Forgotten Greens of Scotland
Forgotten Greens of Scotland

 View looking over the course towards the hill and the 3rd green location at 800 ft.

Note : This course was first occupied by the Rosslynlee club who laid it out as per the text on this page. When the course was vacated by Rosslynlee who went to Glencorse, the course was taken over by the Edinburgh Civil Service Club. ( Seperate Page ) Please bear this in mind when comparing the Rosslynlee club with the Civil Service club, as the layout is similar as are the photo's, however, the text is very different.


Rosslynlea Golf Club.  Instituted 15 May 1891.  A 9 hole course on the Firth.  


   "Below is a sketch of an excellent and picturesque golf course which has lately been opened near Rosslynlee, and which will be a great boon to the neighbourhood as also to Bonnyrigg, Dalkeith, and Glencorse districts. The turf is old hill turf, and the greens are all natural and excellent. From No 3 hole, which is on a hill of pure sand 800 feet above the sea, a magnificent view is had as far as the May Island, and away into Perthshire. The club is in a flourishing state, and its limited membership is not far from being complete. If found necessary, the course can be increased to 18 holes, as there is plenty scope. The Autumn meeting will be held next month."   (EED 28.9.1891)

   "The course at present is a 9 hole one, length over 2000 yards, but it can be extended with perfect ease to eighteen holes without any crossing.  With a little judicious draining, it will be all that is desired as an inland course.  The greens are all natural and good, owing to the sandy nature of the soil.  The nearest stations are Rosslynlee and Rosslyn Castle.  Course record 73.”   (GA 1892-93)


   “The course is yearly improving, thanks to its excellent old hill turf.”   (GGGGS 1894)


   Major trophies: Scratch and Handicap Medals.  President Captain Duncan of Firth.

Membership 50. "   (GA 1891-92) 


   “The green was found to be inconveniently situated for the majority of the members, and a more eligible site was looked for.” When it was opened at Milton Bridge the club changed its name to Glencorse Golf Club.   (S 6.5.1895)

Rosslynlee today. In the foreground is the hill on which the 3rd green was placed, 800 ft above sea level with magnificent views across to Fife. In the distance you can see the banking where the clubhouse and 9th green were located.

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