Forgotten Greens of Scotland
Forgotten Greens of Scotland

Cowdenbeath Clubs and Courses

Between 1888 and 1947, the Cowdenbeth Golf Club had three different names and played over 7 different courses.

The first club, Cowdenbeath and District Golf Club played over:

     The 1st course at Leuchatsbeath, from June 1888 until August 1897.

     The 2nd course at Mains of Beath, from March 1898 until October 1898

The 3rd course at the North of the town, exact location unknown, from March 1899 until June 1900.

Club in abeyance from June 1900 until March 1905

The second club, Cowdenbeath Golf Club played over:

The 4th at Bervie’s Brae, from March 1905 until September 1905.

The 5th at Stevensbeath Farm, from November 1905 until January 1906.

The 6th again at North Road, from February 1906 until May 1910.

The 7th was the Cowdenbeath Public Course, from May 1910 until the closure of the club 

Original Course


Formation Of Club


       “On Tuesday evening a golf club was formed here for Cowdenbeath & District. Fifteen gentlemen enrolled themselves as members, and there is every prospect of as many more joining the club” (DSP 30.6.1888)

      “The golf club here has now commenced playing on their new ground, kindly granted by Mr Sinclair, farmer, Leuchars Beath. The course is immediately to the North of the Farm steadings, and comprises three large fields, being a splendid place of old turf, and along with charming scenery. As an inland course, it is said by some of the experts at golf to be second to none in Fifeshire.” (DSP 1.6.1889)


       ‘The final tie for the challenge cup came off here on Wednesday afternoon, between D. Brown and C. Barclay. When the cards were handed in it was found that D. Brown was the holder of the cup with a score of 90 strokes for 18 holes against 107.” (DP 30.5.1891)


      “Mr J.C. Bolton has been successful in winning the club charm which has been played for during the past fortnight. The game of golf is beginning to be more appreciated in this locality than hitherto, a course within easier reach is much wanted.”

      “A match between Kinross and Cowdenbeath was played on the green of the former, and resulted in a win for Cowdenbeath by 4 holes.”

(DP 20.6.1891)


      “The return match between Kinross and Cowdenbeath took place on the Cowdenbeath course. The game was played in a dense mist, which obscured the greens and seriously hindered the strangers in their approaches. The result was a win for Cowdenbeath by 41 holes to 18.” (DP 4.7.1891)

     “The competition for the scratch medal was concluded on Saturday, when there was a fair turnout of members on the course at Leucharsbeath. The greens are as yet rather rough, and operated against low scoring. The medal was won by J.A. Murray with a score of 96.” (DP 1.4.1893)


     “In the cup competition which has been going on for the past month, the four who successfully negotiated the first two rounds were Messrs Lindsay ( Scratch ) Kirk ( 4 ) Yule ( 13 ) and Craig ( 9 ). In the draw for the semi final Lindsay was opposed to Kirk, and Yule to Dr Craig. The result was as expected, though Yule had to plat an extra three round before he could dispose of his opponent. The final took place on Monday between J. Kirk ( 4 ) and T. Yule ( 13 ) and resulted in an easy win for Mr Yule. The monthly gold medal was won on Saturday by Mr T. Beveridge with a net score of 86.” (DP 17.6.1893)

Members of Cowdenbeath. Taken from a newspaper.

     “A match between teams chosen by the Captain and Treasurer furnished the members with one of the most interesting matches of the season. The players were so well matched that there existed a great deal of dubiety during the whole progress of the game as to which side would win. The treasurers side eventually winning by one hole up.” (DP 4.6.1894)


     “The return match between Cowdenbeath and Kinross was played on the ground of the former at Leauchatsbeath on Wednesday night, and resulted in a win for Cowdenbeath by 36 holes.” (DP 7.7.1894)


     “With a view to encouraging golf in Cowdenbeath, Mr Birrell M.P. for West Fife, has presented to the Cowdenbeath Golf Club a beautiful silver medal. When approached on the subject, Mr Birrell said, “ if I can in any way assist golf in Cowdenbeath I shall be delighted.” The medal is to be played for quarterly under the name of “The Birrell Medal” and it is expected that the competitions will be keen. The medal was supplied by Mr Barclay, Watchmaker, Cowdenbeath.” (DP 22.9.1894)

     “A match between Cowdenbeath and  Kinross was played at Leauchatsbeath on Wednesday when Cowdenbeath were the victors by 16 holes.” (DP 1.6.1895)


     “The Birrell medal was won on Wednesday by the Rev. Mr Macmahon with the score of 79 less 2 – 77 the record for the course in medal play.”

(DP 8.6.1895)

Ladies Golf Course


     “At a committee meeting of the golf club last week arrangements were made to form at once a six-hole course at Leuchetsbeath for the lady members of the club. When these arrangements are carried out it is hoped the course will become very popular among the fair sex.

     As regards prizes the ladies are also being considered. Dr Craig has intimated his intention of presenting a set of clubs to be competed for by them. The competition will probably take place about the end of June.”

(CLT 20.5.1896)


     “There is a separate 8-hole course for the Ladies.” (CLT 29.5.1896)


This would have been abandoned in 1897 when the lease at Leuchatsbeath was terminated and the Club moved to Hill of Beath.

            "The course, of nine holes, is a private one, about three quarters of a mile to the north of the town and within easy walking distance of the station.  The hazards are whins, cart-ruts, and dykes, which good driving easily avoids, but topped and erratic driving are punished at every hole.  The greens are of fair size, and the turf is short and natural. The scratch score may be put down as 43."  (GA1896-97)

     “The return match between Cowdenbeath and Lochgelly was played on Wednesday last on the Cowdenbeath course. The greens were in good condition, and the game thoroughly enjoyed. The groundsmen, in most cases, were more than a match for their opponents, the result being a win for them by 67 holes. After the match the visitors were entertained to tea in the Crown Hotel – Dr Craig presiding – where a very pleasant evening was spent. Scores :-


                       Cowdenbeath                                          Lochgelly

A.    Lindsay  …………………    1      P. McMahon  …………………… 0

P. McAtney  ……………………  4      J. Hickman  ……………………   0 

A.A. Beveridge  ……………….  2      D. McLeod  ……………………… 0

J. Ducat  ……………………...    0      Robt. Penman  …………………  0

W. McArtney  …………………  3      Rich. Penman  …………………   0

J.C. Bolton  …………………….  1      Urquhart Stephen  ……………  0

Dr Craig  ………………………    3      G. Crombie  ……………………… 0

J.A. Murray  …………………… 8     A. Boyd  ………………………….   0

A. Drylie  ……………………..     5     A. Irvine  …………………………   0

Dr Stafford  ……………………  4      A. Westwater  …………………… 0

P. Dundas  ……………………..  5      J. McArthur  ……………………. 0

A. Strachan  …………………...  0      J. Mellville ……………………..   6

Wm Hodge  …………………..    2      D. Cameron  ……………………  0

D. Bogie  ……………………..      1      J. Laing  …………………………   0

Geo. Mellville  ………………..    7      W. Lonie  ………………………..  0

Jas. Stornmonth  ……………    0      A. Hodge  ……………………….  1

P. Sneddon  …………………….  0      G. Gillespie  …………………….  3

D. Campbell  …………………    11      D. McQuillen …………………..  0

J.W. Salew  ……………………   14       D. Walker  ……………………… 0

J. Mutter  ………………………    6       G. McQuillen  …………………..0

                                                        77                                                  10

(DLT 24.6.1986)

     “The final tie for the silver cup was played on Wednesday afternoon between J. Ducat and A. Drylie. After a stiff tussle, the latter, who had four holes from his opponent, won by his handicap.

     Mr Drylie is a working miner, and his success ought to stimulate several more of the young fellows to join the golf club. Wednesday afternoon produced some good rounds of the green, no less than three players going the 9 holes in 38. These were Messrs J. Ducat, A. Beveridge, and P. McAtney. Playing their tie in the foursome competition (Handicapped) Messrs P. Dundas and W. Forrest beat J. Murray and J. Leslie by 5 ½ up and five to play, and Messrs Beveridge and Strachan beat James Anderson and Bain by 7 up and 6 to play.” (DLT 26.6.1896)


     “A large number competed for the Birrell Medal on Leuchatsbeath course last Wednesday. The winner was Mr P. Dundas, who returned the best net score, viz – 79.” (DLT 6.7.1896)


     “Despite threatening weather, a team of Cowdenbeath golfers numbering 15 players, journeyed to Spittal course on Wednesday afternoon, where they met an equal number of Lochgelly enthusiasts. This was the third match of the season, and on both previous occasions Cowdenbeath won. A great deal has been done to improve Lochgelly course, and the home players were anxious to reverse the former results: but once more they succumbed, suffering a severe defeat at the hands of the older club, which won easily by 75 holes. The utmost cordiality prevailed among the players, and the visitors were handsomely entertained to tea at the conclusion of the match.

     The course was in a better condition than at the first meeting of the two clubs, and the match was much enjoyed. The “ after meeting” in the Minto was also a howling success.

     Records continue to be broken, and it fell to Dr Craig – one of the visitors – to establish a new record for the Lochgelly course. The record for the green previously stood at 83, a score with which W.W. Bethune and P. McMahon were both accredited. Dr Craig lowered this to 78, his scores for the nine holes being 38 and 40 respectively. This represents good golfing, and is certainly a creditable performance.”

(DLT 19.8.1896)

     “The final tie for the challenge cup between W. Hodges and P. McCartney was played over the course at Leuchatbeath, and resulted in a win for McCartney by two holes up and one to play.” (DSP 24.7.1897)


     “It is understood that intimation has been given to the members of the golf club that they are about to be deprived of their golf course.” (DSP 14.8.1897)

New Course Required


     “A meeting of the golf club is to be held next week to consider what steps should be taken in view of the fact that they have got notice to quit their present course at Leucharsbeath. At present they are in a dilemma how to proceed. Amalgamation with the existing clubs at Lochgelly and Kelty and the procuring of a central course is spoken of, and probably an effort will be made to secure the opinion of the two latter clubs on the matter. The idea is feasible enough, and were the proceedings brought about it would undoubtedly be advantageous to all concerned.” (CLT 18.8.1897)


     “A meeting of Cowdenbeath Golf Club was held on Thursday, when there was a good turnout of members. The meeting considered what steps should be taken anent the procuring of another course. The committee of the club were instructed to inspect and report on two proposed courses – the one at Stevensbeath and the other at Tully Hill. This has now been done, and the general feeling seems to be much in favour of the latter place. The tenant of the land, Mr Stewart, has been interviewed, and he has expressed his willingness to negotiate as to terms etc. The idea of the Cowdenbeath club is that in the event of their securing the Tully Hill at a satisfactory rental, to approach Lochgelly club with a view of a joint tenancy of the course.”

(CLT 25.8.1897)

     “The members of Cowdenbeath Golf Club visited the Kelty course on Wednesday and played a friendly with the golfers there. Cowdenbeath were the winners by 26 holes.” (DSP 25.9.1897)



     “The golf club is likely to endeavour to secure a lease of Crawford’s hill for their new course.” (DSP 1.1.1898)


     “The golf club have been fortunate in securing for their new course two large fields at Cowdenend, on the farms of Cuttlehill and Mains of Beath, at an annual rental of £20. The ground is admirably suited for the purpose, and should make a good inland course. It is expected there will be a considerable influx of members – not only Cowdenbeath people, but also residents in Crossgates and Hill of Beath, to whom the situation of the course will be equally suitable.” (DSP 26.3.1898)


     “Mr Ford accepted £13. 10s in full of claim for the course at Crossgates, which the club had decided to evacuate. Negotiations were entered into this week with a view to obtaining a lease of the old course at Leuchatsbeath, but it seems that the course cannot be secured. An effort is now being made to acquire the hill at the North end of the burgh.” (DSP 1.10.1898)


It is assumed that the club was active during the six months at Mains of Beath, although no records confirming this have been found.



