Forgotten Greens of Scotland
Forgotten Greens of Scotland

Falkland Golf Club's Other Courses

Falkland Golf Club - 1. Founded 1902.  A 9-hole course on the Myre two and a half miles from Falkland Road station. 


Length of Course,  2749 yards - Bogey  45


Hole No.             1          2            3           4            5           6            7          8             9


Length              420      380      296      120       400       300      240      260        333

(in yard

Bogey                  6          6            5           3            6            5           4           5             5


Since its foundation, the course has been greatly improved, and is now a fairly good inland course.  A substantial clubhouse was opened in September 1907.  (WWG)

Falkland Golf Course


Dundee Courier May 12th, 1902


Opening Of New Golf Course

At Falkland


On Saturday the new golf course was opened with due ceremony. In the absence of Mr Crichton, Lathrisk, Miss Daisy Gulland, one of the local champion players, struck off the first ball – and a splendid shot it was. The course has been laid out by Mr James Philp, Freuchie, and is situated partly on the common land to the Eastward of the ancient burgh locally known as the “ Myres,” and partly on the Lathrisk estate, in two fields kindly granted by the present popular laird, who has taken an exceedingly keen interest in the movement. The course is very rough as yet, but this is not to be wondered at when it is remembered in what condition it was when a commencement was made to lay it out. At the present time there are no want of hazards, natural and otherwise.  After some months plat matters will be greatly improved, and the greens come into fine condition.

The course should prove an attraction to the numerous summer visitors who frequent the locality every season. Mr Charles Gulland, Town Clerk, after his daughter had struck off the first ball, spoke a few words congratulating the club on their acquiring such a suitable course, and wished them every success. A number of interesting singles were thereafter played amongst the members and visitors, when some good scores were chronicled.

Mr Crichton, Lathrisk, is patron of the club. Mr Rolland Gulland, Captain, and Mr James Forsyth, Secretary. Mr George Baxter, being greenkeeper. Among those present were :-  The Rev. George Low, Freuchie ; The Rev. Charles Fraser, Freuchie ; The Rev. Mr and Mrs Johnston ; The Rev. Mr and Mrs Morrison, Falkland ; Mr J.L. Lumsden, Freuchie ; Mr Charles Gulland ; Mr Rolland Gulland ; Mr John Richardson, Falkland ; Mr Christopher Morrison, Monifieth ; Mr Charles Gulland ; Mrs Dr. Mackie ; and Misses Lumsden, Freuchie. The weather was all that could be desired, and a most enjoyable time was spent.

 The Evening Post June 9th, 1903

( Photo of Chrichton Stuart )


With reference to the special article on the Falkland golf course in last Tuesday’s “ Evening Post” a correspondent make several practical suggestions whereby that green could be much improved. He suggests that the second green out should be improved by draining and a liberal dressing of sand and lime. He further suggests that all the greens require rolling and that the position of the hole at the old curling pond might be changed with advantage. No doubt there is room for improvement such as these indicated, but sanding down greens is winter work, and my correspondent will have ample time to impress upon his committee the desirability of entering upon such work. A little time must be given the Falkland people to find their bearings.

Dundee Courier, September 23rd, 1907


New Golf Clubhouse at Falkland



Opened by Lady Ninian Chrichton Stuart

Prince Charlie and the Royal and Ancient Game


The handsome and convenient clubhouse which the Falkland golf club have erected from the proceeds of their recent sale of work was formally opened on Saturday afternoon by Lady Ninian Crichton Stuart in presence of a large gathering, including :- Lord Ninian Crichton Stuart of Falkland ; the Hon. Thomas Cochrane, M.P., and Lady Gertrude Cochrane of Crawford Priory ; The Hon. F. Hanbury Tracy ; Mr Rae Arnot of Lochiehead and party ; Mrs and Miss Gulland and Mrs Howell of Millfield ; Major Cusin ; The Rev. A. Lyon Johnstone and Mrs Johnstone ; The Rev. J.H. and Mrs Morrison ; The Rev. Charles Fraser and Mrs Fraser, Freuchie ; Mr George Gavin, Falkland Palace, and Mrs Gavin ; The Rev. Mr Thomson,Allan Park ; Provost and Mrs Millar ; Provost and Mrs Ferlie, Auchtermuchty ; Dr and Mrs Jack ; Dr Shearer, Auchtermuchty ; Mr David Bonthrone and Mrs Bonthrone, Newton of Falkland ; The Rev. James Bell, Auchtermuchty ; Mr James Wilson and Mrs Wilson, Perth ; Mrs Ogilivie, Westfield ; Mr William Meiklejohn, Glen Newton ; Miss Ritchie, Dunshalt ; Miss Laing, Newcastle ; Mr John Morgan and Mrs Morgan, Kilgour ; Mrs Dun, Miss Dun, and Miss H. Dun, Woodmill ; Baillie Sutherland ; Councillors John Angus Reekie Williamson and Horn ; Mr and Mrs Charles Jackson ; Miss Amos, Auchtermuchty ; Misses Bonthrone, Auchtermuchty ; Mr and Mrs Oliphant, Auchtermuchty ; Mr John Sheriff, Falkland ; Mr and Mrs Donaldson, Auchtermuchty ; &c.


