constructed course of the Spey Bay Club, planned by Ben Sayers, was opened for play.  After an expenditure of over £1000 on the conversion of 160 acres of natural ground abutting on the sea beach at the east side of the mouth of the river. Spey, every one of the eighteen greens has been made and laid with very fine sea turf.  They vary in size from sixty to eighty feet square.  All the tees have been laid with turf, and the other equipment of the course is in keeping with its status.  The course and greens met with cordial approval by players and reflected credit on the skill of the greenkeeper, Mr Robert Marr of North Berwick.  The names of the holes and the lengths are as follows:-  Witch, 400yards: Target, 339; Port, 315; Spires;193; Torbreck; 369; Scaur, 279; Bin, 400; Valley, 243;Burn 511; Wardie; 300; Lighthouse, 287; Bridge, 374; Norrie, 288; Tower, 371; Table, 253; Lennox, 312; Tugnet, 304; Home, 364. Total length of the course, 5902 yards.   A large crowd assembled at the first tee in the afternoon, and watched a match between teams drawn by the captain, Mr Alexander Muir, and the secretary, Mr J. Anderson.  There were seventeen couples and the result was a win for the captain’s team by 9 matches to 6 for the secretary’s team.

Opening Of Spey Bay
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