     “A plan has now been prepared of the new course which is to be laid out at the North end of the burgh.” (DSP 22.10.1898)


     “The Cowdenbeath Golf Club has now obtained possession of their new ground at Bervie's Brae in the North end of the town, and which has been well laid out for a nine hole course. After the greens have been touched up a splendid course will have been formed. Mr Charles Barclay, the Hon. Secretary, expects a large increase in the membership. The opening match ( President V Captain ) takes place on the 8th inst.” (DSP 4.3.1899)


     “The scratch medal was played for on Wednesday and Saturday last. Mr Tom Lindsay carried off the honour with a score of 88. The committee is arranging fixtures with the various clubs in the district. With a promising course and a renewal of the old friendly matches, the golfers of Cowdenbeath look forward to an enjoyable season.” (DSP 27.4.1899)


     “Fifteen members of the Canmore club, Dunfermline, journeyed to Cowdenbeath on Wednesday evening, and played an equal number of the Cowdenbeath club members. The match resulted in a decisive win for the strangers. Scores:-


                           Canmore                                                 Cowdenbeath

                                                     Holes                                                               Holes

P. Goodhall  ……………………           8              T. Lindsay  ……………………..          0

G.P. Howells  ………………….           0               P. McArtney  ……………………        0

R.B. Alexander   ………………..        4              A. Lindsay  ………………………         0

F. Shaw  ………………………..            8              W. McArtney  …………………..        0

K. Morrison  ……………………           0              A. Dryllie   ……………………..           4

G. Mellville  …………………….           0              Dr Craig  ………………………..          0

J. Westwood  …………………..           2              D. Beveridge  ……………………        0

J.M. Birkett  …………………….          0              W. Hodge  ……………………….         6

D. Sampson  …………………….          4              P.W. Dundas  ……………………        0

J.C. Bolton  ……………………..           2              J. Stormonth  ……………………       0

J. Irvine  ………………………..             8              A. Strachan ………………………       0

T. Buchanan  …………………..           0              D. Bogle  …………………………         2

F. Shepherd  ……………………           4               P. Sneddon  ……………………….     0

T. Stewart  ……………………..             0               J. Finlay  ………………………….      0

W. Irvine  ……………………...             4               J. Goudray  ……………………….     0


                                                        44                                                                      12

(DSP 24.6.1899)


     “A match between teams representing Kelty and Cowdenbeath golf clubs took place over Kelty course on Saturday afternoon. There were nine players a side. It was a splendid day for golf, and a pleasant game ended in a win for Kelty by 16 holes.”

(DSP 1.7.1899)

     “The return match between teams representing the Canmore club, Dunfermline, and the Cowdenbeath club was played on the Canmore course at Baldridge on Wednesday evening. The weather was excellent, and the course in good condition although the ground was on the hard side owing to the drought. On the suggestion of the Cowdenbeath players the match was played in foursomes. The local team were scarcely so strong as on the former occasion but not withstanding this the Canmore players won easily. At the former match at Cowdenbeath there were fifteen players a side, and the match was played in singles. The Canmore players had 48 holes to their credit as against 12 for Cowdenbeath – giving a majority of 36 holes for Canmore. At the match on Wednesday evening, all the Canmore couples were up. They beat their opponents by 28 holes in all – a total of 64 holes over the two matches.” (DSP 26.8.1899)


     “A match between ten players of each of the above clubs took place over the Kelty course on Saturday afternoon. Cowdenbeath won by 46 holes to 9, a majority for Cowdenbeath of  37.” (DSP 30.9.1899)

     “The annual meeting of the golf club was held on Friday night in the Co-Operative hall. The following office bearers were appointed :- President, Dr Craig ; Captain, John Finlay ; Secretary, Chas Barclay ; Treasuer, P.W. Dundas. Committee, Messrs Lindsay, Strachan, Dryllie, and Forrest. It was left to the committee to appoint a greenkeeper, but it was agreed not to appoint a player to the post.” (DSP 2.4.1900)


     “A match took place between Cowdenbeath and Kinross at Kinross on Saturday. Cowdenbeath won by 9 holes.” (DSP 19.5.1900)


     “The above clubs met at Cowdenbeath on Wednesday evening to play off the first of the home and home fixtures. The game took the form of foursomes, 16 men a side, and ended, after a pleasant game, in a win for Canmore players by 26 holes to 10.” (DSP 2.6.1900)


     “A match took place on the course here on Saturday last between a team from Cardenden and the home team. Cowdenbeath won by 47 holes to 0.” (DSP 3.6.1900)

It would appear that the club went into abeyance at this point as no records of activities have been found until the intimation of the formation of a new club., nor has any reason for the closure been found.



     “A meeting of those favourable to the formation of a golf club was held in the Masonic Hall on Tuesday evening. It was intimated that a course was expected to be got to the North of the burgh which would allow of eight holes being played, but if sufficient members could be secured it could be extended. The following were elected office bearers -: Mr M. Miller, Secretary ; Mr P. Dundas, Treasurer ; Mr J. Finlay, Captain. Committee – Messrs T. Lindsay, J. Marr, D. Keir, and Ballie Barclay.” (DSP (18.4.1905)

Fourth Golf Course


      “The new golf course on the North Road has now been laid out, and the game will be in full swing on Wednesday, when a match between teams representing the President, Mr A. Lindsay, Schoolmaster, and the Captain, Mr John Finlay, will be played.” (DSP 1.4.1905)


     “The new course was opened on Wednesday evening with a match between teams representing President ( Mr A. Lindsay ) and Captain ( Mr J. Finlay ). The latter won by a majority of six holes.” (DSP 8.4.1905)


     “The new golf course is being largely patronised, and it is evident from the amount of enthusiasm displayed among the members that the different competitions throughout the year will be keenly contested.” (DSP 16.4.1905)


     “On Wednesday evening the first of the mixed foursome matches was played on the North Road Course. Much interest was taken in the game, and play was followed closely by large numbers of people who lined the road. The committee are to be congratulated on bringing off this interesting game and it is to be hoped that such matches will be frequent during the season.” (DSP 3.6.1905)


     “The game of golf has become very popular and the new club is increasing in membership daily. The course is still in a rough condition, but players find plenty of good sport on it.” (DSP 17.6.1905)


     “Dr Craig and Jack Finlay are the finalists for the cup. In the semi final the former beat Mr Thomas Lindsay, and the latter Mr Wm. Hodge.”

(DSP 29.7.1905)


     “Mr Jack Finlay has won the club championship and the silver challenge cup, beating Dr Craig in the final, after a close contest, by 2 up and 1 to play. In the competition for the silver medal the lowest score ( 81 ) was made by Mr Thomas Doig.” (DSP 29.7.1905)


     “The hole and hole tournament for the club championship, which carries with it the custody of the silver challenge cup, has now been concluded. The finalists were Mr J. Finlay and Dr Craig, the former winning at the seventeenth hole by 2 up and 1 to play. The silver medal was won by Mr Thomas Doig with a score of 81.” (DSP 5.8.1905)


      “The course on the North Road is likely to be abandoned by the club shortly, as suitable terms cannot be made with the land tenant. Not to be without an opportunity of following the game, a number of gentlemen have been looking around for another course. The stretch of ground which they recommend is that lying to the south and south – east of Stevonsbeath Farm. It would indeed, make an excellent course, and being within a short distance of all parts of the town, the membership would undoubtedly be augmented owing to it’s easy access. The turf is of good quality and little work is required to put the course in a playing condition.

   At a meeting of the golf club members held in the Masonic Hall on Thursday – Mr A. Lindsay, Schoolmaster, presiding – the proposal to change the course to Stevonsbeath was favourably entertained." (DSP 16.9.1905)



     “The members of Cowdenbeath Golf Club have abandoned their new course at Stevensbeath owing to an alleged disagreement with the farmer, and have taken a new lease of their old course at the North Road. The green has been cut, and it is expected it will be in good playing condition next summer.” (DSP 16.11.1905)

   "The golf club held a very successful concert in the co-operative hall on Tuesday evening – Mr Andrew Lindsay, Schoolmaster, presiding. A delightful programme of music was given gratulousley by the following local ladies and gentlemen :- Mrs Craig 

(Woodside House ), Miss Fraser and Miss Smith, and Messrs And Morrison (Kelty) and Wm. Smith. The Broad Street School Choir, and a Choir composed of club members, under the direction of Mr J.B. Wilson, sang several popular pieces in a highly satisfactory manner. In addition, Miss Jessie Kinnaird fairly captivated the audience with her pretty dancing, the young and clever artiste having to appear no less than five times. The proceeds of the concert, which are expected to reach close on £15, go in aid of the club-house building fund." (DSP 25.11.1905)


   "The Cowdenbeath golf club held their annual general meeting in the Masonic Hall on Thursday night. Mr A. Lindsay, Schoolmaster, presiding. The reports showed a membership of  ? for last year, and the balance in hand to be over £9. The following office bearers were appointed to manage the club, along with several gentlemen acting as guarantors :- President, Mr A. Lindsay ; Captain, Mr J.A.R. Finlay ; Treasurer, Mr P. Dundas ; Secretary, Mr M. Miller. Committee, Miss Fraser, Miss Drylie, and Mrs Young, and Messrs Dr Young, Tom Finlay, and A. Drylie." (DSP 3.3.1906)

   "Golfers are now patronising the excellent course near the North Road, and, judging from the interest already being taken in the game, the club is to increase largely in membership this season. The greens are rather irregular in surface yet, but with the attention of the greenkeeper these will be improved during the next few days. A nice Club-house has been erected at the South end of the course. The committee are drawing up a large number of fixtures both for ladies and gentlemen, and the first match will be a mixed foursome. The club is included in the West of Fife League – the championship of which the members mean to capture." (DSP 31.3.1906)


  "The golf club opened the season with a match between the President and Captain 

(Mixed Foursomes) on Wednesday. Unfortunately, the Captain, Mr Finlay, was unable to be present, but Mr Tom, his eldest son, took his place and did his best to carry off the honours. Mr Lindsay, the President, However, had out an excellent side, and after a pleasant game he ran out winner by four matches. The players had a cup of tea in the pavilion at the end of the first round." (DSP 7.4.!906)


   "Cowdenbeath had a big win over Lochgelly on Wednesday afternoon in the first of their West Of Fife League home matches. The weather was none too pleasant, but the players went into their work with free spirit, and some close results were recorded. Cowdenbeath won the match by 9 holes to 3." (DSP 19.5.1906)


   "The members of the golf club are playing for a beautiful golf badge presented to the club by Mrs A. Campbell, Commercial Hotel." (DSP 9.6.1906)

   "The golf club dance passed off very pleasantly in the Arcade Hall on Friday evening." (DSP 9.3.1907)  (Article not completed)


   "At the annual general meeting of the Cowdenbeath Golf Club held on Tuesday night, the following were elected office bearers :- President, Mr Andrew Lindsay ; Captain, Mr Tom Lindsay ; Treasurer, Mr W.F.D. Lang. Committee, Messrs W. Fortune, R. Thomson, T. Finlay, W. Campbell, Dr Young, Secretary, Mr Tom Lindsay, Schoolhouse, Cowdenbeath. The course recently extended is expected to be ready for play at an early date." (DSP 17.3.1907)

   "Mr A. Lindsay, Schoolmaster, has presented the lady members of the Cowdenbeath Golf Club with a silver rose bowl for annual competition." (DSP 13.4.1907)


   "A mixed foursomes game was played on the course on Wednesday for two prizes given by the secretary, Mr T.S. Lindsay. The first prize was won by Miss J. Black and Mr W.F.D. Lang and the second by Miss F. Rowan and Mr T.S. Lindsay." (DSP 11.5.1907)

   "On Saturday Mr William Lettice ( Scratch ) won a gold badge ( Presented by Mrs A. Campbell, Commercial Hotel ). He met Mr William Fortune( 3 ) in the final, and finished with three up and one to play. Mr T.S. Lindsay, on the same day, gained the silver medal, and by his score, reduced the record for the course from 77 to 75. A competition for prizes presented by Mrs Young has ended in the following manner :- 1. Golf bag and clubs, Miss Rankine ; 2. Clubs, Miss Mary Rowan. By taking third place, Mrs A. Greig was awarded the Birrel Medal.