A Popular Personage


The Hon. Thomas Cochrane said he had been asked to undertake the simple task of introducing Lady Ninian Chrichton Stuart, whom they were extremely glad to see there that day. Her kindliness and popular manners would soon make her the most popular and well liked personage in the whole district ( Applause )

It was very appropriate that Lady Stuart should take an interest in sport. She was Irish, and Irish people were fond of sport, and besides, she had married into a good Scottish sporting family ( Applause ) In taking an interest in the great national game of golf, her ladyship was carrying on the work that was begun by the Royal house of Stuart, Bonnie Prince Charlie’s first invasion into England was to teach the benighted people there how to play golf – ( Laughter ) – and that invasion of their Scottish game of golf was fairly putting cricket utterly to rout. He trusted there would be reared up at Falkland a class of excellent golfers, who would well maintain the character of Scottish golf, and help to keep and maintain the national trophy of golf where it always ought to be – at home ( Applause )

In presenting Lady Ninian Stuart with a silver key for the pavilion, all he could say was he felt certain no key was necessary to enable her ladyship to enter into any house in any part of that district ( Loud Applause )


Anecdotes of the Antipodes


Lady Ninian Crichton Stuart said she was afraid she was not much of a golfer, as she had not hitherto lived near any golf centre. Curiously enough, the first place ever she saw golf played was in the Antipodes ten years ago, when her father was governor of Tasmania. Some enterprising ladies and gentlemen – they were Scottish people ( Applause ) – started the game there, and they asked her to join. She was afraid she was rather a wild child, but her father said she had better join, and she did ( Applause ). She went up to the links, and was taught more or less how to play, but she was afraid she broke many clubs and lost lots of balls, and never succeeded in doing a hole in under ninety. ( Laughter ) On one occasion, too, she remembered, in a foursome being caught surreptitiously pushing her ball through a fence with her cleek where she was badly trapped. ( Laughter )

Golf was an excellent game, and gave splendid open air exercise ( Applause )

She hoped the Falkland club would be successful and the game popularised in the district. Her ladyship then gracefully opened the door of the clubhouse amid cheers.

On the motion of the Rev. A. Lyon Johnstone, a hearty vote of thanks was passed to Lady Ninain, and a similar compliment was awarded to the Hon. Thos. Cochrane on the call of Mr Geo. Gavin.

The ladies committee of the club then dispensed tea to the visitors. After tea a sweepstake competition took place over the links, which were in capital order, and gave a good game. Twenty one players took part, and the leading scores were registered by :- W. Peggie, 87 less 4 = 83 ; F. Henderson, 85 less 2 = 83 ; G. Anderson, 88 less 4 = 84 ; D.A. Richardson, 90 less 4 = 86 ; Dr Shearer, 88 less 1 = 87 ; Rev Boucher, 92 less 1 – 91 ; J. Low, 93 less 1 = 92 ; W. Lmbert 97 less 5 = 92 ; P.W. Cormack, 94 less 2 – 92 ; J. Cochrane, 98 less 6 – 92 ; G. Robertson, 97 less 4 – 93 ; J.P. Levack, 101 less 4 – 97.

Our illustration is reproduced from a photograph taken by Mr Williamson Herd, Photographer, Falkland.

The Scotsman May 24th, 1915

Falkland Golf Club


The Morrison ( Scratch ) medal was won by George Anderson.

Fife Free Press November 6th, 1915



At the annual meeting of the Falkland golf club, Mr Puttullo, Lathrisk House, was unanimously appointed patron, in place of the late Lord Ninian Chrichton Stuart. The Captain, Secretary, and Treasurer, and office bearers were re-elected. Mr Thomas C. Schofield was appointed a member of committee in room of Mr Peter A. MacGregor.

