Forgotten Greens of Scotland
Forgotten Greens of Scotland

 Golf On The Black Parks with the tallest mountain in Britain in the background.

Fort William 1,2, and 3.



Golf in Fort William has had a chequered existence; 


   The first club, Lochaber Golf Club, was formed in 1890 at Auchintore, above the town and remained there until 1910.


   The club moved then to the Black Parkd at Inverlochy in 1910 and remained there until 1916 when part of the lease was given up for agricultural cultivation towards the War Effort, and the club went into abeyance.


   In 1921 the club was revived and a course was opened on rising ground above the town, close to the site of the original course at Auchintore, and remained there until 1947. Uncertainties concerning the lease being abrogated in order to provide more housing for the town, and financial difficulties, resulted in the club being wound up.


   A new club, the Fort William Golf Club, was formed in 1953 and a  nine-hole course at Glasdrum was opened in 1955. (still going in 1971)


The current club was formed in 1976 at North Road.

Fort William, Lochaber Golf Club -

First Course


Lochaber Golf Club.  Founded 1890.  A 9-hole  course, on land belonging to Mrs Cameron Campbell of Munzie.  It is on high ground above  Auchintore overlooking the town and  one mile from the station, and was used by the occupiers as a common pasturage for cattle. .  

   "This place has not quite escaped the influenza epidemic, but it was mild in comparison with what the golfing epidemic, by which it has been succeeded, threatens to become. For a time the problem has been where to find a suitable golf course, but this appears on the point of being solved. The gentlemen who have interested themselves in the matter have recently had an opportunity of consulting in the subject the Chief Constable of the County – a recognised authority in the North – and they had the satisfaction of obtaining from Mr McHardy, the opinion, after an inspection of the ground, that one of the best golf courses in Scotland could be formed above the town at little expense. A few years ago either of the proprietors of the land would readily have assented to the ground being used for the purpose. It is not anticipated to the young and old of the place. that the crofters, who have the right of common pasture over it, will be more difficult to deal with, especially as the ground used, instead of being injured, would be greatly improved.

   A considerable outlay would have to be incurred in removing whins, drying the ground in places, and improving the surface generally, all of which would improve the pasturage. The land was at one time, for the most part, under cultivation; but it is every year getting more overgrown with whins and heather. The golfers would effectually put an end to this deterioration in the part in which they would play over, and the use of such a recreation ground could not fail to be beneficial" (NC 23.4.1890) 

   "The second competition for the Presidents silver medal was played on Saturday, when there was a good turnout of competitors. The scores were not up to the average, Mr Robert Cameron being first with 114, and Mr Wm. Murray, second with 115." 

(NC 27.5.1891)


   "A match between Married and Single members was played over the course on Saturday, resulting in a win for the former by one hole. The weather was good, and play keen and exciting" (NC 11.11.1891).

   "On Wednesday a number of excursionists arrived in Oban from Fort William, where the day was observed as the annual summer holiday.  The weather was delightful, and all seemed thoroughly to enjoy themselves.  A team of golf-players accompanied the holiday- makers, and during the day a match was played at Polavinister between them and some members of the local club.  The game was somewhat one-sided, ending in a win for Oban by 27 holes.  So serious a defeat of the visitors may be accounted for by the fact that they were strange to the ground, and besides they have not such a large membership to choose a team from as their opponents.  The scores were:-


OBAN.                                         FORT WILLIAM

J.MacPherson             9                    W.Murray                     0

W.Gardiner                 6                    Rev.D MacMichael       0

J.MacColl                    4                    Alex.MacDougall          0

D.Campbell                 4                     Wm.D.Barclay              0

A.Campbell                 3                     C.Livingstone                0

W.Rankin                    1                     Arch.MacCallum          0


New members have joined.

(OT 8.7.1893)

Northern Chronicle March 14th 1894

Lochaber Golf Club.


   "At the annual general meeting of this club, held last week, the following office bearers were appointed:- President, Mr Daniel McLeish; Vice- Presidents, Messrs N.B. Mackenzie and A.W. McDonald; Captain, Mr Colin Livingstone; Secretary and Treasurer, Mr W.D. Barclay, Bank of Scotlan ; Committee, Rev. D. McMichael, Messrs A. McDougall, John McPhee and Mr McDonald.

   Various schemes for bringing the club more prominently before the public were discussed, and in view of the expected influx of visitors on the completion of the West Highland Railway, several important improvements and alterations on the course were sanctioned.The course is situated on the heights overlooking Fort William, the first teeing ground being now within ten minutes walk of any part of the town. For permission to form their course here, the club is indebted to the proprietrix, Mrs Cameron Campbell, and to the grazing tenant, Mr Duncan Cameron, Geenhill House.

By the new scheme, two holes on the lower parks are substituted for the two east holes, which were formerly situated on a heathery plateau, where bog and heather interfered with the proper enjoyment of the game.

   The starting and finishing points are both quite close to the road which intersects the fields, and from all parts of the course a magnificent panoramic view of Fort William, Loch Linnhe, Locheil, Corpach, Banavie and the Caledonian Canal is obtained.

   The first hole is played up a gentle slope, over a dyke, and with a little draining and whin-cutting will be a decided improvement on the East hole. The next two holes remain as they were, but the fourth hole, situated near Prince Charlie’s Battery, from which it takes its name, is now the furthest east hole. On the return journey, the target hole, so called from it’s proximity to the rifle range, is first played; and the Plateau, west, and reservoir holes follow as before. The ninth hole is a new one, but, though long, presents no special difficulties, and the round is completed almost where it was begun.

   The membership is gradually increasing, and there are a number of very enthusiastic players among the members. The committee are prepared to admit visitors on very advantageous terms, so that the golf course will add another to the many inducements held out to tourists to make Fort William their headquarters during the summer and autumn months." (NC 14.3.1894)

   "A number of valuable prizes have recently been presented to the club, and advantage is being taken of the present favourable weather for playing off the different competitions.   The prizes were given by Mr D.Boyd, Dalchrelian; Dr Cameron, Hazelcroft;Dr Millar; Mr Murdoch, Pier House; Mr John Cameron, Parade House; and Mr D. Downie, merchant.  The president, Mr MacLeish, and the captain, Mr Livingston, have also presented handsome medals which are to be competed for during the season." (OT 21.4.1894)

Northern Chronicle April 25th 1894

Fort William.


   "Under it’s new office bearers the Fort William Golf Club is rapidly making for itself a name, and the course has been so improved as to make it one of the great attractions for visitors. On Saturday and Wednesday there was a good turnout of members to compete for prizes presented by Messrs Donald Boyd and D. Downie. When the cards were handed in the winners were found to be :-


Mr W.D. Barclay ……………………… 92 and 97 – 189 ( Scratch )

Mr John Watson ……………………  100 and 98 – (Less 8) 190.


