Forgotten Golfing Greens Of Scotland
 Forgotten Golfing Greens Of Scotland

Strichen House

Strichen 1,and 2.

Strichen Golf Club 1.  Instituted 1896.  A 6-hole course on the old Manse Park. Membership 59. Formerly the private course of the owner. Closed during WW1.


Strichen Golf Club 2. 1914


Strichen Golf Club 3. Instituted 1926. An 8-hole course, designed by Dr Alastair Mackenzie, in the grounds of Strichen House, with work in hand to extend to 18 holes. (FRH 13.7.26)

                                          Strichen – New Golf Course.


"The Strichen trustee’s have formed a six hole golf course in the large park at Strichen house for the use of Mr Michell, the lessee of the shootings, and his guests.Mr Michell is a great enthusiast in the Royal and Ancient game, and arrives for the shooting season in the course of this week. Mr McLean, head keeper, superintended the making of the course."                    (Aberdeen Journal 11.8.1896)

Proposed golf course at Strichen


Field to be Acquired


"A meeting of those interested in the formation of a golf course at Strichen was held in the town hall on Monday evening. Mr Young was called to the chair, and there was a representative attendance. Mr Alexander said as a course they had in view the old Manse Park, which they considered quite suitable for the purpose.

  The Rev. W.L.B. Petrie moved, and Mr J.M. Cook seconded, that a small committee be appointed to approach Mr Sleigh to see if the field could be obtained and on what terms, to go into details as to probable expense, and report to a future meeting. A committee was accordingly appointed as follows – Messrs Young, Alexander, Penny, Attwood, and Dr Stephen"                        (Aberdeen Weekly Journal 10 4 1914). 

Strichen Golf Club Formed


"A public meeting of those interested in the formation of a golf club in Strichen was held in the town hall on Friday evening. Mr George Young, Bank House, presided over an enthusiastic gathering of ladies and gentlemen. The chairman said the committee appointed at the last meeting were now in a position to report progress, and called upon Mr R. Alexander to read a statement of what had been done.

  Mr Alexander read a letter from Mr Theodore Lumley, the commissioner for the Strichen trustees setting forth the terms upon which a field would be granted for playing golf. These were, that the trustees would not disturb the committee of the proposed club for a period of three years, or, if necessary, five years ; that the rental would be £30 a year, the tenants to maintain all the fences ; that the club expend in forming, levelling, and keeping up the links, and greens, what amount Mr Sleigh may think necessary and that the rules and regulations of the club be submitted to Mr Sleigh for his approval.

The report of the committee was to the effect that they considered the conditions laid down by Mr Lumley to be satisfactory, that they had taken the field at £30, and had sub-let it to Mr Chalmers, Ugie Bank, for £15 for sheep grazing, and that they had thought it advisable to get expert advice regarding the arrangements and general plan of the course. Mr Heron, Green-keeper, Fraserburgh, had accordingly been consulted, and that gentleman had submitted what the committee considered an excellent plan for six hole course. Mr Alexander intimated that an anonymous donor had contributed sufficient money to lay down the greens.

  The report was unanimously approved by the meeting.

Mr Sleigh moved, and Dr Stephen seconded, that a golf club be formed in Strichen and that was unanimously agreed to. Office Bearers were elected as follows :- Patrons – Mr Andrew Anderson, Mr A.D. Garden, Mr J. Sleigh, and Mr Lumley ; President, Mr Young ; Captain, Mr Charles Penny ; Vice Captain, Mr Attwood ; Secretary and Treasurer, Mr Robert Alexander.

  It was agreed that a council of six be confined to gentlemen, and Dr Stephen, The Rev. Mr Petrie, The Rev. Mr Wilson, and Messrs Banks, Sleigh, and Cook were appointed.

On the motion of Mr Petrie, seconded by Mr Sleigh, it was decided that there should be no entrance fee for members. The subscriptions were fixed at 10 s for gentlemen, and 7s 6d for ladies, the charges for visitors to be 1s a day, 2s 6d a week, 3s 6d a fortnight, and 5s a month. (Aberdeen Evening Express 4.5.1914)

New Strichen Golf course


"The new golf course at Strichen was opened yesterday afternoon under most disagreeable weather conditions. A drizzling rain fell most of the day, with the result that the attendance at the opening ceremony was not nearly so large as it would have been under more favourable circumstances.

  Among those present were :- Dr and Mrs Stephen ; The Rev. D. Tweedale, New Leeds ; Miss Ewing ; Mr E.V. Atwood ; Mr A.D. Bremner ; Mr and Mrs C. Bremner ; Mr F. Mitchell ; Mr and Mrs Alexander ; Mr C.W. Sleigh ; Mr A. Anderson ; Mrs Young ; Mr and Mrs J.L. Paterson ; Mr C. Low ; Mr J.M. Cook ; Mr J. Banks ; Miss M. Paterson ; Mrs Watson ; Mr J.A. Smith ; Miss Chalmers and Miss D. Chalmers ; Miss Gill ; Mr H. Renwill ; Mr G. Scott ; Mr G. Gill ; Miss Gillen; Miss Kirkland ; Miss Glennie ; Mr A. Keith, etc.