Fife Free Press June 23rd, 1923



Mrs J. Drysdale and Thomas Drysdale were winners in a mixed foursomes competition over the local golf course.

Fife Free Press June 30th, 1923


The golf scratch medal was won by Mr Walter Venters.


Golf Club


As in most country towns during the dark years of the war, games of all kinds in Falkland were practically abandoned. Perhaps no game suffered more than golf. The few old members of the club who remained had no heart or even courage to shoulder a “ bag o’sticks” while their fellows were handling instruments of a very different kind. The natural result was that the Myre once more fell into it’s crude state of neglect and the whins flourished. The volunteers will remember what it was like on their “ field days.”

The town council, who have always been patrons of the golf club, in so far that they allow them to spend their money freely in improving the surface of the Myre without rent or customs of any kind, responded, as they did to all the calls of the government by putting the Green Myre and a few acres Eastward under the plough. The ground yielded, to the surprise to most of the burgesses, fair crops of potatoes and corn, and a surplus to the common good.

The successors of the wise city fathers, however, have rather gladly  abandoned the care of their property to the sportsman, and they further encouraged the golf club to resume their Royal & Ancient game as is proper in the old burgh. A handsome contribution was granted  by the unanimous vote of the council to the funds of the club. Worthy efforts are being made to renew the interest in golf, and with no little degree of success.

As an instance, the Myre witnessed a gay crowd of ladies and gentlemen with their caddies and “ gallery” on Wednesday evening. The ladies, as usual, fully excelled in enthusiasm and prowess when it is well known that the most of the members in that section of the club are beginners. It appears very probable that the fair players may soon outshine the old hands on level footing.

The members are showing keenness in view of the approaching cake and candy sale to be held in Falkland Palace Grounds for the purpose of raising funds to clear off the debt incurred in re-making the course. In the interests of the town and the game, it is fit and proper that all classes should on this occasion support the “ gowfers,” as happened in the memorable days of 1906.

Fife Free Press April 19th, 1924



The monthly medal golf competition for gentlemen was played off on Saturday afternoon and was won by Mr Alex Hopkins, with a score of 88. Mr T. Drysdale was runner-up.


The Putting Craze ( Putting Greens Opened )


Two new putting greens have been opened. Mr Henderson of the Liquorstone Temperence Hotel has laid out an 18 hole course adjoining the hotel, which was formally opened by members of the ladies club.

The putting green at the Bruce Arms was opened by a match between the local club and the Giffordtown club, and resulted in a win for the Falkland club by one game.


Note : Putting greens in the 1920s and 30s were very popular and almost every village had its own green etc.

Fife Free Press June 21st, 1924



Ladybank V Falkland


Ladybank golf team visited Falkland and engaged the Falkland team in a friendly match over 18 holes. The visitors ran out winners by 6 games to 4. Tea was served to the players by Misses E. Hay, J. Nelson, C. Drysdale, E. Lawson, and N. Anderson. Scores :-


                              Ladybank                                                 Falkland

J.G. Phimster  …………………….    1             J. Baillie  ………………………..   0

W.H. Black  ……………………..      0            J. Lindsay  ………………………   1

R. Carswell  ………………………..  1             G. Hepburn  ……………………..  0

W. Thomson  ……………………..    0             G. Robertson  …………………..    1

A. Ellis  …………………………..    1              G. Anderson  ……………………  0

J. Campbell  ………………………..  1             J. Hay  ……………………………0

M. Dewar  ………………………..     0             T. Drysdale  ……………………..  1

D.R. Duncan  ………………………  0              J. Wilson ……………………….   1

D.B. White  ……………………….    1              J. Drysdale  ……………………..  0

J.L. Duncan  ……………………….   1              T.C. Schofield  ………………..    0

                                                              6                                                                     4


An inter club match between Markinch and Falkland played at Falkland resulted in a win for Markinch by eight games to three.  Details :-


                                Falkland                                                Markinch

J. Ballie  …………………………..    0        J.G. Whyte  ………………………..    1

J. Lindsay  ………………………..    1         J. Short  ……………………………    0

G. Robertson ………………………  1         R. Wilkie  ………………………….   0

G. Anderson  ………………………  1         J. Hutchison  ………………………..  0

J. Wilson  …………………………    0        J.M. Farmer  ………………………..   1

J. Burgon  …………………………   0         W. Whyte  ………………………….  1

T. Schofield  ……………………….  0         W. Henderson  ……………………… 1

J. Drysdale  ………………………..   0         R. Imrie  …………………………….  1

A. Venters  …………………………  0         R. Collville  ………………………..   1

C. Drysdale  ………………………..  0         R. Rae  ……………………………… 1

T.D. Hopkins   …………………….   0         J.A. Farmer  ……………………….    1

                                                            3                                                                        8

Fife Free Press June 26th, 1926



Falkland and Markinch ladies played a friendly match over the local course on Tuesday evening, when the home team won by 4 games to 2. The ladies annual rose bowl competition was won by Miss Jenny Drysdale with a score of 114 minus 6 = 108. Miss Jean Nelson was runner-up. Play was over 18 holes.



