Forgotten Golfing Greens Of Scotland
 Forgotten Golfing Greens Of Scotland

Rhubodach, Isle Of Bute.

Rhubodach golf course


Rhubodach Golf Club.


A six-hole course owned by Mr F W Fell Clark of Glen Caladh,at the north end of the Isle of Bute, opposite Colintraive.  First mention 1911.

A motor boat load of Rothesay golfers spent an enjoyable time on the links at Rhubodach on Saturday.” (RE 20.9.11)


Interesting Day at Rhubodach

After their appearance at Millport on Wednesday last, the Champions, Edward Ray and George Duncan, were the guests on the following day of Mr F W Fell Clark on his private course at Rhubodach. The course is one of six holes so that for a full game it has to be played three times round. Since Duncan’s last visit it has undergone some alterations and improvements, and is kept in excellent condition. During the forenoon a four ball match was played, in which Ray was partnered with Mr Clark, President of Kyles GC, against Duncan and Mr Harry Stuart, Captain of Kyles GC. The latter couple proved the winners in a closely played match. In the afternoon the two professionals engaged in a medal round, Duncan being anxious to improve on his previous record of 70 for the same course. A number of enthusiasts from Rothesay and Port Bannatyne witnessed the interesting game. Duncan's score for the round was 67 50 that he beat his previous record by 3. Ray, who seemed to be off his short game, did the round in 72.


         Duncan   533633 433534 533533   67

            Ray      544425 443544 443544   72"        ( RE 29.7.13)


 The recently formed golf club of which Mr Walter Fell Clark of Glen Caladh Castle is President, opened their first season with an interesting competition for members and visitors on the course at the north end of the island of Bute. It goes on to mention the prizes etc.” (OT 17.6.1922)


When the players (of Rothesay GC) asked the Council for Sunday golf in April 1931, the Dean of Guild said they could go to Rhubodach.  The Clerk said not since 1925, when the buses stopped running on Sundays.” (RGCH)  However Sunday play continued as a poem appeared in TE in May 1932 entitled “Roars from the Course”:  “Rhubodach way I hear they play.....”

Not recorded in Annuals.


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