Forgotten Greens of Scotland
Forgotten Greens of Scotland


Elgin Golf Club 1. Instituted 1893.

   “On Tuesday evening a meeting of those desirous of forming a club for the practice of golf on the Public Park was held in the Station Hotel. An executive was appointed, and Mr Gordon, clothier, was appointed president; Mr Mair, Chief Constable, being secretary. Already a large number of members have joined. As soon as permission has been obtained from the Town Council to make the holes and other accessories of a good golf course the work will be proceeded with.”  (AJ 3.11.1893)


   “Sometime ago  a golf club was formed in Elgin for the purpose of playing on the Public Park, as it was found inconvenient to go to Lossiemouth to play over the links there. A course of six holes was laid out, and permission was granted by the Town Council to play from seven o’ clock in the morning to eleven o’ clock. The opening match took place yesterday between teams chosen by the president (Mr R Gordon) and the secretary (Mr J B Mair). Previous to the match, Mr J R Mair, who drove the first ball and who has been most active in promoting the club, was presented with a handsome new driver. The driver was a gift of the members of the club, and was handed to Mr Mair by the president.”    (AJ 11.1.1894)


The present club was formed in 1904.

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