   Kelty V Cowdenbeath. A Fife League Match at Kelty played on Wednesday resulted in a win for Kelty by 19 holes to 1." (DSP 23.5.1907)


   "West of Fife League Dysart v Cowdenbeath at Dysart, 10 a side. Dysart won by 14 holes to 6." (DSP 20.6.1907)

   "At the annual general meeting of the golf club the following were elected office bearers for the ensuing season :- President, Mr and Lindsay ; Secretary, Mr Robt. Thomson, Gardeners Cottage, W. Broad Street ; Treasuer, Mr Wm. Fortune. Committee, Messrs A. Pollock, J. Law, W. Lettice, W. Campbell and W.F.D. Lang ; ladies committee – Secretary, Miss Rankine ; Mrs Craig, Mrs Young, Miss Black and Miss Donald. The subscriptions will again be Ladies, 5s ; Gentlemen, 10s 6d. The course is in better condition at present than at the opening of any previous season and as more interest is being taken in the game locally, there is likely to be a large increase in the membership." (DSP 20.3.1909)

Proposed Course At Lumphinnans


   "Mr Ben Sayers, North Berwick, and Mr R.B. Martin, golf specialist, Edinburgh, examined the hill to the north of Lumphinnans on Wednesday with a view to the laying out of a golf course for the Cowdenbeath Public House Society ( Ltd ). The ground was, it is understood, considered suitable for a nine hole course." (DP 27.3.1909)

   "Cowdenbeath played their home match with Lochgelly in the West of Fife League on Wednesday. Cowdenbeath won by 19 holes to 5." (DSP 8.5.1909)


   "The silver medal has been won by John Law with a score of 79 less 10. A. Grieve came next with 84 less 14." (DSP 15.5.1909)


   "A match between Cowdenbeath and Auchterderran 2nd teams took place on the Cowdenbeath course on Wednesday and resulted in a draw with 12 holes each." 

(DSP 29.5.1909)


   "The competition for the President’s prizes was decided this week. Messrs Whytehead and Law tied for second place. Results :- 1, Charles Young 86 less 18 – 68 ; 2, george Whytehead, 89 less 20 – 69 ; 3, John Law 75 less 6 – 69." (DSP 26.6.1909)


   "The members are showing a keener interest in the competitions this season." 

(DP 17.7.1909)


  "The members of the golf club met in the Crown Hotel on Friday evening, Mr Andrew Lindsay, Schoolmaster, the President of the club in the chair. After partaking of dinner, various members of the company rendered songs, and the few hours passed very pleasantly. At an interval in the musical programme. The chairman presented to the years champion, Mr W.G. Hodge, the challenge cup, along with a gold badge, the donor of which was Mr A. Pollock. Mr Lindsay referred to Mr Hodge’s long connection with the club, and praised him for the true sportsmanship he had shown on the course."

(DP 2.10.1909)

Cowdenbeath Public House Society’s Venture


   "Mr A. Wilson, Jun., contractor, has at present a big squad of men employed preparing the roads through the park which the Public House Society are laying out on the Leuchatsbeath Estate. The golf course which the society are forming on the hill to the North of Lumphinnans is nearing completion. It has been excellently planned, all the ground being used to the best advantage. There are four holes of a distance of over 300 yards, one of 250, and four less than 200 yards each. A pavilion is soon to be erected on a site adjoining the North green." (DP 26.3.1910)


Public Golf Course


   "At a public meeting held in the Masonic hall on Wednesday, under the auspices of the Cowdenbeath Public House Society Limited – Mr Wm R Holman, President in the chair – a committee was appointed to take over the management of the public golf course which has been laid out by the society, and which will be opened on 21st May, when an exhibition game will be played by Mr Ben Sayers and Mr Thomas Ball, the well known professionals. The names of the gentlemen elected were:- Mr Andrew Lindsay, Schoolmaster; Mr John Gray, Colliery Manager; Rev. John Henderson; Mr John Sheddon, Miner; and Mr John Finlay, Sen. Clothier. These gentlemen will work in conjunction with Messrs Henry Hunter and Geo. Kirk, representing the committee, and Dr Craig and Mr A.E. Roxburgh, on behalf of the Public House Society Limited."

(DP 30.4.1910)

Seventh Course


   "A special general meeting of the members was held in the Masonic Hall on Wednesday evening – Mr Lindsay, Schoolmaster presiding.  The club has given up its course on the North Road, and will play on the public course that has been laid out by the Cowdenbeath Public House Society Limited." (DP14.5.1910)

Opening of Cowdenbeath Public Course


   "The Cowdenbeath Golf Course, which has been presented to the public by the Cowdenbeath Public House Society Ltd., is to be opened with grand ceremony this afternoon. It is one of nine holes, and is one mile and a quarter in length, affording excellent sport." (DP (21.10.1910)


“Formal Opening Of Cowdenbeath Golf Course



A “ Gothenburg” Enterprise


     The golf course, laid out by the Cowdenbeath Public House Society Ltd on the Fallo Hill, was formally opened on Saturday afternoon in presence of a large and representative gathering.  Amongst those on the platform were:-  Mr JD Hope MP. For West Fife; Dr Ross, Dunfermline, Mr Wm. Robertson, manufacturer, Dunfermline; Provost Barclay, Baillie Duncan, Baillie Keir, Mr Henry Rowan, Foulford House; Mr Chas C Reid, Elmslea, Cowdenbeath; and M Williams Reid, Dunfermline.

     Mr John Adamson, Vice President of the Society, presided, and, in opening the proceedings, said it was just about six years since the share holders of the Public House Society voted 25 per cent of the profits to be laid aside for recreation schemes, and they were there to inaugurate the first of these schemes, namely, the golf course.  They, as a society, thought that the course would indeed prove a counter attraction to the public house.  It was their earnest desire that it should be so.  The fees had been fixed solo that all and sundry could join.  There was no healthier recreation than golf, and he hoped that everyone would take full advantage of the course.  The course had cost between £800 and £1,000.  The committee appointed to manage it was entering upon their duties entirely free of debt.  (applause).  He called upon Mr DB Campbell architect, to present Mr Wm R Holman, the president of the society, with a gold key with which to open the Pavilion. 

   Mr Holman thanked the contractors for the gift.  He considered it a high honour that had been conferred upon him.  Proceeding, he said it was nine years since a company of gentleman in the town formed themselves together to establish a public house and work it for the benefit of the community.  The result had been very satisfactory indeed.  Some of £3000 had been spent in alterations and additions on the property to make it thoroughly up to date, so that there would be no hole and corner business, and that everything would be free and above board.  There was lying in the bank the sum of £1500 to be devoted toward the laying out of the public park.  They had paid £200 annually towards the Dunfermline and West Fife Hospital and towards providing a nurse for the community.  These were things that could not be got any other way except by a public-spirited body such as their society.  Over and above they had given many and many a gift, ranging from two guineas to one hundred pounds.  He thought they would find that the management of the society had been above reproach, otherwise such a satisfactory result could not have been obtained.  (applause).   Referring to the golf course, Mr Holman said the avowed aim of the society was to use the money accruing from the sale of drink and refreshment for the benefit of the community.  They had faithfully carried out this object.  As the money borrowed for the purchase of the licensed house had nearly been repaid, they would soon have more money to spend in the district for public recreation.  They would be pleased if any gentleman would give them a hint as to how they were going to spend the money.  The provision of counter attractions was their aim, but the puzzle was what was a counter attraction? .   No one, he understood, could answer that question.  Cricketers said cricket; footballers said football – such were the answers received.  They thought themselves that golf was a pleasant exercise.  It was an invigorating and health restoring past time.  Any person walking around that hill would find that it would do no harm to their lungs.  He had never yet heard a person say anything against golf, and they were led to believe that the membership of the new course was going to be increased by three or four times what it had been hitherto.  Continuing, he said everyman must have a hobby.  If he had not, he became listless, and listlessness was conducive to public house occupancy.  Golf was a grand hobby.  There was little expense attached to it, and if they spent their money on the game they could not spend it on drink.  He thought if the society could induce men to go to the course they would achieve a great portion of the object they had in view.  Many more objects of the kind would be brought about by the society in the near future. (applause).

     Dr. Ross was asked to present Mrs Barclay, Rosscraig, with a silver cleek (inscribed) and ball on the occasion of her opening the course.  In doing so, Dr. Ross said he had been commissioned to present the articles as a small token of the society’s gratitude for the honour she was doing them.  The cleek was designed for her own personal practice as she went over the course from day to day as a player.  It had been designed as a memento – something to refresh her memory from time to time – of the distinguished part she had taken that day for the benefit of the community of Cowdenbeath.   He felt quite certain that she would never had to regret what she was about to do.  He thought it was very fortunate that the first Lady of Cowdenbeath should be the one asked to open the course.  He thought Mrs Barclay should take the advice of a man like him – (laughter) – and join early, and continue in the service for many a long day to come.  Her example would be very infectious.  What ever the provost lady did was sure to carry weight in a community like that of Cowdenbeath, and many ladies would be sure to follow her example.  Ladies were not only imitating, but displacing men in the various courses of life – (laughter) – and were showing no reticence in imitating and even excelling them in the sports and pastimes.  Ladies were splendid hockey, baseball and cricket players, but in golf they excelled remarkably, and he thought Mrs Barclay would agree with him when he said that she could not give better advice to the ladies of Cowdenbeath than by urging them to join the course (applause).  In that way she would be exceedingly useful to the community as a whole.  Golf was not only a splendid recreation, it also produced splendid moral and physical results.  It was a game that young and old rich and poor could enjoy, and one that both sexes could take part in.  It was unique in the latter respect.  There was one advantage that would accrue to Mr Barclay by frequenting the course.  She had got a husband, and he deserved a good deal of sympathy and attention.  As provost of Cowdenbeath he had a hard life to lead.  He had to spend weary hours at the Town House, after which he went home tired and wearied.  On the other hand, Mrs Barclay would go home from the golf course fresh as a daisy, with her head clear, while her husbands head would be stuffed with Town House talk.  (laughter).   Being a man of affairs, the provost had little time to spare.  Cowdenbeath was growing, so rapidly that he could not have any leisure, and he would rely on the clear head she would always have as a result of frequenting the golf course (laughter).  Provost Barclay, on behalf of his wife, said he had to thank Dr. Ross for his kind words, and the Public House Society for their valuable presents.  Mrs Barclay asked him to assure them she would treasure the articles as a memento of the opening of the course.  She hoped that the course would prove a valuable boon to the community (applause).