   On Saturday there was another competition for prizes presented by Mr John Murdoch and Mr John Cameron, Mamore Cottage, when 18 holes were played. The following were the best scores handed in :-


Mr W.D. Barclay ……………………….( Scratch )         98

Mr A.J. Macquarie ………………....   ( 118 less 18 )   100

Mr John Watson ……………………… ( Scratch )        101

Mr John Macphee …………………     ( 109 less 8 )     101

Mr C. Livingston ……………………..   ( Scratch )        104


   Prizes have also been given by Mr Donald Cameron, Hazelcroft, and Dr Miller, and these with medals presented by the President, Mr Macleish, and the Captain, Mr C. Livingston, will be played for during the season." (NC 25.4.1894)

   “ In no previous year since the formation of a golf club here has so keen an interest been taken in the ancient game as is the case this season.  Everyone who is anyone, to use a colloquialism, must needs be a golfer.  Last Saturday the senior members of the club completed a match of eighteen holes for an artistic golf walking stick presented by Miss B. MacLeish, Bank of Scotland.  The best scores were :l, Mr.H.Fraser (winner), 100-6=94; 2, Mr W.D.Barclay,scratch,95; 3, Mr C.Livingston, scratch, 96.  The juniors also had a competition of eighteen holes, for prizes presented by Mr W.Swan, tobacconist, and Mr A. MacDougall bookseller.  The result was:- 1, Mr J. MacLean,58+59=; 2, A.H. MacDougall, 77+52=129; 3, Mr Thos. Allison, 68+69=137.” (OT 19.5.1894)


   “A number of prizes obtained through Mr MacDougall, bookseller were competed for last week with the following result;- 1, MrDuncan MacKenzie;

2 Mr John Watson; 3, Mr A.MacDougall and Mr A.H.MacDougall equal;4, Mr Don.Matheson; 5 Mr Don. MacKenzie; 6 Mr W.D.Barclay and Mr H. Fraser. Equal” (OT 26.5.1894)


    “A competition was held on Wednesday for prizes received through Mr Macdougall, Stationer, when the following were the winners: - 1, Mr John Maclean; 2, Messrs D. Macleish, R. Wilkie, and Charles Maclean ( Equal ) 3, Mr John Watson; 4, Mr A.H. Macdougall; 5, Mr D. Matheson.

   On Saturday the second round of 18 holes in the competition for a beautiful golf bag, presented by Mr Donald Cameron, Hazel Croft, a second prize in the shape of a golf club being presented by Mr john Cameron, Mamore Cottage. The best scores for the 36 holes were :- 1, Mr Alexander Cameron ( Handicap 24 ) 119 ; 2, Mr John Macphee ( Handicap 12 ) 204 ; 3, Mr C. Livingstone ( Scratch ), 210.” (NC 30.5.1894)


   “A competition for two handsome photo frames, presented through Mr A. Macdougall, Stationer, was finished on Wednesday, when Mr Wm D. Barclay was declared the winner with a score of 92 ( 49 + 43 ) On completing another round immediately after. Mr Barclay’s score was 44, and he thus established a record for the 18 holes, viz – 87. The record for nine holes was broken on Friday by Mr A. Macdougall, whose score was 41.” (NC 20.6.1894


   “ Mr W.D.Barclay, playing last week in the competition for prizes presented through Mr MacDougall, bookseller, did the eighteen holes in 44+49=93. Playing for practice the same evening, Mr Barclay broke the record by doing the double round in 44+43=87.  On Friday evening Mr MacDougall, made the single round in 41, which is the lowest score yet recorded.” (OT 23.6.1894)

   “A general meeting of the Lochaber Golf Club was held on Monday, when the following office-bearers were elected;- President, D.MacLeish; vice-presidents-Messrs N.B.MacKenzic and John MacDonald; captain- C.Livingston; treasurer – R.Wilkie ; secretary-W.D.Barclay; committee of management- Rev. D.MacMichael, Alex MacDougall,John MacPhee,Thomas Allison, and T. Scott,

   The membership of the club now exceeds thirty,  The first monthly competition for the captain’s challenge medal was arranged for Saturday first.” (OT 6.4.1895)


   “ The first monthly competition for the medal presented by Mr C. Livingston, the captain, was played on Saturday. The lowest score for the two rounds was made by Messrs D.MacKenzie and D.Young, who each put on 103.  The tie was played off on Tuesday evening . but on account of the darkness it had to be stopped.” (OT13/4/1895)


    “The first competition for the silver medal, presented by President Macleish, was held on Saturday, in beautiful fine weather. There are to be six competitions, the four best scores to count. The best scores on Saturday were:- 1, Mr Hector Fraser ( Scratch ) 93; 2, Mr Thomas Scott (do) 101; 3, Mr C. Livingstone (do) 102.” (NC 15.5.1895)


   “ The Golf club presented by Mr Bell was played for on Saturday, and won by Mr Scott.” (OT 1 6 1895)

   “The members of the Lochaber Golf Club held a competition for prizes on Saturday. Competitors were divided into three classes, and the usual conditions were observed.  The prize for the first class, a handsome silver medal, presented by Mr Allan MacDougall, Edinburgh, was won by Mr S Livingston with a score of 99.” (OT 9.11.1895)


  “The Matheson challenge cup was played for on Saturday and won by Mr C.Livingstone with a score of 99.The cup is a gift to the club of Dr John Matheson , London, who with his family had summer residence near Fort William and is himself an enthusiastic golfer but with little opportunity while in London for play. His leisure at Fort William he devoted , among other amusements to golf, and on his return to London sent the club the handsome silver challenge cup which was played for on Saturday for the first time. The members of the club it is needless to say, highly appreciated the liberal return made by Dr Matheson for the opportunities he had for playing over their course.” (OT 30.11.1895)

   "The golf course which has been greatly improved of late, is now, being fully taken advantage of, and many new members have been added to the club.  The gold medal, presented for competition by Dr. Matheson, London, has been won this year by Mr William MacLennan with a score of 94." (OT 22.5.1897)


   "The final competition for the president’s medal was to have been played off on Saturday between Mr Alexander MacDougall and Mr Arch, Campbell, but on account of the inclement weather, the former scratched and the medal consequently became the property of Mr Campbell. The winner commenced to play golf only a month ago, and being but eighteen years of age, the performance is very creditable" (OT 19.6.1897).

   "A meeting of the Lochaber Golf Club was held in the Secretary’s rooms on Friday evening last.  Mr A.S. MacIntyre, president.  It was intimated to the meeting that a new set of flags had been provided for the holes, and that the President had presented a pair of binocular glasses for competition. The conditions of the competition were arranged as follows:- by handicap, 12 competitions, to be held on the second Saturday of each month, beginning in November; no competitor to play more than six times and the aggregate, of the best three scores to count.  The autumn(handicap) competition for the Matheson Cup was fixed for the 20th inst.  Mr John MacLean was appointed secretary." (OT 22.10.1898)


   "The annual meeting of this club was held at Fort William on Friday. Mr A.S. Macintyre presided.

