Forgotten Golfing Greens Of Scotland
 Forgotten Golfing Greens Of Scotland

One of the many film shoots which took place at Arbory at the time.

Arbory Brae, Lost, But Not Forgotten !!

Crenshaw to Harry " What's your greatest acheivment in golf".

Harry to Crenshaw " Helping Alfie to re-construct Arbory Brae golf course".

Crenshaw to Harry " What's the hardest thing you ever did in golf".

Harry to Ben " Giving up Arbory Brae". No more questions please.

End Of Interview


Ben Crenshaw was a supporter of Arbory Braes and featured in the original brochure.

Fairways what Fairways, written by Alfie. Click on the image for purchase details. Also see Alfie's web site

There can be no doubt about the interest which the Arbory project created, with several radio, and T.V Broadcasts from the course, with phone calls from people like Sir Sean Connery, Ben Crenshaw etc. The Scottish press were also in on the act with numerous articles in the Daily Record, Scotsman, Herald etc. The course re-construction took four years, with a lot of blood, sweat, and tears, little money, no machinery, but loads of back breaking work and enthusiasm. Two brothers with a common love for the game, a golf course which almost ripped them apart, and a book which ( ten years on ) brought them back together again. ( What a Read ! )

 A map showing the location of the golf course

The team from Sky T.V.


A team from Sky television came to Arbory and filmed a programme for the Lonely Planet series.


The 9th green with flag fluttering in the breeze, and 8th tee in foreground next to old rollers. Arbory Hill in background, and of course the grazing sheep, our living grasscutters.


Hazel Irvine of B.B.C. Television during filming at Arbory Brae for a one hour programme shown on B.B.C. 2. She was very professional and we would describe her as a class act.

 Scottish television comes to the course with Christina McIntyre

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