     The chairman then formally handed over the course and pavilion to the public committee. He said the society only made one condition, and that was that no intoxicating liquors be used either on the course or in the pavilion.

     Mr Lindsay, Schoolmaster, in accepting the gift on behalf of the inhabitants of Cowdenbeath, returned sincere thanks to the shareholders and the chairman and committee of the management of the Public House Society for their great kindness in forming and laying out such a splendid golf course, and in handing it over free of debt. They have also to thank the society for providing the pavilion for the comfort of the players, and for making themselves responsible for the annual rental until the expiry of the lease. He could assure the shareholders that the community highly appreciated their generosity, and were deeply grateful to them for the handsome gifts they had handed over. It was a well known fact that the committee appointed to manage the course could not have fixed the annual subscription at the low figure of  7s 6d had it not been for the assurance that any deficit that might occur would be made good by the society. Golf was not a new game in Cowdenbeath. The first golf course was opened in 1887, and since then the golfers have played over nine different courses. Possibly the want of success of golf in the district had been due largely to the frequent changes which had interfered very much with the game, and had prevented them from having a really good course. On the new course, laid out by Ben Sayers, they would enjoy the game better, and it was to be hoped that many would come forward and take advantage of the course. Golf fever would, he believed, be in a very short time the most prevalent disease in the district. He hoped it would be so, because it was members they really wanted. ( Applause ).

     Mr John D. Hope, M.P., made a short speech, in the course of which he said that he had gone over a good many courses in his life in different capacities, and he frequently had been bunkered (Laughter) He congratulated the increasing community on the advantages and facilities which he saw before him of exercising themselves in one of the finest games that they had in the country. (Applause) The course would give vitality and energy to those participating in the game, and he hoped that all would take advantage of it. (Applause)


Professional Match


     The company then moved to the first tee, where Mrs Barclay drove off the first ball. Thereafter an exhibition game was played by Tom Ball and Ben Sayers, and an immense crowd followed the professionals on the two rounds, which resulted in the following scores being recorded :-


Tom Ball --     First Round  ….  4,4,4,4,5,4,4,3,5 – 37

                     Second round   …. 5,4,5,3,4,4,5,3,5 -  38  ---  75


Ben Sayers  -- First round    ….  4,3,5,3,5,4,5,4,4  - 37

                     Second round  ….  4,4,5,2,4,5,5,4,5  - 38  ---  75


The brass band discoursed a selection of music during the match.


Celebration Dinner


     A dinner in celebration of the opening of the course was held in the Masonic hall in the evening.  Mr Wm. R Holman, President of the Society, presided over a company of many invited guests.  The arrangements were carried through in an excellent manner.  The tables were set in a most artistic fashion, and the service reflected the greatest credit on Mr Wm.MacMillan, the manager of the Cowdenbeath Public House Society, and those under him. Mr James Innes, in proposing the toast of the “Cowdenbeath Public Golf Course” said that he saw no reason why the dignitaries of the Lords and Commons, who passed their time on St Andrews Course, should not be asked to come to the Cowdenbeath course and settle their differences in regard to the constitutional question (laughter).  Mr John Gray replied. 

     The other toasts were – “The contractors” proposed by Mr Geo. Fraser, and replied to by Mr DB Campbell.  “The committee of management of the Society”, by Dr. Craig, and replied to by Mr John Adamson.  “Other public house society’s” by Mr Geo. Beveredge, and replied to by Mr Wm. Reid, and “The chairman” by the Rev. G Horne.” (DP 28.5.1910)

   "Mr T. Clark has won the first prize in the bogey competition. With five holes of a start he finished three up on the “ Colonel” Mr John Law came next, one down, and the third prize was divided between A.S. Lindsay ( Minus1 ) and Jas Rowan ( 5 ) six down.

Mr R. Lumsden commenced his duties on Monday as ranger, and the course is being kept entirely clear of non-payers." (DP 13.8.1910)


   "The match between Cowdenbeath and Kelty, played at Cowdenbeath on Wednesday, resulted in a win for Kelty 16 holes to 8" (DP 17.9.1910).

   'The opening match of the season took place on Wednesday afternoon between sides representing President ( Mr A. Lindsay ) and Captain ( Mr Tom Findlay ). A gale blew across the course, making play somewhat difficult. Captains team won by 5 ½ to 4 ½." (DP 22.4.1911)


   The scratch medal has been won by W. Kinghorn, with a score of 83; T.S. Lindsay was the runner up with 84. The following were the best scores in the handicap medal and prizes competition:- J. Gardener 89 less 14 – 75; Jack Finlay 87 less 12 – 75; W. Kinghorn 83 less 8 – 75; A. Kelso 89 less 12 – 77; R. Holman 91 less 14 – 77; J. Paterson 97 less 18 – 79; W.M. Fortune 89 less 10 – 79; G. Whytehead 94 less 12 – 82." 

(DP 6.5.1911)


  "A West Fife League match between Cowdenbeath and Auchterderran, played at Cowdenbeath on Wednesday, resulted in a win for Cowdenbeath by 21 holes to 3 for the visitors.

   The competition for the Craig medal and prizes resulted as follows :- 1, Miss Lumsden 52 ( scr ); 2, Miss Campbell 52 ( scr ); 3, Mrs T. Finlay, 59 – 6. Miss Lumsden and Miss Campbell, having tied, a short deciding game was played, which ended in favour of the former." (DP 20.5.1911)


   "A Mixed Foursomes match between  Cowdenbeath and Lochgelly was played on Wednesday and though Cowdenbeath had the advantage by being at home, Lochgelly ran out winners by the handsome score of 10 holes to 4." (DP 27.5.1911)


   "The game is flourishing greatly in the Cowdenbeath district, where the course, handed over to a public committee last year, affords excellent facilities for play. The members of the Cowdenbeath club play on this course, and much interest is being taken in the challenge cup competition. In the first round, which has just finished, the cup holder, (Tom Finlay) and ex- cup holder, (W.D. Hodge) were defeated, their victors respectively being Andrew Strachan and J. Paterson.

   Thirty two players are left to compete in the second round, and each one is putting in more practice than another with a view to gaining the chief prize for the season. While playing against J.F. Smith in the first round “ Mick” Drylie did the sixth hole in one. The winners of the handicap medal and prizes are as under:- 1 (Medal) Alex Kelso, 2, G. Whytehead, 3, Jack Finlay, 4, Robert Holeman.


   "A West Fife League match between Cowdenbeath and Lochgelly took place at Cowdenbeath, the result being a win for Cowdenbeath by 20 holes to 4." (DP 3.6.1911)


   "A West Fife League match took place at Cowdebeath course against Ballingry, there were 12 men a side. The winners were Cowdenbeath by 20 holes to 4." (DP 17.6.1911)


   "A West Fife League match between Cowdenbeath and Lochgelly was played at Cowdenbeath and resulted in a win for Cowdenbeath by 17 to 7" (DP 1.7.1911).


   "Cowdenbeath v Lochgelly, played at Cowdenbeath on Monday, resulted  in a win for Cowdenbeath 16 to 4." (DP 8.7.1911)


   "Ladies Competitions. Prizes presented by Mrs Craig and Mr Alex Pollock:- 1. Miss G. Thomson 60 less 12 – 48; 2, Miss Gilmour 56 less 5 – 51. Prizes presented by two members of the club for players with more than 6 of a handicap:- 1, Miss Dallas; 2, Mrs C.C. Reid." 

   "Cowdenbeath V Kelty West Fife League, played at Cowdenbeath. Resulted in a win for Cowdenbeath by 13 to 11. J.L. Ireland, playing in this match, did the course in 36, 34, a total of 70, thus creating a record." (DP 15.7.1911)


  "The new challenge cup, which is of beauyiful design, has been won by John Law who defeated George Whitehead in the final by one hole."

   "The Lindsay Rose Bowl, competed for by the ladies, has been, for the second year in succession, won by Miss Lumsden, her opponent being Mrs T.M. Finlay."  (DP 22.7.1911) 


   "The monthly medal competition resulted thus:- W. Kinghorn 78 – 7, 71; J. Laing 90 – 18, 72; A. Drylie 85 – 12, 73; J. Symington 90 – 16, 74; T. Finlay 83 – 8, 75; G. Whytehead 86 – 10, 7 ; W.M. Fotune 84 – 8, 76; J. Galloway 84 – 8, 76. The scores returned are the best returned for the season." (DP 19.8.1911)


   "Canmore V Cowdenbeath resulted in a win for Canmore by 5 to 2." (DP 26.8.1911)


   "Under the auspices of the West Fife League, a handicap competition, open to the members of the clubs comprising the league, was held on the Cowdenbeath course yesterday. The best results were:- J. Gardiner, Cowdenbeath, 82 less 12 – 70: H. Forrester, Lochgelly, 76 less 4 – 72: J. F. Smith, Cowdenbeath, 74 scratch – 74: J. Symington, Cowdenbeath, 90 less 16 – 74: T. Morrison, Kelty, 77 less 2 – 75: Colin Morrison, Lochgelly, 82 less 6 – 76: Walter Kinghorn, Cowdenbeath, 82 less 6 – 76." 

(S 28.9.1911)


   "A handicap competition for medal and prizes resulted thus:- 1. W. Kinghorn; 2. J. Gallowa ; 3 and 4 (equal ) T.M. Finlay and J. Laing"


   "The novice cup has been won by Mr John Paterson, whose opponent in the final was The Rev. Father McIntyre." (DP 7.10.1911). 


  "The final of the last of the year's competitions was played on Wednesday when Mr J. Gardner beat Mr R. Holman by three up and two to play. The third prize was divided between Messrs J. Symington and A. Kinghorn." (DP 21.10.1911)


   "A match between teams representing Canmore ( Dunfermline ) and Cowdenbeath clubs, took place at Cowdenbeath on Saturday with the following result, Cowdenbeath 7 Holes Canmore 2 holes." (DP 28.10.1911)

   "The season was opened on Wednesday afternoon between sides representing the President ( W.D. Hodge ) and the Captain ( Mr T.M. Finlay ). The course was in lovely condition, and the weather being all that could be desired the players derived much enjoyement from the contest." (DP 20.4.1912)


   "A match between Cowdenbeath and Ballingry was played on the Cowdenbeath golf course on Wednesday afternoon. Result, Cowdenbeath 16 holes to Ballingry 8 holes." (DP 18.5.1912)


   "Aberdour V Cowdenbeath. The first meeting of these clubs took place at Aberdour on Saturday. Aberdour won by 20 holes to 4." (DP 23.5.1912)


   "Cowdenbeath V Canmore. Played on Cowdenbeath course. Result Cowdenbeath 6 Canmore 3." (DP 1.6.1912)


   "Canmore and Cowdenbeath played over the Venturfair course on Wednesday, the home club gaining an easy victory. 10 holes to 2." (DP 8.6.1912)


   "Cowdenbeath V Auchterderran at Cowdenbeath on Wednesday. Cowdenbeath 13 Auchterderran 11." (DP 6.7.1912)


   "Cowdenbeath and Kelty met at Cowdenbeath on Wednesday and keen matches ended in the home side losing by 11 – 9.: (DP 24.8.1912)


   "The Cowdenbeath course has been kept in fine playing condition during the season, and the golfers of the district have derived much enjoyment thereby. By their laying out such a nice course, the Public House Society have conferred a great boon. It is only a pity more people have not taken advantage of the excellent facilities for playing the game." (DP 19.10.1912)

   "The monthly competition for the Craig Medal and prizes resulted as follows:- A.D. Bald 79 less 6 – 7 ; Wm Gilbert 83 less 8 – 75; T.M. Finlay 82 less 5 – 77; Joseph Smith 81 less 4 – 77; John Baxter 87 less 10 – 77.