Fife Free Press June 26th, 1926



Falkland and Markinch ladies played a friendly match over the local course on Tuesday evening, when the home team won by 4 games to 2. The ladies annual rose bowl competition was won by Miss Jenny Drysdale with a score of 114 minus 6 = 108. Miss Jean Nelson was runner-up. Play was over 18 holes.

Fife Free Press April 5th, 1930



Council : Councillor Baxter referred to the action of adjacent farmers etc, destroying the turf on the golf course at the Myres by driving vehicles over it, and moved that they be warned. This was seconded by Councillor Drysdale and, after discussion, unanimously agreed to.

Fife Free Press June 7th, 1930

Town Council Meeting


An application was made by Lomond Thistle football club for the use of the ground at the Myres as a football pitch. Councillor Riley said he was definitely opposed to this. To grant the ground suggested would ruin the golf course altogether, and the football club had liberty to use the Green Myre, besides having very nice park at present. Provost Hopkins said he did not wish it to be thought that he was in any way opposed to football, but the golf club had done a considerable amount of work on the ground mentioned, and there was no doubt it was owing to them that the ground was in such a good condition.The application was unanimously refused.

Fife Free Press August 12th, 1933


The golf club is once more coming into its own, the excellent condition of the course is attracting new members every week, including quite a number of the younger generation, who are making fast progress at the game.

Fife Free Press September 2nd, 1933


The competition for the scratch medal was played over the local golf course on Saturday afternoon, when J. Myles and Robert Anderson tied for first place with scores of 77 each. Two extra holes were played when J. Myles became the winner.


A whist drive under the auspices of the golf club was held on Thursday evening in the War Memorial Institute, Mr T.C. Schofield acted as cardmaster.

Fife Free Press December 15th, 1934

Annual Meeting


The annual meeting of the golf club was held on Tuesday evening in the War Memorial Institute – Mr T.C. Schofield, Vice Captain, in the chair. The secretary reported a membership of 50, being an increase for the year, and the treasurer gave a satisfactory financial statement. Office bearers were elected as follows :- Captain, J. Myles ; Vice Captain, T.C. Schofield ; Secretary, R. Young ; Treasurer, J. Lumsden. Committee, Mrs D. Braid, Messrs A. Venters, J. Bell, J. Beverage, J. Archer, H. Baxter, and D. Braid. It was agreed to hold a whist drive and dance to raise funds for the improvement of the course.

Fife Free Press June 27th, 1936



The competition for the scratch medal took place on the golf course on Saturday, when the winner was R. Anderson, with a score of 71, the runner-up being John Myles with 76.

Fife Free Press May 8th, 1937



A meeting of the members was held in the clubhouse on Friday evening – Mr T.C. Schofield, Captain, presiding – when arrangements were made for opening the course, and the following officials appointed :- Secretary, D. Braid ; Treasurer, A. Scott ; Green Committee, R. Anderson, J. Myles, W. Smillie, A. Worney, I. Brown. The chairman referred in appreciative terms to the impending departure of Mr James Lumsden, who had acted for a number of years as secretary.

Fife Free Press April 23rd, 1938



The first monthly medal competition for the season took place over the golf course on Saturday, when the winner was J. Birrell, with 84 ( 15 ) 69


Dundee Evening Telegraph March 14th, 1939


Falkland Golf Club

Re – Starts


Problem with non paying non – members


The adjourned general meeting of the Falkland golf club was held last night, when Mr R. Stark, Vice Captain, presided over a fair attendance. Mr D. Braid, secretary, read a reply to a letter sent to the Town Council complaining that some persons playing over the course were refusing either to become members or pay for their round.

The reply pointed out that such persons, if they had not previously obtained the consent of the council, were infringing the bye-laws regulating the Myres Commonty on which the course is situated and asking that in future their names should be forwarded to the council to be dealt with. The reply was considered satisfactory, and it was agreed to continue the club, the following office bearers being appointed :- Captain, J. Birrell ; Vice Captain, R. Stark ; Secretary, S. Drysdale, Back Wynd ; Treasurer, S. McCall ; Committee, Messrs J. Fyles, ( Green Convenor ) R. Craig, James Morgan, G. Baxter and the office bearers.

