Forgotten Greens of Scotland
Forgotten Greens of Scotland

St Fillans 1.

St Fillans Golf Club (1).  Instituted 1894.  “A 6-hole course on the grounds of Wester Dundurn Farm, a little to the east of the village” (PA 10.7.1894). 

   “The golf course at Wester Dundurn is being abandoned and a new one formed on the grounds opposite, belonging to the Hotel.”    (PA 10.7.1895)

Drummond Arms Hotel Golf Course. First mention 1895.

   “This fine little, sporting course is laid out at the foot of the hills opposite the Drummond Arms, the proprietor of which has granted the use of the ground for the purpose, and is assisting the Committee to make the course as attractive as possible.  The 7 holes vary from 170 to 300 yards in length.  Season tickets can be had at the Hotel” (G(M) 9.8.95)

      Major Trophy:  Ardvorlich Medal


Last mention 1898.

Present club formed 1903.

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