   The final for the scratch cup, which carries with it the championship of the club, was played between Archd. D. Bald and W.M. Fortune on Thursday, a keen game ending in favour of the former by two up and one to play. Sixteen players qualified to take part in the competition.The Penman medal goes along with the cup." (DP 28.6.1913)


   "Cowdenbeath V Kinghorn played at Cowdenbeath on Saturday. Cowdenbeath 9 Kinghorn 19" .(DP 7.7.1913)


   "The return match between Cowdenbeath and Dysart was played at Cowdenbeath on Wednesday evening. Cowdenbeath 17 Dysart 9." (DP 12.7.1913)


   "At a meeting of the members, W.G. Hodge, W.M. Fortune, A.D.Bald, R. Holman, and J.Gray were appointed to act as a committee of management in conjunction with Dr Craig, J. Adamson, J. Sutherland, and H. Hunter, Reps of Cowdenbeath Public House Society, The institution that laid out the course. Mr Adamson was appointed chairman, Dr Craig convenor of the green committee and Mr P. Mackay, Royal Bank, Secretary." (EED 9.4.1914)


(A similar article to the above appeared in the Dunfermline Press April 14th 1914.)


   "The club opened the season by playing a match between sides representing the President ( W.G. Hodge ) and Captain ( A.D. Bald ) on the public course on Wednesday. The course was in splendid condition and the players derived much enjoyment from the games, which ended in a win for the Captain." (DP 18.4.1914)


   "A match between teams representing the President and Captain, took place on Saturday, and resulted in a draw 11 each." (DP 25.4.1914)

Proposed extension of course


   "The game is steadily growing in popularity, and to cope with the congestion there is a proposal on foot to extend the course to eighteen holes by taking in more ground to the North." (DP 16.5.1914)


   "The annual mixed foursome match between Cowdenbeath and Kelty, played on Tueday night at Cowdenbeath, resulted in a victory for the Cowdenbeath players by 15 holes to 1." (DP 23.5.1914)


   "A mixed foursome competition has resulted thus :- 1. Miss Lumsden and R. Holman 2. Miss Rankin and D. Rowan." (DP 30.5.1914)


   "The competition for the Craig medal and prizes has resulted as follows:- 1. D. Rowan (12) 67; 2. J. Galloway (4) 69; 3. J. Paterson (14) 70." (DP 27.6.1914)


   "The competition for the monthly medal has resulted thus:- 1. J Whyte (16), 68: 2. D Rowan (8), 70 :

   An interesting match was played over the Cowdenbeath Course on Saturday afternoon between representatives of the Cowdenbeath House Society, who presented the course to the town, and the course committee. The ties were :- W R Holman and J T Anderson v John Adamson and Philip Mackie : Henry Hunter and Thomas Stein v  J Sutherland and J Gray : A D Bald and J Hunter v  G Kirk and R Holman. The result was a draw." (DP 11.7.1914)


   "The best scores in the September medal competition were:- J Gilbert, 81  less 6 – 75: J Galloway, 78 less 2 – 76:  P Anderson, 93 less 16 – 7 :  J McKenzie, 88 less 10 – 70." 

(DP 10.10.1914)

   "At a meeting of the members of the Cowdenbeath Public Golf course on Wednesday, the committee of management were re-appointed.

   The names of the gentlemen comprising the committee are:- John Adamson

(Chairman) , Arch. D. Bald, William Craig, M.D. William, M. Fortune, John Gray, Wm. G. Hodge, Robert Holman, Henry Hunter, James T. Sutherland; Secretary and Treasurer, Philip Mackie. (DP 10.4.1915)


   "The season opened on Wednesday with a match between sides representing the President ( Mr G. Hodge ) and Captain ( Mr A. Bald ). Players were not quite so numerous as in past years. Some of the scores registered were very good." (DP 24.4.1915)


   "The competition for the course championship of Cowdenbeath has passed the qualifying stage, the sixteen players with the lowest scratch scores who have entered into the final stages being Messrs W. Gilbert, James Galloway, W. Kinghorn, D. Rowan, T.M. Finlay, r. Holman, J. Sneddon, A.D. Bold, J. Paterson, A. Pollock, J. Symington, H. Rule, John Gilbert, R. Tait, J.A. Whyte, and A. Wilson.


   The competition for Craig Medal and Presidents prizes resulted:- 1. James Sneddon 84 less 14 – 70. The second third, and fourth prizes were tied for by D. Rowan,80 less 8 – 72; W. Kinghorn, 78 less 6 – 72; W. Gilbert, 73 less 1 – 72." (DP 15.6.1915)


   "W. Kinghorn, Cowdenbeath Golf Club, playing in the Bogey competition, finished five holes up on the Colonel. The same player entered the final of the challenge cup competition, defeating R. Holman, although that player was round in less than the Bogey score, and had six 3s. The match finished square, and an extra hole was played. Holman, missing his drive, took a shot more than Kinghorn, who was thus declared the winner." (DP 10.7.1915)


   "At a meeting of the golf club on Wednesday, the prizes for the year were presented by Mrs Craig as follows:- Club Championship and Craig Medal, W. Kinghorn; Challenge Cup, T.M. Finlay; Foursomes, 1. J. Galloway and R. Holman; 2. W. Gilbert and J. Mackenzie; Bogey Medal, W. Kinghorn; Handicap Prizes, 1. R. Tait, 2. W. Gilbert; Presidents Prizes, 1. J. Sneddon. 2. (equal) D. Rowan, T.M. Finlay and W. Gilbert. Dr Craig presided over the gathering." (DP 28.8.1915)


   "Fine golf was witnessed at Cowdenbeath on Saturday, when the record of the course, which was held with a 72 by Mr James Galloway, was broken by Mr W. Gilbert. The latter, however, did not retain the honour long, for Mr Galloway shortly afterwards returned a still lower score. Playing for the September medal, Messrs Gilbert and Galloway set out with the intention of breaking the record, Saturday being the last medal day of the season. Gilbert, playing great golf, was round in 71 – a stroke below the record.

   Galloway, going out in 34, landed on the home green with two putts to again break the record. He missed the first, but getting down the second, accomplished a 70, thus beating Gilbert’s score by one and his previous record by two. The Bogey score of the course is 78.

Mr Galloway’s figures were :-


5,4,4,4,4,2,3,4,4,5,4,4,3,5,3,4,4,4 – 70.: (DP 11.9.1915)

No records have been found to indicate when the course closed and why, although it clearly must have been due to the constrictions of WW1. 

Golf reviving at Cowdenbeath


Victort Competitiont to be held


   "Cowdenbeath Golf Course, after a rest of over two years, has again been put in playing order. Mr A. Scott, the former greenkeeper, has, after nearly four years of warfare, been engaged for over a fortnight in getting it into condition. The course is the property of Cowdenbeath Public House Society, Ltd, who have appointed a public committee to take over the management. They in turn have appointed a green committee from the playing members as follows :- Messrs A.D. Bald, W.M. Fortune, and R. Holman. From all signs, it is quite apparent that golf is going to be more popular than ever in the mining district.

   Cowdenbeath Golf Club, which receives courtesy of the course, has commenced to make arrangements for a fixture card for the year. At the annual general meeting Mr A.D. Bald, in the absence of Ballie Hodge, the President, who is still on active service, stated of their members five had been killed – Mr J. Fortune, Mr D. Kinnear, Mr J. Brown, Mr C. Nisbet, and Mr R. Rowan. It was suggested and agreed that the club have a victory competition, and that a trophy be set aside for that purpose. The office bearers were elected as follows :- Hon. President, Mr Andrew Lindsay ( The founder of the club ) : President, Ballie Hodge : Vice President, Mr A.D. Bald ; Treasurer, Mr W.M. Fortune : Secretary, Mr R. Holman, 106 High St, Cowdenbeath."

(DC 19.4.1919)

   "The annual general meeting of the golf club was held on Wednesday – Mr A.D. Bald presiding in the absence of the President, Ballie Hodge, who is still on active military service in India. Mr Bald stated that, out of a male membership of sixty, forty had joined the army, five of whom, he was sorry to say, had made the supreme sacrifice – namely, Messrs James Fortune, Kinnear, J. Brown, C. Nisbet and R. Rowan. Four had been discharged as the result of wounds, and eight were still on active service. A suggestion was raised to organise a victory competition and that a trophy be set aside for this purpose, and it was arranged that the committee carry through the project. Officials were appointed for the year as follows :- Hon. President, Andrew Lindsay ; President, Baillie Hodge ; Vice President, A.D. Bald ( Captain ) ; Treasurer, W.M. Fortune ; Secretary, R. Holman, 105 High Street ; Committee, T. Pullar, J. Baxter, T.M. Findlay, A. Macpherson, J.A. Whyte, and J. Adamson ; Auditors, Messrs Pullar and Baxter. The secretary was instructed to fix up matches with neighbouring clubs, and also to arrange for the lady members organising competitions amongst themselves. (DP 19.4.1919)

Request to extend course


   "The members of the Cowdenbeath golf course are preparing a petition to lay before the committee of the Public House Society, asking them to extend to 18 holes the course which they laid out some years ago. The petitioners state that there are already two hundred ticket holders for the season, and as the number is likely to increase they ask for the extension to relieve the congestion. A proposal to make the extension was on foot when war broke out, and there is a prospect of the petition being successful." (DP 24.5.1919)

  "Mr Wm. Gilbert, the scratch player, had a splendid round when playing with Harry Graig. He went out in 39, when he was one up, and returned in 33, which is five less than bogey, and won by 4 and 2." (DP 31.5.1919)


   "The championship of Cowdenbeath Golf Club is being very keenly contested, and some interesting games are being witnessed. The competition has been narrowed down to te following eight players :-


J.C. Morrison v D. Moffat

R. Holman v  A.D. Bald

W. Gilbert v T.M. Finlay

W.M. Fortune v G. Whytehead" (DC 2.6.1919)



   "Cowdenbeath v Ballingry at Cowdenbeath.      Scores :-


                           Cowdenbeath                                             Ballingry


W. Gilbert  ………………………   2          J. Morris  …………………………   0

A.D. Bald  ……………………….    0          W. Coulter  ……………………..    2

Joe. Smith  ……………………..    0           J. Brown  ………………………..   2

G. Whytehead  …………………    0          R. Morris ………………………..   2

J. Gilbert  …………………………   0           W. Stark  ………………………..   2

W.M. Fortune  …………………… 2           Jas. Bauld  ………………………   0

D. Moffat  ………………………..    2           J. Bauld  …………………………   0

W. Martin  ……………………….    2           W. Davidson  …………………….0

C. Chapman …………………….     2           R. Thomson  ……………………..0

J. Scott  …………………………..    0            A. Steele  ………………………..   2

T. Chappie  ……………………….  2            J. Mellville  ……………………..  0

R. Tait  …………………………..     1            R. Steele  ………………………..    1

J. Allan  …………………………..    0            D. Cummings  ………………….  2

                                                           13                                                                      13

(DP 28.6.1919)


   "The annual general meeting of Cowdenbeath Golf Club was held in the Arcade Temperance Hotel on Wednesday. Mr A.D. Bald, Vice President, who occupied the chair, handed over the prizes for the year as follows:-

Championship Cup, Scratch medal, and Bogey Medal – W. Gilbert.

