Forgotten Greens of Scotland
Forgotten Greens of Scotland

Civil Service Golf Club, Rosslynlee

Civil Service Golf Club. First mention 1895.

   “The little known but excellent inland green was opened on Saturday by the Civil Service Golf Club, to whom the lease has been transferred by the Glencorse (formerly Rosslynlee) Club.

The course is to be drained, re-fenced, and extended by the new tenants, and play will then be rendered more enjoyable than at present. The present arrangement of holes is 1, “Kaimes 200 yards; 2. The Warren” 200 yards;3. “The Hill” 250 yards;4. “The Gate” 210 yards; 5. “End Hole” 160 yards; 6. “Hillside” 310 yards; 7. “The Rosben” 23- yards; 8. “Kaimes In’ 250 yards; 9. “Home Hole” 200 yards.”   (EEN 4.6.1895).


Membership was restricted t0 100, the great majority being Civil Servants.


It is not known how long the club remained at Rosslynlee

The highest part of this course was 800 feet above sea level with views ( On a Good Day ) all the way to Loch Lomond. This phot was taken from the 3rd green, and the first tee was on the banking in the distance just to the left of that little bush. Look at the sketch on the header of this page. Also look at the Layout sketch below. The photo has been taken from No 3, looking over to the small clubhouse on the left of the sketch, where the first ball was struck from.

Wev'e given you enough clues, you can do the rest for yourselves.

View from the first tee and clubhouse location back across the course to the 3rd geen on top of the hill in the distance. Right, that's enough, if you want to see more then go to the bloody course yourself.

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