   The following were elected office bearers were elected for the ensuing year:- President, Mr D. Macleis ; Vice Presidents, Messrs A.S. Macintyre, AND Alex Macdougall; Captain, Mr Colin Livingston; Treasurer, Mr John Maclean;  Secretary, Mr Hector Fraser. The (Scratch) competitions for the Northern Cup was fixed for 17th June curt, and 14th October next, and the 12 competitions for the President’s prize take place on the second Saturday of each month, commencing in July.

   The annual subscription was reduced from 10s to 5s for each member of the club."

(NC 14.6.1899)


   "The autumn competition for the Northern Challenge Cup took place over the course on Saturday last in favourable weather. The number of contestants was not large, and on the conclusion of play it was found that the lowest score viz 48, had been made by Mr Archd. Clow, who accordingly becomes the winner of the trophy for the season.  The monthly competition for the President’s Silver Medal also took place on Saturday, and this likewise was gained by Mr Clow." (OT 16.12.1899)


   "A competition for the field glasses presented to the Golf Club by the captain took place over the course on Saturday, when the lowest score that of 102, was made by Mr C. Livingston.  There are to be six competitions and the competitor having the three lowest scores becomes the winner." (OT 23.6.1900)

   "Mrs Cameron-Lucy of Callart has presented the club with a silver cigarette case and silver match box for competition among the members." (NC 28.8.1901)

   "Work in connection with the improvement of the golf course is being rapidly pushed forward under the superintendence of Mr J.C. Finlayson, and it is to be hoped that everything will be in readiness to permit of play being engaged in by the 1st of July.  The course is being entirely reconstructed and the holes extended where necessary, new putting greens and tees are being formed, and the old green thoroughly overhauled and levelled. When completed the new golf course should prove one of the most attractive in the West Highlands, and the ancient pastime should receive a corresponding fillip in Lochaber." (OT 25.6.1904)

   "The game of golf is rapidly again gaining favour in Fort William, and some interesting play was witnessed on the course on Saturday. The competition for the monthly medal, presented by Mr C. Livingstone, Ardtraigh, was won by Mr A. Clow, with a score of 100. In the case for the scratch contest for the Dr Matheson Silver Challenge Cup, Mr H. Fraser proved the winner, with a score of 93, the runner up being Mr A. Clow, who had a score of 98." (OT 9.7.1904)


   "Playing against Mr W. Ross on Saturday over the Fort William course, Mr A. Clow established a new record for the 9 holes, having done the single round in 39.  The previous best score was 42, and the substantial reduction made on Saturday by Mr Clow will doubtless be somewhat difficult to beat." (OT 29.10.1904)


   "The autumn competition for the Dr. Matheson sup took place on the local course last week, when the lowest card returned was that of Mr A. Young, whose score was 105-18=87.  Since the improvement and renovation of the course, a large number of players have regularly been indulging in this favourite pastime." (OT 19.11.1904)

   "A friendly match between Lochaber (Fort William) and Spean Bridge Golf Clubs was played on the new course of the latter club on Saturday last and resulted in a win for (Fort William)by 8 holes  Scores:-


Spean Bridge:-   D.MacDonald       0                Fort William:-  T.R.Fraser        5

                           D.Cameron           0                                        A.Clow            3

                           J.MacDonald        0                                        W.Ross             4

                          W,MacKenzie        0                                        H.Fraser           4

                           A.Rose                  0                                        J.Pryde             3

                           D.MacDonald      11                                       A.MacDougal   0


                                                        11                                                                19

(OT 6 5 1905)

   "A return match between the Spean-bridge and Fort William Golf Clubs took place in delightful weather on the course of the latter on Saturday.  A keen interest was evinced in the contest, and some good play was witnessed.  The fort William players were again successful in pulling off a win.  Annexed are the scores;­-


Fort William:-    A.Young            11            Spean bridge:-  A.C.Fraser            0

                          W.Ross                5                                     R.MacDonald       0

                          T.Fraser               4                                      D.MacDonald      0

                          H.Fraser              4                                       Rev Mr,McNab   0

                          A.MacDougall    0                                       D.Cameron          2

                           J.Pryde               0                                        A.Rose                9


                                                     24                                                                   11

(OT 20.5.1905)                                                                                                                                                                                                

   "The members of the Fort William Golf Club played on Saturday for the custody of the Dr. Matheson silver challenge cup, when the lowest score- that of 105 was made by Mr J. Pryde, who accordingly becomes the present custodian.  A match also took place between the junior members for a golf club presented for competition, when Messrs. A. MacDougall and Keith Falconer tied for the prize with a score of 124.  The contest between those two players was replayed over the course on Monday evening in a strong wind, when the former won, his score being 134." (OT 17.6.1905)


   "A meeting of the Lochaber (Fort William) Golf Club was held on Friday night Mr A. MacKay presiding. 

   The following office-bearers for the season were appointed:-  President, Mr D. MacLeish vice-presidents, Mr A.A.MacIntyre, Mr C.Livingston,Major Cameron, and ex-Provost Young, captain, Mr H. Fraser, secretary Mr J. Pryde, treasurer, Mr A. Clow, committee, office-bearers along with Messrs W.Ross and A.MacKay. 

   The competitions for the year were arranged, and various recommendations as to the improvement of the course were left in the hands of the Green Committee. 

   The suggestion was made at the meeting that a silver cup should be presented and played for between the Lochaber (Fort William)  Lochiel (Corpach), Speanbridge,and Fort Augustus Clubs." (OT 17.6.1905)

Course Extension


   "The extended golf course at Fort William was formally opened on Saturday by Mrs Cameron Lucy of Callart, the Lady Superior of the burgh.  A large number of ladies and gentlemen witnessed the function. Sheriff Davidson, in calling upon the lady of the manor to the opening ceremony, took occasion to remark that five hundred years ago games were not common in the Highlands, the dwellers in those parts being more addicted to the use of the claymore than the more pacific methods of pastime prosecuted by people of the south country.  Certainly there had been no golf course extant is in the Highlands even half a century ago, but now the fascinations of the game were catching on, and in his opinion it was a game that ought to be accorded all encouragement. 

   He then called upon Mrs Lucy to drive off the first ball, which what Lady gracefully did with a silver mounted club presented to her by the Lochaber Club.  Mrs Cameron Lucy afterwards addressed the company, swelling particularly on the antiquity of golf, and advocating its more extensive adoption as a pastime by the people of the district. 

   A competition then took place for two prizes presented for competition between members of the four district clubs.  Upwards of twenty competitors took part, and the winners were Mr A. Young,91 and Mr A.Clow 98, both being of the Lochaber (Fort William) Club." (S 26.5.1905)

   "A contingent of Fort William golfers journeyed on Saturday afternoon to Spean Bridge, and engaged in a match with the club there.