Craig Medal – J. Gilbert.

Rose Bowl – ( Ladies ) – Miss Rankine.

Birrell Medal – Miss T.M. Finlay.

Craig Medal – Miss Hosburgh.

Mr T. Pullar handed over the Challenge Cup to Mr Bald, the winner for the season.

   The treasurer ( Mr W.M. Fortune ) reported a credit balance of £22, and office bearers were appointed as follows:- Hon. President, Mr A. Lindsay, Lundin Links; President, Baillie Hodge; Vice President, Mr T. Pullar; Captain, Mr A.D. Bald; Treasurer, Mr W.M. Fortun ; Secy, Mr R. Holman, 105 High Street." (DP 1.11.1919)

  "Cowdenbeath v Dysart played at Cowdenbeath on Saturday  resulted in a win for Dysart by 21 holes to 11." (DP 15.5.1920)


   "The Cowdenbeath club held a series of competitions on Saturday.  In the forenoon the boys competed, and a feature of the contest in the section for players under twelve years of age was the fine performance of Chris Gilbert (8 years old), whose total for the round was 55. In the 12 to 14 section M Duff took first place with 51.

   Some remarkable results were recorded in the afternoon in the round taking part in by the adults.  R Wallace had a score of 34, and G Scrymgeour 36.  Teas were provided in the Pavilion by the ladies, and at the close of play the presentation of prizes took place. Mr A D Bald presided and Mr W G Hodge handed over the prizes.  Commenting on the success of the day, Mr Hodge said an event might well be held annually. The prize winners were as follows :-


Boys under 14years of age, 9 hole stroke competition – 1 Mathew Duff: 2 Harry Hunte : 3 James Brown

Boys under 12 years of age, 9 hole stroke competition – 1 Christopher Gilber : 2 John Currie: 3 G Malvie: 4 Ben Ferguso : 5 John Gordon: 6 W Bald.


Nine hole competition – 1 Miss Irvine: 2 Miss Nicol: 3 Mrs Finlay: 4 Miss Rankin.

Driving – 1 Mrs Finlay (174yds. 1ft) 2 Miss Duff (159yds 5ins.) 3 Miss Rankin (146yds)

Approach and hole out – 1 Mrs Spiers: 2 Miss Irvine: 3 Miss Rankin.

Putting – 1 Miss Ranki : 2 Miss McAulay: 3 Miss Irvine.


Nine hole competition – 1 R Wallace: 2 G Scrymgeour: 3 D Moffat: 4 J Maxwell

Driving – 1 N Gilbert (219yds ) 2 J Maxwell (217yds 2ft)  3 R Ferguson (215yds 1ft) 4 A Spiers (209yds 2ft)

Approach and hole out – 1 F Patterson: 2 N Gilbert: 3 G Hepburn: 4 T Allan.

Putting – 1 R Tait: 2 W G Hodg : 3 T M Finla : 4 G Scrymgeour."


  "Cowdenbeath v Ballingry was played at Cowdenbeath on Wednesday, and resulted in a win for Cowdenbeath by 22 holes to 12.  Seventeen men a side."  (DP 3/7/1920) 


  "Cowdenbeath v Ballingry was played at Cowdenbeath on Saturday and resulted in a win for Ballingry by 13 holes to 11." (DP 13.10.1920)

  "The annual general meeting was held on Wednesday – Mr T Pullar presiding. Office Bearers were elected as follows:- Hon. President, Andrew Lindsay esq., Lundin Links: President, W G Hodg : Vice President, T Pullar: Captain, A D Bal : Vice Captains, A McPherson and Joseph Smith: Treasurer, Wm M Fortune: Secretary, R Holman, 101 High Street: Assistant Secretary, W Kelly. Council – J Baxter, J A White, J Adamson, J Gilbert, R Ferguson, J Maxwell, G Whytehead, and J Wallace.

   The treasurer reported a credit balance of £29.13s.8d, which showed a profit of  £7.10s. on the years working.  The prize winners for the season were:- April Medal, R Ferguson: Craig Medal and Presidents Prizes – J Brown (medal ) J Patterson, A McPherson, R Wallace, G Scrymgeour, J Smith.

June Medal – D Millar.

Scratch Medal -  W Gilbert

August Medal -  R Hughes

Bogey Medal -  R Ferguson

September Medal -  R Ferguson

Club Championship -  W Gilbert

Autumn Meda - l J M Penman

Challenge Cup -  J M Penman

Gents Foursomes -  J Galloway and R Holman

   The club won the Thomson Trophy, presented by Messrs Thomson, Dundee for competition by West Fife Clubs, the winning team comprising :- A D Bald (captain), W Gilbert, J Galloway, and J S Morrison." (DP 30.10.1920)

 "A Mixed foursomes match between Cowdenbeath and Kelty played at Cowdenbeath resulted in a win for the home team by 18 to 2."


   "The Presidents prizes competition brought out a large entry, and the scores were the lowest in the history of the competition. Results:- 1. T. Chapman, 77 less 1 – 66; 2. A. Scott, 80 less 9 – 71; 3. S. Wilson, 75 less 4 – 72 and 4. D. Moffat, 85 less 13 – 72."  (DP 21.5.1921)


  "Cowdenbeath club ladies played a team of ladies from Canmore  ( Dunfermline ) over Cowdenbeath course on Tuesday night, and won a close match by 8 to 6."


 "Cowdenbeath played a match with the officers of the 1st Seaforth Highlanders stationed in the district on Monday. All the games were keen, and the club won by 6 games to 4." 

(DP 4.6.1921)


   "Lochgelly ( Holders ) met Cowdenbeath in the first of two matches for the Glenarthur Trophy, which was presented by Lord Glenarthur. It is played for annually on the home and home principal, two points being awarded for a win. 23 men-a-side. Resulted in a win for Lochgelly by 34 holes to 12." (DP 11.6.1921) 

Cowdenbeath course extension


Formal opening


 "Cowdenbeath golf course, which has recently been extended from nine to eighteen holes, was formerly opened on Saturday afternoon in presence of a large attendance of members and friends.

   Mr WG Hodge, the captain of the club who presided, said that Cowdenbeath had had a very up and down existence so far as golf was concerned.   Their first course at Leuchatsbeath was, he believed, the best of the seven courses the club had managed before settling down on their present one.  During these earlier years, considerable difficulty was experienced in getting things to meet, however,there were always a few enthusiastic gentlemen who dipped their hands into their pockets and cleared the club of financial troubles.  Through course of time they had the Cowdenbeath public house society providing them with a course of nine holes, which was certainly a great boon to Cowdenbeath.  They always thought they were handicapped in having only nine holes, and were determined that at the first opportunity they would have an eighteen hole course.  It was not golf without it.  They had now reached that stage.  A considerable amount of praise was due he thought, to the members of the club, who during the strike gave so much of their time and worked so willingly to lay out and make the new nine holes. That work would have cost hundreds of pounds to do in any other way, and they were therefore under a deep debt of gratitude to the men who had carried through the extension.  He had to pass a word of praise to their energetic secretary, Mr Robert Holman, who was at the back of the whole thing, and who was not backward in asking anything he wanted.  (applause).  Today they had present four prominent amateurs, who had kindly consented to play an exhibition match just to show the club what could be done.

   Mrs Poustie said that, on behalf of the club, she had great pleasure in asking Mr C. Augustus Carlow, Leven, to accept a driver and ball as a memento of the opening of their extended course.

   Mr Carlow, in reply, said it was always a pleasure to appear at golf meeting under any circumstanced, and even under the somewhat depressing circumstanced that existed around Cowdenbeath at the moment. It was a great relief to him, and to all of them, to get away from these conditions and come down for a game or watch a game of which they were so fond.  He wished them to understand he was not playing well at present.  It was not an exhibition shot he was going to take, such shots were to be played by the expert amateurs, who would show them how to play the game.  He thanked the Captain, the members of the club, and Mrs Poustie,for their kindness to him.

   Mr Carlo then played the first shot, his ball travelling far from the tee,.

   Mr G Fraser,chairman of the Cowdenbeath public house society said it gave the members of his society great pleasure to see so much appreciation of the course laid out by them some years ago.  The society had not the least idea the game would become so popular, and it had been their intention for some time to extend the course, but through bad trade they had been unable to carry the work through.  It was however, pleasing to all present to know that the members of the golf club had stepped forward so gallantly and finished the work the society ment to do. It also said a good deal for the club to have secured such noted players for an exhibition game. (applause).

   A four ball game was then played by A Jamieson jnr.(Pollock) D Mcbride (Glasgow), W Tulloch(Cathkin Braes), and JC Rowan (Drumpellier). Their scores were :-


Jamieson –

         Out – 4,3,3,4,5,3,4,3,6 – 35

           In -  4,4,4,4,4,5,4,3,6 -  38 – 73

Tulloch –

          Out - 4,3,4,3,4,4,4,4,5 – 35

             In – 6,4,4,4,4,6,4,3,4 – 39 – 74

McBride –

           Out – 4,4,4,3,4,3,4,4,3 – 33

               In – 5,4,3,5,6,6,4,5,4 – 42 – 75

Rowan –

            Out – 4,3,4,3,4,4,5,3,6, - 36

                In – 7,5,4,4,4,5,4,4,4, - 41 - 77

(DP 18.6.1927)

   "Cowdenbeath V Lochgelly met at Cowdenbeath on Wednesday, in the return match of the Glenarthur trophy competition. Lochgelly, as in the first meeting, had a big victory by 33 holes to 15." (DJ 27.6.1927)

No records have been found to indicate that the Club or course were in trouble.

   'There is now every prospect of the Cowdenbeath golf course being kept going. A meeting is to be held next week, at which a new arrangement for continuing the course will be considered." (DJ 30.3.1929)


Golf Course Under New Management


   "The Miners Welfare Committee, having agreed to take over the Cowdenbeath golf course for a year, the following committee has been appointed to manage the course :- Chairman, Mr J. Gray ; Vice President, Mr Calder ; Secretary, Mr W. Kellie ; Treasurer, Mr H. Craine, National Bank. Green Committee – Messrs H. Craine, J. Brown, A. McPherson, A. McAuley, J. Beattie, T. Pullar, J. O’Brian, and W. Calder. The club will be known as The Cowdenbeath and District Welfare Golf Club." (DJ 20.4.1929)

  "The Cowdenbeath golf course was opened for play on Monday when Mr Marshall, the new green keeper, commenced his duties. An assistant green keeper has also been appointed." (DJ 2.5.1929)


   "The committee in charge of the Cowdenbeath golf course are already getting through good work. Mr Calder presided on Friday at a meeting of the members of the golf club, and after addressing the gathering on the proposal to form a competition committee to carry out the seasons competitions, he intimated that Cowdenbeath Golf Club had kindly allowed their trophies to be put up for competition for the present year. Messrs R. Tait and R. Holman were elected joint Captains. It was agreed to appoint Mrs T.M. Finlay as ladies secretary, and to call a meeting of the lady members to appoint their own officials. At a meeting of the match and competition committee friendly fixtures with Ballingry were arranged, and the secretary, Mr Kellie was instructed to get into communication with other neighbouring clubs with a view of arranging other fixtures.