Arrangements were being made for opening the green on 8th April, the membership fee to remain at 12s 6d, with the possibility of a levy for the improvement of the course.

Fife Free Press August 5th, 1939


R. Anderson was the winner of the Weir shield with a scratch score of 71 over the Falkland golf course on Saturday. The runner up was T. Watson ( 90 ) less 18 =72.

Fife Free Press April 13th, 1940

Seasonal Opening


The golf course was opened for the season on Saturday, when a stroke competition resulted :- 1. J. Craig, 92 ( 24 ) 68 ; 2. R. Anderson, 75 ( 6 ) 69.

Fife Free Press January 12th, 1946

Town Council


A deputation of the golf club bespoke the assistance of the Town Council in getting the golf course on the Myres into playable order, and with this in view the council and members of the club are to go over the ground.

Dundee Evening Telegraph May 23rd, 1946


New Golf Course At Falkland


At a meeting of former members of Falkland golf club in the War Memorial Institute, Mr R. Stark, Vice Captain, presiding. Mr A.O. Smith reported on the favourable result of negotiations for a new course with Major C. Chrichton Stuart, proprietor of Falkland estate.

Office bearers were elected :- Hon. President, Major C. Chrichton Stuart ; President, S. Mcoll ; Vice President, J. Beverage ; Captain, R. Anderson ; Vice Captain, R. Stark ; Secretary, R.S. Drysdale ; Treasurer, R. Nellies Junr ; Committee, J.L. Bell, A. Scott, D. Braid, G. Baxter.

Dundee Evening Telegraph, July 17th, 1947


New Nine-Hole Course

For Falkland


After negotiations, ground for a new nine-hole golf course has been secured by Falkland golf club on the farm of Woodmill. The ground lies alongside the main Kirkaldy-Perth road. It has long been in natural turf and has abundant natural hazards.

A plan for the lay-out has been prepared by Mr Joe Anderson, Perth. It is expected play may be available shortly. Major M. Chrighton Stuart, of House Of Falkland, is proprietor of the farm, and Mr Steven, tenant.

Dunshelt Golf Course


Dundee Courier July 18th 1947


New Golf Course For Fife


Work is to be started immediately on the laying out of a new nine hole golf course near the village of Dunshelt.

The course will probably take the place of the Falkland and Auchtermuchty golf courses, both of which went out of action during the war. The course is to run alongside the Falkland – Auchtermuchty road.

Fife Free Press July 19th, 1947


New Golf Course


Arrangements have been made by the golf club to open a new nine-hole course between Woodmill Farm and Dunshelt village to replace the course on the Myres. After war damage and other difficulties it was deemed better to remove. A start will be made immediately to prepare the new course, and as little difficulty is expected, the ground having been long natural turf, it is hoped to have it playable shortly. Major Chrichton Stuart of house of Falkland, as proprietor, and Mr Stephen, tenant, have both been most helpful.

Dundee Evening Telegraph August 13th, 1947


New Golf Course


Good progress is being made with the layout of the new nine-hole golf course at Woodmill, near Dunshelt. This was reported at a meeting of members of Falkland golf club in the War Memorial Institute. Further arrangements were made which will probably make the new course playable in a few weeks. Mr S. McColl presided.

Dundee Evening Telegraph April 21st,1948


New Golf Course For Fife


The new nine-hole golf course laid out by the Falkland golf club at Woodmill, Dunshelt, will be opened on Saturday. The new course is situated alongside the main road near Dunshelt village. Office bearers were appointed as follows :- Hon. President, Major M. Chrichton Stuart, President, J. Beverage, Vice President, Provost R. Kennedy, Treasurer, R. Nellies Jnr. Committee, D.J. Braid, A. Scott, E. Aitken, F. Gray, G. Baxter, Lindsay, Bell.

Fife Free Press May 1st, 1948


Opening Of New Golf Course


The new nine-hole golf course at Woodmill was informally opened last Saturday, when D. Braid was the winner of a prize for the best round.

Fife Free Press July 17th, 1948


The Weir shield was played for last Friday and Saturday over Woodmill golf course, and was won by R. Anderson, with a net score of 78, the runner-up being G. Baxter with 83.

I have no information on how long the club lasted at Woodmill, but the present club was re-formed in the 1970s back at the Myre again.

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