   The day was fine, and considerable interest was evinced in the game, which resulted in a substantial win for the visitors. Arrangements will soon be completed for a series of matches to be played between the Corpach, Spean Bridge, and Fort William clubs." (NC 26 9 1906)


   "A geneal meeting of the Lochaber ( Fort William ) Golf Club was held on Thursday last, Mr C. Livingston, the President, presiding.

   The following office bearers were elected for the year:- President, EX provost Young; Vice President’s, Messrs C. Livingston and H. Fraser; Captain, A. Clo ; Joint secretary and treasurer, Messrs J. Sime and W. Ross; Committee, vice President’s, Secretary and Treasurer.

   Certain improvements were authorised to be carried out on the course, and Mr D. Macnaughton was appointed green keeper for the year.

   A series of interesting competitions- taking the form of tournaments – were also arranged for. A junior division under the control of the club was formed." (NC 17.10.1906)

   "Considerable interest continues to be envinced in the different contests, presently in course of progress, in connection with the various district clubs. The course at Fort William has undergone extensive improvements, and the marked addition of new members is gratifying to those who have the interests of the club at heart. On Saturday, the members of the junior section attached to this club played off for the silver medal presented for competition by Ballie Ross, when it was won by Mr Keith Falconer with a score of 103." (NC 31.10.1906)


   "A contingent from the Spean-Bridge club paid a visit to Fort William on Saturday, and were pitted in a contest against a like drawing from the Fort William club. After some good play, the visitors won by two matches to one. The members of the home club are at present engaged in playing off the various ties for prizes presented by Messrs Kerr & Co., Glasgow." (NC 7 11 1906)


   "The members of the Fort William golf club competed for the monthly medal on Saturday, when the winner proved to be Mr A. Young, whose score for the nine holes was 44. The runner up, Mr R. Ross, had a score of 52. Interest in the prize competition presently in progress is well maintained, and the final ties will probably be played off this week."

(NC 5. 12.1906)

    “For some time back the members of the Fort William golf club have taken part in an interesting series of competitions, the Gurdeon being a handsome pair of silver candlesticks presented by Mrs Cameron Lucy of Callart. The final was played off last week between Messrs A. Clow and W. Ross, when the former ran out winner by 3 up and two to play. On Saturday a further competition took place for prizes presented by the Captain and other members, the result of which was that Messrs Marshall and Sime tied for the first place, their respective scores being:- Mr Marshall, 108 less 25 – 83; Mr Sime, 89 less 6 – 83; 3rd Mr A. Mackay, and 4th Mr W. Ross.” (NC 22.5 1907)


   “The concluding competition for the binoculars presented by Mr A.B.MacIntyre took place on Saturday, with the following result:- Mr G.M.Blair 107-25=82; D.Ross, 105-15=89; A.Clow, 95-4= 91; K.Falconer, 107-15=92.   The conditions were four competitions, the scores in any two of which were eligible for count, and the result has been that the prize goes to Mr K. Falconer, whose total 169. The next in order of merit were Mr G.M.Blair,171; and Mr D.Ross 172.  Competitions for the Matheson cup will be entered upon next week.” (OT 22.6.1907)


   “A general meeting of this club was held at Fort William on Wednesday- the President, Mr A. Clow presiding.

   The treasurer submitted the accounts for the past year, and the state of the finances went to show that an increased interest continued to be taken in the club.

   The following office bearers were elected:- President, Mr N.B. Mackenzie, Solicitor; Vice President, Mr C. Livingston; Captain, Mr F.D. Lime; Secretary, Mr Geo. Blair; Treasurer, Mr W. Ross; Committee, Messrs H. Fraser, A. Clow, R. Marshall, and D. Ross.

   Various improvements on the greens were suggested, and arrangements were made for holding the various competitions.”


   “An inter club match between Fort William and Spean Bridge took place on the course of the latter on Saturday, and resulted in a win for the visitors by five points.” (NC 23.10.1907)

   “ Favoured with delightful weather, the members of the Lochaber Golf Club turned out largely on Saturday to take part in a handicap stroke competition for a dozen golf balls presented as a prize by the Rev. G.M. Maclean.  The contest was enthusiastically taken up, and during the match some good play was witnessed.  On the cards being handed in, it was found that the first prize winner was Mr G.M. Blair, whose score was 46 plus 47-93, less 15-78.  Other scores were – Mr W. Ross, 85; Rev. G.M. Maclean, 88; Mr D. Ross, 95; Mr F.D. Sime, 95; Mr R. Ross, 97; Mr H. Fraser, 97; Mr J. Blair, 101; Mr R. Marshall, 105; Mr A. Mackay, 109; Mr W. Burgess, 124.” (OT 21.3.1908)


   “The first competition for the Inter Club Challenge Cup was played between the Corpach and Fort William golf clubs on the course of the former on Saturday. Fine weather prevailed, and a keen interest was envinced in the contest, which resulted in a win for the visitors by 4 to 2. Annexed are the scores :-


  Corpach                                                                            Fort William


J. Young Jnr ………………………. 1                              H. Fraser ………………….. 0

W. Ross ……………………………    1                              G. Blair …………………….  0

J. Young …………………………..    0                              A. Young ………………….  1

D. Cameron ………………………    0                             F.D. Sime …………………. 1

D.R. Macgillivray ………………..  0                             A. Clow ……………………   1

E. Wengel …………………………    0                             Rev. G. M. Maclean ……  1

                                                 -------                                                             --------

                                                     2                                                                       4

(NC 15.4.1908)


May 23rd 1908 Oban Times


Golf-  Fort William Golf Club visited Spean Bridge last Saturday to engage in a match for points in the inter challenge club trophy.  It was an ideal day for golfing, and an enjoyable game ended in an easy victory for fort William.  Scores

Fort William                                                                     Spean


F.D.Syme                                     1                                         J.MacNab               0

E.K. Malcolm                              1                                         D.Cameron              0

H.Fraser                                       1                                         W.MacKenzie         0

A.Young                                      ½                                        D.MacDonald         ½

R.Ross                                          1                                         W.MacCredie          0

G.M.Blair                                     1                                         J.MacDougall          0

                                                     __                                                                         _

                                                    5 ½                                                                     0 ½       

(OT 23.5.1908)


June 6th 1908 Oban Times


Golf -  A contest in the inter-club challenge competition took place on the Fort William course on Saturday between the home and Corpach Clubs.  On account of the heat which prevailed, the pastime savoured more of an uncongenial task, but each side,buoyed up with the hope of victory,.played resolutely to the finish.  The match ended in a win for Fort William by four to two.  Annexed are the scores:


Fort William                                                                                 Corpach


H.Fraser                                        1                                      S.Melville                    0

F.D.Syme                                       1                                     A.Gardiner                  0

D.Ross                                            1                                     J.Young                       0

A.Young                                         1                                     W.Ross                         0

R.Ross                                            0                                     D.Cameron                 1

G.M.Blair                                       0                                     D.R.MacGillivray      1

                                                       -----                                                                      ----

                                                         4                                                                           2

(OT 6.6.1908)


   “The local club played a friendly match on Friday last with the officers of H.M.S. Diamond, and the players were favoured with ideal weather.  The game resulted as follows;-


Fort William:           W. Ross  ½  H.Fraser 1;      R.Ross 1;  G.M.Blair 1;   3

H.M.S. Diamond;_ Lt. Ross  ½ ; Lt.Smyth  0;  Lt.Guise  0;Dr.Arthaun  0”

(OT 31.10.1908)

   "A stroke competition for the custody of the Matheson Silver Cup took place over the Fort William Course on Saturday, and the weather being fine there was a large attendance of competitors. After a close finish the trophy was won by Mr Walter Ross with a score of 93. The next best results were Mr G.M. Blair 94; Mr H. Fraser 94; and Mr T.D. Sime 97. The cup will be competed for again in the autumn, and the present winner and the winner then will play for two special prizes presented by the club."