It was agreed to open the competitions with a mixed foursomes tonight at 5.30pm and that all ladies should be invited.

It was stated that up to date over fifty memberships cards had been issued during the first week the cards were available, and that nearly half that number are new members. This is very promising for the new venture." (DJ 11.5.1929)

   "Cowdenbeath Miners Welfare Golf Club have agreed to be represented at the Fife Championship to be held at Elie and Crail today ( Saturday ) first, and they have chosen the following four players :- Messrs W. Gilbert, J. Galloway, T. Glancy, and I. Sutherland." (DJ 18.5.1929)


   "Almost 120 members have joined Cowdenbeath Golf Club up to date, but that number is not sufficient to carry on, and unless there are more than an equal number come forward there is little prospect of the course being continued." (DJ 1.6.1929)


   "Cowdenbeath V Lochgelly played on Cowdenbeath course last Saturday. 16 men-a-side, resulting in a win for Cowdenbeath by 23 holes to 9." (DJ 22.6.1929)


   "The championship of Cowdenbeath golf course has passed the preliminary stage, and the sixteen players who have qualified for the knock out stage of the competition for the championship cup have been drawn in the first round as follows :- T. Glancy V T. Thyne, A. McPherson V W. Rattray, P. Nugent V j. Galloway, T. Fortune V W. Gilbert, Ian Sutherland V J. Marshall, A.D. Bald V  G.A. Reid, M.R. Duff V r. Holman, J. Scott V  R.C. Tait." (DJ 18.7.1929)

No records have been found covering the  period 1929 to 1936.

   "The annual general meeting of the golf club was held in the Miners Welfare Institution on Thursday evening, Mr A.D. Bauld, Vice President, presiding over thirty members. A satisfactory balance sheet was submitted by the treasurer, Mr Walter Ramsay. Mr W.D. Hodge Jnr., who resigned from the position of secretary during last playing season, was thanked for his work on the call of the chairman. The following officials were appointed for the ensuing season:- President, B. Sutherland; Vice President, A.D. Bald; Treasurer, W. Ramsay; Captain, J. Scott; Green committee, T.C. Foggo, J. Sutherland, W. Kerr, R. McCallum, J. Findlay, G. Guthrie, and T.T. Thynne ; Auditor, J. Finlay C.A.

   A vote of thanks to the chairman was proposed by Mr T.C. Foggo." (DP 15.4.1936)

  "Cowdenbeath is in danger of losing its golf course.At a meeting of the Public House Society Ltd, on Wednesday evening, it was agreed to close the course on 31st March. The course was laid out by the society twenty five years ago, and the lease expires in November.

   Owing to trade depression in the burgh, the society is unable to renew the lease as formerly. For several years the Miners Welfare Institute came to the aid of the club. Last year they were unable to continue a grant, but assistance was obtained from the Central Welfare Committee." (DP 29.2.1936)

Renewed Hope For The Golf Course


   "Every effort is being made to save the Cowdenbeath Golf Course, and negotiations, which have been proceeding between the interested parties are likely to be successfully concluded in the course of the next few days. It will be recalled that the Public House Society intimated recently that the course will be closedown on 31st March. Although this date has now expired, it is anticipated that, as a result of a recent meeting between representatives of the Fife Coal Company, Gothenburg Society, and Golf Club, some arrangements will be made whereby the course will be continued." (CA 2.4.1936) 

   'Playing over Cowdenbeath golf course on Tuesday evening Mr G.W. Baird, a local golfer, accomplished the sixth hole in one stroke, the distance being 133 yards.' 

(CA 29.5.1936)


Cowdenbeath Public House Society no longer liable for golf course


   "At the 36th annual general meeting of the Cowdenbeath Public House Society Ltd – Mr George Fraser presiding, the financial report showed that the drawings for the year amounted to £3324 and the profit £300. A dividend of 2 ½ per cent. Was declared. This dividend was the first paid since 1926. The golf course lease held by the society, terminated on Maitinmas last, and the society have now no further liability in connection with the course, which was carried on by them for 27 years. The club-house, which belonged to the society, has been handed over free to the ground proprietors for the benefit of the golf club which was recently formed." (S 26.2.1937) 

  "The Gothenburg Public House Society and the Cowdenbeath Miners Welfare Institute having found it impracticable to continue their valued and much appreciated assistance to golf, it was feared that the golf course would be lost to Cowdenbeath. The Fife Coal Company have, however, made it possible to carry on by allowing the golf club to have the golf course at a low rental. Golfers are deeply indebted to the Fife Coal Company for this opportunity, and at a largely attended meeting held recently, it was enthusiastically agreed to re-constitute Cowdenbeath Golf Club. The club henceforth must be self-supporting and its success depends upon the enthusiasm shown by interested citizens. The course itself, although neglected throughout the past season, will soon recover. The green keepers have now resumed duty, and the next month should show a marked improvement on its condition.

   The following officials have been appointed for ensuing year:- Hon. Presidents, Mr C.C. Reid. Mr W.G. Hodge, Mr J. Gray; President, Mr A.D. Bald; Vice President, Mr T.T. Thyne; Hon. Secretary, Mr T.C. Foggo, 36 High St, Cowdenbeath; Hon. Treasurer, Mr W. Ramsay, National Bank, Cowdenbeat ; Captain, Mr W.M. Crook ; Vice Captain, Mr J. Findlay; Committee – Messrs G. Spowart, W.G. Hodge Jnr, R. McAllum, D. Mathews; Auditors, Messrs J. Findlay C.A., W.M. Crooks, C.A.

   Ladies Officials:- President, Miss Dawson; Hon. Secretary and Treasurer, Miss A. Smith; Captain, Miss Buchan; Committee – Misses Mitchell, Gray, Flannigan, Kemp, Fraser, McLean, McLellan, and Rankin.

   An effort will be made to form a live junior section, and to encourage this project prizes have already been donated for junior competitions.

   An extensive fixture list has been compiled, and inter – club matches with the following clubs have been arranged :- Dysart, Tulliallan, Milnathort, Kinross, Kelty, Lochgelly, Ballingry, Auchterderran, and Canmore.

   Other new ventures include inter-club mixed foursomes. It is intended to hold an open competition towards the end of the season.

   The club at present hold the West Fife Club Championship, and it is confidently expected that the playing strength of the club will be capable of retaining this honour. It is hoped that every golfer in Cowdenbeath will rally to the clubs support. Any member of the committee will be delighted to have the names of any intending member, and subscriptions which fall due on 1st April, should be paid to the Hon. Treasurer, Mr Walter Ramsay, National Bank Of Scotland, Cowdenbeath, as soon as possible after that date. The funds of the club have been augmented by a successful whist drive and dance, but more is required before the golf course can be made worthy of Cowdenbeath. This course should eventually become one of the finest inland courses in the country."

(DP 27.3.1937)

Re–opening Of Cowdenbeath Course


   "The course of the resuscitated Cowdenbeath Golf Club was formally opened for the season on Saturday. The ceremony, which was performed by Mr C.C. Reid, who drove the first ball, was witnessed by a large gathering of golfers of both sexes.

   Mr A.D. Bald, who presided, said that the club had had many ups and downs during its existence of nearly fifty years, but during all that time it had managed to keep alive. The course was made in 1910, and for that they had to thank the Cowdenbeath Public House Society Ltd, who at that time provided a nine-hole course and carried it as a burden for twenty-six years. The members were now on their own as a club, and their Landlord was the Fife Coal Company Ltd.

   They had been fortunate to interest the General Manager, Mr C.C. Reid, who was one of their Honorary Presidents, and he thought that in the future, if the golfers made an effort at all the course would go on and would be most successful. (Applause).

Mr C.C. Reid said they were all greatly relieved to know that Cowdenbeath Golf Club was going to carry on. When the Gothenburg unfortunately found it impossible to carry on paying for everything, they had to consider what was to be done. The Fife Coal Company, in connection with the Golf Club Committee, worked out a scheme whereby the club would be able to carry on. The club was now going to stand on it’s own feet. The rent they were asked to pay was not a large one, and as far as the Fife Coal Company Ltd were concerned they would help all they could, providing the members did something for themselves. He thought that the Gothenburg had not been sufficiently thanked in the past by golfers for what they had done, and a deep debt of gratitude during the last twenty-six years for the way they had carried on the golf course. They laid the course out and allowed the members to carry on rent-free. “ What one gets for nothing” he said, “ Nobody cares anything about.”

   In further remarks, Mr Reid spoke of the splendid nature of the course, and said it could quite well serve the golfers of Cowdenbeath, Kelty, and Lochgelly. He wished the club every success. To a large extent that depended greatly on the members themselves, but so far as their Landlord was concerned, that Landlord would not be a difficult one. The Fife Coal Company would do all they could, provided the members were going to do things themselves.

   Provost Primmer spoke of the value of the game from a recreational and health point of view. After expressing his pleasure at the Re-Opening of the course, he said the question arose as to the advisability of a municipal course. There might have been difficulties, but in the end the members were able to carry on themselves. He wished the club every success in the future.

   Mr G. Fraser, representing the Public House Society Ltd, expressed his hopes for the success of the new club, and that the splendid facilities which the course afforded would be fully taken advantage of by the public. The Public House Society spent something like £6,000 on keeping the course for the public, and as had been said, it was not good when one received things for nothing. One thought more of it when it was earned. The Miners Welfare contributed something like £500 as their contribution, an effort which he thought was a splendid one.

   Mr Bald, prior to presenting Mr Reid with a club with which to drive off the first ball expressed the thanks of the male portion of the club to the lady members for their great efforts and valuable help.

   Thereafter a game was played between teams representing the President and Vice President, the latter's side winning by 4 matches to 3." (DP 1.5.1937)

   "Dysart and Cowdenbeath played at Dysart on Wednesday in a Mens foursomes. Dysart 6 Cowdenbeath 3."


   "A mixed foursomes was played over the course ( Cowdenbeath ) on Thursday evening. The winners were Miss Marg. Flannigan and Mr W. Keegan. Tea was afterwards served in the clubhouse." (DP 8.5.1937)


   "In a Gents foursomes Cowdenbeath played Kinross at Kinross on Tuesday and resulted in a draw 4 games each.During this match, J. Benson, the well known Falkirk and Dunfermline Athletic Football Player, equalled the course record with a score of 67. The details of his record were – Out 5,4,4,3,5,3,3,4,3 – 34 In 4,4,4,3,4,3,3,4 – 33 = 67.' (DP 22.5.1937)


   "Cowdenbeath played Tulliallan in a Gents foursomes match at Tulliallan. Cowdenbeath 5 Tulliallan 2."