  Mr E.V. Attwood, Vice President of the club, in introducing Mrs Young, said the more enthusiastic golfers in the village had been long desirous of having a course near the village. Thanks mainly to the energies of Mr Alexander, and to the hearty co-operation of all interested in the game in Strichen, their dream was about to be realised. He had very much pleasure in calling upon Mrs Young, the wife of their President, who was unavoidably absent, to declare the course open.

  Mrs Young, in a very few words, expressed her pleasure in being present, and in declaring the course open for play, Mrs Young then played off the first ball amid applause.

  Mr C.W. Sleigh, on behalf of the members of the golf club, proposed a vote of thanks to Mrs Young for her kindness and stated it had been their intention to give Mrs Young a small gift which would be useful to her and would also serve to remind her of that occasion. The article had not arrived in time, but when it did, it would be sent to Mrs Young with the most hearty good wishes of the golf club. The vote of thanks was warmly accorded. The company were thereafter served with tea, after which a number of foursomes were engaged in by several of the ladies and gentlemen"

(Aberdeen Journal 11.6 1914). 

The Strichen House course was to the left of Strichen House and the Manse Park course was in the field with large letter S in it. 

"The annual general meeting of the members of the Strichen golf club was held on Tuesday – Mr C.W. Sleigh, President, in the chair. The balance sheet for the past year, as submitted by Mr Alexander, Treasurer, showed a credit balance of over £6, which was considered very satisfactory in view of the fact that there was a decrease in membership of 17.

  Office bearers for the ensuing year were elected as follows : ­- Hon. Presidents, Mr John Sleigh, Strichen Mains ; Theodore Lumley, London ; A.D. Garden, New York ; and Andrew Anderson, Strichen. President, Mr E.V. Atwood ; Captain, Dr J.H. Stephen ; Vice Captain, Mr C. Bremner ; Secretary and treasurer, Mr R. Alexander, High Street ; Committee, The Rev. W.S.B. Petrie, Messrs G. Young, J.A. Smith, R. Winton, A. Stevenson, and C. Renny.

  Mr Sliegh was thanked for the cup he had presented for competition, which had been very successful in stimulating the enthusiasm of the members. One of the members offered a prize for competition among ladies. The hope was expressed that a sufficient number of the lady members would come forward to enable the prize to be played for this year."               (AberdeenJournal 30.3.1916)

"The annual meeting of Strichen golf club took place in Nicol’s school. Office bearers were elected as follows :- Honorary President, Charle Penny ; President, W.S.B. Petrie ; Secretary and Treasurer, P.S. McKilligin ; Captain, J.A. Banks ; Vice Captain, C. Low ; Committee – G. Urquhart, R. Alexander, W.J. Simpson, W. Brash, J.L. Paterson, and C. Brebner. The subscription for ladies was lowered from 7s 6d to 5s, apprentices to be admitted at 2s 6d. It was considered desirable that a clubhouse should be erected on the course, and Mr Sleigh kindly agreed to supply the trees for the wood required"

(Fraserburgh Herald 15.4.1919).

"The annual general meeting of the members of the Strichen golf club was held in the town hall on Thursday evening. Mr J.A. Bnks presided. The secretary, Mr McKilligin, submitted the accounts for the past year, showing the club to be in a sound position financially.

  The following office bearers were elected for the ensuing year :- Honorary President, Mr Charles Penny of Skillymarno ; President, Mr R. Alexander ; Captain, Mr Charles Low ; Vice Captain, Mr George Urquhart ; Secretary and Treasurer, Mr P.S. McKilligin ; Committee – Messrs Chas. Bremner, E.V. Atwood, G. Young, A.D. Bremner, and E. Shand.

  It was decided that members subsciptions remain as they were last year. A small committee consisting of Messrs Young, Atwood, and John Shand was appointed to go into the question of providing some sort of shelter for the members on the golf course."

(Fraserburgh Herald 20.3.1920)

"A stroke competition over eighteen holes was played on the Strichen Hydro Golf Course. Owing to the frozen condition of the ground play was erratic. The results were :- 1, H.D. Scott, 2, C. Bremner. 3, C. Low. The misty prize was won by James R. Robertson."                    (Aberdeen Journal 4.1.1929)


"Under the auspices of the Strichen golf club a medal competition was played over the Hydro course, which was in a rather sodden condition, and combined with a boisterous wind, resulted in high cards. Results were :- 1, Chas. B. Ingram ( scratch ) 96. 2, Charles W. George, ( 10 ) 97. 3, Fred Coutts, ( 10 ) 99."          (Aberdeen Journal 4.4.1930)

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