(NC 31.3.1909)

Second Course


   "Mr C. Livingston, Ardtraigh, presided over a well attended meeting of this club held on Friday. The special committee appointed to enquire into the feasibility of acquiring land on the Black Parks for the formation of a new golf course presented their report, from which it appeared that the various tenants concerned were willing to renounce their respective holdings in favour of the club, and that terms satisfactory to all parties had practically been arranged. Gratification was expressed at this, and it was agreed to ask Mr Willie Fernie, Troon, to visit and inspect the proposed course. It was also decided to invite tenders both for fencing and draining the course.

   Some discussion took place as to the propriety of providing an access bridge across the River Nevis or the provision of a boat.

   A motion that a Bazaar in aid of the funds necessary should be held in August of next year was carried, and a public meeting is to be held shortly with the object of securing the co-operation of local people in the scheme." (NC 30.3.1910)

   "Mr W. Fernie, Troon, went over the proposed new golf course on Saturday, accompanied by members of committee. After inspecting the venue, and staking off of the greens, Mr Fernie was good enough to say that the new course was an exceptionally fine one, and should attract many devotees of the ancient pastime to Lochaber. The course is located in what are known as the “ Black Parks” Lying practically under the shadow of Ben Nevis, twixt the rivers Lochy and Nevis. The fertile stretch has a more than ordinary interesting historic connection, in respect that it was along this stretch that Montrose’s men persued and slaughtered the vanquished Campbells after the battle of Inverlochy. Along the banks of the Lochy, in the near neighbourhood, is said to have once stood “ A Goodly toone yclept Ennerlochtey,” with which France and Spain did a remunerative trade in skins, hides, and other merchandise. The new course looks out on landscape and seascape of surpassing beauty, while the great Grampian chain, with the snow clad Ben Nevis towering above the surrounding heights, adds dignity and grandeur to the playground below. The new course is expected to be formally opened early in June." (NC 6/4/1910)

   "Preliminary operations have now been started in connection with the proposed new golf course in Strathlochy. At a meeting of the club executive, held on Saturday, the offer of Mr John Cameron, Fort William, for the necessary fencing and drainage was accepted, and the work will be put in hand forthwith. A number of local gentlemen and others have already signified their willingness to provide the necessary funds for constructing about half of the greens, and the project altogether is being heartily supported by the community" (NC 4.5.1910).

   The arrangements for the opening of the new course are now almost completed.  It is in excellent order, and despite the short period which the committee have had at their disposal, the putting greens have been very carefully made.  The course has already been fenced in to prevent animals straying on to it, and operations for the erection of a club house are to be commenced forthwith.  It is understood that negotiations are proceeding with a view to secure access to the course by a shorter route, and it is hoped these will materialise, as if so the distance between the town and the course will thereby be considerably lessened. 

   The membership is steadily increasing, and no financial problems having to be faced, the success of the undertaking is already assured." (OT 25.6.1910)

New Clubhouse


   "At a meeting of the committee of management of the Golf Club held on Tuesday evening, it was decided to proceed with the erection of a club house, which will occupy a site at the plantation near the ninth hole on the new course.  The contractors for the building are- Mason, Duncan Cameron; joiner, Donald Cameron; plumber, R. Harper; and painter, A.L.Gray. 

   It is hoped to open the course for play on Monday first, but the formal opening will not take place until the club house has been erected, on which occasion the executive hope to induce some of the champion exponents of the ancient pastime to play an exhibition game." (OT 9.7.1910)

Opening Ceremony:-


   "In charming weather and amid romantic and historical associations the new golf course at Fort William was formally opened by Lady Abinger.  Inverlochy Castle on Friday last. The people of the community showed their interest by turning out in large numbers, and the scene at the pavilion was a gay and interesting one.


President’s Speech


   As President of the Club Mr E.E.Malcolm in the course of a short speech, welcomed them all to the new course, and he trusted that the next time they came there it would not be as spectators but as members of the Club.  They had now got their new course, and they all believed it was going to be a great success. It had been secured after a good deal of negotiation but he was happy to say that they entered upon their tenancy without the creation of any spirit of comity between themselves and either the proprietors or previous lessees of the land. He did not think they could find in the whole of Scotland a golf course situated amid such grand scenery and as it had been laid out by the best architect Mr W. Fernie of Troon that in itself was a guarantee of its capacity from a player’s point of view. It now remained for them to make the course worthy of its romantic setting and associations and he might mention that the club contemplated erecting a bridge across the River Nevis, which would materially shorten the access to the course,  they believed the course would prove of inestimable benefit for fort William and district and their hope was to add to the boundaries in the near future. The heard a lot in these days about land values but he thought they could not underestimate the value of these lands to the community if the people of the district would do their utmost to back up the club in the venture.

   Mr Malcolm then asked Lady Abinger,s acceptance of a silver-mounted cleek which bore the following inscription;-

“Presented by the Fort William Club to the Lady Abinger on the occasion of the opening of the new golf course at the Black Parks, Fort William 16th  September 1910”

He also asked her ladyship to drive off the first official ball.


Lady Abinger’s First Drive


   Lady Abinger in a graceful manner performed this ceremony to the accompaniment of a round of cheering and in the course of a few remarks, thanked the club most sincerely for that charming souvenir of such an interesting occasion. She hoped the new course would prove of great benefit and pleasure to the people of Fort William.  It gave her extreme satisfaction to drive off the first ball, but as she had not previously performed such a task, she craved their indulgence on the present occasion. She had great pleasure in declaring the new course open.

   Provost Mackenzie, in proposing a vote of thanks to Lady Abinger for her good offices,referred to the deep and abiding interest which her ladyship had always shown towards Fort William and its people.  All schemes for the welfare of the community found in her a warm supporter a fact which was demonstrated by her presence there on that occasion.