   "Mixed foursomes match versus Ballingry played at Cowdenbeath on Wednesday. 11 couples a side. Cowdenbeath 4 Ballingry 6 and one match halved." (DP 29.5.1937)


  "Cowdenbeath v Ballingry Gents foursomes match played ay Cowdenbeath on Wednesday. 7 couples a side. Codenbeath 5  Ballingry 2." (DP 5.6.1937)


   "Cowdenbeath v Canmore Gents foursomes played at Cowdenbeath on Saturday. Cowdenbeath 1 Canmore 6." (DP 3.7.1937)


  "The monthly stroke competition played during the week was won by E.B. Pritchard with a score of 86 less 17 – 69. The runner-up was J.R. Benson (4) with a net score of 70." (DP 14.8.1937)


   "The final of the club championship was played on Thursday evening, the contestants being J.R. Benson, the well know Blackburn Rovers, Falkirk, and Dunfermline Athletic footballer and W. Gilbert. The feature of the winners play was his long hitting, but this advantage was counteracted by his opponents accuracy in approaching the green. It was a ding dong battle all the way, and when the 14th hole was reached, Benson had a one hole lead. This he maintained until the 17th , which he won in a four, to give him the match and the title of club champion, an honour which he merits on account of his consistency as the leading team player this season." (DP 11.9.1937)


   "A.T. Rolland defeated W. Gilbert by thee and two in the final of the challenge cup competition. The winner conceded his opponent two strokes, and was round in an approximate score of 71, which is one below the scratch score of the course.

   J. Rall is the winner of the monthly medal, his score being 78 less 12 – 66. The runner-up was G. Campbell with a score of 89 less 20 – 69." (DP 27.9.1937)


   "At a meeting of the committee of the Cowdenbeath golf club on Tuesday evening, Mr T.D. Thyne, Royal Bank, was appointed treasurer.

   Mr A. Neil was re-appointed green keeper, and will take up his duties immediately. The course, it is fully expected, will be in ideal condition for the opening match between teams representing President and Vice President.." (DP 19.3.1938)


   "The opening match between teams representing President and Vice President was played on Saturday with the following result. President 3 Vice President 3.

   At the annual general meting of the ladies section of the golf club held in the club-house on Monday evening the following office bearers were appointed:- Hon. Presidents, Mrs C.C. Reid and Mrs H.S. Stott; President, Miss Dawson; Vice President, Miss Mitchell; Captain, Miss Buchan; Secretary and Treasurer, Miss Smith; Committee – Misses M. Flannigan, McLean, and McLelland. The fixture list which was approved included the revival of ladies inter club singles matches." (DP 30.4.1938)


   "In a gentlemen's four ball foursome match played at Cowdenbeath on Wednesday, the local club defeated Ballingry by 5 games to 2. 

   The first mixed foursomes competition was played on Thursday evening when the leaders were:- Miss McLean and A. Neil; Miss J. Gray and I. Sutherland.

   Cowdenbeath will be represented in the Fife championship next Saturday by J.R. Benson and W. Gilbert at Burntisland, and W.M. Crookes and I. Sutherland at Aberdour."

   Gents four ball match V Tulliallan at Tulliallan on Saturday. Cowdenbeath 4 ½  Tulliallan 4 ½." (DP 7.5.1938)

   "The annual summer dance of the golf club was held in the Miners Welfare Institute on Wednesday evening. The event was patronised by a company of 100, who were welcomed by Mr T.C. Foggo, Hon. Secretary. Mr A. Smith officiated as M.C. and music was provided by Baxters Band. A spot waltz competition was by Miss McInally and Mr J. Spowart. The catering was in the hands of Messrs W. Hodge & Company."

(DP 8.6.1938)


   "There was an entry of fifty for an open tournament promoted by the Cowdenbeath club which was held on Saturday. The leading scratch award was won by a Burntisland player, M. Morrison, with a score of 75, while in the handicap, first place was taken by A. Griffiths, a sixteen year old Cowdenbeath player who had a praiseworthy round of 84. With a handicap of 14 his net score was 70. Second place was tied for at 71 by five players – W. Keegan, Cowdenbeath (10); J. Ferguson, Ballingry (6); M. Stuart, Lochgelly  7); G. Russell, Cowdenbeath (18) and M. Main, Cowdenbeath (12).

Other leading scores were:- W. Bell, Thornton (14) and J. Rait, Cowdenbeath (10) 73; C. Gilbert, Cowdenbeath (6) ; P. Brand, Cowdenbeath (10); and G. Campbell, Cowdenbeath (15) 74; E.H. Brown, Thornton  7 ; J. Jackson, Ballingry (12); I. Bald, Cowdenbeath (6); A. Smith, Cowdenbeath (16); W. Crooks, Cowdenbeath (4); and J. McMurdo, Cowdenbeath (10) 7 ; T. Terris, Cowdenbeath  6); J. Benson, Cowdenbeath (3); R.L. Gordon, Dysart (12); and J.D. Foggo, Dysart (4) 76." (DP 30.7.1938)


   "Consequent upon the resignation of the Vice President and Treasurer, the golf club at a meeting on Thursday evening made the following appointments:- Vice President, Mr D. Mathew ; Treasurer, Mr J.C. Purdi ; Additional members of committee, Messrs J.R. Benson and T. Terris." (DP 29.4.1938)


   "Cowdenbeath v Kelty Gents four ball match played at Cowdenbeath on Wednesday. Cowdenbeath 5 Kelty 3." (DP 13.5.1938)


   "Auchterderran beat Cowdenbeath in inter club four ball match at Auchterderran by 4 matches to 1." (DP 10.6.1938)


   "A mixed foursome stroke competition was played on Thursday evening for prizes donated by the President of the ladies section. The winners were :- Miss McLean and C. Gilbert, 92 less 12." (DP 8.7.1938)


  "The Cowdenbeath club has completed a most successful season. In addition to winning the Thomson Trophy, competed for by clubs in the West Fife Association, Cowdenbeath secured a further honour when one of it’s members J.R. Benson, won the West Fife Individual championship, with a score of 70, which broke the record of the course.

   The details of the club competitions are :- Club Championship, T. Sutherland; Runner-up, W. Gilbert; Challenge Cup, W. Gilbert; Runner-up, C. Gilber ; Presidents Prize, P. Brand; Runner-up, J. Adam; Stroke Competitions – April – J. Campbell; Runner-up, P. Brand; May – A. Griffiths; Runner-up, E. Kay; August – C. Gilbert; Runner-up, P.Whyte.


   "Cowdenbeath v Kelty Gents foursomes at Kelty on Saturday. Cowdenbeath 3 Kelty 4." (DP 23.9.1938)

   "The annual general meeting of the members of the golf club was held in the Miners Welfare Institute on Monday evening. Mr A.D. Bald, presiding over a large attendance, complimented the club on the success which had marked last season. He outlined a proposal whereby, owing to the present restrictions, the upkeep of the course could be effected by voluntary labour. After discussion it was agreed that the committee should arrange a scheme on the lines suggested.

   The Secretary, Mr T.C. Foggo, in course of his annual report, said that during the year the new scratch score of the course was fixed by the Scottish Golf Union at 70, and this had been equalled by Mr James Benson when he won the individual championship of the West Fife Association. In doing so he constituted a new record for the course, the previous record of 71, having been held by Mr Ian Sutherland.

   The principal competitions had been won as follows:- Club Championship, Mr Ian Sutherland, runner up Mr W Bald: challenge cup, Mr W Gilbert, runner up, Mr C Gilbert: Presidents prizes, Mr P Brand." (DP 2.3.1940) 


  "Dysart v  Cowdenbeath Gents foursome match played at Dysart on Saturday. Dysart 6 Cowdenbeath 2." (DP 11.5.1940)


Cowdenbeath win Thompson Trophy for third succesive year.


   "Playing over Kelty and Blairadam golf course on Saturday, Cowdenbeath golf club won the team championship of the West Of Fife golfing association for the third successive year, thus retaining the Thomson Trophy. Cowdenbeath have now won the trophy eight times since it’s inception. Lochgelly club are their nearest rivals with seven wins.

   The conditions this year were altered. Instead of two ball foursomes match play between the various clubs in membership of the Association, the competition took the form of strokeplay, each club being represented by six players and the lowest four scores to count. Details were as follows :- 1. Cowdenbeath golf club, C. Gilbert 76, J. Benson 79, D. Clark 79, and T. Terris 82 – 315 ( W. Gilbert 83. I. Sutherland 84 )

Kelty 320, Auchterderran 326, Ballingry 330, Lochgelly 338.

   The trophy was presented on Monday evening in the Cowdenbeath clubhouse. Mr Colin Morrison, Lochgelly Club, Vice President of the West Fife Golfing Association, handed over the cup, which Mr T.C. Foggo, Hon. Secretary of the Cowdenbeath club, accepted on behalf of the winning team.


   "Playing in a gentlemens foursome at Cowdenbeath on Wednesday evening, Mr James Rall did the sixth hole in one." (DP 15.6.1940)


  "In a gentlemens foursomes on Saturday, Cowdenbeath defeated Dysart by 6 matches to 2." (DP 22.6.1940)


   "J. Bald, Cowdenbeath golf club, with a score of 73, won the individual championship of the West Fife Golf Association, played over Lochgelly course last week. This gives the Cowdenbeath club the “ Double” as they also won the team championship of the W.F.G.A. It is the second year in succession that the club have held both the team and individual titles." (DP 29.6.1940) 

The course was taken over for agricultural use during WW2

   "At a recent meeting of representatives of the golf clubs in Cowdenbeath, Lochgelly, and Kelty, when a proposal was discussed to establish an 18 hole golf course to serve the whole area. It was decided in the first instance to ascertain from the Secretary Of State for Scotland, if facilities for golf would be included in the lay-out of the proposed new township to be set up between Cowdenbeath and Lochgelly. It was pointed out to Mr Westwood that at present in the area comprising Cowdenbeath, Hill Of Beath, Kelty, Lochgelly,Lochore, and Ballingry, there was one nine hole golf course at Lochgelly, that during the war it was necessary to utilise the golf courses in Cowdenbeath and Kelty for agricultural purposes, and that these clubs now found it impossible to restart owing to the heavy expenditure which would be involved in attempting to lay out their former courses.

   A reply has now been received from the Dept Of Health, who state that the development of the new town would be the responsibility of a development corporation after the area of the new town had been designated. A plan was being prepared showing how it might be possible to reserve sufficient land for golfing purposes. The plan was at present in preliminary stage and no indication could yet be given as to the precise situation of the land to be reserved for a golf course. The department also pointed out that any plan which they might prepare would be tentative and not binding on the Development Corporations.

   On the subject of terms on which ground would be provided for golfing purposes, they state that this would have to be discussed with the Development Corporation when it was appointed.

   A further meeting of local golfers is likely to be convened at an early date to review the situation in the light of the information received." (DP 8.2.1947)


End Of Golf Club


   "In view of the fact that no immediate prospects seem available for golf in the district, it has been decided that no further efforts be made meantime to acquire land for a course. It has been decided to convene another meeting of the members in March for the purpose of winding up the club’s affairs.(DP 22.2.1947)


   "The correspondence between a representative committee of the golf clubs in the Cowdenbeath, Lochgelly, and Kelty area and the Ministry of Health over the possibility of there being an 18 hole golf course in the new town proposed to be established between Cowdenbeath and Lochgelly was discussed at a meeting of Cowdenbeath Golf Club, when it was decided that because of various adverse circumstances that another meeting be called for the purpose of winding up the club. Thus the club that started golf on Leuchatsbeath sixty years ago and played on other five courses in the town before they settled down on the course closed down for the war, will have at last to go out of existence." (DWFJ 26.2.1947)



The ground was taken over for housing development.


Present club formed in 1991.

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