Inaugural Competitions


   During the afternoon while a competition between members representing the Corpach Spean bridge, and home clubs was in progress the company were entertained to tea al fresco by the President and Mrs Malcolm and the good cheer was thoroughly appreciated. The match between members of the three clubs already mentioned which took the form on an 18 hole stroke scratch competition was entered into with keen relish by the players and had a somewhat coincidental finish.  Three competitors one form each of the different clubs viz Messrs H.Adamson,fort William, D.R.Macgillivray, Corpach and D. Welsh Spean Bridge , finished with a score of 90.  There were three prizes the first presented by Mr E.E.Malcolm president the second by the Fort William Golf Club and the third by Mr J. Blair, Fort William. On playing off the lie the final result was:- 1. Mr D.R.Macgilivray 2.Mr H.Adamson, 3. Mr Welsh. The next lowest scores in the open contest were as follows:-  1. J.Macnab,Spean Bridge  92,   J.N.Clayton ,Fort William  92,  J.Mcdougall,Spean Bridge, 93, D.Cameron,Corpach  93, R.Marshall,Fort William  93, and K.Falconer, Fort William  93  A triangular match between the 4 lowest players in the three clubs results as follows:- Fort William 376, Corpach 375, Spean Bridge 377.




   In connection with the opening ceremony, an enjoyable variety entertainment was given in the Town Hall on the same evening. There was an appreciative audience and the different artistes met with a cordial reception. Mr Todds concert party, consisting of the conductor, Miss Stewart, Miss A.M. Stewart, Miss McIntyre, Mr R.J. Harris and Mr W.A. Macintyre led the harmony and were warmly applauded for their sympathetic interpretation of the various pieces rendered.

   Under the supervision of Mr J. Young, Mrs Jarley’s waxwork exhibition evoked considerable amusement, and the young folks who represented the different characters, performed their parts with cleverness and dexterity.

   “ Falling of the Cloth” a representation of an old Highland Custom, with appropriate songs in Gaelic, was mystically executed by Mrs Ryan and numerous capable assistants. To a Lochaber audience, these old times scenes are always welcome and as the Highland Reel, danced to Sandy Mackintosh’s piping, concluded, there was loud and prolonged cheering. Several members of the Fort William Amateur Dramatic Association also lent their services on the occasion, and gave a fine rendering of “ The Area Belle” an original farce in one act. The title role was done ample justice to by Miss Flora Gray, and her three admirers – “ Pitcher” (in the police) “ Tosser” (in the Grenadiers), and “ Walker Chalks” (a milkman) had capital counterparts in Mr Alex Watson, Mr H. Macdonald, and Mr K.K. Cameron. As the “ Missus” Miss Ina Cumming, was most relalistic, and gave a true rendering of the character she represented.

   The usual votes of thanks were followed by the singing of the National Anthem, which concluded the proceedings.



   As showing his interest in the matter, Lochiel, in forwarding the President a subscription towards the funds of the New Golf Course, writes as follows : -

   Dear Mr Malcolm, -- I am very glad to see that Fort William has decided to construct a good golf course worthy of the Burgh. I feel certain that they have taken a very wise and far seeing view in this matter, because unless some form of attraction or amusement is provided for visitors in these days, it is hopeless to expect them to the place when there are so many forms of amusement and recreation elsewhere.

   Feeling certain that this golf course will prove of the very greatest benefit to Fort William and the neighbourhood, I herewith enclose a cheque for ten pounds as a donation towards the construction of the course : and further, I will guarantee a subscription of £5 a year for the next three years, by which time the golf course ought to be able to maintain itself. I am, etc., ( sgd ) D.W. Cameron of Lochiel.

   The club are also under debt of gratitude to Mr J.G. Falconer, Architect, who gave his professional services gratis in the matter of the erection of the Clubhouse."

(OT 24.9.1910)

A match between Glencruitten and Fort William took place at Fort William on Tuesday and resulted in a win for the former by a narrow margin.  Mr L.A.MacNaught of the Glencruitten Club, established a record for the Fort William course his score being 76.


Scores:- Glencruitten:- Mr L.A.McNaught  1, Mr D.Fletcher  1,  Mr J.Gordon  0, Mr Peter Moir  1,   Mr J.T.Kilgour (capt)  1,  Mr. John Kilgour  ½ ,  Mr W.Smith 0,  Mr W.C.Fleischmann  ½ ,  Mr Duncan Campbell  0, Mr John MacDougall  1,  Mr D.L. McLennan  ½ , Mr Donald Campbell  1.      Total 7 ½


Fort William:- Mr H.Adamson  0,  Mr D.McGillivray  0,  Mr J.N.Clayton 1,  Major Fraser  0, Mr J.L.Blair  0,  Mr W.Ross  ½ , Mr H.McDonald,  1,  Mr A.McKenzie   ½

Mr K.Falconer,  1,  Mr W. Burgess  0,  Mr A.MacDougall  ½ , Baillie Ross (capt).  0

Total  4 ½

(OT 1.10.1910)

   "There has just been concluded an 18 hole stroke handicap competition for three prizes, the first presented by Mr A. Macintyre, jeweller, and the other two anonymously. In the first instance, when play was concluded, it was found that two pairs had tied, viz. Mr William Burgess and Mr A. Watson, with a score of 78 each and Mr Allan Cameron and Mr D. Cameron, Corpach, each with a score of 80.  The competitors had accordingly again to play off with the following result:- 

 1. J.W.Burgess 85,  2. A Watson 93,  3. D.Cameron 93.  The monthly medal presented by Mr R..Marshall falls to be competed for on the 26th and 30th ." (OT 19.11.1910)


    "An 18 hole competition between ten players aside drawn from the local Club and the Territorial Company was concluded last week, with the following results:-

   Territorials:- Major Fraser  0, A.Watson  0, H.MacDonald  1, Lance Corp. Edgar  1, A MacDougall  1,  Lieut A.MacKenzie  ½ , Col Sergt.Keates  0,  Corp. K.K.Cameron  0, Sergt. MacIntyre  ½ , A.MacLean  0,    Total 4.

   Club:- J.W.Clayton  1, W.Ross  1,  R.Marshall  0, W.Burgess  0,  J.L.Blair  0,  H.Adamson  ½ ,  A.MacDougall  1, J.Fraser  1,  G.Morton ½ , A.Chisholm  1,

Total  6

(OT 17.12.1910)

   "Handsome donations have been made to the Club by two local bodies. The Dramatic Society were in the happy position of being able to contribute £12, being the surplus from their last entertainment, while the Merchants’ Association have given £3 15s.  The Club’s executive committee thoroughly appreciate the encouragement thus bestowed and every effort will be put forward to increase the popularity of golf in the district.  No summer resort, however unpretentious, can afford to neglect the devotee of “Ye ancient pastime,” and if the present enthusiasm be maintained, there is little doubt that Fort William’s new course will as time goes on, vie with any other in the Highlands.     Arrangements have been made for enlarging the course as originally laid off, and this will have the effect of lengthening all the holes, with the exception of the first and ninth." (OT 1 4.1911)

   "On Friday the local club entertained Glencruitten club and played a friendly match on the home course. The day was an ideal one for golf, and a very pleasant game was engaged in. Twelve players represented each club, and the result was a victory for the visitors, nine matches being won by them and three drawn. Play for the monthly medal took place on Saturday, when the winner was found to be Mr Duncan Young, with a nett score of 81." (NC 29.5.1912)

   "The Golf Club have been particularly fortunate of late in having numerous prizes presented for competition among the members.Councillor John Cameron, Cameron Square has shown his interest in the club by handing over a handsome silver medal for eligible entrants for the competition being players with a handicap of 9 and over.  Play for the prize took place last week, when a good representation of the high handicap players took part.  The winning card was handed in by Mr James W. Fraser with a score of 94less14-18-80. 

   Great interest in being taken in the Wolverton cup trophies.  The semi-finalists in the gentlemen’s competition play off on the evening of Friday first and the final is to be played on the 10th  inst.  The Wolverton Cup for Ladies has now reached the final stage Mrs E.E.Malcollm and Mrs Mackenzie being the contestants for the trophy. 

   The monthly medal was competed for last Saturday when Mr Hendry Adamson proved the winner for June with a nett score of 85" (OT 6 .7.1912).

   "The final competition for the cup presented by Lord Wolverton, Achdalien, took place over the course last week in ideal weather.  The contest was viewed by an interested crowd, and the finalists, Messrs D. Young and L. Gillies, gave a fine exhibition.  The match was fairly even up to the seventeenth hole, where, however, Mr Young gained the advantage by making a long putt for four against his opponent’s five, and thus decided the match in favour of the former by 2 up and 1 to play." 

(OT 24.7.1912)

   "A match between “Territorials” versus “Club” took place over the course on Tuesday evening when the former emerged winners by5 ½ matches to 3 ½ . The following are the details:-

   Territorials:- Major Fraser 1,Capt. T. Allison 1, Lieut. A.McKenzie ½ . Corpl. G. Edgar 1, Pte. H.McDonald 0. Lt.Cpl. A. McLean 0,  D A, McDougall 1. C & J.H.Keats 1.  Cpl. K.K.Cameron 0   Total :- 5 ½

   Club:- J.Watson (Leith) 0, J.B.Campbell 0, A.Allison ½ , A.Campbell 0, H.Adamson 1, D.Wright 1, J.W.Fraser 0, G.MacRitchie 0, D.Young 1.  Total  3 ½ ." (OT 17.8.1912)  


   "A match between visitors and members of the local club took place over the course on Tuesday last week, and resulted in a win for the club by four matches to three.  The weather, unfortunately, was very inclement, and was doubtless responsible for the meagre attendance.  The following are the details:-

   Visitors:-  Mr.J.C.Watson  1, MrK.D.Falconer 1, Mr Boyes 0, Mr Boyes 0, Mr.R.Archibald 0, Mr A.McDougall 1, Mr.T.Collins 0,   Total:- 3

   Club:-  Mr W.Ross  0, Mr.H.Fraser  0, Mr H. McDonald 1, Mr.A.McDougall 1, Mr A.Campbell 1, Mr W.Cameron 0, Mr J.W.Fraser 1,     Total:- 4" (OT 31.8.1912)

A Charming Course.


   "A golfing correspondent sent us the following regarding golf in Fort William district :-


   Somehow one does not expect too much in the way of golf in Fort William, and accordingly, one is not much disappointed. There is a nine hole course situated about a mile to the North East of the town, near the mouth of the river Lochy where it flows into Loch Linnhe. The course used to be on the high ground above the town, but last year the new course was laid out on pasture land, which formerly, no doubt, had been reclaimed from the moor. It is really a beautiful place, with charming views on a fine day. With brown hills on every side, and the waters of Loch Linnhe, Loch Eil, and the river Lochy to the West and South of the course, the prospect is indeed pleasing. To the South East is the River Nevis, flowing round the base of the “ Cow Hill” which along with towering Ben Nevis, guards the entrance to Glen Nevis. Northwards one can see the ruins of old Inverlochy Castle, and it’s handsome modern successor further away in the same direction; and beyond there opens up between the distant hills the great Albyn Plain, through which winds the Caledonian Canal, linking up the chain of Highland Lochs. Westwards is Ardgour (“ the hill of the goats”), with Loch Eil round it’s base, and the little villages of Corpach and Banavie are picturesquely scattered along the rising ground. Such are the beautiful surroundings of the course.

   It’s plan, roughly, is : - An inside triangle comprising Holes Nos. 2,3,and 4, while the other holes are played more or less right round the outer boundaries. There is a double green for the first and fourth holes.

   The ground is undulating, and one hole ( The Fifth ) is situated on the crest of a knoll. The greens are wonderfully good and fairly well kept, but in wet weather parts of the course are boggy. If golf were more encouraged in Lochaber district, there can be little doubt that that would render it more attractive to visitors. It is for serious consideration whether, in the interests of the district, the local people in Corpach and Banavie ( Backed by the influential support of the neighbouring landed proprietors and their shooting tenants ) should not combine forces  and lay out a good course near both villages. The whole district, which is in the very midst of Prince Charlie’s romantic country, might thus be made more attractive to summer visitors." (NC 30.10.1912)

   “Last week Miss L.MacKenzie and Miss Macdonald met in the final stage for a prize presented by Mr T.W.Mair, Caledonian Hotel, when the former won by 4 and 3. Miss Mackenzie was also successful in carrying off the prize presented by the vice-captain in a stroke handicap competition, with the splendid score of 50 and 51. Mrs R.C. Malcolm was runner-up.  The winners of the monthly medal for February and March were Mr W. Burgess and Provost Ross.” (OT 4.4.1914)


   “A mixed foursome “bogey” competition took place over the course on Saturday for prizes presented by Sheriff Malcolm.  The day was fine, and there was a fair number of entrants and when the cards had been examined, it was found that handed in by Miss Mackenzie and Mr. W. Ross who were two up on “bogey” was the winner.  The runners-up were Miss Stewart and Mr J.H.Drummond who were one up.” (OT 6.6.1914)


   “The annual gymkhana took place on the course last Saturday afternoon in dry though somewhat cold weather.  There was a good attendance of both lady and gentlemen members, along with their friends.  Competitions were engaged in for driving pitching and putting two prizes being presented in each class.

The following in the prize-list.

Ladies competitions

Driving  1. Miss L.Mackenzie, 2. Miss Young

Pitching 1, Mrs R.C.Malcolm, 2. Miss Falconer,

Putting 1,  Miss Falconer, 2, Mrs R.C.Malcolm. 

Driving with Iron 1, Miss Macdonald.

Gentlemen’s Competitions

Driving 1, Mr W.Ross, 2, Mr Wm. Cameron,

Pitching 1, Mr W. Cameron, 2. Rev.W.W. Boyle,

Putting 1, Mr D.S.Young, 2, Mr W.Ross.

   At the conclusion of the competitions Mrs R. Marshall presented the prizes to the successful players.  An excellent tea, which was very much enjoyed, was provided and served by the ladies.

   On the call of sheriff Malcolm, captain of the Club a hearty vote of thanks was passed to the donors of the prizes, to Mrs Marshall for Presenting same, and to the ladies for their trouble to preparing the tea.  Mixed foursomes brought a most enjoyable afternoon to a close.” (OT 13.6.1914)


   “On Wednesday last week a team representing the Helensburgh Golf Club visited Fort William and engaged in a match with the local club.  The day was fine, but a strong north-easterly breeze militated against good golf.  Some of the ties were very closely contested, and at the conclusion of play it was found that the home club had been victorious by six matches to two.”

(OT 20.6.1914)


   “An interesting tie has been decided for possession for the year of the Lord Wolverton Cup. The contestants in the final stage were Messrs Thomas Spence and Andrew Alison, and after a very close and keenly contested game, Mr Spence became the holder of the cup, beating his opponent on the last green.

   A competition was held on Wednesday last week for a prize of golf balls, the conditions being stroke handicap. In the first class (Handicaps of 9 and under) Mr Walter Ross was winner ; and in the second class (Handicaps of ten and over) Mr Alex Macdougall, Senr., had the winning card”

(OT 14.11.1914).


Note ; The club gave up their lease of the ground in 1916, part of the course being used for cultivation for the War effort.




    "Major N.B. Mackenzie, formally opened a new golf course at Fort William yesterday afternoon before a large attendance of golfers and the general public.

   Mrs Stewart, wife of Provost Stewart, drove off the first ball, and was presented with a silver mounted and inscribed club. The course is laid out on rising ground above the town, and commands an excellent prospect of Mountain and Sea. A competition for prizes took place." (S 28.7.1921) 

   "That a golf course is a necessity to a town catering for seasonal visitors was amply demonstrated during the summer which has just gone.  The new course opened some months ago has attracted many players from visitors and townspeople alike. The Club committee have displayed considerable energy in improving the condition of the course and in this they are deserving, both of praise and encouragement.  The venue is an ideal one, and in due time the course will doubtless be made worthy of the district. 

   On Wednesday last the monthly scratch competition for the Patrick gold medal was held under delightful weather conditions.  The winner was Mr M.M.Ferguson with a score of 80, closely followed by Mr R. Dow, 87, and Captain Matheson, 89. A series of competitions for additional prizes is presently being arranged." (OT 8.19.1921)

I think they are back at Auchintore

   "The annual competition for the Lord Abinger putter, presented annually, was held over the Fort William course on Wednesday. The winning card was returned by A. Black ( 11 ) who had a net score of 64 ; A.T. Scott ( 3 ) was runner up with 65." (NC 13.7.1938)


   "A mixed foursome competition over the Fort William golf course on Wednesday resulted in a win for Miss Susie MacCallum and T. Milne ( 15 ) who returned a net score of 68. Other scores were Miss A. C. Macgregor and K. Stewart ( 15 ) 79, Miss B. Barron and A.T. Scott ( 13 ½ ) 79, Miss R. Stewart and J. Cameron ( 26 ) 80, Mrs Scott and D.A. Macritchie ( 12 ½ ) 80 ½ ,Miss L. Black and A. Black ( 15 ½ ) 84" (NC 3.8.1938).


   "Playing in the competition for the President’s ( Mr H. McKendrick ) prize over the Fort William course, Mr D.L. Cameron achieved a new course record with a gross score of 62, playing the first nine holes in 28 strokes. He was 17 strokes better than the runner up, Mr A. Cormack, who returned a gross score of 79.

Other scores were:- J. Cameron (22) 67, A. Cormack (10) 69, T. Milne (12) 69, K. Stewart (10) 70, D. Mackenzie  (9)  72.: (NC 1.8.1938)

Golf Club May Wind Up


The members of Fort William golf club decided last night that unless adequate financial support was received from the public the course would be given up and the club wound up." (GH 23.1.1947)

Town Council Meeting - Proposed Building Sites


   "Provost MacIver Presided at the Fort-nightly meeting of the Town Council held on Monday night.  There were present Baillies Cameron and Kean, Councillors Carmichael, Kirsop, MacFarlane, MacGregor, Mrs Murphie, and Wright, the Town Clerk, the Burgh Surveyor, the Town Chamberlain and the Electrical Engineer.

   Arising out of the Burgh Surveyor’s report, the Surveyor instanced various sites in the burgh which might be developed as housing sites.  These included the ground which is an extension of Grange Road, the Golf Course extending to rear of Glasdrum, and the site of the Plantation, after the removal of trees. These sites would be rather difficult to develop and would most certainly entail the alteration of the water levels.  There would be no difficulty about drainage sewers, but in reply to a question from Baillie Cameron , he said the question of surface drainage would have to be gone into more thoroughly than in previous hill schemes.

   It was felt that no useful purpose would be served until such time as the question of the water supply was gone into thoroughly and in the meantime the Clerk was told to write to the County Council regarding what was happening in connection with the Regional Water Scheme.  The Clerk intimated that there was no scheme at present for the small burghs, and it was felt that this was a question that might well be brought before the next meeting of the Convention of Royal Burghs.

   A further meeting to go into the question of housing sites will be held when the Clerk has had a reply to his enquiry." (OT 1.2.1947)

Golf Course Closes


   "Fort William golf club have decided to disband because of unsatisfactory conditions of lease submitted by the owners of the land on which there course is situated and inability to raise funds to restore the course which was neglected during the war years. A nine hole course at Annat, six miles away, was taken over by the admiralty during the war and is now the site of a village of 200 houses. The nearest playable golf course to Fort William is Newtonmore, about 50 miles away." (GH 13.2.1947)


The Oban Times February 22nd 1947

Fort William Golf Club


Club Wound Up


A public meeting was held in the town Hall on Tuesday to decide the future of the Golf Club.  The captain, Major R.K.Hume, was in the chair.

The terms of the renewal of the lease of the ground and the question of finance were the major problems discussed.  It was agreed that the risk of having part of the ground taken when necessary, under the terms of the lease for feuing purposes, did not justify raising the necessary money to put the course in a reasonable state for play.  These factors together with the small membership and lack of public support, forced those present to decide against continuing the club as such.  The interim committee were empowered to wind up the Club’s affairs.

The Fort William Golf Club was founded in 1953, and ground, sufficient for a nine-hole course, was obtained at Glasdrum


Back on the go Again


   "After a lapse of 15 years because of the war, a reconstructed nine-hole golf course was opened yesterday in fort William Councillor Angus White drove the first ball to start a two-ball foursomes competition. The work of removing whins and scrub and rebuilding tees and restoring greens and fairways was carried out voluntarily by club members. " (GH 3.6.1955)

The course is 1957 yards long with  a SSS of 32



Existing Club was re-restarted in 1976 at North Road


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